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Fuck off, Walliams!

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Lars: So let’s run Blackened…

James: How does it go?

Lars: That’s the gallopy one.

James: They’re both gallopy! THEY’RE ALL GALLOPY!

Rob: That’s the problem…

Lars: It’s the one with the note in it.

Kirk: The one that has the guitar!

I present to you- one of the biggest bands in the world…


There’s no back story worth telling. I found Sculpy, and I made a Feegle maquette. Of course I did.

You can read this in a Soothby’s auctioneer voice, if it makes you happy:

This life-sized (5.5 in, not including the hair) Rob Anybody statuette is constructed of antique Sculpy – dated to at least 2003 and amazingly still malleable – tin foil, and paperclips. The hair was selected after an extensive deliberation over whether it was preferable to use yarn that was technically brick red, or full of sparkly bits. The sparkly bits yarn won on the grounds that what the fuck ever, he’s from Fairy Land. While the sheath is in place on his back, the claymore itself is missing from the right hand because it tips the whole thing over. The artist has so far resisted the urge to glue a dead beetle in his hair, but who knows.



Welcome to the Kings of Con Big Bang!

The KoC Big Bang is a challenge and opportunity for fanfiction authors and fanartists to gather around and create amazing stories and fanart celebrating our love for our very own Richard Speight, Jr. and Rob Benedict!

From January to August, the KoC BB will run and allow for authors and artists to join up and express their love for Rob and Rich in their own unique way! There are so many talented individuals out there with such creative minds, and it would be incredible to see your wonderful work!

Interested? Want to learn more?

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Writer Sign-Ups end on February 28!

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