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Hello! I adore you as a writer...your books were not only a big part of my childhood but continue to be a big part of who I am today! Thank you for that gift! <3 I love especially that you and Bruce Coville have this connection with Full Cast Audio. Is there another Full Cast Audio project you will be working on soon? Thank you!

Not at the moment. We hope to do the last two books of The Circle Opens, but we don’t have a schedule at present.

Another lunch break illustration from my sketchbook.  Godzilla was a pretty big part of my childhood.  Looking back at it now, the movies were kinda silly, but I still love all the different types of monsters.

I imagined Godzilla passing by a peaceful floating village after a tough fight.

After I heard the bad news I feel really sad, even until now I’m still sad. During my lifetime I watch many of his film, not everyone but many. He was a big part of my childhood, it’s like part of my childhood lost forever.

May he rest in peace.

It may not the best of his film, but my favorite Robin Williams movie is Hook (1991).

My Letter of Concern to Disney

My name is Victoria Wade and , as you could imagine, i’m a big fan of the Walt Disney Company.
Disney has played a big part in my childhood and currently in my young adult life. I consider Walt Disney to be a Hero and a Role model. I am also a alumnus of the Disney College Program and i visit the parks quite frequently over the year. I have gained so many wonderful and lifelong friends through the fandom that i am in through the website called “Tumblr.” I have gained so many wonderful memories from my visits that i will always cherish and i will always bring my children and granchildren to your parks when that time comes. I can’t express how much i love the cast members who keep Walt’s legacy and the magic alive for every guest that walks into your parks.
First I wish to thank everyone who work there for bringing these wonderful times to me. Also i wish to thank the company for giving me the opportunity to work for your company. It was an amazing experience and i will never forget it. I am grateful for the opportunities it has brought me. My CP experience has actually inspired me to go into Hospitality Management as a career.

However i wanted to address a few issues regarding some business decisions the company has made that i do not necessarily agree with and i was hoping to maybe get a bit of clarification on the matter. I would love to get a better understanding on these things.
I have written many times to the company about my joyous visits but this, unfortunately, will be my first letter of complaint.

I am well aware of how successful the movie “Frozen” was and stil continues to be. I recall being very excited about the movie coming out. I always am when i hear about new and upcoming Disney movies. I am very into social media, Tumblr especially, so i heard quite a bit of the news regarding the movie from there.

When the movie first premiered in theaters, I took my little sister to see it with me. We absolutely adored it! We couldn’t stop singing the songs. As soon as Disney Movie Club made it available for preorder we bought it. On Tumblr, the Disney Fandom went mad for it along with the rest of the world. This might have been our undoing though. The hype of the movie eventually seemed to not match the movie itself. Although Frozen was a wonderful movie, I have certainly seen better disney movies. That’s not to say i don’t feel it deserved everything it earned. As a fan i am thrilled at all the awards, achievements and recognition the movie gained. It’s a success for the company. But then there lies the question of when does it grow to be too much?

I remember in March 2014, during a visit to Walt Disney World with friends we waited in line for Anna and Elsa at Norway Pavillion in EPCOT. From park open, we waited 4 hours to meet them. Quite frankly i understand that they have many people to go through and see but our meeting was certainly rushed and not very enjoyable. Once they were moved to Magic Kingdom, rope drop procedures were changed due to the popularity of the girls and to ensure the safety of the guests. I was told that their lines were up to 5 hour long waits. Safe to say they were VERY popular.

Certain business moves were obvious ones to make. “Frozen on Ice” for example was one. A Frozen Broadway Production also was a given considering most of the cast has that musical background. However there a certain ones i disagree with. Personally i feel the company is doing far too much with this movie and not enough for their other products. Granted i understand completely as a entertainment business it is completely obvious for you to capitalize off of this movie. It is very possible to do so while giving your other movies a decent amount of marketing as well. I believe that the company is trying to milk it dry and rather than do that, you should see what made this movie so popular and try to incorporate it into your future productions. Each movie can be more successful than the last this way. Frozen did its job. It was successful and entertaining. But its been over a year now and I have barely seen anything done for Big Hero 6 in regards of the same treatment and i know that it is popular as of right now.

Certain business moves i feel were made that don’t make much sense. Replacing Maelstrom with a Frozen attraction, for example. I fail to see how two girls from the fictional land of “Arendelle” will properly showcase the culture and atmosphere of Norway. I am not positive as to why this move was made but i think World Showcase is supposed to accurately showcase lands from all over the world. When i visit World Showcase, I want to travel to France, Japan, Morocco, Mexico,and the UK. I wish to experience the food and atmosphere of it all. If i wished to experience Arendelle, wouldn’t it have made more sense for a magical, fictional place to be at Magic Kingdom? Granted there is a matter of space and where it would go. I can understand in a way why this decision would made. It would bring more children to EPCOT and World Showcase. I just feel EPCOT itself could use a parkwide refurb.

Another example would be bringing Anna and Elsa into Princess Fairytale Hall and taking Aurora and Snow white out into Main Street. Sorry to say but i did feel a bit offended by that. And i am not sure Mr. Disney would approve or appreciate the treatment of some of the original princesses that way. Many people already find them weak and disrespect them. That move certainly did not make it any better. I understand that the Arendelle sisters are very popular but Aurora and Snow white should not have simply been put onto Main Street. Again there is the matter of where to place them. Has it been considered that you just simply return tink to adventureland and turn that spot into a meet and greet for Anna and Elsa? It seems like a good idea since it’s at the front of the parks and indoors. Simply a suggestion of course.
Frozen Summer Fun seemed a bit of a stretch also but i must admit it was successful and gave many opportunities for people to see the characters. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is my favorite park and i didn’t like the idea of this movie taking over the entire park. Especially when it din’t necessarily fit in with the theme of it. Hollywood studios was dedicated as , “….to hollywood. not a place on a map, but a state of mind that exists wherever people dream and wonder and imagine……a hollywood that never was and always will be.” I assume it did help Hollywood Studios attendance immensely though.

Another instance was my first visit to Disneyland this past November. I had absolutely no complaints minus two. It was everything i pictured it would be and more. I had heard so much about World of Color and was very excited to see it in person. I refused to listen to the music until i heard and saw it in person. I wanted my first experience to be authentic as possible. Unfortunately i was very disapointted to see a colorful water ballet with back to back frozen songs, with an occasional holiday song thrown in, and featuring Olaf. I walked out in the middle of the show. My friends who stayed told me the crowd actually groaned out loud and booed when the song “Let it go” played. One of my most favorite experiences from my Disneyland trip was “Mad T party.” I had the most marvelous time there! The following week i discovered my first Mad T party experience would be my last since it fell victim to Frozen as well. I was told it would return in May 2015 but somehow i doubt it considering any frozen event continues to get extended further.

Next, I find the Castle lighting show and its extension ridiculous. Although Frozen is clearly ssociated with snow and ice, two things to do with winter, it is NOT a christmas movie. This event , along with the other frozen themed events, you can tell were not well thought out and rushed. There is no quality or creativity in any of these ideas. Sorry to say but it seems as if the company is just slapping the movie anywhere they can fit it. It’s amazing that they haven’t tried to find someway to put it into animal kingdom yet. The Castle Lighting could have been done so much differently. Just an idea off the top of my head but the charmings could have thrown a christmas party. Everyone was invited, the princesses, princes and the fab five. Elsa’s gift to Cinderella could have been lighting her castle for her. It’s simple and everyone would be able to see characters they didn’t get to see throughout the day. Also you could see some of the princesses together which hasn’t been done since Merida’s Coronation event. Not everyone wants to see the Frozen characters.

My last example as far as the parks is Disney parks christmas parade. Or should i say the “Frozen Christmas Celebration.” Need i say more about my issue with this. The renaming of the show alone proves my point of how bad the marketing and the hype is. It just seems like disney slapped frozen in the title and just assumed more people would view it. I watch this parade with my sister every year. we, along with many others, were extremely disapointted with what we saw. We barely saw the parade. I saw more of the actual parade in photos from friends who were a part of the taping than on the actual finished product. I see frozen everyday. I did not want to see families and performers singing frozen songs during a christmas parade show. If i wanted to see that i would have simply go onto I cannot express enough how disapointted i was with that.

My next issue is with the merchandise. I will say during my last Walt Disney World visit i was not impressed by the amount of stores in the park dedicated strictly to Frozen. Meanwhile I can only find 1 piece of merchandise for Tiana and that’s just a doll. I won’t bother looking for Mulan or Pocahontas because that’s pretty much nonexistent to find at the parks. I find it unecessary to have 2-4 Frozen Merchandise shops in each Theme park. I personally walked into two at Hollywood Studios and three in Magic Kingdom.

I can’t help but feel the company may be cheating the fans out of quality merchandise. I have seen, of course i can’t help but see it, tons of frozen merchandise, but sad to say it is cheaply made and not anything people really want. yes everyone is clamoring for anna and elsa dolls, dresses, tiaras, pins and olaf plushes. But i’ve seen WAY too many cheaply made olaf plushes. One instance in particular i saw a small olaf plush that was clearly not well made and had the audacity to be $6.79!
I think that you should look more into what the public actually wants as for as far as merchadise for the movie. I know on tumblr people have been dying to have merchandise for prince Hans. Instead you give them collectors edition Frozen cereal. Rather than giving them what they desire you give them Frozen maracas. This leaves the impression that you 1)do not care what they want and 2) just assume that you can slap Frozen onto anything and that will sell. Quite frankly i see that as insulting the public’s intelligence. If you insist on producing so much Frozen merchandise, can it at least be good quality and something the public desires. And perhaps not so much of it. I am seeing everywhere stores trying to get rid of all their Frozen merchandise with buy 1, get 1 sales because they have too much of it that isn’t selling. Meanwhile i go to Disneyland looking for a Baymax plush and have to be told you are sold out everywhere and on your online store until later in the winter season.That’s unacceptable.

Big Hero 6 is your most recent moneymaker yet you did not treat it the same as Frozen. Frozen continues to gain more and more unecessary experiences and merchandise in the parks after over a year of being out. Big Hero 6 has been out for two months and you barely have any merchandise for it. I can’t find it anywhere in stores. Many Disney store cast members have told me the Big Hero 6 merchandise is tucked away in a corner of a store and not visible to the public while frozen merchandise is front and center in your stores. Big Hero 6 is your current seller. Why is it not at the front of your stores? Why is your year old success in the place where your current should be? Also the sudden removal of Hiro and Baymax from Disneyland and soon Walt Disney World have people on Tumblr outraged. People are really upset by this because they have not been meet and greet characters for long at all. I have a friend who was very saddened to hear that she would not be able to meet them this week during her visit to Disneyland. She, and along with others, were very excited to meet them at Disneyland as parts of their trips. We are all confused as to why this is being done and why the company is treating the movie this way. The movie is very popular and we love it. It seems like no other movie really matters except Frozen.

Speaking of which my final point as far as the merchandise is the princesses. I will use them as an example. I am sure you are aware you have a diverse audience in age and in race. I find it unfair the treatment of merchandising in regards to each individual princess. I recently looked into the amount of merchandise each Disney Princess has alone to prove my point. As of 12/27/14 each princess had the following :
Ariel: 74 items
Aurora: 72 items
Belle: 58 items
Cinderella : 74 items
Jasmine : 11 items (merchandise with just her alone and not with aladdin)
Merida: 18 items
Mulan: 6 items
Pocahontas: 8 items
Rapunzel: 59 items
Snow white: 73 items
Tiana: 15 items

What i have noticed is the lack of merchandise for the non-white princesses compared to white princesses. I have had friends who have been desperately looking for merchandise for Mulan, Pocahontas and Tiana and can only find the dolls, if they can even find that. It is very blatant through merchandise alone how the treatment of the non- white princesses are and it’s upsetting.

I didn’t even bring up the amount of Frozen merchandise it is because i have noticed they are not included with the other princesses at all so i assumed you have intentionally kept it that way since Frozen alone makes enough money. But of course when i checked your online store there was about 113 items for the movie. Only 63 items for Big Hero 6.
I speak for people between the ages of 15-25 who wants these things. I have heard many times people say “disney makes movies for kids not for adults!” Walt himself has said , “ I do not make films primarily for children, i make them for the child in all of us, whether we be six, or sixty.”

I genuinely feel that Walt Disney was all about progression and moving forward. I do not see the company doing this. I see a company so set on making money off of this one movie that they are failing to move forward and progress. I am sure everyone is grateful and appreciative of all the Frozen events and Merchandise you have given us. But it may be time to just let go of the reins of the Frozen train for a bit and put a little more effort into your other movies.

Trust me no one is letting go of Frozen (if you will excuse the pun) so it will not hurt to divert your attention a bit. The people would like more of Big Hero 6 and more of their non -white princesses to be seen and noticed. I have seen so many people beginning to lose faith in the company because of these moves done with Frozen and it breaks me heart. I love this company so much and i just want to see it succeed. I aspire to work for this company again one day.

I hope by expressing my views and the opinions of a few that it may help sway you into changing a few things.

note: i am pretty sure there are grammar and spelling errors but i will fix those later.

This is for those who asked for me to post my letter when it was done. you don’t have to agree with ANYTHING in this letter since these are strictly from my point of view.

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This was just beautiful ! Cried so much ! Bindi’s dad was an amazing human being and i’m so sad that he’s not with us anymore, he was a big part of my childhood, loved watching his wrestle crocodiles all the time…Derek is such a sweet and caring partner and i’m glad that they got paired together. 

R.I.P Satoru Iwata…

I really don’t know what to say cause I’m kinda in shock. This man helped change the gaming industry as we know it today. I’m sure most everyone owned or owns a Nintendo game and Iwata most likely helped to make that game what it is. Nintendo is such a huge part of my childhood and is still a big part of me today. From Legend of Zelda to Pokemon to Mario, he helped shape icons and legends and in doing so became a legend himself. I owe you countless hours of journeys and endless memories, You inspired and touched millions with your work. I send my deepest condolences to the Nintendo family and to Iwatas own.

Thank you Satoru Iwata. You were a big part of my childhood, and you were an amazing man.

One of my favorite games growing up was Pokemon Gold/Silver and the story goes that GameFreak filled the entire cartridge with Johto. Iwata got a hold of the coding and compressed it enough to fit the Kanto region in it. Thanks to his skill, I was able to explore and become a Pokemon master in 2 regions in the same game!

Once again, Thank you, Iwata.


Rest In Peace, Christina. You were such a big part of my childhood, you were so beautiful and talented. If I can’t feel safe at a CONCERT… @ America, change your fucking laws.


i have questions about this bat that remain unanswered.

I grew up reading HP. I was 14 when the 7th book came out so HP was a big part of my childhood. However I never used the internet as a kid so I never knew about the huge online fandom. I recently made my tumblr and I’m surprised by the amount of people who still are in love with the series, write/read fanfics, and make gifs after all this time. I had pretty much forgotten about hp after the 7th book but people here still breathe, eat, sleep Harry Potter. its cool though, it reminds me why I fell in love with the series in the 1st place. Hogwarts will always be there to welcome us all home right?