big ol' bummer

I have no idea why I’m getting so many anons. There are some I’m not gonna answer, because I feel like it makes my whole space feel like a big ol’ bummer, which I probably do enough on my own and it’s not something I wanna be about (though I am anyways.) Anywho.

1. It’s pretty out there already. If you mean my face, that’s a little out there too. I wrote a whole thing about how I have SERIOUS anxiety and I honestly don’t want to be judged by physical appearance. Regardless if it’s complimentary or not. Since the last time I wrote out all my feelings on the matter, I had a panic attack and ended up deleting it, let’s just leave it as that. I don’t think it’s necessary.

2. I’m glad you think so! I just.. I dunno. I’m a nobody. I don’t do anything to be praised for, I just hang out and.. play games sometimes. Talk. I dunno. It don’t matter.

3.That’s a pretty wild dream, Anon! I can’t say I really have a favorite anything of the Wizard of Oz, other than the original, because I haven’t really experienced much about that. I’ve listened to the soundtrack of Wicked, which is wonderful, but that’s about it.

I’m gonna be honest, I feel pretty shitty today guys. Sorry for being lame.