big poof

  • Warnings: 
  • y/e/c = your eye color
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Draco’s POV

I thought I hated y/n. But in Potions today, I accidentally put some wrong ingredient in the potion we were making, the Alihotsy Draught. Instead of blue smoke coming out of the cauldron, a big poof of orange dust exploded in front of y/n’s face, and next thing I knew, y/n was laying on the ground with her eyelids twitching.

All of a sudden, all my feelings of hatred disappeared and I was filled with love and worry.

I ran over to her on the ground, and before Snape could run over, I picked y/n up and sprinted to the hospital wing.

Now, I was sitting by y/n at her hospital bed, holding her hand. Madame Pomfrey already gave her the medicine she needed, and the hospital was empty of everyone except me and y/n. 

My stomach dropped when I looked at her closed eyes fluttering, and her eyelids opened to reveal her y/e/c eyes. 


“Y/n… I’m so sorry…” I rubbed her knuckles with my finger and scotched closer. “This was all my fault, and ugh, I was so irresponsible.”

I glanced up at y/n, expecting an angry woman looking back at me. To my surprise, she smiled at me and pulled me closer and closer until our noses were touching. My breathing became ragged as nerves took over.

“it’s alright, Draco.” Her soothing voice melted into me before I closed the distance in between us and our lips met.

The kiss was the one thing that was missing from my life that could complete it. Her soft mouth moved in sync with mine and in my mind, fireworks were going off. We pulled back and gazed into each others eyes.

There was no question. I definitely was in love with this girl.

Their Ideal Pet


  • Something just as lazy as he is, so a cat or two. Maybe the really big and fluffy ones like Norwegian Forest cats (I have one and he’s a big poof ball), probably named Helena and Haeda. (Or… you know.. Umbra and Pryna)


  • I sense either a small greyhound or a very hyper Bengal named Bullet.


  • A very big and manly dog that’s up for a walk any time of day and a lot of rough housing, so a Bernese Mountain Dog or a Saint Bernard for him, mostly named Maximus or Baby.


  • I have a bird vibe from him, so maybe a little canary named Sweetie.

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some Key Val Features™

- freckle 4 days
- hips dont lie? don’t lie. big hip. 
- pretty pretty painted nails. definitely venom in them a la warden from holes. 
- why is she squinting so much ( can’t see far things that’s why ) 
- big poof. golden poof. platinum poof. BIG FLUFFY HAIR PERFECT FOR BURYING HANDS IN. also full of sand.
- thicc thighs make a dick rise………………

do you think deathclaws have to sun themselves to regulate their body temperature? they did evolve from a mutated species of jackson chameleon. It’s also a shame they got rid of the color changing aspect. (well, they have the ones that cloak themselves but that’s not quite the same. I want one that changes colors when it’s pissed ahah)

also imagine deathclaw like creatures that evolved from other reptiles? 

Crocodile like deathclaws with huge powerful jaws, sharp claws and dark, murky colors that help them blend in with the water. You don’t see them until it’s too late. They carry their offspring in their large jaws and you can frequently seem them performing the death roll when they have prey. 

Oh my god horned lizard like deathclaws that shoot blood out their eyes at you to blind you before they attack. 

Frilled lizard like deathclaws that have big neck frills that poof out when they become aggressive  (lolol) 

Gila monster like deathclaws that have bites which inject powerful paralysis inducing venom into it’s prey. Unlike it’s evolutionary predecessor their venom is deadly. Mostly because it gives them time to get ya. 

I just love animals even fictional ones

honestly I love that “fave Trans girl” pic of Marco because that’s something I can actually /sorta/ see them wearing in the series.

like as much as the Big Poof Dress is cute and all there’s no way that’d become her go-to outfit.