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Since I’ve seen people asking about it: snippet of the Florida Supercon 2016 panel with Deedee Magno Hall, voice of Pearl, in which she mentions doing voices for both Yellow and Blue (!) Pearl.

The rest of the recording (but sadly not the entire panel - though what is there is gold) can be found here.

“Trans people are only [number pulled out of your asshole]% of the population!!!!!” Anyways how big a percentage of the population does a group need to be to elicit some semblance of respect & compassion from you people lol.

& let’s not pretend that this “trans people are only 0.001% of the population!!!!!!” isn’t a poorly-disguised threat. We get it. You’re implying that we’re outnumbered & we “rely” on your allyship. You hate trans people & your support is conditional lol.

((Holy @#$%!  800 followers!  I am now a super hella dragon yo!  Okay I admit some of these are pornbots but personally I don’t care one way the other, probably not such a big percentage anyhow.  Big thank you to Disney for the DuckTales reboot, which will probably generate a lot more followers, to Carl Barks for creating such an amazing character and granting me eternal inspiration, and a very special thanks to everyone I’ve ever RP’d with!  You’ve all been wonderful!  I truly mean it from from the bottom of my ducky heart!))

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After watching the Ultimate Edition (if/when you do lmao), what do you think is the reason some people didn't like the way BvS was directed now that we have everything? Or what you liked more?

those 30 cut minutes made every transition much more seamless. even seconds added to some scenes made them feel organic instead of forced or shoehorned. the entire scene where clark arrives and saves lois after the cia blowing the interview in the middle east felt too awkward before. there are entire sequences that were cut during that act that made everything else stand out negatively in the way the story-telling was (supposed to be) set up but now everything is cohesive, and that’s true for a big percentage of BvS, if not the overwhelming number. a lot of things that felt like limping before are now connected with no trouble. in nearly every change of scene at the beginning you see a “[x time has passed]”, very close to how comic books are constructed, but the theater version announced different acts with very few of those transition cards. so now you have this film with random “18 months have passed” in one or two moments throughout, and it gives you the mild feeling they were too lazy to shoot the inbetween moments when it’s clearly not what snyder intended. the people who loved the film (myself included) managed to grab the comic-book-come-to-life feeling despite the absence of certain information, but there were certain key transitions missing that, i presume, made people not used to the pure comic book format even more uncomfortable

i was also one of the people who weren’t too bothered about the way clark was portrayed because not being heroic in the sense certain people expect him to act is part of his arc at this early stage in the dceu (just like bruce’s darkness) but the added moments, especially him calling up martha in the middle of the night or investigating in gotham, were absolutely worth it and screamed comic’s clark. on a silly side note, it wasn’t really a big deal given batman has been active for 20 years, but we see clark tell bruce “when they shine your light in the sky, don’t go to it” which was, hey great, the batsignal got a verbal cameo, but that prior moment clark notices this drawing in the gcpd lobby makes it so much more fitting. it’s the little things that made me giddy all over again

i believe snyder shot an entire film with absolutely vital information. other movies can do with cuts because it’s natural not to have a 100% need-to-watch three hour product but everything here was actually needed down to things considered to be details. i loved the movie when it premiered but the ultimate edition made a film i was already crazy about 30% better. i really hope we don’t see similar footage cuts in the next movies because a great deal of effort has been visibly put to bring us these characters to life and releasing a crappy theater cut (relative to the ultimate edition because i still stand by my statement i loved dawn of justice when i watched the premiere) doesn’t do DC comics justice

anyway i hope zack snyder is having a good day

Taking talent out of the equation (not that it has that big of percentage), I believe that;

Art is 50% observation and 50% drawing

Observation is an innate talent or a skill you can develop.
Percentage differs from one to another.

Talent, in art and in observation, plays part on how fast you develop the skills, but not that you can/’t develop them. But even that can be overcome with dedication. 

I am aware that there is a big percentage of the Kingsman fandom that are Hartwin shippers. I know, of course, that there are people who ship other characters together and that there are those who dislike my OTP, but I don’t mind in the slightest.

I’m just glad that you like Kingsman! You don’t have to like Hartwin, Merlahad, Merhartwin, Merwin, Reggsy, Cheggsy, Percilot etc. to be a part of the Kingsman fandom, that goes without saying. There isn’t anyone screaming to the heavens that you are forbidden to love something and to be a part of something just because you don’t have a particular thing in common with the others in the general fandom. There aren’t membership guidelines here, haha that would be strange.

I hope this doesn’t come off in a wrong way to somebody! I just want everyone to remember they can like what they want and dislike what they want. There’s just so many people here after all. We can’t expect them to all have the same interests. So do what makes your time in the Kingsman fandom a great one, whatever it may be! As long as you’re not aiming to ruin what gives the other people joy. If you were on the receiving end of that kind of treatment, it wouldn’t feel all that great, right?

Have a nice day!