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I have a question: do you think Bucky would be claustrophobic? Cause on the one hand, I think he would be cause of the cryofreeze chamber and he wouldn't like crowded spaces but on the other hand, I don't think he would be a fan of big, open spaces. So what do you think? I hope you have a great day!!

i think he has pretty bad anxiety just generally, so i think he would be claustrophobic and wouldn’t like to feel trapped bc of cryo and also bc of the chair, but then i also think, he’s spent so long hiding and not being seen that being in the open would probably have him on edge too, he’d probably feel like he was an easy target. and then i also think he wouldn’t really like big crowds too much either, like he’ll deal with them to do what he needs to do, but it takes a lot out of him bc he’s constantly being hyper vigilant to make sure there’s no one trying to hurt him.

i just think my boy has been through too much and needs rest and needs time to recover and he needs someone to talk through all his issues with.

Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up.
—  Stephen Hawking; on hope for the future of space exploration and discovery.

hey, @why-animals-do-the-thing; I know this was a recent topic of discussion about indoor and outdoor cats and safe ways to use the outdoors as enrichment, and just wanted to share this video of one of my two cats who is leash trained, Gizmo!

for those who say my cat must be an exception to the rule of leash training a cat; while he is very friendly and smart (he knows sit and wave and can jump through a hoop so far) my vet actually diagnosed him when I first got him with feline idiopathic cystitis. which basically means he has a hormone imbalance in his brain that makes him more sensitive/prone to more cat spazz runs than your average cat. Most of the time it’s marginal and he acts like a normal kitty, but if he gets too worked up he can make himself physically ill with UTIs.

Our first forays into leash training were…..a bit crazy; he was always fine with the harness but going into such a big open space was overwhelming for him at first. But with a lot of repetition and letting him decide how he wanted to interact with the outdoors he soon came to be the cat you see in the video! The rolling and casually exposing his tummy, non-dilated pupils, high carriage of his tail with the slow and lazy wags are all signs of an incredibly happy kitty! He will actually purr as I’m putting his harness on now (which is not typical for him; he’s not a big purr-er) because he’s learned harness=outside now! I always see videos of people dragging their poor cats along the ground in their harnesses and it drives me nuts! Cats are not dogs; expecting them to walk with you at your pace is unrealistic. A lot of people would have so much more success if they let the cats dictate their time outside and you just follow. Your main job walking a cat is to just make sure they stay safe and don’t get away! Also please get a wide mesh harness if you do this with your cat. They are much more comfortable for them and cats seem more relaxed in them comparable to a strap harness.

So, please, extend your cats lifespan by keeping them inside, but also expand their world in a safe and controlled manner through something like leash walking!


KlanceWeek2017 : Day 7 : Free day (click for a better quality, the pic is full so you can zoom a bit yay)

I mean… They’re teenagers, in space, in a castle ; why the hell don’t they have big pretty windows open on space ?? 

Here have Lance and Keith chilling in Keith’s room ; i made the walls match the ideas of this one drawing and hc, also keith kept the Marmoran suit and bought smalls knives at the space mall. Darts on Lotor’s face are an usual game. Also keith is a bit galra. -  I love galra!keith shhh could you tell ? 

(also thank you to every single person that somehow liked and reblogged my mess for this week, it has been a Wild Ride and a Fun Time, I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did !! )

An idea:

Eliksni scavengers finding human trinkets. One takes an interest in the little bands of metal on the fingers of corpses, draped on the bones of skeletons she comes across. Small, useless, sometimes ornamented, most an amalgamation of metals, often not even conductive or useful in technology. Those of useful alloys are so small their addition to a scrap heap wouldn’t even be noticed. She she gathers them instead and winds them onto rope or discarded wire, collects the interesting trinkets of the dead.

Eliksni scavengers curious with similar shapes, large hunks of metal with hinged doors and complex mechanics, almost like ships? If you push smaller ones they creak and moan and give a hint of mobility, something of a past life. There are often skeletons in them, they were homes for these humans, or transport of some kind perhaps? But there are so many, of different sizes and shapes. Some too small for a Captain, some very rare ones nearly the size of a Skiff. It’s of interest to them, to see a new shape in their travels.

Eliksni scavengers figuring out how to identify groups of uses of buildings by their layout. It’s of debate what the uses are particularly, but there are certainly big buildings with wide open spaces, and buildings with metal bars and buildings with many tables and chairs and tight cramped back rooms. Buildings with long hallways and identical rooms and buildings with strange stairways and odd room shapes and paths leading to them from roads.

Eliksni scavengers taking interest in the ruins of humanity, not of sympathy, not of compassion, but of intellectual curiosity. A life was here, how did it live?

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#41, Dean x Reader?

“Sorry isn’t going to help when I kick your ass!!” 

“Dean? Dean, you in here?” You walked through the door and looked around the big open space of the bunker. “Good.” Sighing, you smiled and pulled the brown bag from behind your back. 

“Hey sweetheart!” Dean called and bounded into the room, scaring you and making you drop the bag. 

Under the brown paper, the glass bottle shattered and liquor pooled at your feet.

“Damn it, Dean!” You stomped your foot and backed away from the spreading liquid and glass shards.

“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” Dean scrambled to you and ripped his flannel off, using the fabric to mop up the spill.

You let your eyes graze over the movement of his broad shoulders, muscles twitching and rolling as he cleaned the mess. Dean glanced up at you over his shoulder and caught you before you could turn away.

“Good view?” He chuckled.

“I - no.” You shook your head. “I’m pissed. I was planning on drowning myself in that stuff tonight.” 

“Well, I am sorry. You shouldn’t scare so easily.” He stood and tossed his shirt onto the table, a wet slap coming from it when it connected.

“Sorry isn’t going to help when I kick your ass!!” You lunged for him, clearing the glass and jumping onto his back. 

“What the hell!?” He started spinning and reached back, his hands coming behind your legs and cupping at your butt.

Turning back over his shoulder, he was met with your face, only about an inch from his. Your cheeks heated up as he smirked at you, but you made up your mind. Hiking yourself up more on his back, propelling yourself forward, you planted your lips on his cheek and whispered as you pulled away.

“Maybe I’ll let you get away with it this time… if you find another way to make it up to me.” You bit your lip and giggled as he took off for his bedroom.

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I feel like the animal kingdom is really underappreciated compared to other disney parks??? it’s so beautiful and calming and is full of animals who are obviously well cared for and live in big open-air spaces designed to be as similar to their natural habitats as possible???? and the company is actually contributing to conservation efforts to save endangered species????? it’s amazing and I have no idea why it gets so much less hype than the other parks. 

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Okay so I have a headcanon about Keith being Texan: He doesn't listen to emo bands he listens to country music

alright i’ll be honest, my immediate reaction to this was “hell no”, but the more i thought about it i realized the truth…the truth that keith would die for any one of the dixie chicks

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Hii!!!!! Could I request a hc for the rfa + v and saeran teaching MC how to drive? I just thought it would be really cute 😊😊 thaaaank you!!!!

That is cute!

RFA + V & Saeran teaching MC how to drive


- He hasn’t been driving that long himself.

- So he takes you to a large, empty parking lot to show you some basics.

- He’s so bad at explaining things clearly though.

- Like, they make no sense what-so-ever to you and you end up really confused.

- So you panic a little and hit the gas pedal instead of the break.

- You end up lightly bumping into an abandoned shopping cart.

- It was the only other thing in the lot but you still managed to hit it.

- You two just look at each other and burst into laughter.


- Teaches model driving behavior.

- Like, seriously has an entire lesson plan set up.

- In a binder.

- Won’t even let you start the car until you recite what each individual part of the car is and its function.

- It’s a bit tedious, but you’re sure to pass all your driving tests.

- Afterwards she tells you she’s proud of you and takes you out for ice cream!


- He’s more used to driving his bike than a car.

- But he does not want you driving that thing.

- He keeps remembering his accident and how bad that could have been and the thought of you in a similar (or god forbid, worse) situation terrifies him.

- He figures that a car’s a bit safer at least.

- So you guys borrow a car from a friend or family member.

- He knows he had some bad habits in his younger/wilder days, so he teaches you not to do what he did back then.

- He thinks you look so adorable behind the wheel and decides he really likes watching you drive!


- Wonders why you need to learn in the first place.

- He’ll have people drive you anytime and anywhere you want.

- But if you tell him you really want to learn then he’ll insist on teaching you…

- Himself.

- ….

- Thankfully nobody gets hurt…

- But the car ends up flipped on its back and in flames.

- Driver Kim ends up teaching both of you.


- The second you show an interest in learning to drive he’s so excited to teach you.

- He tells you to pick one of his babies to take.

- Bad idea.

- It’s too fast for you to control easily.

- And even if he’s not, you’re so worried about damaging his super expensive car.

- So you switch places and he drives you to a big, open space.

- He teaches you to do donuts.

- It’s not really helpful.

- But you two have so much fun!

- Also he thinks you driving one of his cars is just so hot.


- Gunna assume he had the eye surgery, because…yeah…

- This guys the one you’d want to teach you to drive!

- He’s so sweet and patient.

- He’ll take everything slow and won’t make you do anything you don’t think you’re ready for.

- If you get stressed out or nervous he’s so good at soothing you.

- Praises you whenever you get something right.

- Suggests you drive somewhere with nice scenery so you two can take pictures and have a picnic together.


- He’s the least patient.

- But he tries…he really does.

- If he thinks something is obvious he’ll assume you already know it.

- You don’t.

- So he gets a little frustrated and may be a little snappy.

- But if he notices that he’s upsetting you or making you stressed out he’s very quick to apologize.

- If any other drivers honk at you or get impatient with you he’ll roll down the window to yell profanities at them while flipping them off.

- Nobody’s going to give his MC a hard time!

The Distraction

Entry for nichelle-my-belle’s 4K Angst Challenge (thanks for including me)

Pairings : Dean x Reader, Sam

Warning : ANGST, First Time Writer (constructive feedback welcome)

Word Count : 2,616

The Distraction


The last thing you wanted to do was go ‘celebrate’ tonight.

You were grateful this had been a simple salt and burn.  Too many of the cases lately were taking their toll on you — on all of you.  You’d spent so much time on the road recently; you’d almost forgotten what the bunker looked like. You missed the privacy of your own room; the big open spaces throughout the old building; the library that you could lose yourself in.  For several weeks, you’d been shoulder to shoulder with Sam and Dean. The three of you stuck in Baby, sharing one room, one bathroom and too often, a bed with one of them.  

In the tight quarters of the car or a dingy hotel room, there was nowhere for you to hide.  Several side-glances from Sam let you know that in your exhausted state, your facade was starting to fail.  When you were focused on a job, you could ignore your feelings for Dean; sticking your nose in a book or keeping your eyes glued to the screen of your laptop. But with this run, there were too many nights with the three of you holed up, beaten and bloody, trying to get some sleep before the next long drive, with  nothing to do but think.  You couldn’t shut out the world around you when Your World sat on the bed next to you arguing with Sam, drinking beer, intent on watching some horrible old cowboy movie.  You tried to participate, but every time you looked at him, relaxing… smiling… it splintered your heart just a little more.  The last few nights you’d feigned exhaustion; pretending to fall asleep early and forcing the two of them to do the same. You lay awake, listening to Sam softly snoring and Dean’s deep breathing to make sure they were both asleep before letting the tears quietly fall.  

But tonight, once you got back to your motel, Dean demanded that you all go out for one last “hurrah” before the long drive back to the bunker in the morning.  You loathed going out with Dean and Sam.  You’d take your place in the same corner booth that every bar across America had; counting down the minutes until Dean wandered off and found a busty bombshell to charm his way into for the night.  Sometimes Sam would stay with you, but there were times when he gave you those sad puppy dog eyes, pleading to be set free.  You’d smile, the same smile, pushing him out of his chair; complaining he was “cock-blocking” you and with a sweet, silly grin he’d be off to find his own companion to help him forget for a little while.  

 You never drank as much as you did after meeting the Winchesters. The alcohol helped you momentarily forget the horrors that your day-to-day brought you.  Sometimes it even lessened the pain of losing your mother and sister all too young to werewolves, forcing you into the Hunting life. But as much as you tried, the alcohol never seemed to squelch the fire in you that burned for Dean.

You tortured yourself, town after town, watching him endlessly twist women around his little finger.  Longingly, you memorized every move; him leaning into the bar lightly brushing the girl’s shoulder with his, buying her a drink, introducing himself with a harmless handshake.  He’d pretend not to hear her over the sounds in the bar so he’d lean into her ear, his face just a little too close to hers, his hot breath giving her chills as she became intoxicated by his cologne. That’s the move he’d repeat, lingering longer each time; sometimes resting a hand on her thigh to ‘balance’ himself or push a strand of her hair behind her ear, but you knew once his hand began to trail along her arm he’d be nodding towards the door, throwing some money on the bar with a wink and help her to her feet.  Then his hand would be on the small of her back, whispering something in her ear to make her giggle as they headed out the door.

You knew every piece of his repertoire, including the rare occasion when it wasn’t working.  You couldn’t imagine any woman saying no to Dean Winchester, but you were grateful when they did.  He’d come back to the table – to you – and you’d spend the rest of the night laughing and drinking, sometimes making fun of Sam awkwardly trying to pick up a girl. Those times were getting fewer and farther between, but you cherished those occasions, knowing it was the closest you’d ever get to having him.

This night you decided to take a little longer with your hair and make-up.  You had snuck away in the last town and bought yourself a new pair of jeans and low-cut top.  You wanted to feel good about you.  You wanted someone to notice you. You wanted a man to notice you, and since you knew that man wouldn’t be Dean, you would need every bit of external “ammunition” to help you boost your confidence to pull this off.

               “Y/N/N! Shake your ass!” Dean bellowed as you put the finishing touches on your look, taking a deep breath and opening the door.

               “What the hell took you – “ Dean stopped mid-sentence and just stared. His silence made Sam look and a goofy grin spread across his face.

               “Whoa! You look beautiful Y/N.” Sam sang. “Hot date tonight?”

               “We’ll see.” You tried to joke to release some of your own tension.

               “Let’s go.” Dean snatched his keys off the dresser and stalked out the door.

               Sam shrugged and followed with you hot on his heels.

The ride to the bar was uncomfortable.  Sam tried to make conversation, but every time he turned to talk to you, Dean fiddled with the radio; the static or high pitched squeal drowning Sam out.  When you parked in front of the local bar, Sam ran around to the driver side to catch Dean.

               “What the fuck is going on?” He demanded. “You’ve been acting like an asshole since before we left!”

               Dean looked at you over his shoulder and back to Sam, “I’m fine Sammy. I just need a drink.”

You and Sam looked for a place for the three of you to sit while Dean ordered at the bar.  When he came back, he sat next to you, putting you between him and Sam in the booth. You tried to focus on the music; just watching the people around the room.  Sam leaned in and whispered about the guy two tables over that was already way too drunk for this early in the night.

               When the waitress walked over, you formed a knot in your stomach. She was just Dean’s type and you knew he’d be disappearing soon.  She tried to catch his attention, leaning unnecessarily far over the table to sit down three beers and three shot glasses.  Her presence didn’t even register to Dean until she spoke.

               “Here Honey,’ she said to you as she set down another shot glass. “This one is from the blonde at the end of the bar.”

               All three of you leaned over at once as the man nodded back with a smile. You smiled and lifted the glass mouthing a silent “thank you”, but his smile suddenly became wide-eyed fear as you felt Dean’s body tensed and stare lingered.

               “What an asshole.” Dean said with a huff.

               “What do you mean?” Y/N asked.

               “You’re sitting here with two other guys and he buys you a drink? How does he know you’re not with one of us?”

               You chuckled, annoyed, and shook your head, “Seriously?”

               “What?” He was getting pissed.

               “Forget it.” You huffed, but he wouldn’t let it go. “How many nights have I sat next to you in a bar with women shamelessly throwing themselves at you or you throwing yourself at them? Apparently like everyone else, they don’t think I’m your type!” Now you were pissed. You pushed at Sam to get out of the booth and walked to the ladies room trying desperately not to cry. Fuck him! Why should he care? Whether it was Mr. Rogers or Charlie Manson buying you a drink, it was none of his business.

               Sam just glared at Dean in disbelief.

               “What?!” Dean yelled at him. “Knock of the bitch-face and tell me what just happened?”

               “You really don’t see it?

               “Dammit Sammy!”

               “She’s obviously in love with you Dean. Has been for months.  And you’re too stupid to see it or realize what you could have. Watching you trot off with a different girl every town…. All that anger and jealousy you’re feeling right now, she’s bottled it up over and over again.  I guess tonight was the last straw…”  Sam slammed his shot, grabbed his beer and walked away.

Dean sat there, confused and angry.  He rubbed his face, combed his fingers through his hair and cursed at both of you under his breath.  Dean loathed trying to find a distraction in every town. He hated  how many times he  started a random make-out session in the parking lot, ending it  by pretending to be too sick or too drunk to follow through, because it wasn’t you.  He loved you and hated himself for it. He wanted so much better for you; someone who could get you out of this Hunter’s life and keep you safe.  He wanted to forget you; forget the softness of your skin when you’d help sew him up after a fight. Forget the sweet smell of your hair just after a shower. Forget the sound of your laughter when you made fun of Sam. Forget how sexy you looked holding a gun. But most of all, he desperately needed to forget how you looked in his fantasies, laying underneath him while he made you scream his name.

Dean angrily slammed his shot, and both of yours, before taking his beer to go find a Distraction.

 You looked at yourself in the mirror, damning yourself for letting him get to you – again. Asshole! You took another deep breath and decided to go back to your old stand-by – get drunk and pass out.  You’d be at the bunker in the morning and could hide in your room and try to pretend tonight didn’t happen. You headed back in the bar to find Sam.

Dean found his Distraction at the pool table. She was too blonde, too made up, too little clothing, too loud and too obvious – the exact opposite of you. He grabbed another shot at the bar as he watched her, getting her attention.  She smiled, bending just a little bit more at the waist when she took her next shot.  He knew he was going to hate himself, playing this game again, but just one more night and he’d be back at the bunker, hiding in his room, trying to pretend tonight didn’t happen.  Another shot later and he made his way over to the pool table.

Sam must have been watching for you because as soon as you walked back into the bar, he was on you.

               “Y/N/N! Come hang out with me.” You looked around the bar until your eyes landed on Dean. Your whole demeanor changed and Sam felt it. “Please, don’t do this to yourself. He’s being an asshole.”

               “Sam. It’s ok. I’m not his type and I never will be.  I just need to get over it.”

               “No, she’s not his type.” He said pointing towards Dean. “He’s in love with you, I know it. He just doesn’t believe he deserves you.”

               “Sammy – “ you started to scold when he stopped you.

               “Y/N do you trust me?”

               “Of course, but –“

He stepped closer. Holding your face in his hands and leaned to whisper in your ear. “Go. Show. Him. I’m not wrong about my brother.”

Your heart was racing. If you took this risk and Dean didn’t respond, you’d be devastated. Devastated and homeless; it would be impossible to stay at the bunker after that.  You’d lose him and Sam.  But if Sam was right, and Dean loved you like you loved him…. Your mind could even wrap around the thought.

               “Come on, Y/N/N.” Sam whispered.  You nodded as you tried to get a grip before walking towards them.

Dean was now drunk, but his mind was still on you.  He never saw you walk out of the bathroom and didn’t know where Sam was.  His stomach was sick with the thought that you’d left with the guy from the bar. The Distraction was talking, but he wasn’t really listening. He’d smile and nod, rubbing against her once in awhile to keep her there.  He slumped on the bar stool watching The Distraction entertain herself while his mind drifted.

She slinked over to where he sat and whispered in his ear, “Why don’t we get outta here, baby.”  

               “Onemoregame.” He slurred, trying to delay just a little longer. She whimpered and nuzzled into his neck. He sloppily wrapped his arm around her back in a haphazard hug.

               “I’ll play.” You said as you approached the table.

Dean stood up nearly knocking The Distraction over.  He didn’t say anything as his eyes wandered over your body, back to your face to try to read what was happening. The Distraction stepped closer again to Dean wrapping her arm around him.

               “No thanks.” She snarled at you.

               “Come on. We can make it interesting.” You cooed. “Winner takes him home?” You pointed at Dean and he swallowed hard.

               “I don’t think – “ The Distraction started, but Dean cut her off.

               “I’m game.” He shot around her. “I uh… I win either way.” He winked at you knowing your superior skills playing pool.

               “Fine.” The Distraction conceded before grabbing Dean’s face and kissing him hard.  She walked over to set up the balls at the opposite end of table, when Dean grabbed your arm.

               “Don’t you dare lose.” He whispered.

               “I don’t plan on it.” You whispered back, brazenly nipping at his ear. You thought you heard him growl before you walked over to grab a pool stick.

               “Please, you go first.” You offered to The Distraction’s further frustration.

               “Watch yourself, little girl. You’re swimming in the deep end now.” She warned, as she broke open the game.

Dean held his breath as one solid ball fell in the pocket.

               “I guess I’m stripes.” You walked slowly around the table, lining up shot after shot as each ball fell away from the table.  The Distraction was fuming; poorly trying to hide her emotions. When you called the last ball for the top left pocket, Dean held his breath. When it fell in the hole, he jumped out of his seat pumping his fist.

               “You aren’t really going home with this slut, are you?’ she questioned him.

               “It’s Y/N, by the way.” You winked, holding out your hand to Dean as if introducing yourself for the first time.

               “Dean.” He played along, sliding his hand though your hair to the back of her head and pulling you to him for a kiss. You felt your knees weaken and your heart sing.  He pulled back, breathing heavy as he rested his forehead against yours, grinning from ear to ear. “Oh, I’m so going home with her, sweetheart.” He answered The Distraction as he wrapped an arm around your waist and started to lead you out the door. “We may not even make it out of the parking lot.”

His hand was on the small of your back, whispering in your ear making you giggle as you headed out the door.

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Why the Capitol should be in Canada and not Colorado

So, those who are familiar with my headcanons would know that, in contrast to the common convention of placing the Capitol in the American Rockies (usually Colorado), I place it in Canada. Specifically that large expanse over Kinbasket Lake (right before it discharges into the Columbia River).

Several factors made me choose that location: the wall-like nature of the Canadian Rockies, an open space big enough for a city-sized square, and a location more isolated from the rest of Panem (like D13, which is incidentally the only other region that I have fully within Canada).

However, I have an additional reason. One that is backed by both information in the text and basic arithmetic. Yep, I used math here. 

So what this calculated rationale?

As the Reaping occurs between 1400-1500 (Chap 1), and an hour is given for goodbyes right after (Chap 2), and there is buffer time to get to the station, tentative time of departure for the train to get moving is 1600-1700. So we’ll assume 1700. 

When Effie woke up Katniss (Chap 4), light was just beginning to stream in, which suggests that the sun has just risen. If you eliminate DST (likely due to wanting people to have no free daylight in the districts; while for the Capitol, daylight wouldn’t much matter), the average time of sunrise is around 0400. 

Since Appalachia is in Eastern Standard Time, and most of the Rockies are under Mountain Time, add two hours to calculate the time between departure and sunrise: 13 hours. 

So how do we figure out which destination fits the snuggest within the allotted time? Well, that requires calculating travel time.

First off, the assumption is that the average speed (Chap 3) of the train is 250 miles per hour (which implies that it can go faster and slower depending on conditions); we’ll also assume that “miles” refers to the unit of measure used in the United States as of now.

Secondly, travel distance needs to be found. A strong assumption is that train lines would be built over the old interstates for ease, so Google Maps is a sufficient tool to use. Four locations are used to represent D12 (Scranton, PA; Philadelphia, PA; New Richmond, WV; Richmond, VA), after distances are acquired from each representative D12 spot, then they are averaged out. 

That average distance is divided by 250, then 2 (representing a minimum of two hours to factor in stops and possible delays) is added to get the travel time. Then subtract by 13 to get the amount of free time before sunrise. The location with the smallest free time fits the narrative the best.

And remember, this is only to the point of waking up; not to the Capitol. After waking, Katniss still needs to roll out of bed, trundle to the dining car, give her mentor and district partner the stink-eye, indulge in food, more stink-eye, and then go through a tunnel for quite some distance.

The results?

What was found is that it only took 8.7 hours to get to Denver, which left more than 4 hours free; same went for Dillon (which required going past the Great Dividing Range and through a tunnel). Even if you go all the way to Salt Lake City (by then, there are no more Rockies to cross), there are 2.6 hours free. 

The only American location that was close was Missoula, which had 1.8 hours free. However, by the time you get to Missoula, you have no choice but to immediately go into mountains (ie the tunnels). By the time you get to Coeur d'Alene/Spokane, there’s still 1.1 hours to go with no more Rockies to go. 

In contrast, reaching Calgary leaves 1.7 hours free; 1.5 with a longer route. By the time you get into Banff, there’s just around 1 hour. Small enough time to buffer some more without it being excessive. And enough distance from that point to eat breakfast and fight with Haymitch. 

In conclusion: I overthink things and have way too much time on my hands.

Bioware, for your next game maybe don’t put 11,000 quests on the first big open planet/space/level/maze. Because you keep asking me to go back to Eos and I keep getting more and more annoyed at sheer level of nonsense I still have left to do. No I don’t want to go look for another 6 things in six disparate corners of the map. I’m tired of this place… so tired… you’re making me sympathize with Anakin goddamn Skywalker

Sneak Preview

A little something that may or may not have been inspired by certain people and events at last weekend’s Fetish Fair Flea:

I almost didn’t see it at first because the room was so dim, but then Joanie moved the curtain a little and I noticed a subtle reflection from behind a stacking chair nearby.  It was a pocket watch.  

You see bunches of those at hypnosis cons, of course, and there had probably been a several pulled out of pockets that day just in this room, which was used as an informal practice lounge.  But this one was different.

For starters, it was all black.  The metal casing had a satiny sheen to it, as did the equally dark chain and clip.  Embossed in the black metal on the back was a crest comprising a two-headed eagle, a crown or scepter, winding lengths of thorny vine – or perhaps barbed wire? – and the motto potentia regere.  A similar design adorned the front cover.  The effect was striking, looking both regal and vaguely sinister at the same time.  And I felt certain I’d seen it before, but couldn’t quite place where.

“Dave! Are you going to help me or just stare at your hand?”

Joanie’s annoyed voice snapped me out of my fog.  "Sorry,“ I gulped, slipping the watch into my pocket.  "What should I do?”

“Just straighten out the chairs and pick up anything people left on the floor.  Nobody is using the room until tomorrow morning, so we don’t have to stack them or anything.”


The practice lounge was a hotel room with the two queen beds and most other furniture removed and a bunch of standard-issue stacking chairs and ottomans brought in.  The result was a practice space that could seat as many as two dozen people in clusters of typically two to five, and have each cluster sufficiently separate to keep the general din of voices under control.  There had been times during the day when we’d pushed the upper limit; fortunately hypnokinky people tend to be very friendly.

It only took a few minutes to straighten up for the next day.  We collected water bottles and stray cups for the recycling and put the chairs against the walls to make a big open space in the middle, and we were basically done.  Which was good, because I’d been trying all day to work up the courage to ask Joanie for a play date.  Joanie she loves trance and has very few boundaries, which makes her extremely popular during the evening parties; my best chance was to ask her before the party started.

And there she was, holding out the blue recycling can in front of me. “Find anything interesting?” she asked.

“Actually, yeah.”  I dropped the plastic items into the can, took it from her, and set it aside.  "Do you have any idea who this belongs to?“  I fished into my pocket and took out the watch.  Just out of sheer habit, I dangled it from the chain in front of her face.

Joanie’s eyes locked onto the watch instantly with a surprising intensity. Her pupils dilated as her eyes tracked the slight movements of the watch on its chain.  I hadn’t been deliberately swinging it, but the way it captured her attention left no doubt as to where her mind was going.  "Oops,” I said.  "Should I stop holding it like this?“

"No,” her dreamy voice replied.  "Keep going.“

Well, I thought to myself, you were going to ask her; I guess she just asked you instead.  "That’s right,” I heard myself say, and Joanie shuddered a tiny bit at the words.  "It feels so good to look at this beautiful, shiny watch … to notice every detail … the way the light shines off it … the intricate decorations.  But somehow, the more closely you study this watch, the more you can imagine your eyelids getting heavy, drowsy, droopy, sleepy.“  And they were, big-time. Joanie’s bright, sparkling eyes had gone glassy and hazy, blinking heavily and often.  She was losing the battle to hold them open.  

"So sleepy now,” I continued, feeling a confidence that was almost alien to me.  "And the more you struggle to keep those eyes open, the more they just want to close down.  That’s right.  Closing … down … now.“

Joanie shuddered again at the words that’s right, and it wasn’t remotely cold in the room.  Sliding the watch back into my pocket, I deepened her trance while gently guiding her into a nearby chair.  She slumped into it, dropping her shoulders and leaning a little bit forward, and the straight male in me just couldn’t not look down the scooped front of her tank top.  The view was breathtaking, and for a moment or two I just stalled mentally and drank it in.

No guarantees as to when it will be finished, but it’s been too long since my last post so I wanted to share this as a preview.


Everything Will Be Alright Kit Walker x Reader

Words: 2,939

Description: You and Kit are married and this is the story of how this whole situation where Kit is placed in Briarcliff. This story was created without the whole alien thing. Please let me know if you want me to make a part two! Enjoy!

          It was the year 1964 and my whole world was crashing down. Kit, my wonderful husband, was being charged for the ‘Bloody Face’ murders. I couldn’t believe this, what evidence did they have? Today is when they take him and I can’t handle it. I love him more than anything. 


           Kit was out working and I was getting the table set up for dinner. I was exceptionally happy and decided to dress up and clean some stuff so Kit didn’t worry about it. It was a good ten minutes before I saw truck headlights shine through the windows. You didn’t know who it was so you were a little agitated and decided to look through the blinds. To your relief it was Kit. You were as happy as you can be, now knowing that your sweetheart was home safely. You heard the car door slam and so you decided to start placing the silverware and the napkins down. You heard Kit’s key jingle and started to chuckle when you heard him dropping his keys and letting out a whisper of a curse word. You decided to look in the mirror on the wall to adjust everything and then opened the door. When you opened the door you saw Kit looking through the screen door. 

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 He looked up and smiled at you. You looked at him and said 

“Would you like to come in or should I go get my husband to escort you off the property?”

“Oh, I’m sorry this must be the wrong house but I don’t think so because I was supposed to meet a really hot babe and you look like you fit the criteria.” He said playfully.

“Oh, really I do huh?” You said encouraging him.

“Oh yeah! I think you actually broke the system of hotness. Wait you said you had a husband? Oh yeah, I don’t really do the whole sharing thing so I think I’ll just leave. Have a good night,” he leaned in closer and said, “and tell me when your husband is gone then I’ll come on by.” He winked and slowly started to walk away but before he could escape you came rushing out and grabbed his arm. To your surprise he grabbed your wrist and twirled you around bringing you close. Since he so quickly displayed this form of affection you stumbled and to keep you up right, you put your hands on his chest. 

“KIt! Just come in already I miss you like crazy all day and I need you to come inside now!”

“Okay, Mrs. Walker but what do I get in return?”

“You get a hot pipping plate of (Your Favorite Food and Side Dish) for dinner!”

“Ooh yum! I’ll be in real quick I just got to lock the truck up.”

“Okay, just don’t keep me waiting or I’ll start eating without you.”

Off you went to place the food on the plates. Kit came in a few seconds later after you got the food on the plate and pulled out your chair, man what a gentleman! 

“Why thank you sir!”

“No problem.” After you scooted your chair in you realized that he hadn’t gone away from the side of you.

“Kit what are you do–.” You were cut off by Kit kissing you and taking your breath away, like always. It was a short but passionate kiss because when we needed to breathe he realized that food had still been untouched and he rushed to the other side of you and plopped down.

“So honey how was your day? I want to know all the details!” Kit took a deep breathe in and gazed deep into your eyes. You could tell that he was immediately saddened by it and you smile turned into a frown.

“Well sweetheart there was this family that came in to refill their gas tank and you know they have these two little cute kids playing in the back and as I was finishing filling his tank I said ‘That’ll be three dollars even.’ and the man says ‘30 cents a gallon. You think because you’re out here in the toolies you can gouge people?’ I was just amazed that this guy would assume that I would rig it so it meant more money that I earned and more money he lost. I mean I know I shouldn’t get worked up but it just bothered me.” You reach over the table and grab his hand rubbing your thumb around the back of his hand. “You know I politley tell him ‘I don’t set the prices sir.’ because I don’t our government does. Then he asks ‘The kids get a coloring book?’ and I respond ‘Yeah, that’d be Texaco.’ then the wife says that she just wants to go home. Then the next thing that he did which ticked me off was that he just threw the three dollars out the window! I was so mad because you would think that he would have more respect for me considering its nine o’clock at night where I should be here with you!”

“Aww Kit, I am so sorry you had a bad night. I wish I could erase that from your mind.”

“Well you could,”Kit got up from his chair and approached you and took your hand, “if you come and dance with me.”

“I think that is a marvelous idea. Just let me get this mess cleaned up and then I’ll turn on the radio and we will dance.” 

“Noo. Leave those dishes for later, lets dance now.” Kit took both of your hands and started to walk backwards to the big open space in our living room. He pulled me close to him and put his hands on my waist and I put mine around his neck. He brought us closer together and started to kiss me. We broke apart and just looked into each others eyes swaying sharing a kiss inbetween. 

    It was a good thirty minutes of us just swaying. We stopped dancingn when I yawned and Kit picked me up bridal style and walked over to our shared bedroom and dropped me on the bed. He crawled on top of em and started kissing me.

“Kit not tonight I am way to tired.”

“Okay you just stay here while I go clean up the mess on the dinner table.”

“Okay, I love you so very much.” You put your hand behind his neck and he leaned his head closer to you and shared a very passionate kiss. 

“I love you too.” Kit got off of me and pulled the covers over me. When he was done ‘tucking me in’ he walked away and shut of the lights giving me a wink. I slowly fell asleep. If I had known what would of happened the next day even sooner I would have spent the whole night staying up and talking with Kit. 


        It all came too soon for you even to adjust to this news. You wake up with someone pounding on the door and Kit unravels from you and gets pants on to open the door.

“Stay here (Y/N)!” Kit whispers harshly. I do what he asks not wanting him to get mad. I still get up and quietly go to the door frame of our room to see who is pounding on the door. 

“COMING!” Kit yells. He opens the door and is met with four police officers staring at him. The next thing that happens is too quick. They kindly asked if he was Kit Walker and of course Kit says yes, the next thing I see is Kit on the ground with two police officers on top of him, restraining him. I quickly grab my robe and rush over to where Kit is.

“What is going on?” You ask the police officers.

“What’s going on is that Kit Walker has been charged with four counts of murder of four different woman.”

“WHAT?!? I am sorry sir but I believe you have the wrong man! I know my husband and I know he could never kill somebody!”

“I am sorry m’am but maybe you don’t know your husband as well as you thought.”

“I know my husband well enough to know he wouldn’t do something like this! Officers I am telling you have the wrong man, Kit is innocent. Anyways, what evidence do you have?!”

“We have several sources saying he was seen carrying dead bodies from his work site at the gas station.”

“And by whom may I ask said these obviously false things about my husband?!”

“M’am I am sorry but they wish to be kept anonymous during this investigation.” I was completley shocked and bewildered. I backed up and leaned on the kitchen counter to keep stabled. All the emotions just came spilling out and before I knew it I was sobbing like crazy, my head in my hands. I looked up when I started to hear Kit get up and rushed over to me before the officers could take him down again. He held me tight, kept me warm and kept me safe for the time being. I eventually stopped crying and looked into his eyes. I got on my tippy toes and kissed him for as long as I could. The officers pulled him away from me and I started crying even more knowing that he could possibly get the chair. They carried him out to the police car and I followed them fighting the other officers to get away from him. When they got him into the back of the police car, the police officer who I spoke to earlier approached me.

“What is going to happen to him?” I softly say because my voice is hoarse from so much crying. 

“We are going to take him to court and they will decide if he gets the chair or if he is crazy and take to Briarcliff Manor.” Just thinking about him getting the chair makes me cry even louder and harder. I ask them if I could have a moment with my husband alone and they said I could. I crawled into the back of the police car and shut the police door so I would definitley know I had privacy. I hugged him and he just leaned in considering he was in cuffs. I slowly pulled away and whispered in his ears what the police officer told me about what was going to happen to him.

“You need to convince the jury that you are crazy so that you don’t get the chair. You need to guarentee that you will be placed in Briarcliff.” I said.

“I don’t know if I can. I can’t fake crazy it’s just too hard.”

“Baby, you need to do it say you saw aliens trying to take you away from me, convince them that you saw aliens. Please, for me.”

“I’ll do it just for you.” I grabbed his face and pulled him in and our lips touching. It wasn’t long until after the police tapped on the glass and said “Time’s up.” I unraveled myself from his arms and slowly got out of the car. I just had enough time to roll down the backseat window so I could say goodbye to him. The police officers got into the car and started the car.

“Goodbye baby! I love you so very much!” I said with all my emotions comming out and me sobbing.

“Goodbye sweetheart! I love you too!” Kit said blowing me a kiss. The police officer rolled up the window and I just collapsed, falling to the dirt ground and my body shaking with sobs. I saw the car slowly drive off down the driveway and Kit looking back at me mouthing ‘Its going to be okay.’ I looked down and countinued to sob more. I finally got the stamina to get up and walk inside. The day went on of just me looking through our scrapbooks and me crying. It was around midnight when I decided to go to sleep so I took one of Kit’s shirt and put it on. I pulled the shirt closer to me and taking in the smell of his cologne. I cried myself to sleep and had the worst night of my life.


          I woke up at nine in the morning and got a glass of coffee and sat at the table gloomingly looking out the window. An hour had passed and a knock at the door startled me. It was the mailman and he gave me a telegram saying that Kit’s court was happening today at noon and that a police car was coming to escort me at eleven. I looked at the clock and it was ten o’clock. I walked over to the bathroom and got ready. In fourty minutes I was all ready to go to his court. Fifteen minutes passed by and the doorbell rang. I got up from the couch and walked to the door opening it up to the police man who came to escort me to the hearing. He opened the car door and I climbed in. I didn’t speak the whole ride, I just looked out the window. The police officer opened my door and escorted me inside where I could talk with Kit for twenty minutes before this whole thing happened. 

           The officer brought me to a room and said that I could go right in and said that Kit is in their with two police officers but they will later leave once you are situated. I walked in and saw Kit sitting in a chair in a straight jacket with a cut on his lip. He looked up surprised to see me.

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I ran over to him and engulfed him into a hug. He did his best to try to hug me considering he was in a straight jacket. The two officers left leaving me and Kit alone.

“They told me that there is no recording so you can say whatever you want.” Kit said.

“Okay. Kit please do what I told you yesterday. I don’t want you on that electric chair and me sitting behing a glass window doing nothing to stop you from escaping. I love you very much and I want to grow old with you! I don’t want you to be killed by something you didn’t do!”

“I know baby! I want that too so much! I don’t want to die and I don’t want you to see me like that. I love you too!” I grabbed his face and kissed him deeply. I just held him until the officers said it was time for his hearing. I whispered in his ear the plan about the aliens before they took me away from him.

They took me to my sit which was in the front row so I could see everything. It was a good five minutes before they brought Kit in a wheelchair. They placed him in a seat at a table. His lawyer was present and knew what to do to ensure that Kit wouldn’t get the chair. The judge took Kit and talked to him and asked him to tell us his story and he did, playing the crazy card perfectly. He shaked, twitched his eye and leaned back and forth during the whole hearing. 

      It was now time to hear Kit’s sentence and I prayed that it was to be enrolled at Briarcliff. 

“Now the case about Kit Walker and whether he should get the chair or be placed at Briarcliff has been decided and the jury decides that Mr. Kit Walker is criminally insane and that he should be immediatley placed into Briarcliff where he will be seen by a physicatrist and then he will give us the final verdict.” The judge declared.

I was so happy that he wouldn’t get the chair and that I could try and get him out of Briarcliff. I started to cry because Kit would still have to be away and in that horrible place. The officers escorted me down to him where he was placed in a van and driven to Briarcliff. They told me that I could be driven and see him be placed there and I said yes. 

     We arrived at Briarcliff and I ran out of the car and ran to the officers who were pulling Kit out.

They pulled me away from him and I watched them taking him in and he stared at me and mouthed ‘I love you.’

“KIT I’M GOING TO GET YOU OUT OF THIS PLACE!!! I PROMISE! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!” I screamed as they held me tight. 

After Kit was emitted into the asylum a lady who’s name was Lana Winters came over to me and started to ask me questions.

“When did you know Kit was crazy? Were scared that he could kill you? Why do you think he did this?” All this questions being thrown at me made me mad, espically because they thought everything was true.

“My Kit isn’t crazy, I was never scared because he didn’t commit these murders, and finally he didn’t do this because if he did I would be dead too. Those are my answers to your questions now please leave me be, I just lost my husband.”

I walked to the car and they drove me home. I don’t know what the next year will have in store for me but I know that it will suck without him.

Aesthetics for the signs

Aries: bonfires on warm nights, evening sunsets, the pungent smell of cinnamon, running feet hitting pavement, the exhilarating feeling of looking out a window of tall building.

Taurus: the smell of fresh rain on pavement, the sound of leaves on trees brushing together as the wind blows, partly cloudy skies, luscious hazel eyes, big open spaces

Gemini: cloudless blue skies, humid air, worn sneakers, crazy roller coaster rides, the inaudible chattering of a crowd, white teeth, mischievous smirks

Cancer: late nights, cozy blankets, old black and white films, bittersweet tears, the feeling of bare feet on a cold floor, rosy cheeks, soft touches from a significant other, starry skies and the full moon, feeling safe

Leo: sunlight pouring in from clean glass windows, hot weather, iced coffee, gold bracelets and rings, invincible confidence, delighted laughter, an audience’s thunderous applause, meaningful compliments

Virgo: the crisp smell of new books, the dim light of day, fresh morning air, cotton sheets, pure silence, clear skies, potted plants, quick kisses

Libra: the company of friends, oversized sunglasses, lofty voices, early morning phone calls from a lover, the undeniable feeling of peace, hand holding, watching the sun fracture the sky as it rises

Scorpio: pitch black nights, freshly brewed coffee, the undivided attention of a lover, unspoken agreements, secrets well kept, long and passionate kisses, meaningful caresses, getting lost in someone’s eyes, a sense of belonging

Sagittarius: the thrill of a crazy dare, uncontained laughter, new people and places, spontaneous adventures, colorful morning clouds, chilly weather, soft skin, racing heart beats, restricted places accessed

Capricorn: sleeping in, diluted thoughts, dried fruit, building forts out of blankets and pillows, soft banter, organized shelves, familiar smells and feelings

Aquarius: 3 am theories, the remnants of a peculiar dream, the untamed sense of guaranteed freedom, unplanned road trips, constant debate, witty phrases that hang in the air, infinite curiosity, cold mornings, knowledgeable smiles

Pisces: wet paint on a white canvas, echoic halls, the grumble of the ocean, the taste of salted caramel, innocent giggles, museum visiting, live music, dancing when no one is watching, befriending emotions, blissful exhales