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Gabriel Reyes, holding a gun to McCrees head: Say it! Say ‘you all are not’

McCree, not giving a fuck: YAINT

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Favorite sims that aren't your own? Like from other people's legacies!

ok ok ok wow i have so many so yeah here we go 

  • nova by @pearlescentsims
  • blue n matty n maya n wylie n lila n sid n cecilia basically all of them (not fkn talon ok) especially mama brat’s dear deAd son arthur :(((((( by @bratsims
  • margoe by @wrixles
  • ya girl roma by @simgerale
  • roo (actually ruth but roo as a nickname is the cutest thing evAR) by @4thesims
  • anyone n everyone @foxbie makes bc… wtf how r ur sims so pretty???

i rly feel like i’ve missed people out!!!!! D:::: if i have i’ll edit l8r probably but yeah!!! these r the ones i can name off the top of my head!!! check em all out their sims are p cool dude

What are y'all mad about today?
  • Me: YG not posting any sort of post for BIGBANGs 11th anniversary, aka the group that made YGE as famous as they are today, Aka YGs #1 source for most income into the entertainment where other groups wouldn&rsquo;t exist without BIGbANGs success and money. Like let&rsquo;s just forget what all they&rsquo;ve done for you for 11 years. Winner and BLACKPINK got one but it&rsquo;s like BIGbANG, who is she?.<br />
  • Me: oh but other than that I&rsquo;m ok.</p>

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Ugh I'm so glad there's been more people who are loving the new series too! I really need people to obsess about it with. I love that in the very first episode, Scrooge has already shared his father's wisdom with Dewey. "You've got to work smarter, lad, not harder".

You should’ve seen me when Scrooge uttered his immortal catchphrase, “Curse me kilts!”

Catchphrases were integral to cartoons and sitcoms when I was growing up, and I know they’re no longer used in media today. So I’m sure me and other people rioted when they actually incorporated it without making it sound dated and forced.

Now I NEED “Blazing bagpipes!” 😂

  • first up: philosophy class!!! not bad, pretty nice, professor wore birks which…… somehow seemed very on-brand for him??? no socks btw im sure some of yall were fuckin wondering abt that…………
  • next up: first day at work!!!!! met more coworkers, looked at the eclipse w them, played some scattergories, helped one of them (muscle man) w math hw, n then…… best part of my day……. helped w 2 consultations!!! first one was a nice man tht needed technology help. my coworker helped him w most of that but let me kind of take over when it came to helping him w MAAATH!!!!! i showed him how 2 do long division, multiplication by hand, graphing, and order of operations :-))) he said i was really helpful and that he’ll come back for my help (specifically My Help)! second consultation was an older woman who came in really frustrated and needing help w her resume . i mostly observed this one but towards the end i gave her a couple suggestions tht she really liked and she left the consultation feeling sooo much better :-)) …. love my fucking job
  • last up: differential equations (w my Good Man Phil)!!!! this bitch (phil) had notes prepared for us so we could spend more time actively listening and less time trying to write every little thing down…. God I Love Him … also? including myself there r like 2 girls in tht class and its a full ass class…. interesting if u ask me!

its rly dawning on me that going to uni is going to literally change my life like everything is going to change. i am going to have to be completely self sufficient. i am not very good with change at all but im still excited. i’m going to have to deal with identity outside of a family unit. im going to be measuring myself against people very differently to how i am now. im not going to be able to come home and chat with my family because they’ll be 5 hours away. everything is not going to be neccisaily bad or worse but just so DIFFERENT. and i know i have grown up quite sheltered i think. 

i hope everyone else is as clueless as me. i hope everyone is ready to admit that they are clueless and doesnt do that stupid thing that adults do sometimes where they pretend they know everything when they dont. i am going to have to stop refering to people as adults like that because i am one now. 

hey @ goyim could y'all reblog this if you're actually willing to listen to Jewish people and protect us?

we really need allies right now, and I know seeing this on people’s blogs could be comforting to other Jewish people. But please don’t do this as performative allyship- actually try and help us irl, or at least learn about antisemitism enough to spot it and call it out.

Daenerys: *Reclaims her ancestral home in a touching and powerful scene*

Me: *Can’t stop remembering the time Stannis and Melisandre had sex on that table*