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When will the date for the premier of S2 of Yuri on Ice be announced?

There will be a large event featuring many of the seiyuu from Yuri on Ice, as well as the creator Kubo Mitsurou on April 29, 2017, and I’m quite certain that they will at least announce the season and year when the second season is scheduled for (I predict January 2018, my reasons for it explained here).

Mark your calendars, everyone, April 29th may be our next big occasion to get excited over this anime!

(Source: Official “Yuri on Radio” web radio broadcasts)

OMG what if the party at magnus, that is not a bday party, has both max and maryse present (at magnus!), has angelic runes decorations and that todd has said is a party that only happens among shadowhunters….is in celebration of MAX getting his FIRST RUNE???? (that usually is an angelic rune…)

i just thought of this, but it would make so much sense! one thinks it’d be a big occasion, one of the most importants in the life of a shadowhunters right?? it’d warrant a big celebration like the one we’re seeing glints of…


Anonymous asked: jealous!Bucky maybe?? pls c:

A/N: Ask and you shall receive:) xx Also! someone pointed out the fact that my fic titles are usually song names and they are 100% correct! I usually write in the song I listened to first while writing this. This time it was Fumes by The Eden Project. 

Warnings: swearing, heavy make out session, suggestive dialogue. 

Sometimes you just want Bucky, and only Bucky. 

But, you couldn’t anymore. Because you two had broken up. 

It took everything in your power not to be upset with how things ended, but you knew that you couldn’t hold onto the empty feeling it gave you when you thought about it any longer. He wasn’t yours anymore, and you weren’t his. 

The thing is, you lived together. The building was big, sure, but on occasion you still passed by each other in the hall. You gave him an awkward half-smile, while he would look at you with a lost look in his eyes, his mouth twitching as if he wanted to say something but he never did. 

You weren’t assigned on missions with him anymore, which was terrible because the two of you worked best when together. A team that was unbeatable, all broken because of a fight that could have easily been avoided.

Tonight was the first night in a while that you had to be in the same room as him for long periods of time. It was Tony’s birthday, and of course everyone had to be there. You tried to get out of it but you figured that you could handle seeing Bucky for a while. Just long enough to be polite. 

You studied your reflection in the mirror, smiling happily at the simple black maxi dress you wore with pride. You may only be going out for a moment, but you were damn sure to make it worth it. 

With a swipe of red lipstick on your lips, you were ready to attend the party. Even though it was just a simple walk down the stairs, that is. 

The main room was full of people, a lot of which you recognized and some you didn’t know at all. 

A rush of anxiety washed over you once you noticed multiple eyes on you. You brought yourself down the stairs, trying to mingle with people whom you’ve never met before. An hour had passed, and there was no sign of Bucky. You were confused to say the least, but grateful you wouldn’t have to deal with the awkwardness. 

You heard him before you spotted him, though.

Bucky was never one to drink, but you could tell he was extremely drunk by the way he hung around Steve like a monkey to a tree. He talked loudly and animatedly, sipping on his drink continuously. 

You furrowed your brows, turning back to Sam who had been the reason you hadn’t left yet. “He isn’t worth it, yknow.” Sam muttered, tapping your shoulder lightly. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You defended, downing more champagne than you anticipated to. 

Sam rolled his eyes, “Listen, I know Bucky. Sometimes he does stupid shit, and one of the stupid things he has done was lose you. There’s no going back on that.” 

You sighed, “Why are you so nice to me?” 

“Because you deserve it. You’ve been through a lot recently.” Sam explained, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. “Shall we dance?” 

A breath of air blew out your nose, “Sure.” You gave him a smile and took his hand in yours, following him to the dancefloor. 

You laughed as the upbeat song that was playing almost immediately ended, a slower song taking it’s place. “Lovin’ can hurt…” Sam sang along cheekily, taking his hand in yours and placing his other on your hip. 

You daintily rested your other hand on his shoulder, attempting to mask your clumsy dancing skills with a smile. 

Sam took you into his arms, spinning you outward. Unfortunately, it was then you saw Bucky. Seemingly sobered up, he stood straight up and watched every move you two made. You shook your head, following Sam’s lead as you spun together. 

A laugh erupted between the two of you as the song ended, your head resting on Sam’s chest. “Who knew you could dance like that?” 

“I certainly didn’t!” You laughed, the next song starting to play. Thankfully it was more upbeat, so you danced close to Sam while cracking jokes back and forth. 

You could feel Bucky’s eyes on you, burning into your skull like a laser but you kept your attention on Sam while he did his tiring rendition of the robot. 

“It’s terrible!” You laughed, mocking his moves. 

It was then that you saw Bucky rushing towards the two of you. Before you could stop him, Sam was up and in front of you. “Are you serious, (Y/N)? Right in front of me?” 

Oh no. He was mad. 

“Buck, back away before you do something stupid.” Sam reasoned, the party now standing still. 

Your cheeks grew red but Bucky continued to speak, a finger on Sam’s chest accusingly, “You fucking know how much I’m hurting over this.” 

You swallowed, noticing the crack in Bucky’s voice. Sam’s chest heaved slightly, his shoulders relaxing once he saw Steve rush to Bucky. His hand brushed his shoulder before Bucky knocked it off, “No! Fuck you both!” 

“Bucky, you’re drunk.” You muttered from behind Sam. 

“And she speaks!” he let out a sarcastic laugh, “You infuriate me, (Y/N).” 

Bucky stalked off, tossing his drink away. Everyone around turned back to their conversations, though quieter and closer. Steve started to follow but you grabbed his shoulder. “No, I’ll go.” 

“You sure about that?” Sam asked, concern racing over his features. 

You nodded, swallowing the bile that rose to your throat and gathering your senses. 

Your feet carried you toward the door, a sigh leaving your throat as you walked the stairs to the roof where you knew he would be. 

Sure enough, there he was sitting on the edge with his feet dangling over the street below. His eyes watched the city lights, looking deep in thought. 

“Bucky?” You asked, taking off your heels and walking steadily toward him. Bucky stood up, walking towards you and backing you against the wall. “Do you think that was funny? Doing that to me?” 

Bucky’s breath smelled like bourbon and licorice, his eyes blazing with what seemed like fury but you knew something resided underneath. “Nothing was happening between us!” You defended, throwing your hands in the air. 

“Really? Because it definitely seemed like something was happening when you were hung all over him!” Bucky yelled back, his chest heaving. 

“Even if something did happen, what would have to do with it? We’re not together anymore! You chose that and now look where we are!” Your voice bounced off the walls around you, the echo reminding you just how high up you were. 

Bucky stepped closer towards you, “You know I’ll never get over you.” 

Something clicked inside you, your brain turning with every word he said. It was then you realized that you felt the same, there was no way in hell you would ever get over him, especially living in the same building as him. 

Your anger faded, your lips connecting with his roughly. Bucky responded immediately, his hands kneading your body hungrily. 

This kiss was different. You didn’t feel the sweet sparks that you usually did. Instead they were replaced by a blazing fire in the bit of your stomach. You really missed him, and you didn’t realize how much until he had touched you again. 

He lifted your legs, allowing you to wrap them around his torso, holding you tightly against the wall. “Fuck, doll…” he trailed off, peppering kisses across your neck. 

Your breathing was harsh, goosebumps appearing all over your body. “Bucky you need to-” you gasped as he bit down on your earlobe. 

“Hmm?” He hummed questioningly, holding you as close to him as possible. Your brain clouded, completely forgetting what you were going to say. 

“Oh, Buck.” Your head lolled to the side, allowing Bucky more access to your neck. 

Fireworks continued to go off in your belly, heat pooling in between your legs while you kissed Bucky as if you hadn’t in years. You missed him more than anything, and you were definitely glad that you made the decision to confront him. 

“I love you.” He gasped into your ear. 

Your cheeks heated at his words, doing a backflip in your head before bringing his lips back to yours, “I love you too.”

Maybe you should make Bucky jealous more often. 

Imagine that during some big occasion like a festival or an anniversary of Saving The World or whatever Shadow drags Sonic somewhere behind the scenes where no one can see them. Sonic’s confused at first but then Shadow kneels down and pulls out an engagement ring. All Sonic can say at this moment is “…I was too slow this time I suppose” and pulls out his own and they just laugh it off awkwardly                

Paul: Desert Trip was a trip. Just being in that company! First weekend, we went on the Friday to see Bob Dylan and The Stones. It was very exciting seeing them anyway, but seeing them in this big desert occasion was great. And then the next night there was Neil Young, and us, and then the next night there was The Who and Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd. It was a heck of a line up, quite a historic weekend!

If you are a white mum with mixed children and your babies hair looks like an ugly mess, I’ll just assume you are a dirty woman. I went to church this morning(yeah it happens sometimes) there were 2 white women with mixed kids, one had an african husband and 3 daughters. She tied her youngest children in a high with a big pink bow and the oldest had twist, this is the first time I’m impressed by mixed kids with a white mum. Her daughters looked beautiful and well put together, the mum looked good too I mean the whole family looked good together. White woman with african husbands usually embrace their culture, they wear native clothes for big occasions and eat african food so I’m not really surprise that she let her daughter get twists. She looked east european and honestly I was impressed, the other one came with her daughters. One was around miley’s age and the other one 2 or 3, let’s just say no one should be ok with their child hair looking like a bird nest. Plenty of hair salon to get black hairstyles or if you think you are “too good” for braids, you still have other options like a high bun or minnie buns. I spend as much time and money for my babies as I do for myself, my outfit will never look good and complete if miley is a big mess. Your children say more about you as a parent than you think, she looked like one of those white women who have one night stands with black men just for mixed babies. It happens a lot here!

taps a mic


dirk being a Good Big Brother™ and being super protective of his younger siblings in general. he’s the type to go out and tear their bullies to pieces okay–no one touches dirk’s brothers or his sisters

the odd on out and often exception to this rule, understandably enough, is hal. he’s always been a self-sufficient sort of guy, so dirk doesnt exactly… coddle him like he does the other’s? and of course hal takes that as an insult because he takes this as a sign of dirk disliking him or even worse, being indifferent towards him and it sits heavily with him in a way he absolutely hates

Hal is very bad at this whole ‘sharing’ thing you see. it’s hard and very confusing, sharing dirk with dave and davis. its even harder sharing dave and davis with dirk and just

Sometimes he wishes he was an all encompassing ai so he could get rid of all of these useless Mortal Emotions okay


Request:  Prince!Jun AU please?

Note: Thanks to whoever asked this I’m always a slut for Jun

Originally posted by infinitblaq

  • the “always happy to be here” kind of prince
  • he absolutely lives for going to big events like any occasion to look fly as fuck and he’ll take it
  • he loves to dress up what did you expect
  • his entrees are always spectacular with lot of glitter and glamour
  • he’s just always very on point
  • has a surprisingly good bond with his parents 
  • but he actually isn’t going for becoming a king some day
  • everyone is sure of it that this toddler in an adult body will never ever be a good king
  • and tbh Junhui agrees
  • his younger brother was more made for ruling the country and Jun well he’s got the iconic looks a king should have
  • so they sort of made an agreement
  • his brother will later get to be ‘counselor’ which basically means, ‘you do the work while I can go to the fancy parties and be a fashion icon
  • and his brother likes the idea tbh he isn’t like forced into it
  • but you know Jun isn’t just a pretty face he is just great for the image of the kingdom
  • he is not one to forget when you visit the land, he will stand out in the best way possible, he’s very good at entertaining the guests and putting on a little show
  • his parents have wedding requests rushing in at the speed of light because 1)The family Wen is extremely wealthy 2)Jun is def some eye candy 3)Jun is just so convincing and everyone adores the boy
  • he will also def learn to horseback ride
  • and of course befriend the stable boy 
  • *cough* Joshua *cough*
  • tbh who doesn’t he befriend, he knows all the staff in the castle by name and probably also their birthday
  • he def gives people little extras when his parents aren’t looking
  • not that they don’t get payed enough, because that’s not in the Wen’s dictionary 
  • no he just loves making people happy and especially little kids omg
  • when someone brings a baby he is sold
  • like next day you better be sure the mother get’s like a new crib and if she asks why he gives it he’ll casually be like
  • “Oh I remembered we had it laying around somewhere and you might put it to use! I mean it’s just collecting dust otherwise!”
  • spoiler: he lied it’s a brand new one
  • he might sometimes forget to use polite forms and people just think it’s funny how their prince just called his stable boy ‘dude’ 
  • or even better informal language to a king of another country
  • he apologises for the last one tho because imagine the drama
  • he’s just a sweetheart who isn’t made to be a king but definitely to be a prince


Cameron Dallas - Wish

Request: Can you do an imagine where it’s Cameron’s birthday and he invites all of his friends, including (y/n), to his birthday and when he blows out the candles he wishes that (y/n) would be his girlfriend, and everyone keeps asking him what he wished for and he doesn’t tell anyone until (y/n) asks him what he wished for, and he asks he her. Thanks


Cameron’s POV

Twenty-one is a huge number, you just have to celebrate it. There are numbers that can just be ‘nah, I’ll just watch Netflix and sleep all night’ but this is not one of these. You only turn twenty-one once and it opens a lot of doors for you. Knowing this so damn well I decided to have a big birthday bash and invite all my friends to celebrate the big occasion with me. Everyone was there, all the important people in my life took the time to show up and wish me a happy birthday. I was so happy to just have them with me on that day, but I was still missing one person.

I made my way through the groups of people in my apartment making sure everyone was having fun, but in the meanwhile I was just looking for that bright smile I loved so much. I talked to her earlier on the phone and she told me she would be there no matter what. Even though she was only twenty minutes late I was still freaking out that she wouldn’t come. She was flying to LA from New York just to spend the night with us. Her model career was starting to get better and she even had a few magazine covers lately. I always knew she would be successful, she was the most beautiful girl I ever saw and if she couldn’t be a model than no one.

Another ten minutes into some chit-chatting and chilling, when the door opened and she stepped inside. I couldn’t not notice that every male in the room turned towards her. She looked amazing in her tight black dress with her long hair up in a high pony tail. I immediately made my way towards her and as she laid her eyes on me her face brightened up.

“There is the birthday boy!” she giggled throwing her arms around me and pulling me into a tight hug.

“I’m so glad you could make it,” I breathed out feeling a wave of relief running through me.

“Of course I could, I told you I would be there,” she told me leaning back and giving me a bright smile. “I got you something,” she said excitedly and then held up a little box wrapped into blue paper with a bow on the top of it.

“Thank you.” I pressed a kiss to her soft cheek and immediately opened her gift. A white frame was in it with our very first photo that was taking in middle school. I was rocking some dope ass hair style that always covered my eyes, and she had her hair in two braids. She was on my back, I was giving her a piggy ride and we both were grinning madly. I think that was the time when I knew I would be hopelessly in love with her for a long-long time. “Gosh, Y/N, this is some major throwback,” I laughed not being able to turn my gaze away from the picture that captured a happy moment of our childhood.

“The last time I was here your nightstand looked a bit empty, I thought this would look good,” she said with a shy smile and shrugged.

“Thank you, I love it.” I hugged her again putting the frame into the box and then putting it to one of my shelves planning to take care of it later.

I asked her about her latest gigs and then we drank some champagne and I just listened to her as she talked about her photoshoots. I loved how passionate she was about her dream, she always told me she would become a model one day and now she was living her dream. I was so happy for her but on the other side I was sad I could see her more rarely. We both had crazy schedules but tried to spend as much time as we could. Even though we both had our lives we still remained the closest friends.

She was the girl that I fell in love with as a kid and my feelings just matured as I grew older. She was my best friend and she was the only one I even felt comfortable to cry in front of. She was like my soulmate and I just wanted to have her in my life for as long as I could. I fell in love with her heart and mind, her look only comes after these two. But I never made a move because I was too scared that she would tell me that she doesn’t feel the same way and it would ruin our friendship. And that was something I could never let happen. I would rather suffer for the rest of my life than loose her.

At the beginning the party was quite quiet, everyone was just catching up and having some drinks, but later, maybe because of the alcoholic drinks, everyone let loose and the living room turned into the dancefloor while all the well-known songs followed each other. Around eleven o’clock Aaron thought that it was time to blow my candles. He had a huge cake in the shape of the Vine logo made and stuck 21 candles in it. Everyone gathered around me and waited for me to make my wish.

Y/N was standing right in front of me, her gorgeous smile was sticky, I couldn’t help but smile back at her. For a brief moment there was no one else in the room, just her. I looked into her eyes, then taking a deep breath I closed my eyes and wished before blowing the candles out. Then a round of applause ran through the room and the cake was soon all gone.

In the next few hours the most asked question became “What did you wish for?” but I just kept saying that I would never tell because it wouldn’t come true. Also I knew, that it wouldn’t either way, so it was a bit whatever.

A few hours and some more drinks later my eyes met the box Y/N gave me earlier and I felt the urge to take it up to my room and put it to where it was supposed to be. I excused myself from some of my friends and grabbing the box I ran up the stairs and disappeared in my room. It was dark inside, but when I switched the lights on I saw that Y/N was standing in the window. Seeing the lights she turned around and I could see that she was talking on her phone. I smiled at her and sat down to my bed taking the frame out of the box and making some space on my nightstand for it by throwing some notes and stuff away.

“Yeah, that’s totally fine by me. So see you on Wednesday,” she said to the phone and then said her goodbye to the person on the other end. “Sorry for coming in without permission,” she apologized sitting down next to me.

“No problem, you are welcomed here anytime,” I smiled at her taking a look at the frame that was now standing on my nightstand.

“Looks good. Now you will always remember that horrible hairstyles we rocked back in that time,” she laughed pointing at the photo.

“I think it was okay, even though sometimes I didn’t see clear because my hair was in my eyes,” I chuckled throwing it back to that time.

“Hardcore,” she happily sighed. “So, what did you wish for?” she asked poking her elbow into my side.

“If I tell you it won’t come true,” I said smiling at her.

“Oh, come on, I don’t count. Tell me, you know how curious I am all the time!”

“I know. But I won’t tell you,” I said one more time.



“Cam please!”



“Alright, it was you!” I admitted suddenly catching both of us by surprise. “I wished for you to be more than just my friend,” I added silently.

“What?” she whispered blinking at me a few times.

“Probably this was the moment when I ruined our friendship, so I’m just the biggest ass right now,” I mumbled not being able to look at her. I was expecting her to say that she loves me, but just not in that way and she wants to stay friends, and I was already ready to suck it up and pretend that this never happened, when I felt her tiny hand slip into mine. I looked up at her and she was smiling. She was smiling at me!

“Did you really wish for it?” she asked softly. I nodded. “You know, than maybe we should do something to make it true.”

My eyes went wide not being able to believe her words. Was this an open invitation for a date? She wanted to go on a date with me?

“You better not be joking because I have been waiting for this since you showed up in school in a skirt for the first time,” I said recalling the moment as the twelve year-old Y/N walked into class feeling very uncomfortable in her floral printed skirt, but she looked amazing. And the twelve year-old Cam knew he would want to be friends with this cutie when he would be older.

Y/N smiled and shook her head.

“I’m serious. I just don’t understand why you didn’t tell me earlier. You waited almost ten years to confess it. If you did it when we were sixteen I would have said yes back then too.”

“Don’t tell me that I was dying for you through my teen years, but all I should have done was asking you out,” I told her with a serious face.

“But it’s true!” she giggled and hearing her angelic voice made my anger go away in a moment.

“Alright, then fuck it. I’m taking you out tomorrow. Are you still in town?”

“Yes I am.”

“Good, good,” I said nodding to myself. “I hope I will be able to wait until tomorrow, but with one thing I won’t be able,” I sighed looking at her.

“What are you tal-“ I didn’t let her finish, I pressed my lips to hers and finally kissed her. My sixteen year-old self would have been so fucking proud of me. Her lips worked perfectly against mine and it was even better than I imagined before. I was so in love and I knew I would do anything for this girl to keep by my side.

Friends to Lovers

Jon Snow X Reader

A/N: I felt like Jon needed some loving and some comfort. With Love, Kat

Words: 966

Looking around the dining hall full of your friends and family, you failed to set your eyes on your best friend, Jon Snow.
You had lived the in the North your entire life, not far from Winterfell, and your family was very close with the Starks. So naturally, during royal visits you and your family were invited to Winterfell to greet the royal family and be at the great feast that the Starks were so famous for on big occasions. Your favorite part of visiting the Starks was seeing Jon, you had grown up by one another’s sides and you understood one another, because you were considered a bastard too. Your father, a Lord of the North, had you before he married his now wife. You were Lady Y/N Snow, a bastard child of the North who carried her father’s heraldry because she was born of noble birth.
You knew Jon had trouble with the hatred from Lady Catelyn sometimes, so you went outside to find him. He claimed he liked to be off on his own when he got angry or upset, but you knew the truth. Jon felt like he didn’t belong with the Starks, so when he went off on his own, you knew he really just needed someone to talk to him and understand him.

You walked out into the courtyard to find him with his wolf, Ghost. Just sitting on some stairs outside.
“Jon, are you alright?” you asked, taking a seat by his side and placing your hand on his shoulder.
“Lady Y/N, yes I’m okay, just tired” Jon replied, refusing to look up at you. You could see tears welling in his eyes.
“Come on, Snow. Talk to me, you’re my best friend” you couldn’t help but look on him lovingly. Even in the pale moonlight with sadness written across his features, he was beautiful. His dark eyes matched his thick, black, curly hair that you had tousled playfully many times. Somehow now, tonight, everything you felt towards Jon had changed. Seeing him in such sadness was breaking your heart in a way you never thought possible, and it was in that moment you realized that you were in love with Jon Snow.

Jon’s words broke you from your realization, “I don’t belong here Y/N. I need to join the Night’s Watch, I need to leave Winterfell. My uncle Benjen said he would take me with him when he leaves.” He finally looked up at you, with teary, bloodshot eyes.
You stood quickly facing him, “No. Jon Snow you do not get to leave me here in Winterfell all by myself.”
“Y/N you just don’t understand, your father and Lady Elise love you. Lady Catelyn hates me. I don’t deserve this life,” Jon said coldly.
“Jon if you honestly think that Lady Elise doesn’t resent my existence than you are dead wrong. She’s just better at hiding it than Lady Catelyn is,” you admitted, tears rising in your eyes.
“I’m leaving, Y/N. There’s nothing in the Seven Kingdoms you can do to stop me,” he said, getting up and starting to walk away.
You had to make a decision. The love of your life was going to leave come morning, and if you did not act now, you could lose him forever.

“Jon Snow I am in love with you and if you leave me I don’t know how I will live without you!” you yelled out, before you could stop the words. Jon stopped in his tracks and spun around to look at you.
“What did you just say?” he asked in disbelief.
“I love you Jon” you said, firmer in your words.
He walked towards you quickly, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you in for a tight embrace. You felt him shaking, knowing that he was crying now and so were you. You couldn’t help but let the tears flow freely, and then he said it. The words you’d been waiting for, “I love you too Y/N.”

That’s when he kissed you. The beautiful Jon Snow kissed you. His gorgeous, full lips captured yours in a kiss so passionate that you were sure if he weren’t holding you so tightly you would have fainted or fallen due to your weak knees. When the kiss ended, he nuzzled his face into your neck and hugged you hard, like if he let go you would disappear.
“So are you still leaving me? Since there’s nothing in the Seven Kingdoms I could do to stop you?” you asked, trying to hide a smirk and mirroring his words from earlier.
He pulled back to look into your eyes, “Are you kidding, Y/N? There’s nothing you can do to get rid of me now. You’re mine.”
He was smiling now, and you kissed him again. This one sweeter and slower, savoring how his lips felt on yours. You could definitely get used to this, you thought to yourself. As Jon’s hand came up to cup your face, another one resting on your hip, you let yourself get lost in the kiss, placing one hand on his bicep and letting the other go behind his neck, pulling his curls through your fingers.

You couldn’t help but thank the gods that you had taken that chance. Jon Snow, your love and your best friend in the whole world, was now yours. You were both Snows, separate, but the same. You understood one another, and you couldn’t help but think the fact that you were Snows of the North was destiny. You matched one another perfectly and fit together like puzzle pieces. Until the day you die, Jon Snow would be by your side, and you at his. He finally felt like he belonged somewhere, and that somewhere was in your arms.

I have this headcanon about the Zimmermanns, that they have a herd of dogs. 

And not just a bunch of labradors, no. Like, a weird mix of dogs that they found on the side of the road, or at the pound. 

Remember when it was only Alicia who came to pick up Jack to go apartment hunting? You know they both wanted to do that, they both wanted to be there for such a big thing in Jack’s life. But they try not to both leave at the same time because there are so many dogs that it’s hard to find a good sitter and they refuse to put them all in a kennel. So they have to alternate going down to visit Jack, unless it’s a big occasion. 

And when it was only Bob at Family Weekend? Alicia was home with the dogs. 

But for graduation they paid a family friend to live in their house for the week, because the dogs all need to get fed twice a day, plus they need someone to play with them throughout the day. And a couple of the dogs get different medications, and the pit bull had an ear infection and one of the yorkies had a cast on her leg, and the husky needed the cone of shame, and they couldn’t just have someone come in just to feed them. 

And Jack makes sure to ask how each of the dogs are, though he personally has a few favorites in the dogs that he grew attached to when he worked at the pound. Part of his rehab was working with the dogs that were abandoned at the local shelter, and while he worked there, he would occasionally mention over dinner that a certain dog that had helped him or made him laugh. By the next day, the dog was a new member of the Zimmermann family. 

And when Jack was coaching the peewee team, one of the kids lost his father and Jack was heartbroken and unsure of how to help the kid. And even though the kid’s mom reassured him that he was managing, Jack worked with her to have the kid come over and play in the puppy pile at the Zimmermann house and soon it became a thing where “Coach Z” would bring the team over after any losses and let them drown their sorries in puppy kisses. 

Jack actually appreciates the Haus’ relative calm most days, but when he finally gets an apartment, he wants a dog terribly. But he would hate to leave the dog alone while he played away games, so he just suffers through the silence. And then Bitty moves into his apartment and they adopt a dog and Jack couldn’t be happier

glyndasexual  asked:

Otp question meme was gonna try to pick some for glynder but I can't. Do ur faves. Do all. Do none. Surprise me kc

2. Big spoon/Little spoon?
i think they spend a lot of time Facing Each Other at least until Actual Space Heater Cinder Fall turns the bed into a sauna and gg beats a fast retreat to the edge of the bed. cinder is a cat tho and luvs the Warm so she kinda drifts after her and basically it ends with cinder being the big spoon as she’s tryna get that cuddle while glynda is sweating and little constantly rolling closer to the edge of the bed.

6. What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?
glynda likes cinder’s eyes. cinder like glynda’s arms. they’re both dumb idiots who loves each other’s hands tho like the amount of hand holding they do is Obscene.

11. Who tops?
i literally headcanon everyone as a switch so on the Rare Occasion Big Asexual Cinder Fall and Ace Spectrum Glynda Goodwitch actually do more than kiss, it flip flops. cinder probs prefers subbing tho lbr (and glynda would be the most caring service top to ever exist)

15. Who wakes up first?
gg and cinder have opposite sleeping schedules where cinder sleeps too little and glynda sleeps too much. got that high-key anxiety/depression ying-yang going on, so it’s basically a mess regardless of how you look at it. cinder’s usually up first tho

22. Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?
glynda has a vague understanding of how cooking happens, but she doesn’t do it very often. despite having raised two kids, cinder is hardly better off. they end up ordering food a lot as a result lmao.

28. What do they do when they’re away from each other?
glynda stims more by touching her ear than when she’s with cinder, and cinder has a tendency to text more often even if she doesn’t really have anything to say (which glynda always calls her out on bc theres no way she wouldn’t). these two are the epitome of *stares out the window while waiting for my wife to come back from wherever she’s at*

ultradorkybatched  asked:

I don't see why they would quit when they have literally created a whole section for special events. There are no significant holidays ahead so they could be in semi-hiatus and prepare for their new games. However, until big occasions, they could still release one or two DLCs like MC's birthday, etc. There are still a lot of things Cheritz can do to attract players, so I don't understand why people think the game is dead.

I’m pretty sure they think it because someone released a video tying Seven into an overarching theory about all of the games, based on what he said in the Valentine’s Day DLC. I’m 50/50 on this anyway tbh, since I felt like Seven’s words could be taken in multiple different ways (universes!!exist!!!in space!) and tying them to a single one is a bit wilfully ignorant of other possibilities.

It seems, though, from twitter and other social networks that this interpretation is being repeated and presented as a fact without ANY actual receipts. Cheritz has said BUGGER ALL on their twitter since releasing the statement about the Valentine’s Day lines and nothing in their app updates about the DLC being the last for Mysme. It’s too soon to claim certainty and without proof, I’m very much on the side of skepticism.

lumiosecoffeeclub  asked:

21 & 22 (Link)

  • 21: Turning points in their life

“Waking up after 100 years is a pretty big occasion. I don’t really remember much from before now, though.”

22: People who’ve influenced them greatly

“I can’t really say- there’s bits and pieces still floating around. There’s times I remember a girl, about my age. She’s… I don’t remember who she is, but I know she’s important. I think I… well, nevermind.”

[ ask meme ]

ir-anuk  asked:

Tell me more about deep sea Eliksni spider world. What kind of behavior would that society produce?

Definitely one based on scavenging and one that knows to and knows how to take full advantage of a good thing when it shows up because you never know how long it will last.

I’m going to preface the rest of this idea by saying that a) I have done 0 additional research into Eliksni canon/timelines, b) that this assumes a general world makeup similar to Earth (with how the oceans work, etc), and c) this was very quickly written while eating some ice cream.

Anyway, deep, deep, deep down on the ocean floor there is very little guaranteed food. You have the little debris that float down, the few other creatures that are down there with you, and – on a few lucky occasions – a big carcass that sinks down and gives everyone a feast for a few days/weeks.

Maybe they all started out the same size, but then some got bigger and some were smaller and they realized – “Hey! It takes less energy for the small ones to run around looking for food, so they can be our scouts!” The big ones (fewer in number because there are still fewer resources) could send out the little ones and know the little ones would report back because they are too small to scare away other predators or scavengers on their own.

Obviously it would be very difficult to imagine something like that achieving space travel from down on the ocean floor (but could be possible given enough differences between there and Earth), but maybe they start using rudimentary tools – old bones as weapons, etc. And maybe they start (very slowly) moving up the ocean floor toward the surface, evolving and adapting to the new pressures as they go, but still with the same ideas of big ones lead and protect, small ones search and scout, and everyone takes quick and full advantage of feasts when they’re found because others might come and take it.

Maybe they get into shallower seas and stay there or maybe they go amphibious and then to land-based. All along the way hands form, eyes develop and adapt, tools get ever more complex, they start forming separate bands and groups and maybe compete with each other in addition to competing with neighboring species.

Maybe that’s where the Traveler found them. It came to Humanity when we had basic space travel, but maybe it found the Eliksni still with basic tools and scattered bands but could see where they started and found potential and offered them help and advancements. The Eliksni, still having that instinctual drive of feast feast feast would be able to use that help to propel themselves up in terms of advancements – up to shields and transmats and space flight in a matter of centuries.

Even if the good seemed like it had lasted forever, seemed like it would continue to last forever, I feel like that original idea would stay (like the post about people wanting to eat brightly colored laundry pods because our brains see bright, fruit-sized things and go “!!!! fruit!! nutrients!!”). When the Traveler left it left them reeling because their advancements weren’t entirely their own and their upward growth would slam to a halt. But they would eventually remember how to scavenge, would still remember how to quickly snap up the good things when they found them because they wouldn’t last and others might get it first.