big ole awesome guys

A very delayed THANK YOU!

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You guys are incredible! I’ve been VERY hard at work getting the book sent off for printing (which it did yesterday) and all the bonuses have been ordered for arrival at the same time as the books for shipping Mid November! 

A lotta love has gone into this book, and next time you get a post from here it’ll be of the PHYSICAL BOOK! Exciting aaaahhh.

In very good news tho


All books, all gone! The total will be announced once we ship all the copies and those payments are locked down. It’s a very promising total, and I can’t wait to share it with you all. After that I’ll make a big run down post of how this book came together from start to finish :D

SO from the bottom of my big ole heart. THANKYOU!! You made this awesomeness happen!! 
- Jenna