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RFA + Saeran and Kissing

-this boy has never had a girlfriend before so at first he’s very hesitant to kiss you
-sure, he kissed you at the party but he was under a few drugs at the time because of his eye and he was feeling confident
-but after everything calms down and you’re really together as a couple you’re the one to initiate most of the kisses since he’s n e r v o u s as hell
-over time though he gains a little more confidence and wants to be more of a man to you so he starts taking the lead
-forehead kisses, cheek smooches, kissing your hands, neck, face, everything he can get his lips on
-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)
-as time passes he now just casually leans over to you and puckers his lips obnoxiously until you kiss him
-you pretend to be annoyed but you love him so much you just always kiss him back
-one day you went to visit him at work to bring him lunch and when he saw you his heart was swelling with so much love for you that he just kissed you as soon as you walked into his office and you both just made out the entire time, the lunch you made for him left cold on his desk
-his favorite type of kisses: forehead kisses, it makes him feel manly and they’re very sweet and full of pure loving intentions

-you’re his first real partner in a long time so you best believe you’re getting all the smooches he can possibly give
-he’s been touch starved for a while so he just usually smooches you whenever you’re near him
-he loves it when he peppers kisses all over your face and you laugh and grin so wide
-it makes his heart swell so much it feels like it’s gonna burst (in a good way)
-he just loves kissing you so much!!
-sometimes it can be overwhelming but you still accept all his kisses because why would you say no to zen?? he’s just a handsome boy trying his best!!
-he’s also surprisingly not really extra when it comes to kissing
-like you’ll come home for the grocery store and he’ll do one of those airport movie types of run to meet you at the doorway and then picks you up and spins you around while kissing you
-“i missed you babe”
-“zen we literally saw each other 30 minutes ago, zen- no stop crying”
-despite those extra moments here and there his kisses are sweet and genuine you love him and he loves you and that’s all that matters
-his favorite type of kisses: kissing your hand, because it makes him feel like your real knight in shining armor

-isn’t a big fan of too much affection
-sure she’ll give you a peck here and there but she never truly kisses you unless she’s feeling really affectionate or there’s a big occasion going on
-it makes you sad at first but then you realize jaehee is just naturally not an affectionate person
-after a while you give up on hoping that she’ll kiss you until you find it she l o v e s it when you kiss her
-even though she ain’t a big fan of kissing you she’s a hella big fan of you kissing her
-she lives for your kisses man, it’s what keeps her going during rough days at the cafe and just rough days in general
-though she doesn’t kiss you on her own accord too often she’ll accept all of your kisses with open arms, though she’ll never admit it out loud she loves your smooches a lot
-sometimes if you catch her at the right moment and pepper her face with kisses she’ll giggle while blushing and kiss you smack right on the mouth
-it’s very rare though but when she does it your heart just loses it you love her so much f uck
-please just kiss her, you have nothing to lose
-her favorite types of kisses: when you kiss her cheek and it makes that cartoony smooching noise, it just makes her so happy??

-this man, oh boy, he fucking l i v e s for your kisses
-since he believes in sex after marriage, kisses from you are what keep him sane in the meantime before your wedding night
-you both are engaged but he still really wants to ravish you so kisses are what keep him at bay
-he’s also been touch starved for most of his life due to his distrust of woman and just general cold nature that he’s had for most of his life so your sweet kisses are what he loves the most next to you and elizabeth the 3rd
-he loves when you kiss him multiple times on his lips
-it makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside and reminds him that you’re all his
-he loves when y'all just have make out sessions in his office
-they’re sweet and full of love most of the time but sometimes they can turn hot and messy but most of the time they’re just sweet and cute
-one time when you were drunk out of your mind and laying on your shared bed while giggling about how funny elizabeth the 3rd’s ‘bean paws’ looked he was filled with so much love for you that he just kept kissing your face all over
-your drunk self was beyond confused but you tried to kiss him back and in that stupid moment of you lazily returning his kisses he realized that he was truly and deeply in love with you
-favorite types of kisses: it isn’t really a kiss but he loves when he’s about to kiss you on the mouth and you close your eyes and your breath hitches and he can see the anticipation written all over your face as you wait for him to collide his lip with yours. (also he loves kissing you on the head, it’s sweet and simple but it’s the only way he can show his affection for you without having to say it aloud)

-you’d assume saeyoung loves kisses the most
-and you’re right!!
-he just loves feeling loved??
-even though there’s nights where he lays awake thinking about how he doesn’t deserve your love he still really enjoys it
-he loves pressing his lips against yours and just showing you his love for you in a way he can without having to say it
-he also loves the way you react to his kisses more than anything else in the world
-like how your reactions range from sweet little giggles to high pitched whines
-he l i v e s for when you kiss him.
-whether it’d be an affection little kiss on the forehead or a hot messy sloppy kiss on the mouth it’s all worth the same to him, as long as they’re coming from you
-sometimes when you ask for a kiss while he’s working he’ll ignore you and you’ll be upset for a little while but as soon as he finishes work he just bombards you with every type of kiss you can think of until you’re suffocating in them
-”saeyou- please i can’t breathe”
-”you take my breath away too, mc”
-”no saeyoung- i love you but i actually can’t breathe get off me”
-his favorite type types of kisses: hot make-out sessions on his office chair. y'all are just so needy and full of pure raw lust and want it makes his heart go wild

(v isn’t fully blind in my scenarios, i headcannon that after a while of being with MC they convince him to get surgery and he can see again, but only out of one eye since the other eye was too bad to save. sorry for the previous confusion on this) -this man was very hesitant to kiss you at first
-like he would kiss your forehead and hands and cheeks but never fully on your mouth
-you’re the one who usually had to initiate those
-you never really bothered to pester him about not kissing you on the mouth too much because you know he needs to adjust to this new relationship with you
-so you just give this sweet man time, because you understand that he just got out of a toxic relationship with a cult leader who blinded him
-it’s kind of hard to get into the swing of things with a ‘normal’ relationship him but after a few months of dating you best believe you’re getting all the kisses he can offer you
-sometimes you both will just be walking around hand in hand and he’ll stop you both and cup his hands around your face and just kiss you for a long time
-you both sometimes do photo shoots where he puts the camera on a timer and he kisses you in every way he can without getting too frisky
-the photos are cute and sweet and he has an album dedicated to them that he can look at whenever he needs to look at your sweet smile and kisses
-his favorite types of kisses: when you’re pulled up close to his chest fast asleep and he can just press his lips lazily to your head over and over again without you waking up. it makes him feel like he’s worth something to be cradling you like this and showing you small tokens of affections.

-at first when you tried kissing him he was literally just like: no
-he apparently didn’t like kissing!! or anything ‘normal’ couples did!!
-it makes him uncomfortable to be showered in so much affection so suddenly after having it be stripped away from him for so many years
-you, being the understanding partner you are, give him as much space and time as he needs
-after a while though he allows you to kiss stuff like his hands and forehead
-never on the lips though because simply the thought of it overwhelms the poor babe
-after a year and a few months of dating he suddenly kisses you on the lips while you both are binge watching criminal minds, it was completely out of nowhere and you were just like: !!!
-y'all then make kissing a normal thing
-sometimes when making out he might get overwhelmed or embarrassed so you have to stop but other than that you’re allowed to kiss him whenever and however you want now which is great, 10/10 you love
-his favorite types of kisses: when you both are just sitting on his bed and you randomly kiss his knuckles or the palm of his hand. it just makes him feel so loved and happy.

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have you ever considered Kaze!Kana? I think he & Midori are so cute together cause I headcanon her as being jussssstt older enough to feel protective

She’s the super protective older sister for a while but then she realizes that she can use Kana as her guinea pig for herbal nonsense and chaos ensues

Just one look

Can I get one where the reader has secret and unrequited feelings for Jacob. He takes her to meet the pack and Embry imprints on her immediately and everything changes. I’m not sure how to be more specific maybe make it kind of angsty and sad but kinda cute/romantic at the end? 😄 ❤️

For Anon

Pairing : unrequited!reader x Jacob, eventual reader x Embry

Words: 2642

Warnings: Big fluffy wolf dweebs. Slight Bella bashing

Slight angst

Not read Twilight since it first came out some years ago so sorry the details are few in terms of Canon plot.



It had taken months for you to get your best friend to talk to you again after he did a disappearing act. Even then it wasn’t until his precious Bella told him too. You folded your arms and settled back into the passenger seat.
“Come on Y/N, crack a smile? I thought we were past the silent treatment.” Jacob teased from the driver’s seat, he took his eyes off of the road for a moment to give you a toothy grin and it was hard not to giggle at just how cute he looked.

The asshole.

“Must be a big occasion for you to finally let me meet the guys?” You mumble and try to keep the hope out of your voice that he might introduce you as his girl.
“You know Paul and Leah.” Jacob offered.
“And both of them ditched me too, I swear you all get a few muscles and think you’re above everything.” You argued.
His hands tightened on the wheel and Jacob spat out, “You don’t understand.”
“No, little old lowly me can’t possibly understand, why don’t you fill me in? Why’d you three suddenly remember about me?” You asked.
Jacob tried to calm himself, it wouldn’t do well for him to phase with you in the car with him. Truth be told he’s wanted to talk to you as soon as he changed, you were his best friend, even if him knowing about your little crush on him had made things slightly awkward at first.
He didn’t return the feelings, no, he loved Bella. But you would always be his best friend and he relied on that friendship and though he didn’t want to admit it he also relied on your affections. It was hard seeing Bella with Edward every day.

Knowing that someone lusted after him made him feel attractive. He knew he was a bastard and the whole pack knew it too. Paul and Leah had almost ripped him apart over using your affections for his own ego.  They’d missed seeing you as much as he had, and even though you’d not met the rest of the pack now was a good a time as any. There’d been horrific leech activity recently and Paul, who had took you under his wing and was a self-proclaimed best big brother ever, demanded you be brought in so you couldn’t wonder off into any danger.
It wasn’t until Bella had re-voiced this sentiment with a soft hand on his arm that Jacob had phoned you to tell you his was going to pick you up. But obviously he couldn’t just tell you any of this.

Jacob’s lips pursed slightly and you noticed how he had to force himself to smile over at you, “Maybe I don’t like the idea of leaving you on your own? You like to take off into the woods on little walks and last thing I need Paul coming after me if you wind up missing.”

You scowled at him, “Well sorry to be such a burden.”
He had pulled up outside a decent sized house and he sighed , “Y/N I didn’t mean it like –”
“I don’t give a shit how you meant it.” You snapped and jumped out of the car, slamming the car door behind you as you wrapped your jumper tight around your body and started towards the house. You stopped just short of it and knocked on the door loudly.
It swung open before you’d finished knocking and you were being pulled into a bear hug from Paul.
“Paul put me down!” You laughed as he carried you into the front room, Jacob had caught up now and shut the door behind him.

“Not until you tell me why you had a face like thunder when you got here.” He laughed and raised you higher off of the ground and you struggled against his laughing frame.
“Jacob was just letting me know how much of a burden I am.” You pouted when he finally put you back on floor.
“Jacob!” A woman’s voice scolded sharply and for the first time you noticed the other people in the room. Jacob was being told off by a young woman with a scarred face perched in a strong man’s lap, Paul went around the room and introduced everyone so you knew them as Sam and Emily, Jared and Kim sat next to them in a similar position, Leah and Seth sat on the floor near the couch. On the couch Quill sat on one end leaving room for you and Paul.
“Ignore Jake.” Quill advised simply.
You heard the door open and a laughing voice ask, “Why are we ignoring Jake?”

Quill laughed, “Y/N this is Embry.”
You turned to give him a smile and he felt the bottom of his world fall out from under him. He’d seen you before in Jacob, Paul and Leah’s minds on patrol but good lord it didn’t do you any justice. You were the most splendid creature he’d ever seen and even though he knew Paul thought of you as his sister seeing his pack mates arm around your shoulders made him want to rip the bigger man apart.

You felt awkward having his attentions on you. Not because of his attention itself, per say, that was quite comforting, he looked at you like you were the only person in the world but the issue was he was gorgeous, easily as handsome as your best friend-come crush Jacob. No, you knew you were lying, this guy was just stunning.

That’s when you realised that you were staring.

The room had suddenly gotten heavy with tension and you looked between the guys trying to figure out what had happened to make it so uncomfortable. Embry was staring at you, Paul was staring at Embry and Jacob looked furious.
“We’re ignoring Jake because he was being mean to Y/N.” Quill offered almost innocently as though he was trying to restart the conversation.
Embry’s eyes tore from you and focused on Jacob, “What? Why the hell would you-?”
Jacob crossed his arms across his chest, “What’s it got to do with you Embry?”

“You know what it’s got to do with me.” Embry snarled with an anger that didn’t belong on his calm features and you and Kim both jumped from his sudden change in temperament.

“That’s enough.” Sam’s voice came out as a boom and after Emily jumped up from his lap, he was striding across the room with Jared on his heels, Quill jumped up from beside you and the three of them ushered Jacob and Embry out of the house, both of them looking like they wanted to tear into each other. Paul gave you quick one armed squeeze and left with them.  Leah and Seth rose and with a lot more decorum, both shot you almost reassuring looks before they left as well.

Emily let out a long drawn out sigh and you released the tense breath you didn’t realise that you’d been holding.
“What was that about?” You asked.
“Boys, who understands them?” Kim offered with a small laugh.


“I don’t know where you put it all.” You laughed as Embry ate what you were sure was his third burger, his cheeks puffed up full of food. He swallowed and laughed sheepishly before putting it back down on his plate like he no longer wanted it.
“No no!” You rushed, “I didn’t mean it like that, you just have a healthy appetite.” You gave him a reassuring smile and nudged his arm holding the plate until he began to eat again.
“It takes a lot of food to have a body like this.” He joked and gestured down at himself, it was one of the only times you’d seen him wear a shirt and you were pretty sure this was only because Leah had told his wearing just a pair of shorts was making you nervous. Yeah that woman wasn’t as quiet with her lectures as she thought she was.

“So, “So, er Y/N..” Embry started before looking you square in the eyes, you felt your cheeks heat up and your stomach flip as he leaned forward to take both your little hands in one of his massive warm hands,
“After the bonfire next week , I was wondering if you wanted to catch a film? Maybe a meal?” His eyes swam with uncertainty and worry. His began to chew on his lip and you wanted to lean forward and press your lips to his but you didn’t.

“Maybe two meals with your appetite.” You laughed and leaned forward to kiss his cheek. His face broke into a big grin and he slipped his arm around your waist and squeezed you playfully while blowing a raspberry against your cheek. Such romance.


“You’re staring again.” Quil laughed and Embry punched him hard in the arm which only made Quil laugh harder.

It was hard for him not to stare at you across the bonfire. It had been a week seen he’d seen you last and he hated to admit how lost he’d felt without knowing that you were alright or being able to check on you as the leech attacks hadn’t lessened at all. You hadn’t responded to any of his texts since he’d asked you on a date, that was supposed to be tonight and he didn’t even  know if I was stil happening.
It had been about a month since he’d imprinted on you and three weeks since he’d accepted that that’s what had happened that day at Sam and Emily’s place. The rest of the pack were thrilled for him, even Paul and Leah who saw it as you having someone strong to love and protect you unconditionally.
Jacob however was being an ass about it. He’d tried to keep you both apart without making it obvious but the other wolves were in his head, they knew the truth.

Jacob was jealous.

He relied on your affection to make up his ego, his only other source of self-worth coming intermittently from Bella when she had time between seeing Edward which was hardly ever these days. He could already tell that you were pulling away from him romantically, that you’d solidified your opinion on him as your best friend and had been texting Embry almost nonstop since meeting him.

As you and Jacob arrived at the bonfire you felt him slip his arms around your shoulders but it failed to give you the butterflies that it used to. He pulled you quickly to one side so that you could sit down together and continued to pour his attention over you. You were enjoying yourself, sat with your best friend but every time he laid his large hand on your knee or your lower back it felt wrong, like his hand didn’t belong there.

“Hey Y/N!” You turned to see Quil and Embry approaching you, Quill dropped himself down unceremoniously across from you while Embry sat himself down next to you and gave you a blinding smile.
“Uh oh troubles here.” You laughed at them.
“Damn right.” Quill waggled his eyebrows in a ridiculous flirting voice but stopped when both of his best friends tried to set fire to him with their glares.
“So Y/N how have you been?” Embry gave you an earnest smile that told you he genuinely cared about if you had been keeping well. You tried to suppress the blush and tucked some hair behind your ear, “Sorry I’ve not text you the last few days, someone accidentally reversed over my phone.” You sent Jacob a glare who gave you an embarrassed look.
Embry let slip a small growl at his pack brother until Quill jumped up and caught you by the arm dragging you away towards Emily and Kim and the rest of the pack.
“Quill should we just be leaving them on their own?” You asked worried as you saw both boys rise to a stand, they were clearly arguing but trying to keep their voices as low as possible.

“They’ll be fine let’s just get you to a safe distance.” He laughed but it sounded too forced.
You looked back over your shoulder just as Jacob pushed Embry sending him flying backwards.
“Jake!” You scolded turning around and running towards the boys.
“Y/N stop! Don’t!” Quill shouted behind you.

As you reached the boys you heard a roar then everything was fur and teeth and claws and a strong warm around your waist pulling you back into black.


Leah was the only pack member who had seen you in the past week. Since ‘bonfire gate’ as Paul was calling it, you’d locked yourself away from all the wolves and their imprints except Leah. You’d let her in on the condition that you didn’t want to talk about wolves at all but she and you both knew that you knew everything.

You were a smart girl and grew up with the tribe legends, as soon as you’d woken up from your little brush with the boys, everything had fallen into place for you. Their disappearance from your life, their body heat and the way Embry looked at you.


You didn’t know what to think, the logical part of your brain told you to run away screaming but you missed him so damn much. You could hear the wolves at night running around howling, you knew that Embry came by your house every night to keep you safe.

Speaking of those noisy idiots you could hear them now, you looked up at the clock, 9pm, and Embry would be here soon.
You heard your phone go off for the fifth time in the past half an hour. You’d met one of the Cullen’s today and Bella must have mentioned it to Jacob because every member of the pack had text you. Paul had phoned you three times until  you answered and told them that you were fine. It didn’t stop Embry though, he had text you asking if you were somewhere safe – again.

This time, with your stomach churning, you replied.
Can I see your face tonight instead, mutt?

There was no response, not until an hour later when you noticed movement in your back yard where Wolf Embry usually waited to check in on you. You slipped on a thick jumper and quickly ran down the stairs and to the back door.
There he was waiting for you.

Slowly, and which much more confidence than you ever thought you could process, you stepped towards him while hugging your jumper around yourself. In true Embry fashion he was sporting little more than a t-shirt and shorts.

“I didn’t think you’d want to see me.” His words sounded heavy like they were weighed down by his loneliness since the incident.
“I didn’t, not a first.” You mumbled, you’d both stopped close together but far enough apart that he couldn’t make you uncomfortable.

“What’s changed?” He asked, his expression etched with confusion.
“Nothing. Not yet, but I think something could. I missed you.” You held your hand out.

He took your hand in his larger one and pulled you to his chest. You buried your face into his warm chest and he wrapped his arms around you and kissed the top on your head.

“I missed you too.”

Part one- Just one look
Part two - Learning to trust
Part three - Living with the bond
Part Four - A new wolf
Part Five - Facing the Future
Part Six - The promise 

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Baby Talks

A/N: this has lots of fluff ;)

Requested: @two-ghosts11

Hope you guys enjoy this! x

1680 words.

Having a baby was undoubtedly stressful, but there was no doubt that Harry and Y/N couldn’t be happier about it. It has been six months since they’ve had Theo, who was as healthy, happy and strong as he could be.

There were times earlier in their relationship that Harry often found himself wondering if one could feel happier and warmer than he felt; wondering if that really was the happiest someone could’ve been — with the love of his life by his side, with amazing and beautiful memories being made each day and with love and joy being the only things that surrounded them in wherever environment they found themselves in —; there was really no doubt to it. He was so certain that there was no way someone could feel happier than that. Until Theo came along, of course.

Since the first time Harry saw their little man, he couldn’t stop looking at him and making silent observations about him; how tiny his hands and feet were, how little hair he had on his head, how flushed were his cheek and the big eyes he had. Harry swore on his life he had never seen anything or anyone as cute. He also never found himself as excited as he was now. He looked forward to see his first steps, to hear his first words, to see him grow up and accompany him through every step of the way.

However, Harry’s job was not one to be described as easy, which could get in their way sometimes. After all, he had just released his solo album and was about to tour the entire world with a baby and a loving wife at home. And it wouldn’t be easy.

With that being said, he never took them for granted, always looking forward every moment spent with them and cherishing every second of it, for they unfortunately don’t last forever. Soon, Harry would have to leave for a couple of weeks for his first leg of the tour and all he wanted to do was spend as much time with his family as possible.

It was winter and it was colder than usual. Theo was cutely wrapped around a blanket with a frog beanie neatly put upon his head and as warm as possible. Y/N had gone out to work today. It was winter break, meaning that she usually stayed in. However, her boss really needed her at the office so she had to go, leaving both Harry and the baby alone with each other. Although Harry would much rather prefer it if she was there with them, he was okay with being with little Theo by himself. After all, it was just one day. Besides, he’d get to spend the whole day with his baby, and who knows? They could bond even more during these next few hours.

Y/N had left with a loving kiss on Harry’s lips and with a smile on her face, telling him she’d be back before he knows it.

Soon after she left, Harry went straight up to Theo’s room to check how he was doing in his little crib. The baby had just been fed and his diapers were just changed so he was okay for now.

As he entered the room, Theo’s eyes immediately lit up and Harry approached him with a huge smile plastered on his face.

“‘Lo, m’little man. How are you today?”, he asked, pinching Theo’s nose, to which he only let out a loud giggle. In response, Harry’s smile increased (if that was even possible at this point).

The baby started to wiggle around his crib and let out a small burb. Harry couldn’t help but laugh at how small and innocent it sounded.

“Oi! You okay there, buddy?”, he rhetorically asked as he picked him up. “I see you like frogs, huh?” he said, mentioning to the beanie Theo had on his head.

“M’gonna take you downstairs with me, yeah? So we can watch some cartoons and cuddle fo’ a bit.”

Harry carefully walked with Theo wrapped around his arms, settling both of them on the couch. However, Harry thought he could do something a little bit more fun and cozy for his baby, and, being the dork and loving man he is, he made a little fortress of pillows on the couch and placed himself and Theo inside of it, careful not to destroy their little shelter.

After they both of them comfortably lying inside of it, Harry turned on the TV and put on the first kids-program he saw on the screen.

“Do you like it, baby?”, he asked, running his hands over his sides, making him giggle loudly. Harry knew that Theo couldn’t understand a word he said, but he still wanted to talk to him, even if that meant he’d have a one-sided conversation. “The big red one is a dog. A huge dog actually, don’t you think? Too big to be true”, he looked at the baby, who was starring intently at his father, liking the way his voice sounded. This only made Harry continue with his talking.

“We can get a dog if you’d like in the future, little man. What do you think, huh?”, Harry complemented nudging his sides. “Just don’t expect it to be as big and as red, alright?”, he said, letting out a small laugh.

He kept on rambling and describing the characters and events happening on screen until Theo suddenly reached his hands out and grabbed Harry’s nose, to which he jokingly hissed.

“Wha’? You like daddy’s nose, huh? You want one just like mine?”, Harry asked, rubbing his nose with little Theo’s. “Don’t worry, pal. You’ll have a cool nose too. Nicer even, yeh know? ‘Cos yours will have bits of your mommy’s nose too. A mixture of both. You know how beautiful she is, yeah?”. By now the baby had just gotten back to starring at his father, making Harry cuddle further into his little body, to which the small one only smiled and sighed in comfort.

“She gave you those eyes,” Harry continued, “they’re as big and as bright as hers. There’s just as much love in them. Have yeh noticed? Mommy loves you very much.”, said as he kissed his small head. “She always makes sure yeh’re warm and happy. She’s a great mommy, isn’t she?”. At the mention of Y/N, Harry only smiles bigger at the thought of how caring and kind she was, specially towards their family.

Theo continued to stare intently at Harry, listening and trying to make sense of the sounds of his daddy’s words.

Moments like these are the ones Harry cherishes the most. He’s always enjoyed simple. He absolutely adored finding contentment and satisfaction in small moments like the one he’s living right now at this moment. Harry believed that life was mostly made of simple and small events like these rather than big and unusual occasions that would probably only happen once or twice in the course of his life. Of course he also enjoyed those moments too, but he wouldn’t switch or change the small ones for anything in the world. He never took them for granted and always made sure he enjoyed them at their fullest. After all, how could he not? He’s the happiest a human being could ever be, he believed. He had the love of his life by his side, a loving, beautiful boy and he loved his job.

As soon as Theo let out a yawn, Harry was immediately brought bad from his trance of thought and lightly placed kissed on the little one’s forehead. “I’m tired too, buddy. Let’s take a nap, yeah? That way we’ll be well rested for when mommy comes home.”, closing his eyes he let out a small “i love you”, which came out more as a murmur, yet he still meant every word and letter in his phrase.

Soon, both of them started to drift off to sleep and entered a tranquil and resting slumber; both warm and happy with each other’s company.


After what felt like minutes, or hours — he couldn’t tell —, Harry woke up to a bright light flashing upon his face. Theo followed soon after him, whining a bit. As soon as his eyes adjusted to the sudden light, he saw his beautiful Y/N standing in front of them, with a huge smile on her face and a polaroid camera on one of her hands and the picture being slowly revealed on the other.

“Hi, baby”, she said, leaning in for a kiss. Harry kissed her back immediately, following with a tight hug.

“Missed you today, love.” He remarked, to which she only replied with words of reciprocity. “What were you doing just now?”, he teased as he nodded to the camera on her hands, knowing really well what she was just doing. After all, it was as clear as day.

“Nothing. Just taking a picture of my two angels cuddling under this well built-up fortress,” she laughed. “This really is such a sight to see, H. Couldn’t have this moment finish without taking a picture first.”

“Glad you took it, love. Theo and I had a very nice day today, didn’t we?”, Harry said, kindly nudging his son’s side. “We slept for the most part of it, I guess, but we talked- I mean, I talked,” he chuckled with a smile, the memories of their simple yet really nice day flashing through his mind, “It was really cute. He’s adorable.”, Harry finished. “What about you, love? How was your day?”, he pulled Y/N into the fortress with them, which she gladly complied to.

“My day was okay. Just work stuff. Definitely not as fun as yours”, she let out a laugh and smiled lovingly at Harry, who was looking at her with all the attention in the world. “Kind of tired right now,” she sighed. Harry kissed her temples and hugged her tighter to his body.

“Let’s just sleep it off, then. Shall we?”.

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You knew darn well what I was askong you. Is it okay for me to kill you because you're tissue? Why is murder even illegal then? Also do you thonk a 6-9 month old fetus (someone failed latin cause that means offspring) is okay to abort? Because seems like you apply no limitations.

My six years of Latin straight As would beg to differ. The word lunatic has a Latin root in the word for moon but it doesn’t mean crazy people are moons. Etymology is not the same as a definition.

Firstly “do you thonk (thonk-lol) a 6-9 month old fetus…is okay to abort?” Personally, for me, yes. Not everyone agrees with me on that and that’s fine but if it’s necessary, it should be allowed. If you think it’s a a sentient human being- from the minute it’s conceived then you should believe that any form of abortion is murder even if it’s the result of rape or incest, or if the mother is 13. 

The thing you seem not to realise is that the majority of people who are pro choice couldn’t give a shit about when life begins. There is no medical or scientific consensus. The reason we’re pro choice is because we live in reality. Abortion has existed since the beginning of time. It’s centuries older than the religion which has led you to believe abortion is wrong. Women will get abortions as long as we continue to ignore the root causes (again, the fault of pro lifers) so we have two options: legalise it so we can regulate and make it safe or ban it and lead to the deaths of millions of people- deaths which will happen in back rooms of illegal abortion clinics with women bleeding slowly to death while the rest of the world turns a blind eye. Now before you say “BUT MURDER IS OLDER THAN CHRISTIANITY AND WE STILL BAN THAT” I’d say that’s true. But legalising murder would cause impossible chaos as we’d all live in constant fear. It doesn’t reduce it either so it’s not a deterrent, whereas legalising abortion does consistently reduce rates. And we do legalise the premeditated death of others all the time: in combat situations. If it’s ok to take away the life of another human being- someone with family and friends and thoughts and beliefs and memories- in a war zone, then we are explicitly saying that stopping a life is ok as long as it benefits us. So murder’s often legal. 

The other main point is the fact that if you say that a fetus is a human being then you give it all of the basic human rights a person has by law. Let’s look at the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The fetus would have a right to a name so everyone has to name a baby the moment they find out they’re pregnant. They have the right to a nationality, even though you can’t be a citizen of places like the United States unless you’re born there. They have the right to privacy (I’m sure you can see the issues with that when they live inside their mother).  I read an article the other day that pointed out that if we force a woman to go through with a pregnancy she doesn’t want then we’d be violating the fetus’s right to be free from arbitrary detention! And even if we all decided to give the fetus the inalienable right to life, that doesn’t give them the right to their mother’s oxygen or her blood supply. They can have the right to life if you want but only if we grow them in labs. You can’t hand out rights to someone who isn’t born. It is just completely irrational. 

Pro lifers like to play on the emotions of people and that’s not what it’s about for pro choice people. Emotion is irrelevant for policy decisions. What’s relevant is logic and realism. Being anti-choice is neither logical or realistic. 

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Imagine surprising Chris for his birthday.

A/N: I didn’t think I’d get a one shot done for his birthday, but I did. 😊 Happy birthday, Chris. And also, thank you so much for 5.5K! I love you all to bits. What a wonderful present to get on Chris’ birthday. X

13th of June 2017; Chris’ 36th birthday. You had big plans for your husband’s birthday, except they weren’t going to take place until later in the evening. Unlike Chris who had just finished filming the first part of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, you were still needed at your job. You had quite a bit to do today and seeing as you had plans to meet Chris at 6:30PM, you were on a bit of a time crunch. You got up earlier than usual, texting your driver to pick you up with breakfast from yours and Chris’ favorite brunch spot. You weren’t going to be there when Chris woke up, the least you could do was get him some delicious maple walnut bagels.

By the time Chris woke up, you’d already left for work and Dodger had taken your bed space. He chuckled and scratched his best friend’s head, then narrowed his eyes when he spotted a folded piece of paper tucked in Dodger’s collar. He smiled when he saw that it was in your handwriting, it said: “Good morning, Birthday Boy. I couldn’t afford the day off, but I’m leaving work early. See you at 6:30, I’m sending Jason to pick you up so be ready. Your suit’s in the closet, pressed and ready to wear. I love you.” He kissed the note then pressed it to his nose, as always- you’d spritzed it with some of your perfume. You did it every time you left him a note, and he did the same when he left you one; it just made things more personal.

“Okay, Dodger,” Chris sat up, resting the note on his bedside table. “Let’s go see what Y/N left me for breakfast.” He said, knowing very well you’d left him breakfast. It was something you did when you had to leave for work early on special occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day.

You always thought that between the two of you he was the one that would miss out on all the big occasions, but it turned out to be you instead; the owner of a start-up that helped promote big fashion and beauty brands as well as dress celebrities and socialites. You wanted to complain, but it was hard to considering how much you loved your job. It wasn’t just because you got to work around clothes and makeup all day, it also helped you meet and marry your celebrity crush. You couldn’t believe how quickly the last four years had gone by, it felt like just yesterday you were launching your company.

Chris found the maple walnut bagels you’d left him and popped them in the toaster while he boiled some water to make some green tea. He filled Dodger’s food and water bowl while he waited for both his breakfast items to heat up. He was expecting more than breakfast, if he was being honest. You were a romantic who left him love notes and gifts even when it wasn’t his birthday, so why on earth wouldn’t you when you actually had a reason to do so? He flinched when the toaster popped out his bagels. He grabbed a plate to hold his bagels then grabbed the cream cheese from the fridge, sighing. 6:30PM was a long while away, what was he going to do with his day until then? He could drop by your work place to hang out, but he felt like he’d just seem needy if he did. He huffed and took a bite of his warm bagel, looking over at Dodger who was happily enjoying his kibble.

“Looks like we’re going to go for a long run, bud.”

• • • • • • • •

Chris fixed his tie in the mirror by the front door while he waited for your driver to pick him up. The day had been a long one waiting for 6:30PM, but it was finally here. He couldn’t wait to see you and see what you’d planned for him. You’d planned everything with great secrecy because this was something you knew you couldn’t let Chris’ curiosity ruin for himself. It was big and you wanted it to catch him with complete surprise as it did you when you found out. You couldn’t stop smiling when you saw the two lines appear on the stick, and you knew Chris wouldn’t be able to either when you told him he was finally getting the child he’d always wanted.

A knock on the door told Chris that Jason had arrived, he grabbed his house keys and opened the front door. “Hey, man.” Chris greeted Jason and earned a nod and smile from the man who’d been looking after his wife since she started her career. Jason opened the car door for Chris and Chris got into the car, smiling when he saw a bottle of his favorite beer sitting in a ice bucket. He chuckled and cracked it open as Jason got back into the car, pulling out of the driveway.

You got a text from Jason when they arrived at your company’s main headquarters. You were waiting on the roof with your news as well as a candlelit dinner catered by the Italian restaurant you and Chris went to on your first date. You were slightly nervous to tell Chris you were pregnant. You didn’t know why because you knew he’d be happy to hear it, but you were nervous. You weren’t trying for a child per se, but you weren’t not trying either. You both agreed that if it happened, it happened. You went off the pill and stopped using the latex barrier, allowing the universe to decide if the two of you should be parents.

“Don’t I feel special?” You heard Chris’ voice and you turned around, smiling when you saw him walking over. “You do know how to spoil me.” He looped an arm around your waist, pulling you into him as he pressed his lips against yours. You could taste the residual alcohol in his mouth as he kissed you. “Happy birthday to me,” he chuckled softly when he broke the kiss.

“Happy birthday indeed,” you smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck. Both of his hands landed on your waist as he smiled brightly at you. “Do you want your present first, or dinner first? I thought I’d give you the choice seeing as you’re the birthday boy.”

“Depends on what the present is, I mean- If it’s you and your Versace on the floor, I’d rather save it until we get home.” He winked and you laughed. “But if it’s something that doesn’t involve sexual favors then I’ll have the present first.” You rolled your eyes with a smile as you pulled away from his touch, taking his hand to pull him with you. You grabbed the envelope off the dinner table and held it out for him to take. “Aw, man. An envelope?”

“Excuse me?” You laughed. “Did you seriously just say that?”

“Sorry,” he chuckled. “I was just hoping for something- y'know, in a box. You nailed last year’s gift, I really liked that bottle of scotch you got me with the personalized glassware?” You tried not to smile too widely as you played out his reaction after he saw what was in the envelope in your head; you had no doubt he was going to regret everything he said. “But you know what, I’m sorry. It’s always the thought that counts and you are always superbly thoughtful. Envelope or box, I’m sure this is going to be an amazing gift.”

“If you’re disappointed, I can always make up for it when we get home ‘cause there’s a Victoria Secret gift bag waiting at the back of the wardrobe.” You teased him and he chuckled, shooting you a quick wink as he opened the envelope. “Disappointed?” You bit back your smile when you saw his jaw drop at the sight of the sonogram he’d just pulled out.

“Is this-” He looked up at you with tear filled eyes and you nodded, smiling. “So we’re-” He couldn’t even finish his sentence. He couldn’t breathe, he was holding a picture of his future child in his hand. He was going to be a father, the two of you were going to have a child. “YES!” He wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting you off the ground.

“Chris!” You yelped then laughed as he spun you in a circle. “Are you happy?” You asked as he continued to hold you against him; you ran one hand over his gelled hair and the other down his back. He nodded, burying his face in this crook of your neck. “Is this a better gift than the scotch last year?” He nodded again and you smiled. “Can you kiss me now?” You asked and he quickly met your lips.

“I love you,” he whispered, resting his forehead against yours.

“I love you too,” you smiled.

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The Witchy Lifestyle: Beltane

Once again, the Wheel of the Year turns and we come to another milestone in the holidays that many of us witches celebrate! And here at the peak of spring and the beginning of summer, we have perhaps one of the most beautiful (and fun, if ya know what I mean) of the Celtic seasonal festivals: Beltane, or May Day.

Like Imbolc, Beltane’s history (at least in Ireland) is linked to the cultural livelihood: cattle. It’s at this time that the cattle would be driven out to the summertime pastures, and as such, it was necessary to protect the cattle in some way. Beltane was an opportunity to work rites that would protect the cattle during the summer months as they grazed.

Bonfires were lit, a new flame welcoming the warm months ahead and meant to help encourage growth, fertility, and protection. These bonfires were more than just celebratory, and weren’t really meant for the California tradition of roasting hot dogs and hamburgers. These fires were a representation of passion and the energy of life at its most potent. They were also fires that were built in honor of the Sun. This is one of the Celtic fire festivals, and so the flame has ritual significance. When the fire had burned down enough, couples and individuals would leap the flames and embers - an act of purification and encouraging fertility, and an act of love as it was a way for couples to pledge their loyalty to one another.

Cattle would be driven through the smoke. Again, this was an act of cleansing and protection. By walking the very livelihood of the village through the smoke and ashes of a solar fire, the farmers were petitioning the solar deities for continued health and success of the community. Other customs made use of two bonfires, in which the cattle would be driven between the two flames. Regardless, the cattle were meant to be protected from disease and malevolent spirits through the use of this ritual.

Later on, embers would be gathered from these flames and brought to the home. In a time without electricity, fire was life-giving. A “need-fire” was ever-present in the home, to be kept throughout the year for cooking and warmth. If one’s fire were to go out, it would be considered a bad omen and a sign of bad luck on their doorstep. Traditionally, the need-fire would be put out only once during the year: on Beltane. At this time, a new need-fire would be kindled from the embers of the Beltane fire, a way of bringing the summer sun into the home for the remainder of the year. 

In Celtic Britain, Beltane was a festival with similar themes and motifs, but the deity associated with Beltane was non other than Belenus, a deity of the sun. Like Apollo, Belenus was believed to drive a horse-drawn chariot across the sky, bringing the sun along behind him.

Today, Beltane continues to be celebrated primarily as a fertility festival. Various practices are done on Beltane, including the dance of the maypole (the pole itself is a phallic representation, thrust in to the Earth; the ring of flowers near the top symbolize Mother Nature; the ribbons wound around the pole during the maypole dance represent the spiral of life); the Beltane bonfire, to be leaped for cleansing, protection, and luck; and often handfastings.

The Turning of the Wheel

In the story of the archetypal gods that helps teach the Wheel of the Year, it’s at this time that the Goddess is sexually mature, as well as the Oak King (often depicted at this time of the year as the Green Man). They come together in marriage and consummate that union. The Goddess on this day transitions from the Maiden to the Mother, and the Earth reflects that in its mass floral blooms and productive crops, as well as the arrival of many baby animals at this time of the year.

At this time of the year, it’s sensible for fertility magic as well as cleansing and protection magic to be worked, as well as marriage and handfasting ceremonies to be performed. However, it’s also a great time to honor the spirits of nature, including the Faerie, for whom this festival is also dedicated. Like Samhain, it’s believed that the material world and the spiritual world are particularly close this time of the year, so it’s appropriate to honor ancestors, as well.

So Josh, What Will You Be Doing to Celebrate?

Well, given that this is a fertility festival, my boyfriend and I have… plans (wink wink, nudge nudge). However! My coven is getting together to have a Beltane bonfire at one of the local beaches, complete with a rite to honor all of our gods, as well as the local faerie folk. We’ll be making this a big, fun occasion!

May your Beltane fires be bright, and your year blessed!
Blessed Be! )O(

Warm Me Up Ch. 29

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Saying that spending time with Will and his family was awkward would have been an understatement. Nico had no idea what Will had told them about their relationship, but he knew they knew Will and Nico had dated. He couldn’t help but feel like both Mr. and Mrs. Solace didn’t like him or wanted to investigate everything they could about him.

The only relief Nico had from their blue-eyed gaze was the small redheaded girl who liked him from the moment she’d realized he was the same person who’d helped with her bear. She liked to sit on Nico’s lap and she liked to play with his rings and play with his hair or cover his faded scars in Band-Aids and stickers.

Will insisted on having Nico join him and his family for the week of their stay and his parents assured him he was welcome. Nico wondered if maybe it was all in his head that they didn’t like him. But sometimes he caught Will’s dad looking at him like a puzzle and a threat until his wife or Will or Kayla pulled his attention away. And Will’s mom didn’t ask Nico much about himself. It was like Nico either wasn’t there or wasn’t an important presence.

It made Nico anxious, and he decided instead to stay beside Kayla and Will whenever possible.

It was the last day they were here and Nico was slightly relieved, but he didn’t show it because he knew Will would miss his family.

“Thank you guys so much for coming,” Will said as he hugged them goodbye. “I’ll miss you so much.”

“We love you, sweetheart. Hopefully you can come home if only to visit soon,” Naomi said, giving her son a warm smile that made Nico have to look away. He didn’t want to join that day because he figured he’d be intruding, but Naomi had said Kayla wanted to say goodbye to him too.

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Imagine that during some big occasion like a festival or an anniversary of Saving The World or whatever Shadow drags Sonic somewhere behind the scenes where no one can see them. Sonic’s confused at first but then Shadow kneels down and pulls out an engagement ring. All Sonic can say at this moment is “…I was too slow this time I suppose” and pulls out his own and they just laugh it off awkwardly                

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Can you picture Yura Plisetsky being grudgingly fond of Victor and Yuuri relationships, never refusing when they ask for his company, and even making pirozhki for family dinner? ;)

If you know where to look, you’ll find that Yuri Plisetsky is actually really easy to read. He’s like one of those sexist facebook manifesto where everything you say means exactly the opposite. More vehement the rebuttal is, the more he actually really wants to do the thing, and an insult is most likely a masked compliment (except for what they like to call “the strange case of JJ”, but that’s another story entirely). 

Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship is one of the things he’s actually secretly (not secretly at all) most fond of, and subsequently the recipient of his most colorful, well thought curses. He saves the sophisticated ones for big occasions, but he has notes on his phone. 

Viktor has been on the receiving end for more time than him, but Yuuri has become a solid Yuri translator too, if he says so himself. If you asked him, he’d say that the key is, even more than in the words, in the actions.

Yuri Plisetsky, you see, for all his complaining and fake puking, has become a constant in almost all their not-dates (he keeps carefully away from their real dates, and he’s learnt this the hard way), strolling at a safe distance from them, usual scowl etched on his face, phone in hand, but there nonetheless. He likes to claim he’s mostly there for the gifts, and the food, because they always offer (and Viktor has no self control, buying every tiger printed item on sight and dumping them into Yuri’s arms unceremoniously, to which the reply is a varied range of conflicted emotions and a muttered “thanks”, but the blush on Yuri’s face is always very present and they both find it adorable).

Yuri Plisetsky also has a given spot on their couch, because on most practice-free days you can find him there, socked feet propped on their coffee table, pretending he has nothing better to do and demanding to kick their asses at mario kart (he’ll kick Viktor’s alright, but Yuuri is unbeatable and he’ll have to accept it one day). For the record, he mains Yoshi, which makes Viktor cry at night when he’s feeling particularly emotional.

He definitely has a spare violet toothbrush in their bathroom, and let’s say the guest bedroom has a lot more stripes than it had before, but that doesn’t mean anything. The fact that he has a favorite mug that no one but him drinks into, ever, and that he always sits on the chair placed to the left of the table, too, is not a thing they discuss.

If Yuuri has been yelled at on the phone times and times again, by now, because he keeps getting confused by russian brands of yeast for the pirozhki that Yuri makes in their kitchen (”Just because mine is a hole and I always end up making too much- people are dying, Katsudon, I can’t throw out perfectly good food”) for their weekly friday dinner, which is not a family dinner, shut up Viktor, that, too, is inconsequential.

And when they compliment him on the deliciousness of the meal (Viktor with his mouth still full, because he’s like that sometimes, and Yuuri with a gentle, terribly proud smile), telling him he’s getting better at it, the redness of his face is just because he’s tired and it’s hot in the kitchen. He’s not training hard to make the best katsudon pirozhki of the world, and he doesn’t like seeing their pleased faces at all. 

But no matter what the signs may point to, Yuri Plisetsky definitely hates Katsuki Yuuri and Viktor Nikiforov’s guts, okay? He even tweeted about it once, and that’s proof enough.

Yuuri knows better than to tell him the truth.

I told you- Ethan Cutkosky

Two days ago, I told Ethan that I did not “dare” him to run out in the rain in just his boxers because he would get sick. Two days ago, Ethan took that as me daring him to run in the rain in just his boxers. One day ago, Ethan developed a stuffy nose and a sore throat.

“Eth, you need to take your medicine to get all better,” I felt like I was talking to a 5 year old, he was acting like one anyways.

“I don’t wanna, it’s gross,” he whined, his voice was hoarse. I waved the spoon in front of his face causing his nose to scrunch up in disgust. He laughed at my unamused expression, which sent him into a deep coughing fit. I patted his back, wanting him to just get it all out.

“Ethan…” I warned, raising my eyebrows, he groaned but opened his mouth, accepting the spoonful of medicine. After he swallowed it, he closed his eyes, threw his head back and stuck his tongue out from the side of his mouth.

I stood there, watching him, deciding that I would just wait to let him explain.

“I just died because it tasted so horrible,” he explained, he giggled at his own joke.

“Was it really that bad?” Was medicine really that gross? I couldn’t remember the last time I took cold medicine.

“Worst thing I’ve ever done,” he responded matter of factly.

“I told you not to run in the rain…”

*2 hours later*

“Ethaaaaaan, I’m home,” as usual I called out to him, waiting for his response, I doubted that he would be asleep the whole time.

After hanging up my coat, keys and bag, I walked into the living room, expecting to see Ethan on the couch, where I had left him. After he had fallen asleep I decided to go to the store and get everything I needed to make him a nice soup.

“Ethan?” I called out again. Again, no answer.

As quickly as I could, I put the groceries away, growing anxious to see how Ethan was doing. Deciding that he was probably in bed, I climbed the stairs, making my way to our bedroom.

My angel was curled up in bed, he clutched a pillow to his chest, his eyebrows were furrowed, eyes shut and lips slightly parted. A blue beanie was placed on his head, pushing his hair away from his face, he wore a gray sweatshirt that was a little too big. The covers were pulled up to his neck, he looked so cozy under the mounds of blankets. As quietly as I could, I made my way to him and sat on the edge next to him.

His cute little nose was red, contrasting the paleness of the rest of his face. My eyes wandered to the box of tissues by his head, then I noticed that in one of his hands he was loosely holding a tissue. I brought the back of my hand to his forehead, feeling the hot clammy skin. My hand moved down to his cheek, caressing his soft skin, Ethan nuzzled his cheek further into my hand.

Are you feeling any better since this morning?“ My voice was soothing and gentle, despite feeling worried and anxious. Although it was just the common cold, seeing Ethan sick was one of the worst feelings.

“Not really, I’m okay though ” he croaked, his eyes remained closed.

I could tell that Ethan’s demeanor did a complete 360 from this morning, it was probably because he felt worse. My heart ached, I knew he wanted to be his usual bright, playful self but he couldn’t. I didn’t expect him to be in a good mood when he was sick, which is why I was so confused when he was fine this morning.

I continued gently stroking his cheek for a few minutes before deciding to get him more medicine and make him a cup of tea.

Before getting up I pressed a light kiss on his forehead, as I began to stand up Ethan gently grabbed my wrist, “No, stay. Please?”.

His gaze slowly rose from his hand holding my wrist, greeting me with his cool grey eyes. Mostly his eyes were blue, a very light blue, but they would darken to a grey shade depending on his mood and the clothes he wore. Sometimes, every so often, they’d look green. Today, Ethan’s eyes were an icy grey, his pupils weren’t as dilated as they usually were.

“You’re a lot less energetic than this morning,” I chuckled softly, peering down at him, taking a seat next to him again.

“I didn’t feel half as shitty as I do now, also I got grumpy because you were gone, also because I watched the episode where Michael leaves The Office,” his tone was light.

Before I could respond Ethan said, “Will you lay down with me? Please”.

As soon as I nodded, Ethan scooted over to his side of the bed, leaving a big space between us.

He must have noticed my confused expression as I climbed into our bed because he said, “I want to cuddle more than anything, but I don’t wanna get you sick”.

As irresponsible as it was, I didn’t care if Ethan got me sick. All I wanted was to make him feel as comfortable as he could under the circumstances.

“Come here,” I whispered, holding my arms wide open.

“You’re going to get sick, babe” he replied, sighing lightly.

“I don’t care,” I softly objected, I added “Pleeeease?” knowing that that would get him.

“Okay,” Ethan made his way into my arms.

Regularly, Ethan was the big spoon, on rare occasions I got to be the big spoon. Being wrapped in Ethan’s arms was my favorite place to be, Ethan would always tell me how much he loved to hold me. That was just the way it was most often. Getting to hold him felt good too, in a way I felt like I was protecting him, he was my cute little baby and being able to cuddle him felt very rewarding.

“Ethan?” I asked after a few minutes of laying in silence, checking to see if he was still awake.

“Yes?” his voice was throaty, reminding me just how sick he was. He flipped over, facing me to give me his full attention.

“Nothing, I just wanted to see if you were asleep…” my eyes studied his face as he studied mine.

“Oh…I missed you,” he brought his hand up to tuck a piece of my hair behind my ear.

“I missed you too, Eth” my grin grew bigger, even though I didn’t think that was possible.

Ethan’s smile mirrored mine, I scooted closer to him so that our foreheads touched. He took his bottom lip between his teeth, then released it. I pulled away so that I could run my thumb over his plump bottom lip, his lips were irresistible. But I knew I couldn’t just kiss him because he would tell me how “I was going to get sick and blah blah”.

I could feel his eyes on me. His mouth was parted slightly, he brought one of his hands to where my jawline met my neck, his thumb ran back and forth across my cheek.

“I want to kiss you so badly,” his voice was gruff, I could feel his cool breath fanning over my face.

“Then do it,” my voice was low, I brushed our lips against each other.

“I want to, obviously. Really badly. But if you end up getting sick then it’ll be my fau-”

I cut him off by pressing my lips against his own, after a second he gave in and kissed back. Our lips glided over each other’s smoothly. He captured my bottom lip in between his lips. Ethan bit my lip gently, softly tugging at it. His hand slipped to my waist to try to pull me closer to his body, even though we were already as close as we could get.

His mouth tasted of vanilla, contrasting the taste of mint from my mouth, creating the most delicious combination.

Our lips moved in perfect sync, making an intoxicating rhythm. My hand moved to remove his beanie, once it was off I gently gripped his hair. Ethan smiled against my mouth, breaking our kiss, but kept our foreheads against each other. Our eyes met but all I could see was Ethan’s huge grin.

“What?” I tilted my head slightly, confused about Ethan’s unusual behavior. He seemed giddy almost. Again, changing his demeanor quickly.

“Nothing… I just really fucking love you,” he shook his head slightly, the hoarseness of his voice made it 10 times cuter. Some color was finally added back onto his face, a soft pink tint trailed along his cheeks.

I felt the heat rise onto my own cheeks and responded, “I really fucking love you too”.

“Good,” I situated myself so that I was laying flat on my back, Ethan laid his head on my chest, nuzzling into my boobs. What a weird child.

“Your boobs are warm,” he looked up at me with a toothless grin and then nuzzled in further. His arm draped over my stomach, while he tucked the other one under his head.

“You’re an odd one,” I told him playfully.

“Can you play with my hair?” he rasped, the moment my fingers ran through his curls, he hummed softly and smiled a satisfied smile.

I could tell Ethan was really tired. With each blink, his eyelids would get heavier. His eyes slowly shut, making his dark eyelashes touch his cheeks.

Out of nowhere, a cough came from the back of my throat disrupting the comfortable silence. The second I coughed, Ethan’s head shot up off my chest, he looked directly at me, widening his eyes and throwing his hands up in the air.

“See? I told you!”


No smut today, just fluff. There wasn’t much of a plot but I felt like writing about cute,sick,needy Ethan. Buuuut don’t worry there’s smut coming very soon😉

Feedback is appreciated, and please don’t hesitate to send in your requests (anon is on). I promise I’m working hard to fulfill all your wonderful requests!!!

anyways, hope you enjoyed - M💚 

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Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me more about high school events in the US? Like, homecoming, prom, etc. And like sports related events too, if it's not much trouble, Because my story is in the States, but I'm from Brazil, and google is not always reliable. Thanks anyway :)

Hi! I can help with a lot of this, but considering that I go to a private school, not all my information is going to be perfect, unfortunately. Still, I’ll do what I can!

For one, public high schools in the US are huge – at least they are in big cities like the one I live in. Location does matter – it’s the difference between state-of-the-art facilities and very poor funding. For example, in San Antonio, Texas, high schools on the North side and in nice subdivisions like Castle Hills are a lot more likely to get better facilities and possibly better teachers than high schools on, say, the South or Southwest side.

As for football games: here in Texas football is a big thing, but I’m not sure about other states. As far as I can tell, Texas is the only state that puts so much stock on football, both high school and professional, but I could be wrong, considering I’ve never lived anywhere else. Regular games are a big deal, but two occasions in particular are big deals: when a school plays their rival, and when a game is a school’s homecoming game. My school has a huge celebration over the week leading up to homecoming: we have dress-up days and the classes earn points based on their participation in said dress up days; each class decorates a door and gains points based on what place they earn; the Friday of the homecoming game is a half-day (we’re released at 12:15 instead of 3:25), and we have a three hour long pep rally in which the classes play games and put on skits that they wrote, and earn points based on how well they do. However, as I said, I go to a private school – we have all those festivities, but from what I understand, public schools don’t (except for maybe the pep rally – public schools definitely have those). However, my school doesn’t have a dance, and public schools do. I can’t tell you much about the dances that they have, except that it’s like a mini-prom: the girls dress up in party dresses, the guys wear suits or tuxes, and they all go. I’m not sure how long it lasts or if afterparties are commonplace, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they were. Also, in Texas, we have mums – basically they’re giant flowers you pin to your shirt, and they’re meant to show school spirit. They’re painted in the school colors and can be customized for each person: they can have football decals, choir decals, band decals, volleyball decals, bells, streamers, and so on. But I’ve heard that Texas is the only place in the US that does this, so take it with a grain of salt.

Now, for prom. A lot of people go all-out for prom: prom-posals are never too extra (in fact, the more extra the better). Usually the guy will prom-pose to the girl, but a girl prom-posing to a guy isn’t unheard of or wrong. For transportation, people hiring limos is pretty commonplace; some people figure out ways to really get attention when they get out of the limo, because “making an entrance” is a must (I once saw a post about a girl who was lifted out of the limo inside a coffin, because she was known as goth). Girls wear formal dresses (possibly floor-length, possibly with mesh cut-outs on the waist, usually with jewels and glitter on them) and get their nails done and their eyebrows waxed; guys wear tuxes and buy the girls a corsage (a flower to wear on their wrist – it’s usually best if said flower matches the color of the girl’s dress). Alcohol and drugs are prohibited, naturally, but from what I understand, it’s pretty commonplace for someone to spike the punch with whiskey or vodka or some kind of alcohol; people will also smuggle alcohol and drugs in, and get lit together in the school bathrooms. A lot of people lose their virginity on prom night, if they have it; if they don’t, then they just get laid (but prom night is notorious for deflowering a lot of girls). Afterparties are popular, and are places where the alcohol and drugs can be used freely.

That’s about all I can think of. I really hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven

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What personal headcanons do you have about how the Big Sisters treat the Little Sisters and vice versa. I've been replaying Bioshock 2 and the Big Sister armour looks like a dress in Little Sister vision and I found that absolutely adorable


I have a lot of things to say about the big sisters and little sisters, so be ready for a bit of a long post.

(The Big Sisters and Little Sisters are, for all intents and purposes,in a symbiotic relationship. While this seems a bit obvious, it’s important to remember for a majority of the headcanons.)

  • My fave headcanon I have about Big Sisters is that they see all Little Sisters as perfect children, almost magical- there’s a sphere of influence around the girls of their hallucination- almost a bubble, that covers their immediate vicinity as they move around the city. The Big Sisters see them as the ONLY good in Rapture, which is part of their own conditioning. Think The Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke, with the plants, butterflies and glow fading away instead of dying.
  • While the Big Sisters are psychologically conditioned to protect the Little Sisters by the scientists of Rapture, there’s also another layer to the protectiveness- like the Big Daddies, Big Sisters legit believe the Little Sisters are loved ones, and spoil them as such. In-universe, it definitely wouldn’t be unusual to see a big sister collecting and hoarding toys or crayons for the Little Sisters thought the city.
  • On super rare occasions, the Big Sisters will take off their gloves to hold hands with the Little Sisters. It leaves them vulnerable, as the needle and bayonet are attached to the sleeves of the gloves material, so they only do it when they’re confident.
  • Big Sisters almost never speak, either, instead using gestures and body language. The Little Sisters don’t mind, and can talk enough for the both of them.
  • Although Big Sisters have the wire bassinet on their back, Big Sisters are more then willing to carry Little Sisters on their hip, or in their arms, or on their shoulders. It’s an affectionate gesture. 
  • Big Sisters never take off their helmets due to their conditioning (and their knowledge that they need their armor for combat protection.) 
  • They also see the Big Sisters as action princesses- gracefully flipping around, “dancing” with the splicers. The Little Sister you meet that says ‘Big Sister doesn’t want you to play with me’ has temporarily lost her mental conditioning (as has been shown before) and can see the Big Sister as they really are, which is why she panics when she realize the Big Sister is arriving to kill you. 
  • Big Sisters sleep standing upright, while the Little Sisters sleep in beds. The Big Sisters are too high strung by their defensive conditioning to lay down, so stay upright to confuse attackers and even then only when the area is heavily fortified. Sometimes the Little Sisters try to get them to lay down for rest, but it never works and they get a headpat for their efforts. (Big Sisters have violent night terrors, and find it easier to recover whilst upright.)
  • Little Sisters know each other and the Big Sisters as named individuals, but Big Sisters have issues remembering Little Sisters names, instead defaulting to descriptors in their recollection (i.e the blonde one, the chubby one, etc.)
  • Little Sisters ‘gift’ the Big Sisters with ADAM as an affectionate gesture. This mostly consists of them presenting their older Sisters with their full syringe and the Big Sister thanking them, before emptying portion of the bottle into their own vial. 
Good Enough

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“Being with you never felt wrong. It’s the one thing I did right. You’re the one thing I did right.”

Summary: You and him were two complete opposites from each other… You were just the maid’s daughter, but him on the other hand was a celebrity… Girls practically threw themselves at him just to gain his attention… He could choose any girl… but he chose you..

Part 1 is here~ 

More parts:

Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 // Part 11 // Part 12 // Part 13 // Part 14 // Part 15 // Part 16 //



Why couldn’t life be easier for my mother and I? Why couldn’t we own a huge house, have furry coats and spend money on unnecessary things? If only we had that option… But however by the looks of things we won’t get there until a miracle happens..

I truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents; we’re all teachers - if we’re willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door.

Maybe this point in my life was just a lesson.. A lesson to teach me to be grateful in life… but grateful for everything I own. 

My two priorities at this point in time is go to school and two help my mother out with the hotel. No I’m not forced to help my mother to do anything but my mother is deaf… who is else is suppose to be her translator? 

Plus I will do anything I can to help my mother out even if that means miss school sometimes… just to get food at least for the day…

The two of us live a room the hotel provided for the both of us that once was a closet… One bedroom I share with my mother.. a bathroom and a small kitchen.. I can’t even bring friends over without feeling ashamed.. 

My whole life is secret… Everyone doesn’t know about my mother or the living situation I’m in.. I would like to ke-

Before you could finish your train of thought, you felt your phone vibrate next to you and looked to your right and see a text from your mother.

You closed your journal and picked up your phone.

Sweetie, can you bring me the box of paper towels to the fifth floor please?

You replied back:

I’ll be there soon~

Without complaining or anything you got up from your spot and made your way to the maid’s closet to get your mother the paper towels she needs and slowly exited out of your room. 

Why is this box so damn heavy? 

You kept wondering as you continued to walk one by one to your way to the elevator doors, you couldn’t seem to see where the hell you were going because of this stupid box.

At this point you could run anyone over and you wouldn’t notice till you hear screaming or something..

Or maybe people here won’t be dumb and blind enough to ignore your existence and be careful.

 You continued to walk step by step till… You felt yourself hit a wall causing you to look to the side and noticed you reached the elevator door. GREAT! Wooow and you thought this was hard..

Piece of cake.

You walked near the button for the elevator and tried to find way to press the button without dropping the box out of your hands… but that seemed impossible. 

Ugh, you groaned to yourself and looked around… 

Why weren’t you social enough to ask for help? 

You sighed and just as you were going to try to reach for the button… You notice a mystery hand press the button to go up… 

Thank you!

“Need help with that?”

Was this person talking to you?


“I said do you need help with that?” the male voice asks but you hated getting asked for help… You were a big girl…

“It’s okay. I got this…”

“Are you sure?”


You heard the elevator doors open and you carefully yet slowly walked your way to the elevator holding the box in your hands till the next thing you know, you felt the box getting lifted out of your hands and the mystery guy was now holding the box…

What is he doing?


You awkwardly said looking at the stranger who had a black pair of sunglasses but a blonde hair and was tall yet skinny. 

The two of you stepped in and you looked at the stranger and pressed the button of the floor you needed to get to and then looked at the stranger.

“What floor?”


Him too?

You backed up against the railing and looked at the stranger. 

“You know you didn’t have to carry the box for me,” you said trying to reach over for the box but you noticed the way he turned his back to you not letting you reach over to the box.

“I got it,”


“You don’t know how to let other help you now do you?” The stranger asked you feeling confused whether you should feel offended or not…

What was a bad thing? 

You were used to doing things for yourself and for everyone around you.. Was it wrong to have that instinct where you assume you are responsible for everything around you?

I sighed and looked at the stranger..

“Sorry.. I mean thank you for the help.. but you really didn’t have to.” You awkwardly said looking up at the stranger and then looking directly at the elevator doors…

This stranger grabbed the box from your hands having no clue who you even were and helped you out..

“What’s in this box anyways?”

For some reason you completely froze and just looked at the stranger not having a clue on what to even say..

“Moving in?” Taehyung asks and you without even thinking twice you nodded your head and he smiled.

“So does that mean I will be seeing you often?” He asks smirking and you just nodded again not knowing what the hell to say..

“Great! Do you want to get some coffee later?” The stranger asks you and you just looked at him and stood quiet..

Speak! It’s not like he’s some hot celebrity or something.. right? 

“Um… I’ll see.. if I can,” You lied knowing damn well you had nothing planned for later.

“Great!” before he could continue off his sentence, the elevator door opened and you stepped out having the stranger following right behind you.

“Meet me at lobby at 5?”


“Good!” He smiles handing you the book and before he went his own direction, he lifted up his sunglasses exposing his blue eyes and gave you quick wink.. 

“See you later,”

You watched the stranger walk off to a side of the hall that had security everywhere. you just rolled your eyes turned around and left go find your mother…

Isn’t that side of the floor for celebrities? What is he doing there? Isn’t he going to get in trouble?

Or was he friends with a celebrity? 

Who knows..


“What took you so long?” You mother began to complain as she did the sign language to you and all you could was just shrug.

“Well the box was heavy, what do you have a dead body in there?”

Without any warning, you mother hits your arm and you looked at her and couldn’t help but to smile. Your mother hated when you acted overly dramatic with her.. but it was all a part of nature… What are you saying?!

“It’s not that heavy if you were able to bring it to me,” your mother signs with her hands and you sighed..

Well you made it to your mother alive because of a stranger helping you out.. 

Should you tell her that?

“Anyways, mom why is there so many security guard on this floor today? I know celebrities are usual on this floor, but what’s the big occasion?”

You asked as you sat down on a random chair from the hotel room your mother was in and placed your feet on top of a table.

Your mother reached over and smacked your feet telling you to get off.

You shrugged and continued to stare at your mother.


“There a big Korea boy group in town,”

“Big korean group? They aren’t that big if I haven’t heard about it.”

You glanced at your mother and again you noticed the way she looked you and smiled.

“Stop sitting around and help me.” your mother signed and you groaned and forced yourself off the chair.

No you and your mother didn’t have a terrible relationship at all, you two were actually quite close.. The thing was you two treated each other as sister sometimes.. but still your mother didn’t take your complaints or your comments serious.. Your relationship with your mother was actually quite good.


“Omma! I’ll be back, I’m going to get us food! Try not to miss me soo much!” You smiled as you wrapped your arm around your mom and as you glanced at her you noticed a smile appear on her face.

What would your mom do without you right?

You grabbed your phone from the table and left the hotel room without saying anything else to your mother.

As you walked to the elevator door you stepped in and quickly pressed the button to head to the first floor and leaned back against the railing slowly waiting for the elevator door to close.

“What should we eat today?” You began to ask yourself as you continued to stare at the elevator doors… 

You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t even noticed someone even entering the elevator till you began to hear someone clear their throat. 

You shook your head and looked to your left and see a familiar pair of black sunglasses…

“So we meet again,” The stranger says smirking not even taking one look at you..


What is this destiny?

 “I see that…”

“I’m glad you haven’t forgotten.”


“About getting coffee at 5?”

You quickly pulled out your phone and looked at the time causing your eyes to widen.. Shit! Why did you have to go get food at this very moment…

“Oh… about that..”

As you were about to speak, you noticed the stranger looking directly at you causing you to forget how to even lie and you just stayed quiet and sighed..

“Can’t wait..”

You awkwardly said looking away and at last the elevator door opened…


As you two were exiting out of the elevator… You couldn’t help but to wonder why this stranger kept wearing the pair of sunglasses…

What is this his signature look or something?

“What’s your name?” The stranger asks you making you lose your train of thought and you just looked at him.

“Y/N… you?”

“A secret.”

“A secret?” You asked completely confused and he stops and smiles at you.

“If I tell you, I might have to kill you.”

Your eyes widen and you noticed the stranger rise up his sunglasses and give a quick yet simple wink…

What is his deal?

He began to walk away and you continued to looking at him confused but eventually ran after him and caught up.


You two were about to step out of the lobby till… The next thing you noticed, the stranger took one look out the door and stopped and looked at you.

“We should go to the back door…”


He grabbed your wrist and tried to pull you back in the lobby but you removed yourself and looked at him confused.

“What’s your deal?”

“I c-”

The next thing you know, you noticed the group of girls who were standing in front of the hotel screaming right at your direction and without even realizing what the hell was happening, the stranger got a hold of your wrist once again and began to run forcing you to basically run as well..

What the hell is going on?!

Why were you running from girls?! 

Was this why the stranger wanted to go to the back?

As you two continued to run out of the lobby and your way to the back of the hotel, you felt your legs burn and felt like you were having a hard time catching your breath…

Why! Just why!

At last the stranger pulled you into what seemed to be in a closet and closed the door right behind him.

You were about to ask a question but he stops you by covering your mouth and all you could hear was girls screaming and running from the other side of the door.

As the screaming seemed to fade away… The stranger finally lets go out your hand and looks at you.

“What the hell!”


“What the hell just happened?”

He looked at me and took off his sunglasses relieving his whole face to you.

“Now do you understand what happened?”

“Huh?” You were beyond confused…

He looks at you and his eyes widen.

“You don’t know who I am?”

Should you?”

“Um no?”

…. Was this a trick question or something?

“I’m from V from BTS.”


To Be Continued

Just went to check my settings and… We’re almost at 1K followers?! Where the heck did you all come from??? Holy shit.. uuh… excuse me but what?!

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Cuddling Sincerely Three Hc

(The insanely cool) Jared Kleinman

》Jared is a complete asshole

》but cuddling with him was the bEST

》his favorite position to cuddle with you was definitely when your both facing eachother with your limbs tangled together just

》y e s

》Y E S

》I feel like Jared would only be the big spoon,,,

》On occasion

》poor boy is too insecure :((

》b u t

》there are rare times when you both fall asleep in one of your guy’s beds and he’ll pull your back towards his chest in his sleep

》but as soon as he wakes up he kinda just…. retreats

》like he’ll turn away from you or just lay on his back instead.

》but he does like being the little spoon

even if he doesn’t admit it, he really fucking does.

》He’s just a big softie

》love him

Evan ♡




》especially when he gets to be the big spoon

》He just likes to hold you close to him

》I imagine Evan would also do that thing

》ya know

》nussle his nose into your neck



》But if he has a rough day where his anxiety gets the best of him, he likes to be the little spoon

》He just loves it when you pepper kisses on his shoulder as you run your fingers through his hair

》it makes him feel loved, and it calms him down so fast

》He could just be sobbing and you’ll spoon him and he’ll feel better within a few minutes or so

》He’s just so amazing

Connor ☆

》I feel like Connor just wouldn’t know what to do most of the time.

》like when you guys are spooning

》He doesn’t know what to do with his limbs and they’d just be EVERYWHERE

》like slightly overcooked spaghetti noodles


》idk if this counts as cuddling but,,,

》he loves to just have you lay your head in his lap and let him play with your hair as you slowly fall asleep.

》and the face you make when your on the verge of falling asleep

》He literally just

》s w o o n s

》and he loves it when you do the same for him

》He just loves you

》but he’s not good with cuddling, just as much as he isn’t good with feelings

》but it’s okay bc u love him

》these boys will be the death of me


I’ve posted a couple of pictures of this before, but this is the restaurant I usually take my sims to for big occasions (first dates, engagements, etc) in Summer Valley. I love the way it looks! The kitchen is in the main dining area on a split level and the wall of ivy was inspired by a Shake Shack I went to once (so fancy, I know) that had a vertical succulent wall in the dining area.

I Didn’t Know!- Auston Matthews

Originally posted by werenskiz

I’m sorry this is a little late! Ok so I really like how this one turned out!!! It’s kind of short, but there might be a part two if you guys want it so we’ll see. Anon I hope this is what you wanted and that you like it! Let me know what you guys think! PS- If you read smut you’ll get three updates today!

Warning: none

Anon Request: could you do an auston matthews one where him and mitch’s sister hook up but he doesn’t know it’s his sister??


              Ok in your defense you didn’t know the guy you made out with in his car was going to be Mitch’s new teammate.

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My Italian-American Pidge Headcanons

Being Italian-American myself I couldnt help but make some headcanons of my own. Most of them are completely based on my own family as well as stories from other Italian-American friends!!

  • Pidge has 3-5 members in her family named after her great grandfather including her father. Samuel, her cousins Samuel, Samuel III, and Samantha. Also Matthews middle name is Samuel.They’re all nicknamed Sam so when they get together and you say Sam four heads pop to attention.
  • Pidge and Matt have that one Italian Stallion cousin. He was thinking of changing his middle name to Bruno, but the entire family laughed it off cause it was so stereotypically Italian.
  • Her aunt has a cross collection in the house though none of them are perfect Catholics.
  • Most of her family smokes a cigar on special occasions. Smoke is annoying so she sits inside and watches the adults cook.
  • Her grandmother still has the stereotypical women do the dishes rule and every holiday she questions authority. Matt helps her by doing the dishes with her even though he should be “socializing”
  • Her grandmother has a living room then a living room. One you can chill in and the other is one you don’t dare step foot in. One time her father threw a party with his siblings at the house when they were in college and the only way his mother found out was because there was a water ring on the glass table in the living room.
  • The Holts were planning a trip to Italy when Matthew and Samuel came back. When the crash was announced they completely canceled it
  • When Katie’s grandmother met Lance she was APPALLED. How could Katie let her friend get so small. She fed him his fill while he visited and it reminded him of his family a bit.
  • Yes thin crust pizza is life, but pizza is pizza. Any pizza is good if you can appreciate the way it’s made. Though nothing will live up to the pizza you make at home with the family. Pidge hates admitting it but her secret pleasure are those “deep dish” microwavable pizzas. They are convenient when you’re up all night.
  • Carbs. What else exists except carbs.
  • Every occasion is a big occasion even when she just brings Lance and Hunk over to play games on the big tv.
  • Every day is cleaning day, dust is a constant, nothing is ever clean for long.
  • Were having pasta for dinner for like the 2 day in a row.
  • Christmas Baking!!!
  • Pidge wears red undies on New Year’s Eve and eats an even number of grapes.
  • There are hundreds of recipes from their great grandmother.
  • Getting the special fresh parmesan on holidays and just plain eating it. So good
  • She had one sip of limoncello once and she noped the fuck out of there
  • Prefers a bit of dessert wine with biscotti when her mom allows. Along with the special occasion red wine.
  • Pampered being the youngest female child
happy birthday (a hector bellerin imagine)

Originally posted by ultragooner89

Summary: he has a new girlfriend, and she’s totally, completely, entirely 100% fine with that, right? 

Seeing him was strange. Arriving at his birthday party and walking through a house that should have been theirs wasn’t just strange, but plain weird.

The kitchen is busy, with people crowded shoulder-to-shoulder around the island and countless empty beer cans and food wrappers littering the table. The atmosphere is light and jovial, with Justin Bieber blasting in the background and the golden fairy lights giving the room a warm glow. She continues to nurse her gin and tonic and every now and then, grabs a salted pretzel from the bowl to her left. She doesn’t want to be such a “debbie-downer” (in her best friend’s words, who keeps on trying, to no avail, to get her to join in with the karaoke in the living room where Crazy in Love is being butchered and the wine is flowing more freely) but she’s just seen him with his arm around her and now any attempts at a smile or a dance would be futile at best.

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