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THE BIG LEBOWSKI sentence starters

❛     i had a rough night and i hate the fucking eagles, man    ❜   

❛     shut the fuck up, _____     ❜  

❛     _____, you’re out of your element     ❜  

❛     yeah well, that’s just like.. you’re opinion, man     ❜  

❛     am i the only one who gives a shit about the rules?!     ❜   

❛     you’re entering a world of pain     ❜  

❛     hey, careful man, there’s a beverage here     ❜  

❛     no you’re not wrong _____, you’re just an asshole     ❜  

❛     yeah man, it really tied the room together     ❜   

❛     this aggression will not stand, man     ❜  

❛     has the whole world gone crazy?!     ❜  

❛     you want a toe? i can get you a toe, believe me.     ❜  

❛     hell, i can get you a toe by 3 o’clock this afternoon.. with nail polish      ❜  

❛     calmer than you are..     ❜  

❛     goodnight, sweet prince     ❜  

❛     at least i’m housebroken     ❜  

❛     we want the money, _____     ❜  

❛     my only hope is that _____  kills me before _____  can cut my dick off      ❜ 

❛     you human paraquat!     ❜  

❛     sooner or later you’re going to have to face the fact that you’re a moron    ❜ 

❛     i don’t need your sympathy, i need my johnson     ❜    

❛     what do you need that for, _____?     ❜  

❛     i am the walrus     ❜  

❛     we fucked it up!     ❜  

❛     you got that right, no-one fucks with the jesus     ❜  

❛     this is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass     ❜  

❛     we dropped off the money     ❜  

❛     she kidnapped herself     ❜  

❛     fuck it, _____.. let’s go bowling    ❜  

❛     mark it as zero     ❜  

❛     they’re gonna kill that poor woman, man!     ❜  

❛     obviously you’re not a golfer     ❜  

❛     i’m sorry, i wasn’t listening     ❜  

❛     _____ just wanted his rug back..     ❜  

❛     i’m _____, so that’s what you call me     ❜  

So, a quick service announcement: I read your tags when you reblog something from me. There’s a cute xkit extension that allows it easily, and I like to do that. I am myself a furious tagger, and I know often comments end there.
As someone who tries to contribute somehow to the fandom, you can imagine how important is to me reading all your reactions (Btw, I’m really glad you enjoyed my last gifset. Yes, I’m still sorry for the middle gifs).

So, well, PLEASE, don’t put spoilers in tags.


A big Happy Birthday and a couple of doodles directed at the lovely @kellyfhaycock who is one of the nicest, kindest people I have ever had the fortune to know. I think Firefighter Phoe (Kelly’s RP OC) and Scout Scotty (from her fic Merit) speak for themselves, but I hope you have a super great day with lots of cake and nice birthday things <33 xx

Ok. Learning historical weapons is awesome but I feel at such a disadvantage right now.

I mean, not everyone grows up learning how to fire a flintlock obviously but I feel like growing up with a basic understanding of weapons in general would help me a lot.

anonymous asked:

What happened to your worldbuilding blog?

Oh it’s still there I just haven’t been able to type up big posts lately

Trust me I have like 7 Large Things on my mind rn just haven’t…strapped it all together yet

I have no CAR!

Long story short I my care broke beyond repair and I have no money for a new car and a lot of bills. This has made it difficult to figure out ways into work and is causing undue stress for me. I’m going to make a big post on ways you can help out if you so choose but That is where I currently stand at the moment.


here’s our best and most adorable birthday boy, jackson wang 🎂🎈🎉🎉🎉😚💓