big plush

Imagine Keith and Lance going to a fair and there’s a really big hippo plush at one of the games and Keith just looks at it so longingly Lance rolls up his sleeves and slams down a five at the table. The hippo is the biggest prize you can get and the carny is about to laugh at them because no one has ever won anything more than a plastic ring.

But it is a shooting game, and Lance has perfect aim.

Keith walks away with that hippo.

How the DDADDS Sleep

Craig: He moves around a lot in his sleep, often trying to find the coolest spot on the bed. However, he happens to be a deep sleeper and usually ends up on his stomach. Good luck, dadsona!

Brian: He sleeps like a rock, is a deep sleeper and occasionally will snore. Most of the time he’ll end up curled up in a blanket burrito.

Damien: Lots and lots of pillows. Damien will curl up among his pillows and sleep like a baby. He’s neither a deep or light sleeper.

Hugo: Being the cuddler he is, Hugo needs a big plush body pillow to hug while he sleeps. His favorite position to sleep in is fetal and he always lets his hair down before bed.

Mat: He sometimes has a hard time sleeping at night and needs a heavier blanket to help with his anxiety. Sometimes he’ll put on some soft music to help him fall asleep.

Robert: He changes position once in a while during the middle of the night but overall he’s a fairly sound sleeper especially with all his alcohol consumption. One of the only things that can really wake him up are a few slobbery kisses from a certain Boston Terrier and of course the ever present feeling that a cryptid may get him in his sleep.

Joseph: Like a literal angel. He’s the most peaceful sleeper, of course after he helps Mary put the kids to bed. For some odd reason he always gets a great night’s sleep.

All your Sweetie Belles in one convenient image.

This is an update to my old Sweetie collage, this one has significantly more Sweetie Belle. The last one had 32 unique Sweeties, this one has 94. Godspeed if you try to count them all. This is actually only around half of the total Sweetie Belles I have lying around, but most of them are quite old so I didn’t think they looked too nice. Anyways, next time I update this thing I think I’ll stick to only the drawings of solo Sweetie Belle, as much as I like the peppering of Apple Bloom I can’t help but feel like it’d be a bit more Bobdude if it were only the Belle. Or maybe I should only have it be Sweetie and Bloom and no other horse? Which is more Bobdude? Bah.

This design will appear on some crazy big 60x80 inch plush fleece blankets for EFNW, trotcon, and bronycon. That’s right, *60x80*. The print file for this collage is a whopping 8.9 gigabytes, 432 million pixels. had to get me my 300 dots per inch. And yes I’m bringing back the plush fleece, regular fleece had a nice heavy build and it printed very well, but I had more than one person at BABS pass on em cause they didn’t like the material. If I had just washed them beforehand the starchy fresh printed feeling wouldn’t have been around but I didn’t have that kind of foresight… Bit nervous about these ones too, since they’re so big and they’re a special plush, they’re *not* cheap to print so I’m really taking a leap on this one.

Anyways, enjoy a fresh collage. More Sweetie Belles are always on the way!


These are the most god awful previews but I’m tried of having these sitting around. Just a conversion dump I guess. Sorry if these have been done before.

Set includes:

  • Storkcraft rocker 
  • Cocoon chair (Cushion is separate mesh.)
  • Paris ceiling light 
  • Sheep plush 
  • Big messy pillow 
  • Fox pillow
  • Bose headphones 
  • Handcuffs

Please do not reupload or claim as your own. Feel free to tag me if you want me to see you using my cc. Credits to AnYe, Riekus13, simsinparis, amaryll, princessbliss, and snowstorm. All I did was fix some textures.


Since a preview of The Twisted Ones came out yesterday (loving it so far btw) I decided to draw Theodore, Charlie’s old bunny-animatronic-toy mainly because I can’t draw humans ;;



anonymous asked:

single dad aus!!!!!! would you do one for Namjoon ??? pls and thank you

people always ask me for more namjoon,,,,,so here you go ^^

  • has a young daughter,,,,,,she’s only a year and a half old
  • and if anything bad happened to her,,,,,,he would lose it,,,like people are like you seem like you’d be such a chill parent but once taehyung held her with only one hand and namjoon almost,,,,,died of anxiety
  • only trusts jin,,,,,,,,,,,,with his daughter for more than an hour,,,,,,,,,jungkook and jimin are like!!!!!! baby!!!! when they see her and namjoon is like stay back wild teenagers
  • sometimes namjoon is a little awkward with parenting,,,,and he has to look up things on his phone,,,,or phone his mom,,,,,but he’s doing his best - like he really is
  • because his daughter has become his entire universe and he wants to make sure he never ever hurts her and that he can protect her from the world (even if that’s slightly,,,,unrealistic) 
  • so when you see namjoon at the carnival,,,,small girl in his arms wide-eyed and making noises toward the super big plush bear hanging over your head 
  • you wave at her and motion for her dad to bring her over
  • see you work the ring toss and if anyone can land a ring around the bottle cap,,,,they can win the big stuffed bear
  • and you know the game is basically impossible,,,,but it is your job to get people to play
  • so namjoon fishes out a bill from his pocket, handing it over and looking at his daughter
  • “do you want the bear?”
  • she smiles,,,,making a noise of definite happiness at the word ‘bear’
  • you grin and hand him twenty rings 
  • “good luck!”
  • namjoon,,,,with his daughter in one hand tries to toss a couple of the rings,,,,but they all bounce off the bottles or fall short 
  • slowly,,,his daughter pouts and her once cute, bright expression grows sadder
  • with one ring left, namjoon closes his eyes and throws it
  • and you know that if he doesn’t get his poor daughter might break out the crocidile tears
  • so you grab a ring from the floor quickly, looping it around one of the bottles while namjoon’s eyes are closes
  • and when he opens them, you jump and go “we have a winner!!!!!!!!!!”
  • namjoon lets out a relieved sigh,,,,his daughter squealing as you hand the big bear over to him
  • quickly, she grabs at its ears and nose, burying her face in its paws
  • you look to namjoon and give him a thumbs up
  • but he looks back at the bottle and runs his tongue over his lip
  • “one question,,,,,why is the ring i threw red and the one on the bottle blue?”
  • blinking,,,,you freeze up,,,,eyes darting back and forth as you try to think of an excuse before shrugging and going “,,,,,carnival magic?”
  • namjoon’s daughter tries to pull the bear,,, tiny hands burrowed in the fur and the happy spark in her eyes is enough for namjoon to drop it
  • but as he walks away you think to yourself that hey - if you could make that cute girl happy, that’s all the matters
  • what you don’t expect is for namjoon to comeback an hour later,,,,in his hands is his sleeping angel as well as a smaller teddy bear than the one you’d let them have
  • he sets down the bear and you look at it confusingly
  • until namjoon goes “i tried to win a bigger one, but i have the worst luck. i hope this is enough of a thank you,,,,”
  • he shifts a bit so his daughter can comfortably nestle her head against his neck
  • you pick up the bear and slip him into the front pocket of your uniform, a small smile tugging at your lips
  • but namjoon leans over and is like “if it’s not enough of a thank you, id also love to take you out sometime,,,,,,,,,,”
  • surprised you stammer out a “w-w-why?”
  • and namjoon reddens but goes “i knew i couldnt win that bear, but if i hadnt - i dont know how long she would have cried. you saved my butt, so dinner and a movie is the only way i could think of showing gratitude.”
  • you look up,,,,his shy smile shows of his deep dimples and you bite your lip
  • “that,,,,sounds nice,,,,”
  • namjoon’s smile grows and he goes “oh also, my daughter will probably be coming with us i hope that’s not a deal breaker?”
  • you shake your head going “three is better than two, always.”