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Playgrounds designed for seniors have caught on in Asia and Europe and are beginning to make their way across the Big Pond. The parks include low-impact exercise equipment such as elliptical machines, static bikes and body flexors and are intended to help promote balance and flexibility. Better balance means fewer falls, goes the reasoning. Another benefit of the senior parks is that they serve as a community gathering spot, combatting the isolation and loneliness some seniors experience. (Source)

What He Never Had - Part 1

Title: What He Never Had

Pairing: Reader x Sam

Word Count: 3,083

Warnings: Mentions of heavy drinking

Summary: Sam Winchester has a history of his relationships ending poorly, something you didn’t know when you hooked up with him the next morning. After something goes very wrong the next morning, he has the option to right the wrong and let you go, or hope that you can still reciprocate the feelings he has for you when all is the way it’s supposed to be. Your time together would change both of your lives forever, but it’s up to Sam as to whether the change would happen at all.

A/N: Most of this is told from Sam’s POV, but some is from the reader’s perspective. It takes place in Season 12; however, this story diverges from canon. For the sake of this fic, please ignore the season’s timeline and major plot.

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It only took you a moment after waking up to realize that you weren’t in your own motel room. After another moment, you remembered why. A heavy arm was draped over your stomach—your bare stomach. Slowly, you moved just enough to see the person’s face. He was attractive, you had to admit, but you still wondered why you had gone back to his room instead of your own. It had been years since you’d been in a relationship, let alone hooked up with anyone, and you were perfectly okay with that.

You slipped out of the bed, being careful not to make too much noise. It was difficult to slip out of the man’s tight grasp, and once you were standing you could see that he was bigger than you’d originally thought. He was large enough to be a significant threat to you, and if he was dangerous, you wanted to be as far away from his hulking frame as you could. Sneaking around the motel room, you began collecting your various items of clothing. You winced when you realized just how wild your night must have been, considering the distance the clothes had been flung from the bed and the soreness of your muscles. While your body seemed to remember all it had gone through, you didn’t have much in terms of memory on how you’d met the strange man, nor what had happened after you’d gotten back to the motel. It took all your willpower to not make a sound when you thought of just how drunk you’d had to have gotten to not remember anything.

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