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The several different activities involved in celebrating Eric Harris' 33rd birthday.

April 9, 2014- Alarm clock sounds

The air is pulsing with the energy of the Ram. 

Excitement abounds, & you are thoroughly impressed with the weather b/c seriously- only Eric Harris would be born on a beautiful spring day like today.

Then, you’ve gotta start by weaving your way in and around the tumblrsphere/Eric Harris tags and check out all the kool new edits

Then maybe make a lil’ collage yourself. 

After that, shower time. You’re gonna start your day off with a little Eric Harris soundtrack concert.

You get carried away

And really into it

while you mentally trip balls a little bit bc the entire day is intensified 

and your heart is infested with the CF

But you pull yourself together and articulate yourself to the best of your ability to fellow Columbiners

Gotta pick up breakfast

& You gotta look at a little Eric Harris/April 9 astrology, right?! 

Feisty and opinionated, an Aries born on April 9 sees life as a series of missions. These intrepid individuals are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

You’ve gotta cry a little bit

When you hear any kind of lip/bigotry from people in real life on your perfect birthday posts:

& continuously put him down

You’ve got to mourn/say a prayer of comfort for his family


Time to head out to the woods/swamps/mountains to blow SOMETHING up and smoke until it hurts

Exit light, enter night. 

You best believe it’s time to celebrate the vivacious soul that was EDH

But you’ve gotta light those bitches on fire bc Eric Harris wasn’t a fire sign for nothin

You appreciate the hell out of the inferno that steadily blazed inside of EH; so you engulf yourself in the flame:

The Rammstein is loud as fuck..the night is still young.. 

and Eric Fucking Harris, is NOT forgotten.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May it ring from the mountain tops, from sea to shining sea, throughout every dimension in this universe, and may you somehow catch wind of all of our love and affection for you. We will forever keep your memory alive.

i’d just like to remind everyone rebs @quietlyprim is absolutely the backbone of this entire advent operation and we wouldn’t be able to do any of this without all xer hard work. lets all give rebs a big thank you! likes charge reblogs cast

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I just want to like personally say huge big thank you to rebs @quietlyprim and marcel @marcelock for taking time out of your busy lives and working SO hard on @tjlcadvent for us all, it’s making the end of this year really exciting and it’s making me more grateful than ever for the amazing group of people I’ve met because of this show 💕