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“So I heard you fed pudding to Mr. Tuttle’s cat.”
“Oh yeah, it was pistachio. I hate pistachio. I wasn’t gonna eat it, so why let it go to waste?”
“Well…at least I’ve taught you to be resourceful.”

Guys, he obviously meant dinosaur, get your minds out of the gutter.

Icecream AU this is the worst name ever it’s not even an AU more like a scenario but blah blah blah 

eene-fangirl  asked:

Which character do you ship Edd with and why? Are there any ships that you truly dislike?

… This feels like a trick question XD. ‘Who does Starryoak, the person who has managed to turn at least half or more of these questions into something Eddeddy related, regardless of the actual amount of Eddeddy in the question if any was present, ship with Edd?’ I will answer in a series of images, because  this…

Does that answer your question?

The answer is Eddy. It has literally always been Eddy, even when I was a freaking kid, the answer was ‘I think Double D likes Eddy and they’d be cute together’. But anyway, it’s a ship rooted heavily in canon to the point where storyboard artists shipped it, where Danny Antonucci likes pictures of Eddeddy posted in places, it’s just… The team ships it. So do I.

The reasons I ship it include; goddamnit it would be adorable, which factors into all of my shippings, honestly, but that’s the least of it. The two have so much canonical evidence towards an attraction towards one another that even Ed ships it. Everybody ships it; Kevin chose to make Eddy kiss Edd as a dare, even though making him kiss Ed would have been way more unpleasant, there’s gotta be a reason, he later asks if they’re getting married upon seeing a banner and then, teasing or not, he knows, even the paragon of awful that Eddy’s brother automatically makes the assumption that Edd is Eddy’s girlfriend. Everyone knows.

The two bounce off one another incredibly well, with Eddy absolutely needing that grounding force of ‘No, Eddy, don’t’ and other such ‘no that is a bad idea Eddy stop’, but not just that.. Emotional support, genuine caring, being able to say the hings he needs to hear… and Edd honestly needs friends, any good friends, and Eddy, for all his… Eddy, is a good friend. And Eddy provides Edd with a lot of adventure, which isn’t a bad thing at all; Edd needs something to break down his rigid rule-based life, and Eddy does that. I don’t know how to articulate the whole thing, but I do know that someone else probably will. So um, I’ll just go with ‘it’s goddamn adorable and perfect’ and leave it at that.

Kevedd and Broedd. Definitely. I’m sorry, but… um… no. No offense to people who ship it, I mean, I’d hate to be that one person who tells people what they can ship or what they can’t, but… no. Just… no. Kevedd just has no basis in…. I don’t even understand it. I can’t explain it, I don’t get it at all; he called him ‘my dork’ once as a possessive or something and now it’s a thing? I probably wouldn’t be so against it if it didn’t make finding Eddeddy so goddamn hard over here. It just highlights the issues with it, especially that Kevin is kind of implied to know Eddeddy is a thing, along with not being a very good person to the Eds.

And…. Broedd. Do I have to explain? I feel like it’s outright obvious and I’d like to move on from that because please don’t. Just.. no. Eddy’s Brother can go rot in a hole somewhere, ok?

blue-kitsune  asked:

Alba: "Oh my what lovely feathers you have, so very soft and shiny. It must be quite a task to keep them in such a condition for I too have difficulty keeping my tails just as fluffy."

Aingeal: Aaaah, thank you so much! And I see what you mean, your tail’s are SO FLUFFY!!!

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spladoum  asked:

Theodore, how big is your pe ... rsonal whiskey collection? And how much of it have you consumed recently?



“Sorry, I’m saving my spit and blood for my honeymoon”

so i was working on prints for astl and i was watching bob’s burgers and i accidentally ended up drawing louise.. oops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


ereriweek, day 1: pining

i actually finished this i can’t believe it

there’s no reason for this to be this late, please forgive my lazy butt

the idea is levi having this HUGE crush on eren but he doesn’t want to break the friendship and stupidly he doesn’t know that eren feels the same way. pretty cliche but well..

hope you like it! it’s the first time i actually draw so many panels, hope it turns nice enough ; w ;

here’s a better resolution (i suppose)

GBF Husbando Spotlight: Nezahualpilli

Whew man it’s been awhile since I made the last one of these due to irl and gbf grind making me incredibly busy, but nonetheless here we are! It’s time for the next GBF Husbando Spotlight and today we finish up the SSR wind Husbands with the one and only Nezahualpilli (aka bird man/bird husband).

He’s another one of my personal favorites who I feel is somewhat underrated with this new era of sparkly ikemen. (Thanks to anon for requesting him btw)

  • The very first 5* SSR in the entire game and one of it’s OG crew members.
  • His kit is getting a bit outdated with the rise of other wind attackers. But he’s still great at punching things hard and hitting that dmg cap easily with his own stacking atk buff, break assassin, and inherently high raw stats.
  • Personality wise he’s simultaneously a wise and good king, while also being a total birdbrained moron who’s fear of heights is to be memed of in the comics.
  • His fate episodes are either displays of his amazing leadership and courage, or makes him a walking joke due to his quirks and it’s amazing.
  • In all seriousness even with the jokes and his stupidity, his final lvl 100 fate episode has him give one of the most inspiring and motivational speeches about deciding to fight against predetermined fate that I’ve ever seen. As much as the game makes fun of him they establish that he’s truly a good king and leader.
  • Cygames’s rule of armor most likely applies to him. Seeing how jacked Lancelot ended up being in the comics, along with the glory that was Seofon in his “speedbros” outfit. Nezahualpilli’s large imposing stance and stature along with his bulkier armor suggest an even more impressive thiccness hidden underneath with wings
  • Even though his age isn’t given he’s established as one of the older members of the crew along with Lady Grey who’s in her 30′s. They have a crossfate where they bond over watching the younger crew members as their seniors. It end with them protecting Djeeta/Gran along with the others from a giant snake by fighting it on their own.
  • His voice is amazing. Like it just hits me in all the right places. Jurota Kosugi is perfect casting as he manages to give him the perfect mix of older and sensual along with the right amount of stupid. His laugh is incredibly charming.
  • He’s probably the smoothest guy in the crew. He’s actually established to be somewhat flirty and casually hits on Katalina when he meets her. In just a few casual lines he makes her more flustered than anyone in her entire harem has. 
  • He uses this charm on Your MC/Djeeta during his Valentines and White Day lines. His lines have a mature and reliable charm to it that I just appreciate alot. Not to mention that he gets a unique flirty expression that I can’t seem to find outside of his White Day lines. 
  • His personality is already plenty quirky enough that even in the memeage that is the Grand Blues comics, he doesn’t change that much. His notable changes acrophobia is brought up as a gag, his flirtation extending to that of flustering Kaguya, Becoming the best wingman to the Elsam x Yggy OTP, and being used as a kite.
  • Protect this adorable smile

Things got a little too quiet as I was getting ready for bed & this is what I find…