big pepper

Does anyone else have an existential crisis every time you cut a bell pepper? Like, look at all those seeds….I should save those seeds. Every single one of them has the potential to make big beautiful peppers just like the one I’m cutting up…but I already have 300 pepper seeds and I really truly don’t need any more. But, look at all those seeds…

Is music an escape from the world or the key to it? Over and over, when we began considering the best music of the first half of 2017, politics seemed to intrude, whether in moments that echoed headlines or ones that spoke individual truths too often drowned out by that other, noisier machine. Maybe that’s the case every time the calendar turns over. Probably not.

Rather than attempt to come to a consensus about the best albums or songs from the first six months of the year, we opted to select music that was meaningful to us as individuals, music that washed away all the background noise, songs and albums and performances that made sense to us, whether or not they made sense of the world. Moments like that are blessings, not to be taken for granted. Here are nearly four dozen blessings selected by NPR Music staff and our partners from around the public radio system. Let’s count them.

NPR Music’s Essential Songs, Albums, Performances And Videos Of 2017 (So Far)

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that part when he’s testing possible replacements for the palladium core

why did they delete this scene

somebody please explain this to me

it was replaced with that bit where JARVIS says he’s delighted to see a video of tony with his clothes on

but i


this scene is 459% more effective in expressing the seriousness of the situation

that whole thing that happens before pepper gets there EXPLAINS why he acted like a big child when pepper got there

oh my fucking god

why did they delete this scene. why did they do this

oh god why




  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Okay, but the fact that Tony Stark has had a ring for Pepper Potts since 2008, AKA the first Iron Man movie, just makes me love them even more. I mean it's obvious they had sexual tension and everything, but OMFG THEY'RE IN LOVE AND HAPPY CARRIED THE RING IN HIS POCKET SINCE TWO THOUSAND FRICKIN EIGHT AND IF THAT'S NOT LOVE THEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS. Oh, and Pepper better freaking be in the next Avenger movies or IMMA RIOT!
The Reality of Getting Intimate With An Sugar Daddy for the First Time. (Part 1)

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I feel like no talks about this. Social media is a cultural preference on how we only perceive the happy and successful parts of our lives. Tumblr is a wonderful example of showing off our money, bags, shoes, vacations from our Sugar Daddies. Life is just perfect, right? But what’s actually going through your mind when a Sugar Daddy gets intimate?

Are there hot sugar daddies out there? Absolutely! However, most are not for the price you want. 

Tonight I went out with Mr. Louboutin. He’s a short, older man, 48 salt and pepper hair, big nose, old man stash… Very sweet and I enjoy conversations with him. Not to mention his pay outs have been pretty good. They range from $500 per meet up (so far) but this was the first time I got intimate with him. 

1)  Acceptance. 

When you first start out as a Sugar baby, you only look for attractive guys. Then slowly but surely it turns into what you can tolerate for the money. 

When I met Mr. Louboutin I thought, yeah sure, I could fuck this guy. The conversation was there, attraction? Eh. it was okay, but for the price and what he offered? Piece of cake. 

2) Anticipation. 

When going out to dinner with an SD you’re not really attracted to, you make up all kinds of bullshit smalltalk to prolong the night so you can escape easier saying, ‘It’s getting late.”  You may also order another drink, dessert, ect.  We’ve all done this. 

Mr. Louboutin and I left the bar and he wanted to “drive me back to my car” even though it was literally a 30 step walk. I got into his car and he started driving around. I wasn’t sure what he was going to do at this point until he drove by a parking garage and said, “We could go in here for a few minutes.” Every story we went up my stomach just turned, like “Oh god… here we go.” 

3) The pep talk. 

Does anyone else do this? You give yourself a little pep talk to prepare you for what’s to come. You think about what exactly you’re going to do, what HOT GUY you’re going to think about when your eyes are closed kissing and doing things, how fast you could probably get him off and how. These were all things going through my mind. 

4) Avoidance. The fight or flight. 

There have been a couple times where I would flight. I just couldn’t and make up some random excuse not to sleep with them. This happens and it’s OKAY. 

This is where closing your eyes and picturing someone else comes into play. You try to tune out their sounds they’re making, or seeing their crusty old dick. (sorry) Since I was in the car I just kept making out with him, or if my eyes were open while getting him off with my hand, I kept my eyes on his. I swear if I would have saw his dick I would have just thrown up. 

5) The Payment 

Thank god most older guys get off pretty fast and the relief is almost what makes it all worth it. $500 for 10 minutes? Not too shabby. 

*** read Part 2 (click for link to post) with my thoughts on this. 


Reliving Your Childhood 

Oswald did not have a normal childhood where he can play and run and do stupid childish stuff, but that all changed ever since he met Ivy!

Now come on, I’m pretty sure this happened. I mean a wheelchair with Ivy pushing it around, she must have done this! 

I did not write anything on the drawing but after in the second page, Ivy is asking Oswald if he wants her to do it again. Oswald of course agrees.