big prizes!

You are in every beginning,
in every sunrise,
in every time I’m winning,
gaining the big prize,

you are in every progress,
in a true evolution,
granting me access,
starting revolution,

you are in every ending
that closes my days,
you’re each hour I’m spending
watching the sun’s final rays.

—  // you
Homestuck Amusement Park Headcanons

Suggested by: @asnailinthighhighs

John: warily eyes the pastry booths bc he still has a deep mistrust for baked goods thanks to the Betty Crocker incident aka literally the apocalypse. Plays a (rigged) wack-a-mole game and gets frustrated when he keeps losing. Terezi makes fun of him so he whips out the hammer of zillyhoo and ah, crushes the game, so to speak. His prize is a giant bunny. He puts it back in the box.

Jade: sees one of those rodeo electronic bull things and goes oh that looks fun! Everyone is like uhhh Jade that can get pretty wild are u sure?? Karkat bets Jade that she won’t last 5 mins, oh really Karkat? 5 minutes? She sits on that bucking bronco for an entire hour making uncomfortable and spite fueled eye contact with Karkat the entire time. She only gets off because there’s a line.

Dave: wants to go on all the big rides and drags Karkat along despite Karkat complaining very loudly the entire time. Sorry Karkles, you scared of heights? You a scaredy Kat? A scaredy Karkat? Fuck you Dave, I’m fine! Dave drags him on the biggest rollercoaster in the entire park, they get off and Karkat says wow that was actually pretty fun! Dave’s hair is a mess, he looks inches from perma-death, that was horrible oh god. Not a word, Rose, he says. She and Kanaya are definitely not snickering behind their hands.

Rose: makes a goddamn beeline with Kanaya in tow to the haunted house ride because fuck yes she wants to see some creepy ass shit. If y'all have ever been in an amusement park haunted house, you know how vastly disappointed she was by the lame jump-scares and cheap monsters. Kanaya made it up to her by taking her to the Tunnel O’ Love™ and Rose was significantly cheered up.

Kanaya: isn’t a huge fan of non-blood food but v intrigued by all the fried stuff. Why Is It Fried? Does It Add Flavor? Not really, Rose tells her, it’s mostly just another way humanity likes to push itself closer and closer to its own imminent demise. Only now they’ve roped the trolls and carapacians into it. Oh, Kanaya says. She tries a fried Twinkie and sucks the filling out w her sick rainbow drinker/ vampire skills. Delicious. A single tear trails down Rose’s cheek. I have never been more in love w you.

Terezi: that scene with Toph and the scam artists in ATLA? Basically picture that. It’s one of those rubber duck games where they’re all floating in the pool and at the bottom of them is a different color and that’s how big a prize you get, thing is, Terezi can smell what’s on the bottom. She wins Vriska all the prizes and the dude running the booth is sweating and has to write her an IOU that John won’t let Terezi cash in on because that’s cheating and that’s wrong!

Jane: goes around with Jade and Roxy and Callie critiquing the food booths on their baking skills. She absolutely loathes that everything is fried bc it’s a cheap tactic to make weak bakers stronger! She tries a funnel cake and immediately changes her mind. CrockerCorp releases its own line of fried food that fall. Roxy calls her a sellout but eats it all anyways bc it’s just That Good.

Jake: finds one of those carnival shooter games and one of the big stuffed animal prizes is a gigantic rainbow dash my little pony and,,,he sees Dirk eyeing it. He doesn’t say anything, but Jake Knows. He tells Dirk he has to run off to the “little lads” room for a second, but he goes back to the shooting game, crushes the fuck out of those targets with the wimpy water gun, and presents Dirk with this oversized goddamn pony. It is touching and romantic for everyone involved.

Dirk: tries to show off to Jake by doing that strength test where u slam the hammer down and try to ring the bell at the top, he makes it about half the way up and he’s like fuck yeah that’s pretty fuckin’ good. Jake goes wow golly that’s impressive! Mind if I give it the old college try? Dirk is like pffft go for it, still flexin his muscles trynna show off and shit. Jake casually slams it down and rings the goddamn bell so hard it almost flies off the top. Dirk just stands there with his eyes v wide behind his shades while Jake is like gosh! Must have been buggered, huh?

Roxy: goes on every single ride she is living for today y'all, Callie is too short for most of the rides but Roxy promises to dab at the top of every coaster so Callie can spot her from where she’s watching down below. They share an ice cream sundae and Roxy gives Callie the cherry on top bc it’s “a cherry for a cherub!”

Sollux: idk about amusement parks near y'all but I live right by cedar point and there’s a coaster called Gemini so uhhh he and Aradia just do that. All day. Sollux rides this rollercoaster 53 times, turns to Aradia, says “what if bees had yaoi hands would that be fucked up or what” then passes out for a week.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Toon Ocs inspired by Batim? If so, could you show us what they look like & tell us all about them please?

Actually I do, right now I have three main ones that I’ve been toying with in the Mobster AU that @thelostmoongazer​ has goin. 

The first is this little prick: 

His name is Avelle, and to give you a very short summary he is a lawyer. This arrogant wiseass of a boy specializes in getting folks with unsavory lines of employment out of uncomfortable legal positions. He will do just about anything to make sure that his clients get off the hook, even if that means breaking a few laws along the way to get there. Doesn’t matter if its legal as long as it gets done.

Don’t let his youthful size and face fool you, this kid is no angel. If anything he’s an asshole that is blatantly ruthless with his words. It doesn’t matter to him who you are this sassy pants will call you out on your shit. Now can he match those with his fists? Not in the least, he is a brains over brawn kind of boy. He’d rather disable you with black mail and verbal warfare than he would going to blows. Not without  good reason the boy is a silver tongued devil despite the halo lookin’ thing on his head.

However because of his childish face he often has to deal with being underestimated or disregarded due to it. He despises being treated like a kid and despite his collected exterior will quickly be gritting his teeth when treated as such. 

Due to his choice of employment he plays his cards close to his chest and does his best to maintain a wall of professionalism between him and his rather hostile clients. Kid moves quite often to put it lightly, and as he puts it, ‘he’ll find you not the other way around.’ 

The second character is this girlie:

Angelica Mariani, the she-devil with a conscience.

 This lovely lady is a proud officer of the Toon Town PD and hoping to someday move up the chain of command and slip into the detective position. She has a very black and white way of seeing the world, no cartoon pun intended. In her mind there being a very clear moral division between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ without leaving much space for a gray area. 

Angelica has trouble letting go over things that get under her skin, or people for that matter, and tends to dwell on matters far longer than she should. This quality would make her have a great future as a detective should she prove herself, however it also means she can’t put down a theoretical bone once she begins to chew on it. Officer Mariani has a terrible habit of charging forward with cases she has little jurisdiction over on her off duty hours, between volunteering for community service events, and frequently ends up winding herself in several dangerous predicaments. 

Despite her best efforts to be a ‘good cop’ she is often put in the uncomfortable position of breaking the law. Mainly due to the fact that the before mentioned lawyer has some rather big dirt of this good willed officer and uses it to get not so legal ‘favors’ from her while twisting her arm a little for it. She hates the lawyer child for this fact and is trying to find her way out of his blackmail. 

 And the final lady is this Angel: 

Ilissa Onria, or Duchess as she sometime goes by. 

Despite her fluffy wings and halo, this darling is more a demon than any other characters mentioned before. A cunning woman that uses her words and appearance to lull those around her into a sense of comfort before snapping her trap shut upon them. 

She comes from a proud family name that sought to spread influence through the bonding of her marriage with another. Despite her arguments against this she was still wed to this individual. Tragically, and perhaps predictably, it was a very short marriage. Her husband being killed by a servant that had ‘fancied’ her, as the story goes at least, not a year after their wedding. This left her a widow with a small fortune and her wanna-be-lover taking a bath in some acetone after a few weeks in jail. A very convenient set of events for the unhappy house wife that seem to have cleaned themselves up for her without her needing to raise a finger. 

Shortly after her husbands painfully unexpected death she took it upon herself to absorb his business assets and take on the work that he had left behind. Primarily the mob related ventures he had invested himself into before his passing.

Ilissa is an ambitious woman with her eyes on the big prizes in life, not willing to trifle with insignificant points that would turn out to be meaningless in the long run.  When she sees something she wants, she takes it. Doesn’t if it is a item, a area, or a person. If she wants it, she gets it. Suppose you could say behind all the flamboyant manipulation she is a greedy child at heart, although this child does carry a gun beneath her feathers.

So there’s a small recap on three of my characters, guess now that they’re out there I can stop sitting on this pile of art I’ve been hoarding. 

EPISODE 98 proudly presents ~REACTIONARY~

And we’re back, with the dramatic conclusion to this thrill-filled adventure gameshow Duelshow™ (all rights reserved)! CAN any of our contestants successfully react like a real human to even one thing we throw at them? WHO will take home the coveted grand prize? And HOW will Seto Kaiba overreact this time??

The first four rounds were extremely competitive and after the bonus rounds, it’s really anyone’s game!

So put your hands together and welcome our Special Guest Stars for the finale:

Yes, it’s the BIG FIVE, or in Japanese … *squints at hand* biggu faibu. Really? REALLY?? 

*several googles later* yup it’s just, fuckin, ビッグ5 pronounced “big(u) fi(b)e” WAS THIS ALWAYS TRUE? I don’t remember being surprised by this in the first Virtual World arc??


You may remember them (although I apparently don’t) from that time they trapped Seto Kaiba and some of his not-friends in a Virtual World and basically died because of an ill-conceived plan to take revenge on him and steal his company via VR technology.

And now! They have returned! With an ill-conceived plan to take revenge on him and steal his company via VR technology! 

ROUND FIVE: Faced with five powerful shadowy figures bearing a murderous thirst for revenge, how do our contestants react?

The winner is…

ANZU who wins the Sparklefists Award For Pointing Out That This Plot Doesn’t Even Make Any Sense!

ROUND SIX: Poised on the brink of a Virtual World, where literally anything could happen–


fuck it, everyone get in the damn magic vortex or whatever, no one gets any points

Okay fine YUGI gets a point for looking pissed as hell! #relatable

ROUND SEVEN: Dropped into a Virtual Reality where anything could happen, do you…?

1) huddle together for protection like Jou and Shizuka?

2) try to get your bearings like Kaiba and Mokuba?

3) close your damn eyes and ~commune with nature~ like Anzu?

no, the winner has to be…

4) stare at boob


The winner is unquestioningly KAIBA for his amazing “miss me with this cheap shit” take:

“monkey-level” WOW he truly is a master of the absolutely so-bad-it’s-almost-nonsensical sick burn!

ROUND NINE: Five middle aged men have created a near-perfect simulacrum of the teenage boy they’re apparently obsessed with defeating:

And the winner is…

ANZU for an actually proportionally horrified response to the chilling terror of seeing a replica of your not-friend brought to life by a horde of creepy kidnappers! Outstanding work, Anzu!

So we enter the final round!

ROUND TEN: A show duel demonstrating the Fun New Rules for this totally unique and original not-boring-at-all CARD GAME EXTRAVAGANZA

The Big Five definitely have Kaiba’s number, but do they really get the character of Seto Kaiba?

Yup, they sure fuckin do!

And the winner, upon seeing his own body explosively disintegrate in front of his eyes:


… is SETO KAIBA with an absolutely ASTOUNDING repression of all remotely plausible reactions to witnessing his own death! His reaction?

Aggressively hypocritical but highly relatable shouting at the sky!

He’s done it! Seto Kaiba wins! Congratulations to him and all our contestants for a game well-played! Kaiba receives the Plausible Human Reac– wait, plausible? Was this supposed to be who could react most like a human? Not most ridiculously extra and outrageously disproportionately and alarmingly inappropriately? Oh damn. My bad.

In that case, the real winner is NO ONE! cause What The Fuck Even Is This Show! 

*round of applause*


These will also be the subject of a new prize lottery from Bandai’s Ichiban Kuji.  Figures of the guest of honor, Sanji, along with these new character addition will be presented in the drawing, tickets for which will be sold in Japanese convenience stores and hobby shops starting May 13th.

The prize line-up includes :

  • A Prize Sanji figure
  • B Prize Yonji figure
  • C Prize Reiju figure

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Does a Story Need a Plot?

One of the things we talk about most when we talk about writing is plot. That makes a lot of sense. Plot is the driving force behind a novel, affecting everything from narrative structure to characterization. 

And yet, there are a great many stories out there that don’t have a discernible plot. There’s no big prize waiting at the end of the film for the protagonist(s). There’s no big revelation coming that’s going to shake things up and turn their world upside down. 

Films like Lost in Translation are perfect examples of why, in some cases, plot may not be necessary. Stories like these are studies of the human mind. They show how people live their day-to-day lives. They show how people build and break relationships. In their most surreal form, they showcase the worlds of dream and imagination that live inside all of us. 

Suffice it to say, not every story needs a plot. (Or a plot may not really be the “important” part of the story, serving as little more than background fodder for the more important stuff - but we’ll get to this later.)

Writing a story without a real plot is easy. Writing a good story that lacks conventional plot… much, much harder. Here are some things to think about.

What do you do when your character doesn’t have a goal?

Usually, characters have clear reasons for being the protagonists of their stories. If they don’t want anything, it’s hard to move them from Point A to Point B. Even harder is making the reader give a damn about these characters and their lives. 

But I already said that a good plotless story is often about exploring people’s minds - so in this case, having a character without a goal gives you a good chance to explore that. 

Most people cringe when they think of stories where things just “happen” to the protagonist(s). But it’s not always a bad thing (IF interesting things are happening and interesting situations are presenting themselves).

How does your character make decisions? What do these decisions say about your character? Do they make perpetual bad decisions? 

What’s the message? What are you exploring?

Okay - so not every story has to have a deep, philosophical meaning. But having an idea that you’re exploring gives you a chance to put characters in situations and see how they react to these situations. In the Lost in Translation example we see two characters come together in their loneliness, and we explore the concept of being alone. 

Perhaps you just want to explore a concept such as being a teenager in the digital age. Or you want to explore anger, and so introduce characters dealing with very different kinds of anger in very different ways. 

Maybe you want to explore the idea of love without clearly writing a “love story” with a traditional plot. In this case imagine a story where a couple is together at the beginning and together at the end - sounds kind of boring right? That is, until you look at how other aspects of life affect aspects of their relationship.

What if you have a “pointless” plot?

Sometimes you may include a plot in a plotless story. That’s not a paradox. In this case, the plot is there, but it’s just… not important. It’s little more than background noise for whatever else is going on.

For example, maybe you have a young Hollywood actress auditioning for a role in a film. She gets the role, and the story follows her as she films the movie. But that’s just background noise. What’s more important is looking at her interacting with a diverse group of people, from her struggling actor friends to her successful new actor colleagues, and how they’re really all dealing with the same problems.

The plot is just there to get her where she needs to go - to put her in a situation where she closely interacts with such a diverse group of people. 

How do you end a plotless story?

And now, the big question. How does a plotless story end? If there’s no big goal your character is working toward - no plot to get a nice, tidy resolution - then what’s the point, right?

The point is that you, the author, are going to look back at how you can sort of summarize the message you wanted to set out exploring. 

In Lost in Translation these two lonely characters who have made an impact on each other go their separate ways. Neither is really changed as a person in a significant way, but seeing them part drives the message of loneliness home.

In our story about anger, maybe we have something happen out of the blue that ties thematically into the piece. The person who has been claiming they’re going to kill Character X when they see them doesn’t do it when they get the chance but then they’re killed themselves in a random act of violence.

In our Hollywood actress story, she achieves success, but like the people around her she’s still struggling with the same problems. Our final scene shows her taking a handful of prescription meds and going to sleep, while it opened with her abusing cheap alcohol and doing the same.

And… what about Structure?

Of course, structure is tough and requires a lot of thought. Scenes in a “plotless” story may feel random but you still need to think about things like character development and the message of the story. 

So as you’re structuring things out, look at what’s being “shown” at a given time with the scenes you’re portraying. Use the scenes to develop the story. Remember to mix up slow-moving and faster-paced scenes just like you would with a traditional narrative structure. 

To summarize - no, a plot is not necessary in every story. But when you throw out plot, other things become a lot more important.


1996 - Sixth year

All of the marauders sat in Professor Slughorn’s potions room in the dungeons. Although colder than most classrooms upstairs, Horace had always kept the room nice and well decorated.

James and Sirius enjoyed this class, even if it was shared with Slytherins. Peter didn’t like or dislike it, and Remus did not like potions at all, which was rare because was the one who actually liked to study. He didn’t really have the gift for the art of potions though he respected that it was a very important subject, but just disliked having to work so hard not to fail.

That class too, strangely, was Sirius Black’s favorite. Yes, Sirius Black as in “the boy who slept during most classes and took detention once a week” liked potions. Remus sometimes found himself staring at him with envy during that class while thinking that Sirius was a lucky bastard, like those muggle children who do well in school without needing to make an effort, and could easily understand the most difficult things.

However James Potter loved that lesson, not only because he had no difficulty with potions, but also - and especially - because Lily Evans was in their class. Not even the fact that Snivellus was there aswell could ruin his joy of being able to spend two whole periods watching the redhead closely, listening to her laughter, the conversations she had with her friends, and watching her smile. He could see the palpable difference that the relationship between the two from one year to another. It even seemed like Lily had missed him during the holidays. Even Peter ‘unobservant’ Pettigrew had noticed the difference in the air. The discrete smiles that the girl threw to James from time to time at breakfast rather than simply cursing him as a way to say good morning, or perhaps it was the times when Marlene or Dorcas whispered little things to Lily and the three of them looked at him with smiles on their faces, and Lily always with that look of doubt and questioning, every day seemingly growing more curious toward James.

So, yeah, those two periods before lunch were his favorite time of the week, coupled with the Quidditch practice that was starting early that season.

“Very well, very well students! Take your seats, please!” Slughorn came into the room. Some of the students were finding their places and taking  stuff from their backpacks, and others were talking loudly or up to something like Sirius, who controlled a flock of small lilac-conjured birds with his wand that hung around Snape’s head like a halo, making the Slytherin glare at him with hatred flashing in his eyes as he set his cauldron up on the other side of the room.

Peter shoved Black with his elbow and he undid the spell before the corpulent, panting teacher climbed the small step that separated him from the rest of the tables and turned to the students. Slughorn stood behind his desk, which was large and long just like the the students ones, which divided them into four people at each desk, but his was only used by him, and contained four cauldrons over flames with bubbling potions inside each.

“James…” Remus looked at his friend with a frown, making a little grimace and wrinkling his nose while unpacking a piece of parchment from his backpack.


"You really used that herb soap that my mother sent you at Christmas.” He laughed weakly after a moment. “You know, she makes it at home. It doesn’t smell very good, you don’t have to wear it. I’m not gonna tell her.”

James stared at him in amazement.

“How could you possibly know? It barely smells, I can’t smell a thing!”

“Smell is a very underestimated sense, and we of the subspecies Canis lupus fortunately us e it very well” Black replied, smiling at his friend.

“Are you kidding?” James turned to him and folded his arms doubtfully. "Even in human form?” He asked, in a lower voice.

“Of course, Prongs.”

"Prove it.” James raised an eyebrow at Sirius.

“You used tutti frutti toothpaste this morning.”

"And he’s wearing Peter’s socks.” Lupin completed as Sirius nodded.

James stared at them both, surprised.

“Very well! So let’s start.” Slughorn caught everyone’s attention. “In today’s class I want to show you some of the simplest and most powerful potions we can learn to do. Come on, let’s go, without a delay, get out from behind your tables and line up here so you can see them well!” He called out, grinning and waving his hands for the students to approach.

One by one the students left their desks and stood in rows in front of the teacher, some having to peer over the shoulders of others to see well.

“Ten points to the house of the student that knows how to recognize these potions.” Slughorn gestured to the table, but the class was silent. “No one?”

James nudged Remus’ side with his arm, but his friend quickly pulled himself away and grimaced. Potter laughed softly, Lupin was always so nervous about making a mistake in front of Slughorn.

“Uh, excuse me, sir.” Lily Evans said suddenly.

“Please, Miss Evans, teach these students something,” he said, still in a cheerful tone. James automatically paid attention to the girl when he saw her take a step forward and approach the first cauldron.

“This is veritaserum.” She looked at the teacher, who silently agreed. “A potion that forces those who take it to tell the truth until it wears off.”

“That’s right, Miss Evans, very good.”

She moved on to the next cauldron. The professor opened the lid and she peeked inside him briefly and made a grimace, pulling away a little as the steam touched her face.

“Polyjuice. It’s used so that the person who drinks it can take the physical form of another, needing some part of the person in which they want to transform into, like a hair or a piece of skin.”

"Disgusting” Black commented beside  James, who ignored him.

“Well done!”

She moved on to the next one, and Slughorn carefully removed the lid. A more dense, calmly dancing steam rose through the cauldron into perfect spirals, spreading slowly through the air around nearby students.

“That’s… Um…” James could tell that the girl blushed briefly, and looked at the teacher. “Is it amortentia?”

“That’s right, Miss Evans.” He smiled, nodding. “A love potion. The most powerful love potion that exists, to be more precise. Undoubtedly the most dangerous potion in this room.” He remarked. “You can make anyone who drinks it fall foolishly into an obsessive and irrational passion. Can you tell me the main characteristic?”

Lily blinked a few times and looked at the teacher, realizing that he’d spoken to her.

"Ah, yes. Amortentia presents a different scent to each person who feels it, according to what attracts us most.”

"Oh, that explains it.” Sirius commented, as if talking to himself. James looked at him, seeing the boy comfortably propped up on the table behind them and arms folded. Potter raised his eyebrows curiously, and he shook his head in response. “Forget it.”

James smelled the scent of mint, strawberry and wet grass.It was a light smell, as if it inebriated his brain without him even realizing he was feeling it. He had no doubt as to why he smelled this, he smelled it every time he was close to Evans, from first year and the first time he saw her. The intoxicating sensation happened exactly as his infatuation with Lily had happened; suddenly and without him realizing it. When James realized that he loved her he didn’t know how or when it happened. It was as if it had always been this way.

"Very well done, Miss Evans! Very well done!” Slughorn looked as if he was going to jump with excitement, and Sirius laughed weakly again, slightly amused. “Ten points to Gryffindor! Thank you very much for your help.”

Lily stepped back, looking a bit puzzled.

"Now, that last cauldron contains a very… curious potion.” The professor uncovered the latter, letting a golden steamer rise through the air. “Its name is felix felicis, but it’s more commonly known as liquid luck.”

All the murmurs in the room suddenly stopped as all students snapped to attention at this last sentence.

“Yes that’s right. Just one sip of felix felicis can cause nothing to go wrong in your life for a whole day.” Slughorn stirred the potion causing the liquid to bubble lightly. "Just a sip of that little potion can make you the luckiest person in the world for only a few hours.”

There was silence as the students thought about this.

“Whichever student  within the next hour that can produce the best draught of living death will be rewarded with this generous dose of liquid luck.”

Slughorn looked around.

“So, what are you waiting for? Move! time is running out! Good luck to everyone!”

James needed to look at his friends at his side, somewhat surprised, before he hurriedly moved to follow the other students to the ingredients cabinet in the back of the room. That was an awfully big prize. Just imagine what felix felicis could do during the final of a Quidditch Championship!

“Nope. Against the rules, you can’t use it during a game.” Remus said it next to his ear, as James once again looked at him surprised.

“Did I say this out loud?”

“No, mate. I just know you.”

“You’re freaking me out today, Moony.”

"I hear he does it every year with the sixth years.” Peter commented next to them as they took the ingredients they needed and piled them into their arms.

“If I win, I’ll rob Gringotts.” Sirius remarked as the four friends sat down at their table with all the necessary ingredients.

“You already have an inheritance greater than any of us, Padfoot.” Peter looked at him in astonishment. "What would you possibly do with the money?!”

"It’s not about the money, it’s about adrenalin, and about being the first wizard to rob the safest bank there is.” He smiled wickedly at his friends, folding his arms in front of his chest.

“Just until the effect passes.” James said, already beginning to put the first ingredients in the cauldron after lighting the flame and finding the recipe in the book.

"And then you’d be the first minor wizard to go to Azkaban for the stupidest reason.” Remus nodded, making the others laugh.

The sixty minutes passed with a blink of an eye. James and Sirius were good at potions, but this one demanded to be more than just good. Remus was the first to fail, creating a hole in the bottom of his cauldron that only got bigger as minutes passed regardless of what he tried to do to stop it. Then Peter did something wrong that resulted in his potion becoming white and oily and bubbling until it leaked all across the table. He and Remus cleaned up their mess with some difficulty and then began to watch the competition that naturally settled between James and Sirius, who obviously couldn’t win anything because they were more concerned about sabotaging each other and laughing at it. As a result, James’s potion turned into green snot and Sirius’ stoned stonecutted, and became black like charcoal.

“Okay, boys, time is up!” Slughorn warned, exactly one hour later. “Drop your instruments, I’ll go through each student and find our winner.”

The professor began to move from table to table, beginning with the side of the Slytherins, and James tried to peer into Lily’s cauldron that was sitting in front of him. She stirred a substance that looked completely uniform even though the steam was dark and smelly.

“Sirius, stop.” Remus scolded, pushing the boy’s hand away from James’s cauldron. “You don’t know what that is, it can hurt you, it might even burn off your finger.”

James laughed between them as he watched Slughorn approach. The teacher didn’t seem pleased with any of the students, until he reached Snivellus’ cauldron. James was already making a joke in his head to mock the boy when Slughorn exclaimed and clapped his hands together.

“Good god, Severus, this potion is impeccable! I haven’t seen a draught of living death this perfect since I last made it myself!” He exclaimed, laughing. “Congratulations, boy, my congratulations, you have a gift!” He patted Snape on the back, then walked away. “It will be very difficult for anyone in this room to outdo this result!”

James exchanged a shocked look at Sirius, who if possible, was frowning even more at this point. Snivellus always did so well in potions, and it drove Sirius crazy.

Slughorn kept going, but found no other potion that compared to Snape’s, which was a shame, as James was hoping that Lily’s was at least excellent, but when the teacher looked at her cauldron he just grimaced and asked that she didn’t inhale the smoke for too long.

"Well, as promised, here it is. A dose of felix felicis for the pupil who made the best potion.” The professor filled a small bottle with the golden liquid and handed it to Severus, who sketched the beginning of a smile, which disappeared as quickly as it appeared. James rolled his eyes, wanted to tear that bottle from his hands and hand it to Lily. There was no reason other than the fact that if it were up to James, she would always win what she deserved. She at least deserved it much more than Snivellus, everyone knew that.

“That’s it for today, class. I want you to write a summary of what probably went wrong in the brewing of each and what you might have done differently for the next class. See you tommorow!”

Slughorn almost always released them at least ten minutes early, and Sirius loved it. He liked to say it was because the class ended just before lunch, and Slughorn wanted to have time to get to the table before anyone else to get a good seat, which turned out to be good for all his students as well.

The group followed the dungeon corridor talking in their groups of friends, one after the other, and Remus went in front of James and Sirius, trying to explain to Peter the transfiguration test next period. James was zoned our, thinking of Lily’s reaction when she saw the amortentia, wondering what  the scent was that she smelled. He looked away after a bit, as they were already approaching the main hall door, to his best friend who walked beside him.

"What did you smell?”

Black looked at him. He smiled, walking with his hands in the pockets of his uniform.

“Cinnamon, old books, and-” He looked at the two boys walking in front of them and took a long step toward Remus, walking beside him and sniffing the curve of his neck briefly. “Chocolate.” He smiled at Remus’ confused look before running to the Gryffindor table to find a good place for the four of them.

James smiled briefly at the boy’s statement, reaching Remus and Peter and walking alongside Lupin. He looked at this one.

“What smell did you smell? With the love potion.”

“Ah.” Remus seemed to understand what that was about, and frowned down at the floor. As he formulated the answer in his head James saw a few red marks begin to appear on his face and he laughed weakly. "I don’t … Remember quite well.”

“Oh, come on.” James shook his head. “Cheap cologne? A motorbike or something?!” He joked, and the red spots on Remus’ cheeks intensified. He cleared his throat, but smiled weakly and shook his head.

"Leather, cigarettes, and…” He looked at James suddenly, his face turning white. “Wet dog.”

James threw back his head, laughing. He patted Remus’ back as they approached the table, then shook his head. James stopped laughing as Sirius sat and slid to Lily’s side on the table, resting his arm around her shoulders.

“Evans, my Lily of the field!”

“Ugh, Black. What you want?” She raised an eyebrow at him, only slightly amused. “Don’t tell me you’ve gotten into more detention, because I’m not telling any lies for you this time.”

"What did you smell with the love potion?” He asked, almost making James choke on air. James sat carefully beside his best friend, staring at the table, but he was silently listening to the conversation.

“That’s none of your business, is it?”

“I just want to prove something.”

“And what would that possibly be? Are you dreaming that I might have smelled your ugly arse?”

He laughed weakly.

"It’s not my ugly arse, is it?”

Lily stared at him hesitantly for a moment, then narrowed her eyes at him.

“Go to hell, Black.”

“Ugh, so tense.”

Lily pulled away from him, freeing herself from his arm, and Sirius turned to the boys smiling with conviction.

The food appeared in front of them, and they soon filled their plates. James didn’t realize how hungry he was until he saw food in front of him.

The conversation soon flowed between the students while they ate lunch, especially between the girls who were in the potions class and the Marauders. They talked about felix felicis, about what they would do if they had won it, then what Severus would probably do - which was a big question, which made James uneasy at the thought of Snivellus’ delusions about Lily - and finally, to James’ displeasure, who was beginning to be nervous, they returned to the subject of amortentia. Dorcas said she smelled fresh ink and green tea, and Marlene smelled pumpkin and mint juice, but Lily stayed quiet.

"You know, Evans, I don’t think you smelled anything, and that’s why you don’t want to say it.” Sirius nudged, and she rolled her eyes. "You have no heart, do you? That’s what you don’t want us to know, because it’s kind of sad, honestly…” He said dejectedly, which thoroughly annoyed Lily.

“Stop being such an idiot!”

“Then prove otherwise! Why don’t you say it, if we all said it? Are you afraid that we’ll find out something?”

"I just don’t see why I’d tell you something personal. Why do you want to know so much, huh? Are you interested in me?”

"Fortunately you’re not my type redhead.” He shrugged as he ate. "Which is good, because I don’t want to be in love with someone with no heart…”

“Ugh!” She looked at him indignantly. It seemed like Lily was taking his joke a little bit too personally, which was curious.

“Prove me wrong!” He looked at her, now demanding “If you have nothing to lose, and nothing to hide, why don’t you just say it!”

Lily stared at him for a moment, seeming to decide upon something. She dropped her cutlery and turned to Sirius, and by now  James’s eyes were glued to her face.

“Right. I smelled fresh herbs and wet earth and tutti frutti. If you know what that means let me know, because I don’t know either. But it doesn’t mean I don’t have a heart! It’s normal not to recognize what you’re most attracted to in the first place.” She got to her feet, taking her pack from the floor. "I’m going to the dormitory girls. I need to get some books.” she warned Marlene before leaving the table.

When she stepped away, Sirius turned his head to James as slowly as possible, his smile slowly spreading across his face as Remus stared at his friend with a smirk that said he already knew exactly what that meant. James couldn’t even breathe.

Thanks again to the lovely @nineandthreequarterrs for helping me with the translation and doing all the hard work! 

cindtrillella  asked:

You don't seem to like Jonerys. Why?

A bunch of reasons. Show!wise, it’s officially come down to “These characters seriously piss me off, period.”

Book!wise?There’s two prongs to this. 

The first prong is quite the opposite of why I don’t like Show!Jonerys. I LOVE the book versions of these characters.  I really, really root for both Jon and Dany, want them to succeed, and love their goals and ambitions. I want them to get what they want, and feel that is what they deserve. And I don’t think a romance between the two of them satisfies their characters, their inner hopes, dreams, goals, and ambitions. It simply will not allow them to get the endings they deserve.

Now, let me make this clear: I am not saying their motivations are utterly alien to each other. Both of them have severe identity and displacement issues. Both of them, on some level, yearn for home. But what those things mean to them as people, and the paths that may bring them… the things they want simply don’t mesh in a way that makes room for romance.

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Because, I don’t want to be a pirate. I’m not interested in the life. Not interested in the fighting, not interested in the ships.  I don’t care much for the sea while we’re on the subject. But being a pirate on this crew for a little while longer, it offers me an opportunity I don’t believe I can find anywhere else on Earth… one big prize.


John Silver in every episode:
X.   I don’t want to be a pirate. I’m not interested in the life. Not interested in the fighting, not interested in the ships. I don’t care much for the sea while we’re on the subject. But being a pirate on this crew for a little while longer, it offers me an opportunity I don’t believe I can find anywhere else on earth– one big prize. And with it, freedom. From water, from Randall, from hunger, from wages… From you.

anonymous asked:

Treebros going to an amusement park

here we go,

its connors idea bc he wants to do something Cool for a date and he has. 0 ideas so he hits up google “cool date ideas” and. amusement park. Hey We Have One Of Those.

its not until they get there that he realizes that. mayhaps an amusement park, with Large Rollercoasters and Larger Crowds, is not the best idea for his bf whomst has anxiety. and his mood death drops.

evan, however, is elated.

he’s so excited!!! he climbs huge trees he does Not have a fear of heights, and yeah the crowds are. less than favorable but he has connor and he’s super happy to be there!!

evan drags connor around for hours, on ride after ride ranging from the tallest rollercoaster (and they both buy the picture that gets taken on the biggest drop; both of their mouths are open in an excited scream, connor’s fists are in the air and evan has a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing too loud) to the dinky merry-go-round where they both (connor, in a kinda ratty black hoodie and bright pink shorts; evan, in a silly disney t-shirt [even though they aren’t at disney] and checkered shorts that Do Not Match) stick out like tall, old, giggling sore thumbs.

after a while, connor insists on blowing a ton of money on those carnival games, but hes actually Really Good? he gets the big prizes practically every time, on everything except the ringtoss (which he blows nearly $40 and an hour on before giving up) and the basketball game. evan, pulling a couple crumpled dollars from his pocket, jokingly tries out the basketball game and fuckin wins the biggest prize?? and he hands it to connor all proud of himself an connor’s blushing but tries to be annoyed but he takes the stuffed animal (which is a Giant teddy bear that is seriously almost as tall as evan) and carries it around like a lifeline. he loves it nd is So Proud of his bf for winning it

and as night sets, they stick all of their prizes in connor’s car and head back in, grabbing something to eat from a food stand (connor grabs a turkey leg and a rainbow popsicle [gay icon???] and evan gets a plate of fried dough and some french fries for he and connor to split, as well as a giant lemonade slushie) and eat, recounting how Fun their day was and how they both have such an amazing time when panic alarm connor realizes he hasnt brought evan on the Amusement Park Date Classic: the ferris wheel at night!!!!!

he grabs evan’s hand and races him over to the ferris wheel line, and he’s so excited because the ferris wheel has always been his favorite thing to do at amusement parks, and yeah its cheesy but hes Excited okay?? hes practically bouncing when he and evan get their little seat on the wheel and start going up and hes :0000 !!!!!

evan likes heights, but the ferris wheel is a bit Much, but connor is so genuinely delighted and laughing and pointing out the lights on the rides in the dark so he pushes down the nervousness and takes connors hand and lets him gush.

(connor totally kisses evan when they reach the top.)

(suddenly, the height isn’t so bad anymore)

missionaryfluffytail  asked:

another weird bonding activity held by king of dorkiness, munakata reisi, officially declares at pranks day and imagine fushimi not caring till the end when he manages to pull the most epic prank on munakata and all the special ops just bursts out laughing and it's super adorable especially when fushimi laughs (and akiyama thinks it's super cute)

Imagine Munakata one day ends up watching some kind of movie or TV show episode where all the characters have a giant prank war and immediately his eyes start shining because yes, new bonding activity. Awashima gathers the force together to give them the rules, like no permanently destroying anyone else’s property, no destroying any important items or reports, no violence or knives (looking pointedly at Fushimi on this last one). Other than that the squad is given free rein to do as they’d like, for the next eight hours until the end of the workday it will be a free for all prank war, prizes will be given for those who think up the best pranks. Most of the squad is actually pretty excited for this one, like I can see Doumyouji declaring himself the master of pranks and talking about how he’s going to take all of you down, he promptly opens the door to the office and gets covered in flour thanks to the trap someone set at the top of the door. Alphabet boys E-H are into it too, Hidaka used to play lots of pranks all the time with his brothers and Gotou actually turns out to be surprisingly handy with them. The more mature members Kamo, Akiyama and Benzai just smile tolerantly at everyone and act as if they will be refraining from participating in this activity but actually Akiyama and Benzai are secret prank machines and are just taking people down all day long.

Fushimi thinks the entire thing is stupid and spends all day at his computer being irritated. Doumyouji actually gets bold enough to try and prank Fushimi but maybe it backfires on him, like Fushimi gets up to grab some reports and Doumyouji hides an air horn under his chair so that when Fushimi sits it will go off. Except Fushimi promptly sits in a different chair without even looking twice, Doumyouji forgets about it entirely and ends up sitting on the chair right in front of Awashima and being scolded. Of course the real king of pranks turns out to be Munakata, who has done extensive research on the matter and is extremely sneaky, even Akiyama and Benzai tag teaming him can’t manage to get one over on the Captain. One by one each member of the squad falls to Munakata’s amazing pranks, he is very pleased with how the day turned out while everyone else is like standing around covered in glitter and toilet paper with their heads bowed in awe of the Captain’s pranking abilities. Munakata asks Fushimi if he’s enjoyed prank day and Fushimi goes on a whole rant about how stupid the whole thing is and how they got no work done at all today. Munakata just laughs a bit and says he believes it was just the right de-stressing activity the clan needed, as he goes to return to his office.

He opens the office door and a small water balloon filled with glitter lands on his head as hundreds of balloons suddenly come flying out of the office, when they finally clear Munakata sees that his office floor, desk and every other available surface has been covered with half-filled cups of tea. Munakata just stares for a moment like ‘….oya’ and then Fushimi starts snickering. Everyone stares for a long moment, Awashima almost ready to scold Fushimi but her face is twitching and suddenly she’s laughing, then the alphabet squad starts laughing and even Munakata has a good laugh about it. Fushimi tries to just smile smugly but he keeps remembering Munakata’s momentarily baffled look and soon he starts laughing quietly too and that almost shuts everyone up, since Fushimi laughing is such a rare sight and he looks so happy and carefree for a moment that everyone’s just totally charmed. Munakata notes that perhaps they will have to hold a prank war another time and Fushimi gives him an almost challenging smile that’s so cute no one can even make any argument against it.

amatterofcomplication  asked:

So i'm not sure if you ship Alex/Lucy specifically, but Alex and Lucy "Hold my beer" Lane at an amusement park and someone makes fun of Lucy's height

Alex ignores the people who run games at the carnival. She always has—all they ever do is either fake compliment you or insult you and all they want is your money. Plus, when they were younger, Kara wanted to play every game, and Alex had to make sure she played exactly no games, because she’d always get too excited—the sort of excited where she’d throw a ring too hard and shatter the bottles she was supposed to be throwing it around.

Alex has always ignored people who run games at the carnival, so it’s easy to do so now, walking hand in hand with Lucy and wondering if she’ll think riding the ferris wheel together is lame.

“Hey there ladies,” a carnie calls. “You know, you could win your girlfriend a teddy bear as big as she is.”

Alex ignores him.

Lucy does not follow Alex’s example.

She whirls around to glare at the guy. “Was that a joke about my height?”

“Um,” the carnie says. “Of course not? We just have really big prizes. Your girlfriend totally looks like she could win one for you.”

“Alex, hold my lemonade.”

“Babe, it’s really not worth it,” Alex says, but she takes Lucy’s lemonade.

It’s the game with the sledgehammer, where you have to hit a target hard enough to made the bell at the top ring, or whatever, and Alex knows Lucy can win. Everyone who knows Lucy knows she can win. But she apparently feels the need to prove herself to a carnie.

She rolls up her sleeves, shoves three dollars into the guy’s hand, and grabs the hammer.

“To get the top prize, you have to make it go all the way—”

Lucy swings before he can finish explaining. The tower lights up to the very top, makes a noise like a cash register opening.

“Yeah,” the carnie says. “All the way there. You win. Any prize you want.”

Lucy smirks. Alex tries not to laugh.

Lucy picks the biggest prize they have—a huge stuffed shark. Then she makes Alex carry it because it’s too big for her.

sinful reunion, ch.2 (M)

→ summary: “mind over matters of the heart or matters of the heart over mind?”

genre/warnings: ceo!yoongi, angst, smut, instances of cheating

→ rating: M

→ word count: 9.4k

→ pairing: Min Yoongi | Reader; Kim Seokjin | Reader

→ previous chapter: ch. 1

Mind over matters of the heart.

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