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Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Avenger!Reader

Prompt: Tony has made a bet to see who could end up with the most fans, out of the Avengers, by the end of the month. Bucky takes it just to piss Sam off and Reader really wants to prove that she isn’t the least popular. Bucky and Reader team up to be a fake couple in order to beat the other Avengers, agreeing to split the prize at the end. Will it all work out?

A/N: I really don’t know why I picked Clint, but I swear I don’t have him. He’s just very…fitting for the following scenarios. Enjoy that Serious Bucky™ gif.

Warnings: It’s fluffy until it’s suddenly not. Clint gets the short end of the stick.

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Clint’s Bad Day

Trouble brewing in Avengers Tower? Our undercover team caught never before seen exclusive shots from the photoshoot the team had just a week back. What the cameras didn’t show was the drama that was happening between superstar couple Bucky Barnes and Y/N L/N behind the scenes! Our photographers first caught Bucky making eyes at another girl on set. Experts and theorists both agree that this could mean signs of an affair.

 Either way, this did not sit well with his girlfriend. Y/N was quick to see that her boyfriend was not paying her the fullest of attention. Jealous much? Not soon after, the two quickly started arguing. As seen in the photos, arguing began not long after the end of Bucky’s shoot. He seems to be going on the defense but quickly takes the offense after Y/N pushed a few wrong buttons. It looks like these two are just a few stops away from Splitsville…

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Fic Update

Summary:  A Hook/Emma angel/demon AU. They hide in plain sight, the servants of heaven and hell. The angels and the demons, who can save your soul or damn it. They stand on opposite sides, they are the bringers of light and the agents of darkness, they are enemies in an eternal war, but what happens when an angel and a demon are inexplicably drawn to each other?

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                                               Part Nineteen

Saint Luke’s was lit up against the night sky like a Christmas tree, the bright red EMERGENCY sign followed by an equal sided cross that was the universally recognized symbol of first aid across the Western world were both clearly visible from across the wide street as Emma parked her Bug in a miraculously open spot behind a van emblazoned on the side with the logo of a local news channel. Two more news vans were parked a little further down the block and white floodlights pierced the darkness, each coming from atop a TV camera aimed at the hospital. Emma stood next to her old yellow car for a moment and watched, taking in the stone-faced security guards who had come outside to hold the clamouring reporters at bay just outside of the entrance to the ER. They were like a flock of vultures, swooping down to pick apart the latest juicy carcass that had crossed their path until there was nothing left but the bones.

“-unconfirmed reports that Caroline Spencer, wife of longtime city councilman and mayoral hopeful Albert Spencer, was brought here to Saint Luke’s by ambulance from the Prince Hotel approximately an hour ago. A source has told us that Mrs. Spencer was found in a suite at the hotel in considerable distress and hotel security called 911. It is not known if Albert Spencer was with his wife at the time or the exact nature of her medical emergency, hospital representatives are refusing to confirm if she even is, in fact, a patient, citing confidentiality laws. We’ll remain on scene as this story continues to unfold, now back to you in the studio.”

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Okay, sorry for that outburst, but you cannot imagine how confident I was that our President would keep his mouth shut about the Al Franken scandal, considering his own past filled with accusations of everything from just being plain weird and creepy, all the way up to sexual misconduct, and further to rape. That’s right, there are those who have accused our President of rape. But instead of keeping to himself, the commenter-in-chief just had to get jabs in at Sen. Franken while looking completely hypocritical. Let’s take our President’s words for example;

“I moved on her, actually. You know, she was down on Palm Beach. I moved on her, and I failed. I’ll admit it… I did try and fuck her. She was married… I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look… Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything… Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.“

Those are the actual words, recorded on tape, by Donald J. Trump himself. But he thinks he has a moral standing to discuss allegations of groping and non-consensual kissing against Al Franken? Get the hell out of here. How about this;

“Don’t worry, ladies, I’ve seen it all before.”

Those are the words Donald Trump said while walking through the dressing room of the 1997 Miss Teen USA beauty pageant, while girls as young as 15 were nude or in various stages of undress. On an interview with Howard Stern, Trump was recorded saying;

“I’ll tell you the funniest is that I’ll go backstage before a show and everyone’s getting dressed… No men are anywhere, and I’m allowed to go in, because I’m the owner of the pageant and therefore I’m inspecting it. … ‘Is everyone OK?’ You know, they’re standing there with no clothes. ‘Is everybody OK?’ And you see these incredible looking women, and so I sort of get away with things like that.”

Donald Trump, if Al Franken goes down for his incredibly inappropriate and obscene actions, then you will too. There are plenty more quotes, pictures, allegations, and more that I could throw in here, but I don’t want to waste my time. Al Franken did something gross, wrong, and he has apologized, his victim has accepted, and now an investigation will take place to see what, if anything, should be done with the senator. YOU on the other hand have your own feet in so many fires that it is a miracle you aren’t toast yet… but don’t you worry "Mr. President,” the days of you getting free passes on all these things are limited. From the collusion and obstruction of justice, to the sexual misconduct and rabid lying, you are going down and I cannot wait for the day that Americans celebrate in the street at news of your impeachment or resignation. Time to put the orangutan back in the zoo, America.

My girlfriend just told me to tell you guys that I’m a big ol phony for reblogging a Hamilton post that I thought was only 50% Hamilton when it was actually 100% Hamilton, sorry for being a big ol liar

good god, this fusion is just a big mess X’D

i didn’t get to upload this one when i uploaded Rhodonite earlier, but better late than never, right? xux

anywho, this is another Sonic/StevenUniverse crossover i made along with Rhodonite and the others ;u;

I made Scourge a Green Zircon because its a false diamond (and if i’m not mistaken, Diamonds are royalty in the Gem Homeworld, right? So Scourge claims to be high authority when in reality he’s just a big phony c: complicated i know >->)

and the fusion with Green Zircon & Inesite form Zoisite! (she has floofy cheeks o0o)

Zoisite IS able to perform a Spin Dash, and her weapon of choice? A giant battle axe that was put together by Zircon’s Chakram & Inesite’s Lance.

anonymous asked:

Ma'am, autism spectrum disorder isn't a diagnosis. It's an umbrella term for a family of diagnoses, from aspergers, Down syndrome, and autism etc. I obviously am not ableist, I've literally gone to DC to advocate for non-neurotypical people. You're pulling things out of thin air to attack lol and consequently giving yourself a victim complex. Disabled people have many disadvantages and need support. But you don't need to pull your special snowflake attitude. It really doesn't help the cause.

Alas, I have been found out! You’re clearly the expert here, so it has to be true. I must be a big phony. A faker. A fraud. I do it the sweet, sweet, internet attention. I am the specialist of snowflakes.

Wait, what’s this? Oh, it’s a paper copy of my official assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder!

[Image description: A photo of the front page of my ASD assessment, a stack of papers stapled together. The title reads, “Psychological Assessment Summary Report”, with the reason for referral reading, “Amythest was referred by the Psychiatrist at the Early Psychosis Intervention program for further assessment of possible autism spectrum disorder (ASD).]

But what’s that, there, on page seven? ENHANCE.

[Image description: A sentence from the summary of my ASD assessment reads “Amythest was referred for further assessment for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Results are quite consistent with DSM-5 criteria for autism spectrum disorder”]

Oh. Well. How embarrassing for you, anon. Let me break down where you went wrong.

Firstly, your unnecessary gendering and your condescension is super gross.

Secondly, you claim to be some kind of advocate for ““non-neurotypical”” people and you’re trying to police my identity, but literally everything you just said is wrong????

It’s boggles my mind that you typed out your message and sent it without considering that you might be mistaken about. well. everything. Two minutes on Google would have told you that Down Syndrome is not an ASD and that ASD is very much a diagnosis in North America.

But most baffling of all is how you feel you’re qualified to speak over me about my own diagnosis. 

Goodness gracious.

does this self portrait i drew count as a selfie??? sorry i’ve been mia recently i’ve been busy with work and art stuff. happy bfsn!!

anonymous asked:

i'm sure u get asked stuff like this all the time but do u have any advice and stuff for staying motivated to draw, and learning to draw/paint more efficiently? i have a bad habit of not working on anything for months between finishing something bc i feel like i never have the energy for it, even tho i want to draw, and it also takes me forever to finish bigger projects

ive answered asks about this but i may be a big phony about this bc iv spent half my time this summer playing overwatch :^)

you just have to keep drawing. its really up to you and your personal decisions to continue drawing, even when youre depressed. its just about mustering up Drive to do something, even when you have no willpower. drawing something is better than drawing nothing. i cant keep answering this question over and over bc my answer will always be the same to just….KEEP GOING. just keep going. keep moving. draw self indulgent shit if u have to. just keep trucking!!!!
it sounds like anyways you just need to kick yourself in the ass and stop complaining that you dont have the energy to do it, you just said as well that you want to do it! but its just your anxiety being like ur gonna fail! so what??? atleast you tried!!!!!
pick up your pen and draw. just keep going 😓👌👍 you can do it! who care if it turn out ugly. just do it!!! you got it.

Meg’s 300 followers celebration!!! :D

Hi lovelies. Thank you all for 300 followers! i never expected to get this many. thank you so much!
This though is more a personal celebration for those peeps who have helped me the most. they are my family.
(gif is not by me btw,the user is deleted sadly) /:

‘’This might look like a follow forever/fewer/whatevs,but i did it in my style, sue my ass’’.

(My family,some people who means the world too me)(people i would take a bullet for,maybe that’s just me and my ‘’hero syndrom’’ but you get it)

@herolincolln: Moose,Moose is this funny amazing person. who i just instantly clicked with. She’s a sister too me. I love her with all my heart. She’s kind,inspiring,awesome,unique. She makes me giggle on a daily basis.
She’s beautiful in every way. You’re amazing babe. ily <3 also why are you so damn beautiful?

@dropshipbellarke : Liz is my child,she’s an angel send from heaven to earth.
she’s a cutie,she’s is beautiful,awesome and just all around amazing. Though sometimes i feel like i’m more attached to her then she is too me but whatevs.
she’s a precious being. with a big heart. Ily <3 

@glowingbellarke: Abby my other child. Abby is the cutest. she’s adorable,awesome,lovely. she has this amazing personality. also her saltyness slays. she’s just too pure for this world. protect her will all cost. ily <3

@clxrkblake: Meg is my other Sister,she’s sassy,salty,sarcastic little turtle. who i adore. She’s the best. she is precious,cute. SHE’S IS LITTERALLY A GODDESS OMG. a sinnamon roll.  She is unique too.

@raphaelsanteago: Arooj is more salty then anybody in the world. jesus christ.
don’t fight her. she will litterally kill you. saltier then chips. oh my gosh i love this girl so much. she’s the girl i rant ALOT too. or talk about how awesome kol mikaelson is. she’s sweet and just down to earth. and deserves the world tbh.

@shelbywyatt: Fay is a cinnamon roll,she’s cuter then kittens. legit she is.
she’s always so nice. and down to earth. and just the cutest thing on earth.
I love her. she has always made me feel welcome in this huge community.
litteraly a angel

@bravenry: Ciri is my mom. she really cares about her friends and family.
she’s awesome. amazing. and beautiful inside and out. A big heart. whenever you feel like you want to talk,ciara is here. she listens,and understands.
she’s just wow. ily<3

@argentiebae: My European sis, a cutie. she’s adorable. and just overall amazing. i love her so much. she’s also an angel. she’s helps me get in a better mood,when i’m down. precious cinnamon roll who deserves everything in the world. ily <3

@goldenlydia: Litteraly sunshine,precious being. she’s amazing. and HAS THE MOST AMAZING COLORINGS OMG. i think she’s one of first mutual i really like begin talking too. an angel. just overall too awesome for me.

@aleclightbitch: Rhia is a savage, i love her though. jesus this girl has more sass,and saltyness then myself. like wow. sometimes i’m like:  wow! throw the salt over to me please. she’s sweet and awesome. and just incredible.

@sterolinees: Savage Queen, salty and sassy with some sarcasm. and i love her. she’s sweet and kind. and whenever i’m sad/mad about TVD/TO. i rant to this girl. like she gets me. she’s an angel. and just precious. 

@itwontsurvivemee: Cutie patootie Anya, a queen.  I love this girl so much.
she noticed i was feeling a bit down lately. and she just decided to listen to me,ask me how i’m feeling etc.  legit she’s a kind badasss girl(aka like anya from the 100) ^^

@bitchcankeepasecret: Jeny is an angel. she asks me if i’m okay,if i ever need anybody i can always go talk to her. also yeah i rant to her alot. because she understands. and we can then talk about our rage about something. but i adore her. she is awesome.  beautiful

@yoncebanshee: Goals af. this queen,is beautiful. overall. like wow. also sassmaster. sassy,awesome. and down to earth. precious angel. just goals.
kind,lovely. yeah just everything.

@belamygrifin : My first mutual i begin talking too. she’s sweet and kind,and amazing.makes awesome fics! like wow. really down to earth. makes you feel welcome. she’s just super nice. i love her. Goals.

@aerishere: This girl is a sweetheart. Honestly she’s the cutest. makes FANTASTIC videos. like jesus i’m jealous.  girl is awesome. and creative.
just fantastic. LOVELY

@captainsaracold: Lilly is honestly my sis, she’s awesome,amazing,cute,adorable all around just a fantastic person. makes me smile when i’m down just wow.  A CUTIEPIE

@hookischarmed: Emma my twin, Emma is an angel. she’s awesome,amazing,cool, she’s the type of person i wish i had all my life.
She’s great. i love her. she makes my day. ALSO BEAUTIFUL TRASH

@sweetmechanicsmile: Maria, also named my sinfull sister. (cause we sin alot together) she’s my trash sister. cause everytime i’m going deeper in the trashcan,Maria follows with me. she’s precious,amazing and awesome.
i’m really glad to have this girl in my life. i love her. SHE IS GORG.

@bellefrench: Ali is my precious sis. she has helped through alot with how tumblr works,how photoshop works,what i should dowload etc. a treasure to humans. like really she is. and she is so sweet. and just i love her. also my glass sister. cause we’re both girls who need glasses to see.

@idontgiveaneffie: Angel is queen,no sometimes i’m scared of how salty she can get. where i’m like ‘’you okay?’’ no but honestly. she’s a badass. she could kill you with just a look. she’s cute though. i love her. she’s amazing

@allgrownpup: Paige is an angel send from heaven,honestly she’s INCREDIBLE AMAZING,AWESOME, she’s the sweetest thing on earth. i love her so much
also she’s a model goddess.

(For the peeps who i love,but have just gotten to meet recently)

@elizaslane: well this girl is more trash then myself,love her though.
she’s a sweetheart,just lovely. she’s amazing. <3

@folieadunit: She’s so cute. she’s just amazing, and really down to earth. just lovely. + she’s beautiful.

@helpbellamyblake: salt squad ofc, a lovely and salty type. i love it.
she’s a cutie.

@hedakhaleesi: sometimes i think we’re twin,cause we have so much in common. Love her. all around amazing and cute.

@ravenous-octavia: more trash, but i love her. a cutie. she’s awesome and cool. and just sweet.


(My trash mutuals,who i also love)

@bellamyslady: Avery is just precious. i will protect her will all cost.

@yourmarvelhighness: Ruby is a badass. and is just the queen of marvel.

@killianjonez: Dana is trash. (jk)as much as we argue about ships. i adore and love her.

@hugsbellarke: Lau is a treasure,she’s adorable and cute. and just incredible.

@griifinclarke: Amazing, and made me get all these wonderful peeps as friends.

@rashaka: Lovely rash, she is awesome. just all over adorable. and has amazing sass.

@bellamyblakeprotectionsquad2k16: April is amazing. lovely. and just wow.

@singinglikeapenguin: One thing: better then your fave. awesome.

@alec–magnus: other amazing babe who deserves everything

@kira-ning: Beautiful princess who i love.

@roanofazgeda: Rach is goals. i love her. she’s amazing. just wow. get her a damn trophy.


for other peeps who i also still love, and adore the hell out. but wanna get to know better:

@thelovelylights @blakessibling @clarkeswalkabout @clarkesfreckledking @damnbamon @barryallensbutt @queenclarkegriffine @uselessbisexualcylon @rebellamyking @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @spiderdoctor67 @lydiahstilnski @rayven-rayes @slayyourdemons-101 @wandamaxmioofs @big-phonies @simplyslc @asweetdeception @bellohmyblake @bellsqueen @bellslarkes @stylesblake @dropshipp @pandafreak32 @vigilantewives @holladnroden @hollanddylanstydia @scottymccall @bellamysprincessa @royalblakes @borisblakes @queenclarkegriffine @kindclaws @bellarnyblakc @clarkebellamy 
@raivensreyes @bravnlarke @issomethingsupposedtohappen @bisexualbellamyblake @oftheskyepeople @prosciuttoe @ofhobbitsandwomen @raincityruckus @freckledrebelking @lydiasfears @lydiamcrtinski @blakemedown @uhstydias @dire-consequence @bisexualgriffin @drop-shipped @darkk-light @bellarke-please @platoniceyefucking @farklematthews @lyydiamarttin @ohwheresmylove @reytrashqueen @runninginmoonlight @scottsmcclls @stilinskilis @trashstydia @ravenreyed @cuteclarke @alec–magnus @bellsgriffinss @holycavill @ohennig @jazziisms @effingtallgirl detectivloki @lindzey-morgan @bellvenlarke @queendanvrs

I’m so sorry if you’re not tagged. i might have missed you. but if did i’m sorry. it’s not because you mean nothing too me i promise!!
I love all of you guys.


- Megara

also this took forever.
so i know it’s not in alphabetic order but like come on.

legit sue me if you will.

One picture? From Tate? In this economy?

Lol I may have taken this at a friend’s house because the wallpaper looked cool, and now my hair is grosssss so we’re going with this.

This week has been loooong, guys, the earliest I’ve been home is about 9. I have an honor band concert in two days, too, so wish me luck maybe?


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I recently hit 800 followers. Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me and put up with the mess that my blog can sometimes be. But my blog would not be anything without the people I see on my dashboard every day. So I decided to do my first follow forever to thank everyone who has made my blog what it is. Whether we are good friends or not you have helped make blog what it is so I thank you for that. I apologize if anyone is on here twice. I’m horrible at remembering which blogs are side blogs. I apologize if there is anyone I missed. If I realized I forgot to add you I will be sure add you right away. 


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I believe that’s everyone! These are the blogs that make my blog what it is. Thank you all for helping bring a smile to face every day!

I guess I’m just waiting on someone
To tell me,
That the jokester I portray to be,
Is just a big phony,
And that they see right through my smile,
And see the internal eternal tears
That leave the eyes of a four year old Child…

And that they’re only here to make
That child,

—  JihbazFubyok

anonymous asked:

Do you consider writers the most intelligent people?

Idk I think intelligence requires an openness (a private sense of openess v humble but at the same time large in itself; capacity for compassion, humour, individuality paired w character – aptitude) and good, honest writing coming from the heart & all that might speak volumes but it’s not necessarily…clever in the typical sense, you know what I mean? …it’s just meaningful or not according to how personal it is to the one who’s writing. Then again good writing ofc entails self-realization as well as detachment, the ability to pause and reflect and find a way to treat all that how it deserves to be treated…To manifest all this, to make your craft feel whole and to connect as much as possible w the very moment and what it carries for you…I think you need the guts, the soul and ofc the brain but mostly it needs to pour out freely and purely from you? In other words it depends on your definition of intelligence…like to me obviously someone with a high IQ stands a chance in being methodical enough & producing something at best cohesive but quality writing? It requires the innate grace and strictly individual glow of a person to reveal and be truthful and know how to not only capture the essence of their material but also enjoy it and take it for what it is. Does it take an intelligent person to do that? More like: present and direct and passionately aware therefore yes, certainly…intelligent as well. To make all that work…it takes a person first and then a writer and it takes much much soul strength to say the least. (Also, shh, it takes the gift & the naturalness.) Aka some writers are fine big phonies down to their deepest core and nothing changes that probably b/c they didn’t ever grow the balls to live and write according to what truly mattered to them; some write their lives well and their deaths even better, some suffer and whine and it comes out alright & w a little luck they get published…all sorts of things occur. But we’re talking about people here. And for someone to seize their own humanity and, somehow, expose themselves w integrity and dignity on paper…it’s huge, it’s rare and it’s exactly what it’s supposed to be.

I miss lexa, commander of the 12 clans, first love was Costia, Lil nightblood badass, little liberal Heda, Who would do anything to protect Clarke, Who was so fucking extra she had candles everywhere and fucking glitter with her one hot hit leg in that “this is Obvs a nightgown clarke” dress, I miss lexa who nose bopped Clarke twice, Who always looked to Clarke for permission before touching her, Who fucking could have and should have slaughtered all the skyrats but didn’t because her dirty space nugget said no and didn’t tell her those three words because she didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, Who kills men twice her size but cries when pretty girls kiss her, Who teaches her Lil baby nightblood about peace and wisdom and shit, Who hold Clarke’s hand after eating that new ecosystem pussy I mean can u believe. WHOS LAST DYING WISH WAS TO PROTECT CLARKE