big or not to big


anyways I need new glasses and ordered a few antique frames for super cheap… these ones are huge and impractical but I low key love the owl eye thing going on here 8)

wuzzyletoastermac  asked:

I know you're not answering anymore asks tonight but SPEAKING OF PROJECTING: Gansey with social anxiety and ADHD. No one realizes he's basically screaming inside through every social interaction because he's a skilled social actor -- he HAD to be, in his family -- and that's why he has these personas like President Cellphone that he can hide in. His habit of chewing mint leaves is a kind of grounding fidget habit and he doodles all over his notes and hyperfocuses on everything Glendower

100 clapping emojis… !! i agree wholeheartedly…… every headcanon that points out gansey’s social acting (especially regarding his family) and his fidgety habits is a Big Yes in my books….. also “basically screaming inside through every social interaction” me 2…….