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fidget cube vs dodecahedron

okay now that I’ve had the fidget dodecahedron (aka Holy Crystal Decompression Magic Cube, Batman!) for over a week and I’ve had some time to get to know it, I’m going to write up my thoughts about the pros and cons of it vs. the original fidget cube. pics included below each point.

1. the fidget cube has no sides with squishy silicone bits, and the dodecahedron has no less than 5! and they are amazing!!!!! probably my favorite parts. the nubbly part! the squishy clicker! the stretchy loop! the squeezable heads! dodecahedron gets a lot of points for this. A+++++++

2. the dodecahedron’s joystick sticks out much further than the fidget cube’s and it can be moved further and more three-dimensionally, with much more of a rolling motion, which I think is more fun. on the other hand, it’s less portable this way, more inclined to poke and get in the way or even get stuck on things. still, I prefer the dodecahedron’s joystick.

3. the dodecahedron’s spinning disc has a pleasing ridged texture and clicks when you spin it, plus you can click it a little like a button! it’s extremely satisfying. the fidget cube’s spinning disc, though smooth and non-clickable, is cool too, but the dodecahedron definitely wins this one.

4. the gears on the dodecahedron spin quickly and without any resistance, while the gears on the fidget cube go click click click. I like the fidget cube’s gears better.

5. both have sides with multiple buttons, but they’re very different. different shapes, different arrangements. I don’t know that I have a preference; they’re both very fun. maybe I prefer the dodecahedron’s? maybe?? i’m really not sure, I love them both

6. the worry stone sides are pretty similar, though the fidget cube’s is more gently curved. I probably prefer the fidget cube’s, but it’s not that huge a difference.

7. the rocking switches of each device are quite different. the dodecahedron’s is small and round, like on a lamp, and clicks back and forth sharply. the fidget cube’s is wide and has a gentler, longer motion. I like them both, but I’m pretty sure I prefer the fidget cube’s.

8. the fidget cube has a rolling ball in a socket that rolls around and clicks, and the dodecahedron doesn’t have anything like that. it’s one of my favorite parts of the cube. A+++++

9. the dodecahedron has these three slidey things that go back and forth; they’re offset from each other, and they can be positioned anywhere along the track, so you can make different arrangements, and it’s a nice slidey feeling. the cube doesn’t have a thing like that. it’s not my most favorite part of the dodecahedron, but it’s grown on me and I do like it quite a bit. A Good Thing

10. the fidget cube definitely wins in portability. You can just stick it in the pocket of most jeans quite comfortably. not so with the dodecahedron: you might be able to cram it in some loose jeans with very big pockets, but it probably still wouldn’t be comfortable, like having a tennis ball with a bunch of big pokey bits sticking out pressing into your thigh. and in most pockets it just wouldn’t fit at all. you can carry it in a hoodie or jacket pocket though, or in a bag, or in your hand. probably cargo pants or something similar too.

12. by the same token, the dodecahedron is much more conspicuous. it’s a little smaller than a tennis ball and just the right size to grip in your fist (or my fist, anyway), filling up your hand. meanwhile, the fidget cube is way smaller and can just be held in your fingers or hidden in your hand without necessarily being noticed.

13. the fidget cube is very well made, and while the dodecahedron is cheaper, it seems reasonably durable so far? it feels solid enough and nothing’s broken or seems like it’s going to break so far. of course, I can’t say for sure yet, as I haven’t had it for long. but at this point they both seem reasonably sturdy.

14. I just want to give another shout-out to the dodecahedron’s silicone bits because god i love them so much and there are five sides of them and they’re all differently stimmy and awesome and make my fingers so happy

in conclusion: yay i love them both

So, cause I’m without tablet this week (will get it back on Sunday), I went and did a work without answering a question.
So, here’s the mane six’s kids. Lemme give ya a short introduction, starting to the top left corner.

  • Luscious Locks, daughter of Pinkie Pie and Pokey Pierce, big sister to Cotton Pop, nicknamed Luss, got heterochromia (different colored) eyes
  • Cotton Pop, son of Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich, little brother to Luscious Locks, buckyteeth
  • Flora Fauna, daughter of Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps, only-child, nicknamed Faun, Male to Female transgender
  • Thunder Shock, son of Rainbow Dash and Hoops, second oldest child, nicknamed Thunder, best friends with Flora Fauna
  • Ball Bruiser, son of Rainbow Dash and Hoops, oldest child, nicknamed BB, loves pulling pranks and taking naps
  • Taaffeite, daughter of Rarity and Spike, only-child, nicknamed Fei, gem collector
  • Obsidian, daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Sombra, oldest child, no nickname, reserved in nature
  • Misty Skies, daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Sombra, youngest child, nicknamed Misty, smoke powers like her father
  • Storm Razer, daughter of Rainbow Dash and Hoops, youngest child, nicknamed Stormy, was born with damaged vocal cords
  • Zapple, son of Applejack and Trouble Shoes, only-child, nicknamed Zap by some, boyfriend to Enticer

All these and their parents are up for asks as well