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Protected (Part 6)

summary: reader witnesses something horrible and somehow Bucky ends up being her bodyguard

warnings: FLUFFFFFslight sexual content, tad bit of violence, swearing

word count: 1392

a/n: ok yes that bucky thing happened really soon but i still consider it a slow build since nothing basically happened lol. btw i realised i haven’t mentioned that Snow is REAL, ya’ll wanna see her?

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Early morning sunlight pushing through my eyelids, I was slowly waking up. I felt so warm and comfy like I was sleeping on a big plush cloud. I hummed and stretched my legs deliciously, bumping them into another pair of legs. Then I remembered last night and how I fell asleep on Buckys shoulder. God, I hope I didn’t drool on him. I creaked my eyes open to see that I was still on the couch. I was laying on my side with Bucky behind me, left hand on my hip and a blanket covering our thankfully clothed bodies. 

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The signs libraries
  • Aries: A Beautiful small room made entirely of wood and built in bookcases
  • Taurus: a long hallway down to a narrow line of neat books and a single leather chair
  • Gemini: a giant building with many levels and wide windows beautifully organized
  • Cancer: a secret door that leads to tiny space jam packed with books
  • Leo: one big room with fluffy plush carpet and dark wood bookshelves with velvet chairs scattered about the area
  • Virgo: a glass alcove tucked away in a forest under many trees, with books scattered about inside.
  • Libra: a small room with flowers painted on the walls and shelves shoved in corners, pillows on the floor and a soft glow from the light above
  • Scorpio: an eerie hall that leads to a room made with dark wood and dim lighting, somehow cozy with comfortable chairs and an assortment of books
  • Sagittarius: a vibrant library with many colors, and ceilings with wild vines growing down
  • Capricorn: a tall glass building with smooth elevators and clean halls, organized shelves and beautiful art on the walls
  • Aquarius: a wild room with a hill up to the top where there's a huge window, a giant chair and a two bookshelves on each side of the chair
  • Pisces: an all white library, the shelves the walls the floors and the chairs, the only vibrancy comes from the books and the light from the windows, somehow calming

So I just saw a video promoting “Fiesty Pets” to prank people this holiday season and I want to warn you all!

They look like large Beanie Boos, big plush animals with huge cute eyes BUT

There is some kind of switch on the back that makes them open their mouths showing fangs and their eyebrows move down and basically they become terrifying if you’re not expecting it.

You can google image search (sorry I’m on mobile) to see what they look like. I really think they’d only be scary if you’re not expecting it, I just don’t want anyone’s holiday ruined.


I would like to thank the camera people involved with the Perfect Boys 2015 Bangtan Bomb for some lovely views of Jin’s wonderful dancing

Every Step of the Way (Part One)

Sure thing!

Word Count: 1,703

Warnings: Vomiting 

You and Josh were hanging out at your place. You hadn’t been feeling well the past few days and he wanted to make sure you were okay. You had been suffering from some kind of stomach bug for the past three days, and it only seemed to get worse as time went on. You were kind of on the fence about telling Josh you weren’t feeling well, because you didn’t want to worry him. But as expected, he hasn’t let you out of his sight since he got to your house.

The two of you had situated yourselves on your big plush couch in your living room. You were laying on your back, clutching your side while resting your head on Josh’s lap. Josh was flipping though tv channels while stroking your hair in an effort to make you feel better. You had your eyes shut tightly as you tried to lessen the throbbing pain in your side, but applying any pressure to it just made it worse.

“Do you need anything?” Josh asked you. You opened your eyes and looked up at him, the concern on his face making you feel guilty. “You look really uncomfortable.”

“Just cold..” You said, your voice small. Another wave of pain shot from your head to your side. You winced, worrying Josh even more.

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Coco, what's the best, or most fun way, of making Velvet blush? (Asked by anon)
  • Coco, laughs a bit and smiles wholeheartedly: Best way? Definitely when I give her presents, I'll save up Lien for weeks, and then get her cute things. Sweets, big plushed animals, anything y'know?
  • Coco, a mischievous glint in her glasses and she snickers: But the most fun way? Probably mimicking those CYYYUUUTE little faces and noises she makes during our...occasional "nightly activities".
  • Coco, laughs, rubbing the back of her head: Has actually gotten me in trouble in classes when I thought the professor wasn't paying attention...ahaha...