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The Witchy Lifestyle: Beltane

Once again, the Wheel of the Year turns and we come to another milestone in the holidays that many of us witches celebrate! And here at the peak of spring and the beginning of summer, we have perhaps one of the most beautiful (and fun, if ya know what I mean) of the Celtic seasonal festivals: Beltane, or May Day.

Like Imbolc, Beltane’s history (at least in Ireland) is linked to the cultural livelihood: cattle. It’s at this time that the cattle would be driven out to the summertime pastures, and as such, it was necessary to protect the cattle in some way. Beltane was an opportunity to work rites that would protect the cattle during the summer months as they grazed.

Bonfires were lit, a new flame welcoming the warm months ahead and meant to help encourage growth, fertility, and protection. These bonfires were more than just celebratory, and weren’t really meant for the California tradition of roasting hot dogs and hamburgers. These fires were a representation of passion and the energy of life at its most potent. They were also fires that were built in honor of the Sun. This is one of the Celtic fire festivals, and so the flame has ritual significance. When the fire had burned down enough, couples and individuals would leap the flames and embers - an act of purification and encouraging fertility, and an act of love as it was a way for couples to pledge their loyalty to one another.

Cattle would be driven through the smoke. Again, this was an act of cleansing and protection. By walking the very livelihood of the village through the smoke and ashes of a solar fire, the farmers were petitioning the solar deities for continued health and success of the community. Other customs made use of two bonfires, in which the cattle would be driven between the two flames. Regardless, the cattle were meant to be protected from disease and malevolent spirits through the use of this ritual.

Later on, embers would be gathered from these flames and brought to the home. In a time without electricity, fire was life-giving. A “need-fire” was ever-present in the home, to be kept throughout the year for cooking and warmth. If one’s fire were to go out, it would be considered a bad omen and a sign of bad luck on their doorstep. Traditionally, the need-fire would be put out only once during the year: on Beltane. At this time, a new need-fire would be kindled from the embers of the Beltane fire, a way of bringing the summer sun into the home for the remainder of the year. 

In Celtic Britain, Beltane was a festival with similar themes and motifs, but the deity associated with Beltane was non other than Belenus, a deity of the sun. Like Apollo, Belenus was believed to drive a horse-drawn chariot across the sky, bringing the sun along behind him.

Today, Beltane continues to be celebrated primarily as a fertility festival. Various practices are done on Beltane, including the dance of the maypole (the pole itself is a phallic representation, thrust in to the Earth; the ring of flowers near the top symbolize Mother Nature; the ribbons wound around the pole during the maypole dance represent the spiral of life); the Beltane bonfire, to be leaped for cleansing, protection, and luck; and often handfastings.

The Turning of the Wheel

In the story of the archetypal gods that helps teach the Wheel of the Year, it’s at this time that the Goddess is sexually mature, as well as the Oak King (often depicted at this time of the year as the Green Man). They come together in marriage and consummate that union. The Goddess on this day transitions from the Maiden to the Mother, and the Earth reflects that in its mass floral blooms and productive crops, as well as the arrival of many baby animals at this time of the year.

At this time of the year, it’s sensible for fertility magic as well as cleansing and protection magic to be worked, as well as marriage and handfasting ceremonies to be performed. However, it’s also a great time to honor the spirits of nature, including the Faerie, for whom this festival is also dedicated. Like Samhain, it’s believed that the material world and the spiritual world are particularly close this time of the year, so it’s appropriate to honor ancestors, as well.

So Josh, What Will You Be Doing to Celebrate?

Well, given that this is a fertility festival, my boyfriend and I have… plans (wink wink, nudge nudge). However! My coven is getting together to have a Beltane bonfire at one of the local beaches, complete with a rite to honor all of our gods, as well as the local faerie folk. We’ll be making this a big, fun occasion!

May your Beltane fires be bright, and your year blessed!
Blessed Be! )O(

Date Night

Kai X Reader(female)

Summary: You start to date Kai Parker and Damon gets very angry and overprotective. 

Requested by ANON 

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     You snaked your hair around the curling iron once more and looked over to see Damon laying on your bed clutching your pillow on his chest. “What are you getting all dolled up for?” He said while eyeballing you in the mirror. 

        “Does there have to be a reason, Damon?”  You said as you finished curling your hair. He raised his eyebrow and looked you up and down. 

       “And you’re in a dress. There has to be some kind of party going on.” You looked at Damon and groaned. Damon quickly took up the role of your best friend the moment you moved to Mystic Falls. At first, you were not so sure if his friendship was reliable, then you questioned if he had a crush on you, then you just realised that he just wanted someone to talk to that wasn’t his brother, he just wanted someone to understand him and you were willing to be that person for him. 

        “There is no big occasion Damon,” You said as you grabbed your phone off the charger. “maybe you should just go home and drink some bourbon.”

       Damon scoffed and rolled his eyes. “that is a tempting offer, but I would much rather sit here and pry into your little mind.” He grinned and changed his position on the bed. You wanted badly to just throw something at him, or yell at him for being stupid, but you knew better than to start a fight with him. 

        “Damon, what I do on my Saturday nights is my business.” You plopped yourself on the bed and grabbed Damon’s hand. “I’m not doing anything dangerous I promise.” His form softened a bit with your touch, but you could tell he still hadn’t given up on finding out your plans. 

         “Fine don't tell me, but I'm just going to assume you're going to a strip club or something.” You groaned and pushed his cold body down onto the bed. 

      “I’m not going to a….” You stopped when you felt the slight brush of a cold hand go across your arm. Damon had grabbed your phone and was going through it. “Damon! Give that back!” You clawed at him and tried everything to get your phone out of his hands, but you couldn’t. 

      “Oh look, you have a message from the little Psyco witch boy.” He suddenly got stiff and his face became rigid. Kai must have said something about the date, otherwise, Damon would have never known a thing. 

        “Damon, look I..” He cut you off once more.

         “Kai parker? Out of all the Psychopaths in the world. you choose the one that I know, you choose the one that is trying to kill our friends.” He was mad now and you could clearly see it. 

        “Damon calm down. He is different with me.” You realised how stupid you sounded, but Kai really was good to you. He was calm, charming, and caring. You really liked him. 

        “What the hell Y/N, do you hear yourself right now.” He yelled. “He could hurt you in an instant, he is crazy and will do whatever he wants no matter how brutal it is. “ 

          “Sound like someone I know.” You said as you folded your arms across your chest. 

       A low growl escaped Damon’s lips. “I am nothing like him.” He said as he slowly pushed you up against a wall. His arms were by your head and his eyes were glaring into yours. “You can’t go out with him tonight.” He whispered. “I won’t let you.” 

       “You can’t stop me, Damon.” You whispered in his ear. You shoved him away and to your surprise, he moved. 

        “Fine, go, but I will be within shouting distance the whole time. And If you even sound uncomfortable for 2 seconds I will rip his head off.” You put your hands on your hips and just looked at him. 

        “What are you like my protector now? last I checked Damon I can take care of myself.”  His form softened because he knew you were right. “I’m going on a date with Kai Parker, Damon. I’m telling you now, I know what he can do and I’m telling you he is different and he would never hurt me.” Damon quickly got annoyed and you could tell. “Now can I have my Phone back?” 

    A/N: Sorry this took so long, I feel like this isn’t my best work so I apologize , but I do hope it doesn’t stink too bad. :) 

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Can you picture Yura Plisetsky being grudgingly fond of Victor and Yuuri relationships, never refusing when they ask for his company, and even making pirozhki for family dinner? ;)

If you know where to look, you’ll find that Yuri Plisetsky is actually really easy to read. He’s like one of those sexist facebook manifesto where everything you say means exactly the opposite. More vehement the rebuttal is, the more he actually really wants to do the thing, and an insult is most likely a masked compliment (except for what they like to call “the strange case of JJ”, but that’s another story entirely). 

Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship is one of the things he’s actually secretly (not secretly at all) most fond of, and subsequently the recipient of his most colorful, well thought curses. He saves the sophisticated ones for big occasions, but he has notes on his phone. 

Viktor has been on the receiving end for more time than him, but Yuuri has become a solid Yuri translator too, if he says so himself. If you asked him, he’d say that the key is, even more than in the words, in the actions.

Yuri Plisetsky, you see, for all his complaining and fake puking, has become a constant in almost all their not-dates (he keeps carefully away from their real dates, and he’s learnt this the hard way), strolling at a safe distance from them, usual scowl etched on his face, phone in hand, but there nonetheless. He likes to claim he’s mostly there for the gifts, and the food, because they always offer (and Viktor has no self control, buying every tiger printed item on sight and dumping them into Yuri’s arms unceremoniously, to which the reply is a varied range of conflicted emotions and a muttered “thanks”, but the blush on Yuri’s face is always very present and they both find it adorable).

Yuri Plisetsky also has a given spot on their couch, because on most practice-free days you can find him there, socked feet propped on their coffee table, pretending he has nothing better to do and demanding to kick their asses at mario kart (he’ll kick Viktor’s alright, but Yuuri is unbeatable and he’ll have to accept it one day). For the record, he mains Yoshi, which makes Viktor cry at night when he’s feeling particularly emotional.

He definitely has a spare violet toothbrush in their bathroom, and let’s say the guest bedroom has a lot more stripes than it had before, but that doesn’t mean anything. The fact that he has a favorite mug that no one but him drinks into, ever, and that he always sits on the chair placed to the left of the table, too, is not a thing they discuss.

If Yuuri has been yelled at on the phone times and times again, by now, because he keeps getting confused by russian brands of yeast for the pirozhki that Yuri makes in their kitchen (”Just because mine is a hole and I always end up making too much- people are dying, Katsudon, I can’t throw out perfectly good food”) for their weekly friday dinner, which is not a family dinner, shut up Viktor, that, too, is inconsequential.

And when they compliment him on the deliciousness of the meal (Viktor with his mouth still full, because he’s like that sometimes, and Yuuri with a gentle, terribly proud smile), telling him he’s getting better at it, the redness of his face is just because he’s tired and it’s hot in the kitchen. He’s not training hard to make the best katsudon pirozhki of the world, and he doesn’t like seeing their pleased faces at all. 

But no matter what the signs may point to, Yuri Plisetsky definitely hates Katsuki Yuuri and Viktor Nikiforov’s guts, okay? He even tweeted about it once, and that’s proof enough.

Yuuri knows better than to tell him the truth.

Just one look

Can I get one where the reader has secret and unrequited feelings for Jacob. He takes her to meet the pack and Embry imprints on her immediately and everything changes. I’m not sure how to be more specific maybe make it kind of angsty and sad but kinda cute/romantic at the end? 😄 ❤️

For Anon

Pairing : unrequited!reader x Jacob, eventual reader x Embry

Words: 2642

Warnings: Big fluffy wolf dweebs. Slight Bella bashing

Slight angst

Not read Twilight since it first came out some years ago so sorry the details are few in terms of Canon plot.



It had taken months for you to get your best friend to talk to you again after he did a disappearing act. Even then it wasn’t until his precious Bella told him too. You folded your arms and settled back into the passenger seat.
“Come on Y/N, crack a smile? I thought we were past the silent treatment.” Jacob teased from the driver’s seat, he took his eyes off of the road for a moment to give you a toothy grin and it was hard not to giggle at just how cute he looked.

The asshole.

“Must be a big occasion for you to finally let me meet the guys?” You mumble and try to keep the hope out of your voice that he might introduce you as his girl.
“You know Paul and Leah.” Jacob offered.
“And both of them ditched me too, I swear you all get a few muscles and think you’re above everything.” You argued.
His hands tightened on the wheel and Jacob spat out, “You don’t understand.”
“No, little old lowly me can’t possibly understand, why don’t you fill me in? Why’d you three suddenly remember about me?” You asked.
Jacob tried to calm himself, it wouldn’t do well for him to phase with you in the car with him. Truth be told he’s wanted to talk to you as soon as he changed, you were his best friend, even if him knowing about your little crush on him had made things slightly awkward at first.
He didn’t return the feelings, no, he loved Bella. But you would always be his best friend and he relied on that friendship and though he didn’t want to admit it he also relied on your affections. It was hard seeing Bella with Edward every day.

Knowing that someone lusted after him made him feel attractive. He knew he was a bastard and the whole pack knew it too. Paul and Leah had almost ripped him apart over using your affections for his own ego.  They’d missed seeing you as much as he had, and even though you’d not met the rest of the pack now was a good a time as any. There’d been horrific leech activity recently and Paul, who had took you under his wing and was a self-proclaimed best big brother ever, demanded you be brought in so you couldn’t wonder off into any danger.
It wasn’t until Bella had re-voiced this sentiment with a soft hand on his arm that Jacob had phoned you to tell you his was going to pick you up. But obviously he couldn’t just tell you any of this.

Jacob’s lips pursed slightly and you noticed how he had to force himself to smile over at you, “Maybe I don’t like the idea of leaving you on your own? You like to take off into the woods on little walks and last thing I need Paul coming after me if you wind up missing.”

You scowled at him, “Well sorry to be such a burden.”
He had pulled up outside a decent sized house and he sighed , “Y/N I didn’t mean it like –”
“I don’t give a shit how you meant it.” You snapped and jumped out of the car, slamming the car door behind you as you wrapped your jumper tight around your body and started towards the house. You stopped just short of it and knocked on the door loudly.
It swung open before you’d finished knocking and you were being pulled into a bear hug from Paul.
“Paul put me down!” You laughed as he carried you into the front room, Jacob had caught up now and shut the door behind him.

“Not until you tell me why you had a face like thunder when you got here.” He laughed and raised you higher off of the ground and you struggled against his laughing frame.
“Jacob was just letting me know how much of a burden I am.” You pouted when he finally put you back on floor.
“Jacob!” A woman’s voice scolded sharply and for the first time you noticed the other people in the room. Jacob was being told off by a young woman with a scarred face perched in a strong man’s lap, Paul went around the room and introduced everyone so you knew them as Sam and Emily, Jared and Kim sat next to them in a similar position, Leah and Seth sat on the floor near the couch. On the couch Quill sat on one end leaving room for you and Paul.
“Ignore Jake.” Quill advised simply.
You heard the door open and a laughing voice ask, “Why are we ignoring Jake?”

Quill laughed, “Y/N this is Embry.”
You turned to give him a smile and he felt the bottom of his world fall out from under him. He’d seen you before in Jacob, Paul and Leah’s minds on patrol but good lord it didn’t do you any justice. You were the most splendid creature he’d ever seen and even though he knew Paul thought of you as his sister seeing his pack mates arm around your shoulders made him want to rip the bigger man apart.

You felt awkward having his attentions on you. Not because of his attention itself, per say, that was quite comforting, he looked at you like you were the only person in the world but the issue was he was gorgeous, easily as handsome as your best friend-come crush Jacob. No, you knew you were lying, this guy was just stunning.

That’s when you realised that you were staring.

The room had suddenly gotten heavy with tension and you looked between the guys trying to figure out what had happened to make it so uncomfortable. Embry was staring at you, Paul was staring at Embry and Jacob looked furious.
“We’re ignoring Jake because he was being mean to Y/N.” Quill offered almost innocently as though he was trying to restart the conversation.
Embry’s eyes tore from you and focused on Jacob, “What? Why the hell would you-?”
Jacob crossed his arms across his chest, “What’s it got to do with you Embry?”

“You know what it’s got to do with me.” Embry snarled with an anger that didn’t belong on his calm features and you and Kim both jumped from his sudden change in temperament.

“That’s enough.” Sam’s voice came out as a boom and after Emily jumped up from his lap, he was striding across the room with Jared on his heels, Quill jumped up from beside you and the three of them ushered Jacob and Embry out of the house, both of them looking like they wanted to tear into each other. Paul gave you quick one armed squeeze and left with them.  Leah and Seth rose and with a lot more decorum, both shot you almost reassuring looks before they left as well.

Emily let out a long drawn out sigh and you released the tense breath you didn’t realise that you’d been holding.
“What was that about?” You asked.
“Boys, who understands them?” Kim offered with a small laugh.


“I don’t know where you put it all.” You laughed as Embry ate what you were sure was his third burger, his cheeks puffed up full of food. He swallowed and laughed sheepishly before putting it back down on his plate like he no longer wanted it.
“No no!” You rushed, “I didn’t mean it like that, you just have a healthy appetite.” You gave him a reassuring smile and nudged his arm holding the plate until he began to eat again.
“It takes a lot of food to have a body like this.” He joked and gestured down at himself, it was one of the only times you’d seen him wear a shirt and you were pretty sure this was only because Leah had told his wearing just a pair of shorts was making you nervous. Yeah that woman wasn’t as quiet with her lectures as she thought she was.

“So, “So, er Y/N..” Embry started before looking you square in the eyes, you felt your cheeks heat up and your stomach flip as he leaned forward to take both your little hands in one of his massive warm hands,
“After the bonfire next week , I was wondering if you wanted to catch a film? Maybe a meal?” His eyes swam with uncertainty and worry. His began to chew on his lip and you wanted to lean forward and press your lips to his but you didn’t.

“Maybe two meals with your appetite.” You laughed and leaned forward to kiss his cheek. His face broke into a big grin and he slipped his arm around your waist and squeezed you playfully while blowing a raspberry against your cheek. Such romance.


“You’re staring again.” Quil laughed and Embry punched him hard in the arm which only made Quil laugh harder.

It was hard for him not to stare at you across the bonfire. It had been a week seen he’d seen you last and he hated to admit how lost he’d felt without knowing that you were alright or being able to check on you as the leech attacks hadn’t lessened at all. You hadn’t responded to any of his texts since he’d asked you on a date, that was supposed to be tonight and he didn’t even  know if I was stil happening.
It had been about a month since he’d imprinted on you and three weeks since he’d accepted that that’s what had happened that day at Sam and Emily’s place. The rest of the pack were thrilled for him, even Paul and Leah who saw it as you having someone strong to love and protect you unconditionally.
Jacob however was being an ass about it. He’d tried to keep you both apart without making it obvious but the other wolves were in his head, they knew the truth.

Jacob was jealous.

He relied on your affection to make up his ego, his only other source of self-worth coming intermittently from Bella when she had time between seeing Edward which was hardly ever these days. He could already tell that you were pulling away from him romantically, that you’d solidified your opinion on him as your best friend and had been texting Embry almost nonstop since meeting him.

As you and Jacob arrived at the bonfire you felt him slip his arms around your shoulders but it failed to give you the butterflies that it used to. He pulled you quickly to one side so that you could sit down together and continued to pour his attention over you. You were enjoying yourself, sat with your best friend but every time he laid his large hand on your knee or your lower back it felt wrong, like his hand didn’t belong there.

“Hey Y/N!” You turned to see Quil and Embry approaching you, Quill dropped himself down unceremoniously across from you while Embry sat himself down next to you and gave you a blinding smile.
“Uh oh troubles here.” You laughed at them.
“Damn right.” Quill waggled his eyebrows in a ridiculous flirting voice but stopped when both of his best friends tried to set fire to him with their glares.
“So Y/N how have you been?” Embry gave you an earnest smile that told you he genuinely cared about if you had been keeping well. You tried to suppress the blush and tucked some hair behind your ear, “Sorry I’ve not text you the last few days, someone accidentally reversed over my phone.” You sent Jacob a glare who gave you an embarrassed look.
Embry let slip a small growl at his pack brother until Quill jumped up and caught you by the arm dragging you away towards Emily and Kim and the rest of the pack.
“Quill should we just be leaving them on their own?” You asked worried as you saw both boys rise to a stand, they were clearly arguing but trying to keep their voices as low as possible.

“They’ll be fine let’s just get you to a safe distance.” He laughed but it sounded too forced.
You looked back over your shoulder just as Jacob pushed Embry sending him flying backwards.
“Jake!” You scolded turning around and running towards the boys.
“Y/N stop! Don’t!” Quill shouted behind you.

As you reached the boys you heard a roar then everything was fur and teeth and claws and a strong warm around your waist pulling you back into black.


Leah was the only pack member who had seen you in the past week. Since ‘bonfire gate’ as Paul was calling it, you’d locked yourself away from all the wolves and their imprints except Leah. You’d let her in on the condition that you didn’t want to talk about wolves at all but she and you both knew that you knew everything.

You were a smart girl and grew up with the tribe legends, as soon as you’d woken up from your little brush with the boys, everything had fallen into place for you. Their disappearance from your life, their body heat and the way Embry looked at you.


You didn’t know what to think, the logical part of your brain told you to run away screaming but you missed him so damn much. You could hear the wolves at night running around howling, you knew that Embry came by your house every night to keep you safe.

Speaking of those noisy idiots you could hear them now, you looked up at the clock, 9pm, and Embry would be here soon.
You heard your phone go off for the fifth time in the past half an hour. You’d met one of the Cullen’s today and Bella must have mentioned it to Jacob because every member of the pack had text you. Paul had phoned you three times until  you answered and told them that you were fine. It didn’t stop Embry though, he had text you asking if you were somewhere safe – again.

This time, with your stomach churning, you replied.
Can I see your face tonight instead, mutt?

There was no response, not until an hour later when you noticed movement in your back yard where Wolf Embry usually waited to check in on you. You slipped on a thick jumper and quickly ran down the stairs and to the back door.
There he was waiting for you.

Slowly, and which much more confidence than you ever thought you could process, you stepped towards him while hugging your jumper around yourself. In true Embry fashion he was sporting little more than a t-shirt and shorts.

“I didn’t think you’d want to see me.” His words sounded heavy like they were weighed down by his loneliness since the incident.
“I didn’t, not a first.” You mumbled, you’d both stopped close together but far enough apart that he couldn’t make you uncomfortable.

“What’s changed?” He asked, his expression etched with confusion.
“Nothing. Not yet, but I think something could. I missed you.” You held your hand out.

He took your hand in his larger one and pulled you to his chest. You buried your face into his warm chest and he wrapped his arms around you and kissed the top on your head.

“I missed you too.”

Part one- Just one look
Part two - Learning to trust
Part three - Living with the bond
Part Four - A new wolf

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Warm Me Up Ch. 29

Click Here for Ch. 1

Click Here for Ch. 28


Saying that spending time with Will and his family was awkward would have been an understatement. Nico had no idea what Will had told them about their relationship, but he knew they knew Will and Nico had dated. He couldn’t help but feel like both Mr. and Mrs. Solace didn’t like him or wanted to investigate everything they could about him.

The only relief Nico had from their blue-eyed gaze was the small redheaded girl who liked him from the moment she’d realized he was the same person who’d helped with her bear. She liked to sit on Nico’s lap and she liked to play with his rings and play with his hair or cover his faded scars in Band-Aids and stickers.

Will insisted on having Nico join him and his family for the week of their stay and his parents assured him he was welcome. Nico wondered if maybe it was all in his head that they didn’t like him. But sometimes he caught Will’s dad looking at him like a puzzle and a threat until his wife or Will or Kayla pulled his attention away. And Will’s mom didn’t ask Nico much about himself. It was like Nico either wasn’t there or wasn’t an important presence.

It made Nico anxious, and he decided instead to stay beside Kayla and Will whenever possible.

It was the last day they were here and Nico was slightly relieved, but he didn’t show it because he knew Will would miss his family.

“Thank you guys so much for coming,” Will said as he hugged them goodbye. “I’ll miss you so much.”

“We love you, sweetheart. Hopefully you can come home if only to visit soon,” Naomi said, giving her son a warm smile that made Nico have to look away. He didn’t want to join that day because he figured he’d be intruding, but Naomi had said Kayla wanted to say goodbye to him too.

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Imagine that during some big occasion like a festival or an anniversary of Saving The World or whatever Shadow drags Sonic somewhere behind the scenes where no one can see them. Sonic’s confused at first but then Shadow kneels down and pulls out an engagement ring. All Sonic can say at this moment is “…I was too slow this time I suppose” and pulls out his own and they just laugh it off awkwardly                


I’ve posted a couple of pictures of this before, but this is the restaurant I usually take my sims to for big occasions (first dates, engagements, etc) in Summer Valley. I love the way it looks! The kitchen is in the main dining area on a split level and the wall of ivy was inspired by a Shake Shack I went to once (so fancy, I know) that had a vertical succulent wall in the dining area.

9 - Elspeth Tiriel

Before time began…

ORRR…in the time before the GateWatch, there were three heroes. Their names were Koth, Venser, and Elspeth.


Okay, they weren’t heroes. They were an a*hole, a crackhead, and a walking martyr complex. Man, magic was way more depressing.

Long story short, Koth, unfortunate Mirrodin native is still fighting (see Phyrexian Arena from CN2), Venser bought it after helping Karn, and Elspeth was forced to escape and ended up on Theros (which we all know how well that ended).

That’s the lore from this part of Elspeth’s life (for Elspeth, Knight-Errant will be about Alara, and Sun’s Champion is Elspeth on Theros)

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I Didn’t Know!- Auston Matthews

Originally posted by werenskiz

I’m sorry this is a little late! Ok so I really like how this one turned out!!! It’s kind of short, but there might be a part two if you guys want it so we’ll see. Anon I hope this is what you wanted and that you like it! Let me know what you guys think! PS- If you read smut you’ll get three updates today!

Warning: none

Anon Request: could you do an auston matthews one where him and mitch’s sister hook up but he doesn’t know it’s his sister??


              Ok in your defense you didn’t know the guy you made out with in his car was going to be Mitch’s new teammate.

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aestheniaa  asked:

Lately I've been losing motivation to do anything. And I've been feeling so lazy, worthless, and I'm so stressed out. Like I feel I cant and won't do anything right. Finals are next week and I have late work from some of my classes. Any advice?

I don’t understand why, but stress makes people loose a lot of their motivation. Forget about “getting work done”, the second I feel stressed I start binge watch crime dramas. Science Side of Tumblr please explain.

My advice to you is to take a little bit of time to relax. I know this may seem counterproductive, but you’re not going to be able to get the work you need to do done if you stay stressed. Spend some time taking care of yourself, and then take care of everything else!

Stress Relief 

1. Take A Bath. Baths are my go to stress reliever (I like to watch my crime dramas while submerged). Use whatever you already have lying around: 

  • Bath bombs
  • Bubble bath
  • Tea candles
  • Incense
  • Bath salts

2. Spa Day. There is nothing that I love more than a low-budget Spa Day. It’s so important to take care of your skin- it’s the largest organ in your body. 

3. Day Trip. It’s so hard to get away, especially when you’re trying to plan a long trip with friends and/or family. Treat yourself to a day trip solo or with a few close friends. Day trips don’t have to be big occasions! They can be as simple as driving a few towns over and getting food and seeing a movie. Here are some ideas:

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Road trip
  • Picnic at a destination
  • Visiting a museum/planetarium/aquarium
  • Shopping at a speciality shop
  • Visiting a friend who lives a couple hours way

4. DIY/Home Repairs. An easy way to feel productive is to do some simple housework. This can be anything from straight up cleaning to simple DIY repairs.

  • Hang the poster you bought three months ago
  • Clean out your closet and donate to your local shelter
  • Weed your garden
  • Bake an apple pie
  • Sort through your old paperwork
  • Groom your pets
  • Mop your kitchen while listening to the Broadway station
  • Tighten any loose screws in wooden furniture

5. Treat yourself. While many of the other options I suggested cost little to no $$, these options do.

  • Get some Panera to-go
  • Buy those things sitting in your Amazon cart
  • Take yourself thrift store shopping
  • Get a manicure/pedicure
  • Get a professional massage
  • Buy the most expensive chocolate bar you can find
Good Enough

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“Being with you never felt wrong. It’s the one thing I did right. You’re the one thing I did right.”

Summary: You and him were two complete opposites from each other… You were just the maid’s daughter, but him on the other hand was a celebrity… Girls practically threw themselves at him just to gain his attention… He could choose any girl… but he chose you..

Part 1 is here~ 

More parts:

Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 // Part 11 // Part 12 //



Why couldn’t life be easier for my mother and I? Why couldn’t we own a huge house, have furry coats and spend money on unnecessary things? If only we had that option… But however by the looks of things we won’t get there until a miracle happens..

I truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents; we’re all teachers - if we’re willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door.

Maybe this point in my life was just a lesson.. A lesson to teach me to be grateful in life… but grateful for everything I own. 

My two priorities at this point in time is go to school and two help my mother out with the hotel. No I’m not forced to help my mother to do anything but my mother is deaf… who is else is suppose to be her translator? 

Plus I will do anything I can to help my mother out even if that means miss school sometimes… just to get food at least for the day…

The two of us live a room the hotel provided for the both of us that once was a closet… One bedroom I share with my mother.. a bathroom and a small kitchen.. I can’t even bring friends over without feeling ashamed.. 

My whole life is secret… Everyone doesn’t know about my mother or the living situation I’m in.. I would like to ke-

Before you could finish your train of thought, you felt your phone vibrate next to you and looked to your right and see a text from your mother.

You closed your journal and picked up your phone.

Sweetie, can you bring me the box of paper towels to the fifth floor please?

You replied back:

I’ll be there soon~

Without complaining or anything you got up from your spot and made your way to the maid’s closet to get your mother the paper towels she needs and slowly exited out of your room. 

Why is this box so damn heavy? 

You kept wondering as you continued to walk one by one to your way to the elevator doors, you couldn’t seem to see where the hell you were going because of this stupid box.

At this point you could run anyone over and you wouldn’t notice till you hear screaming or something..

Or maybe people here won’t be dumb and blind enough to ignore your existence and be careful.

 You continued to walk step by step till… You felt yourself hit a wall causing you to look to the side and noticed you reached the elevator door. GREAT! Wooow and you thought this was hard..

Piece of cake.

You walked near the button for the elevator and tried to find way to press the button without dropping the box out of your hands… but that seemed impossible. 

Ugh, you groaned to yourself and looked around… 

Why weren’t you social enough to ask for help? 

You sighed and just as you were going to try to reach for the button… You notice a mystery hand press the button to go up… 

Thank you!

“Need help with that?”

Was this person talking to you?


“I said do you need help with that?” the male voice asks but you hated getting asked for help… You were a big girl…

“It’s okay. I got this…”

“Are you sure?”


You heard the elevator doors open and you carefully yet slowly walked your way to the elevator holding the box in your hands till the next thing you know, you felt the box getting lifted out of your hands and the mystery guy was now holding the box…

What is he doing?


You awkwardly said looking at the stranger who had a black pair of sunglasses but a blonde hair and was tall yet skinny. 

The two of you stepped in and you looked at the stranger and pressed the button of the floor you needed to get to and then looked at the stranger.

“What floor?”


Him too?

You backed up against the railing and looked at the stranger. 

“You know you didn’t have to carry the box for me,” you said trying to reach over for the box but you noticed the way he turned his back to you not letting you reach over to the box.

“I got it,”


“You don’t know how to let other help you now do you?” The stranger asked you feeling confused whether you should feel offended or not…

What was a bad thing? 

You were used to doing things for yourself and for everyone around you.. Was it wrong to have that instinct where you assume you are responsible for everything around you?

I sighed and looked at the stranger..

“Sorry.. I mean thank you for the help.. but you really didn’t have to.” You awkwardly said looking up at the stranger and then looking directly at the elevator doors…

This stranger grabbed the box from your hands having no clue who you even were and helped you out..

“What’s in this box anyways?”

For some reason you completely froze and just looked at the stranger not having a clue on what to even say..

“Moving in?” Taehyung asks and you without even thinking twice you nodded your head and he smiled.

“So does that mean I will be seeing you often?” He asks smirking and you just nodded again not knowing what the hell to say..

“Great! Do you want to get some coffee later?” The stranger asks you and you just looked at him and stood quiet..

Speak! It’s not like he’s some hot celebrity or something.. right? 

“Um… I’ll see.. if I can,” You lied knowing damn well you had nothing planned for later.

“Great!” before he could continue off his sentence, the elevator door opened and you stepped out having the stranger following right behind you.

“Meet me at lobby at 5?”


“Good!” He smiles handing you the book and before he went his own direction, he lifted up his sunglasses exposing his blue eyes and gave you quick wink.. 

“See you later,”

You watched the stranger walk off to a side of the hall that had security everywhere. you just rolled your eyes turned around and left go find your mother…

Isn’t that side of the floor for celebrities? What is he doing there? Isn’t he going to get in trouble?

Or was he friends with a celebrity? 

Who knows..


“What took you so long?” You mother began to complain as she did the sign language to you and all you could was just shrug.

“Well the box was heavy, what do you have a dead body in there?”

Without any warning, you mother hits your arm and you looked at her and couldn’t help but to smile. Your mother hated when you acted overly dramatic with her.. but it was all a part of nature… What are you saying?!

“It’s not that heavy if you were able to bring it to me,” your mother signs with her hands and you sighed..

Well you made it to your mother alive because of a stranger helping you out.. 

Should you tell her that?

“Anyways, mom why is there so many security guard on this floor today? I know celebrities are usual on this floor, but what’s the big occasion?”

You asked as you sat down on a random chair from the hotel room your mother was in and placed your feet on top of a table.

Your mother reached over and smacked your feet telling you to get off.

You shrugged and continued to stare at your mother.


“There a big Korea boy group in town,”

“Big korean group? They aren’t that big if I haven’t heard about it.”

You glanced at your mother and again you noticed the way she looked you and smiled.

“Stop sitting around and help me.” your mother signed and you groaned and forced yourself off the chair.

No you and your mother didn’t have a terrible relationship at all, you two were actually quite close.. The thing was you two treated each other as sister sometimes.. but still your mother didn’t take your complaints or your comments serious.. Your relationship with your mother was actually quite good.


“Omma! I’ll be back, I’m going to get us food! Try not to miss me soo much!” You smiled as you wrapped your arm around your mom and as you glanced at her you noticed a smile appear on her face.

What would your mom do without you right?

You grabbed your phone from the table and left the hotel room without saying anything else to your mother.

As you walked to the elevator door you stepped in and quickly pressed the button to head to the first floor and leaned back against the railing slowly waiting for the elevator door to close.

“What should we eat today?” You began to ask yourself as you continued to stare at the elevator doors… 

You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t even noticed someone even entering the elevator till you began to hear someone clear their throat. 

You shook your head and looked to your left and see a familiar pair of black sunglasses…

“So we meet again,” The stranger says smirking not even taking one look at you..


What is this destiny?

 “I see that…”

“I’m glad you haven’t forgotten.”


“About getting coffee at 5?”

You quickly pulled out your phone and looked at the time causing your eyes to widen.. Shit! Why did you have to go get food at this very moment…

“Oh… about that..”

As you were about to speak, you noticed the stranger looking directly at you causing you to forget how to even lie and you just stayed quiet and sighed..

“Can’t wait..”

You awkwardly said looking away and at last the elevator door opened…


As you two were exiting out of the elevator… You couldn’t help but to wonder why this stranger kept wearing the pair of sunglasses…

What is this his signature look or something?

“What’s your name?” The stranger asks you making you lose your train of thought and you just looked at him.

“Y/N… you?”

“A secret.”

“A secret?” You asked completely confused and he stops and smiles at you.

“If I tell you, I might have to kill you.”

Your eyes widen and you noticed the stranger rise up his sunglasses and give a quick yet simple wink…

What is his deal?

He began to walk away and you continued to looking at him confused but eventually ran after him and caught up.


You two were about to step out of the lobby till… The next thing you noticed, the stranger took one look out the door and stopped and looked at you.

“We should go to the back door…”


He grabbed your wrist and tried to pull you back in the lobby but you removed yourself and looked at him confused.

“What’s your deal?”

“I c-”

The next thing you know, you noticed the group of girls who were standing in front of the hotel screaming right at your direction and without even realizing what the hell was happening, the stranger got a hold of your wrist once again and began to run forcing you to basically run as well..

What the hell is going on?!

Why were you running from girls?! 

Was this why the stranger wanted to go to the back?

As you two continued to run out of the lobby and your way to the back of the hotel, you felt your legs burn and felt like you were having a hard time catching your breath…

Why! Just why!

At last the stranger pulled you into what seemed to be in a closet and closed the door right behind him.

You were about to ask a question but he stops you by covering your mouth and all you could hear was girls screaming and running from the other side of the door.

As the screaming seemed to fade away… The stranger finally lets go out your hand and looks at you.

“What the hell!”


“What the hell just happened?”

He looked at me and took off his sunglasses relieving his whole face to you.

“Now do you understand what happened?”

“Huh?” You were beyond confused…

He looks at you and his eyes widen.

“You don’t know who I am?”

Should you?”

“Um no?”

…. Was this a trick question or something?

“I’m from V from BTS.”


To Be Continued


Ford could hear the excited chatter filtering through the windows in his room. It sounded like everyone outside was having a great time. He buried himself further in the blanket on the sofa he was sleeping on. He pulled the blanket over his head and curled up. He didn’t want to move, didn’t want to make a sound, fearing someone would hear him and then their fun would be interrupted. It would be ruined, just like everything else he ruined. He wasn’t welcome at the party, anyway. He wasn’t welcome anywhere.

The reason he felt this way? Guilt. Crushing, deafening, overwhelming guilt. Everything that had happened to the town over the past week was his fault. He brought about the apocalypse and his family had to suffer as a result. Heck, he erased his own brother’s mind because he was too much of a damn coward to let someone kill him as soon as Bill entered his own mind. A swift bullet through the center of his head would have done it. But no, he had to let his brother pay for his mistakes. Again. All Stanley ever did was help him, support him, protect him, and what had Ford done in return? Exile his brother, treat him like shit, punch him and erase his mind. Stanley had worked for thirty years on that portal trying to bring Ford back and the elder twin had never thanked him. Not once. He’d only done it so Stanley would hold his hand in that circle, but even then Ford had messed the whole thing up. For the sake of sheer arrogance, he had corrected Stanley on his grammar and the whole circle was ruined.

It wasn’t the first thing he’d ruined.

All Ford ever did was use his brother as a shield. The whole time through school, Stanley had protected his brother from bullies, given up his own dreams to support and protect Ford and what had Ford done? Turned his back on his brother as soon as Stanley had the first hint of a selfish thought. What a hypocrite. Everything Ford had done was for himself. He was the selfish one. The arrogant one. The screw-up. The freak.

Ford knew he deserved this treatment. He didn’t deserve to be forgiven for all the pain he’d caused. All the trouble. All the horror, fear, injuries, damage. Everything had been his fault. He’d made a deal with Bill in the first place, all to chase his own selfish desires. He built the portal, despite Fiddleford giving him all those warnings to dismantle the damn thing while he had the chance. He refused, Fiddleford was traumatized and the man lost his mind, all a result of Ford’s selfishness. He spent thirty years living in the dump, for Moses’ sake! He never returned to his family. His wife, his young child, he had to abandon them all because Ford was so selfish. He’d ruined not only Fiddleford’s life, but his partner’s family’s lives too.

It wasn’t just Fiddleford’s family who had paid for his mistakes. His brother had to fake his death and attend his own funeral in order to cover up the fact that Ford was missing. Both of his parents had passed away believing Stanley was dead, and they never found out that in truth, Stanford was the one missing. Stanley had sacrificed so much to keep Ford’s disappearance a secret. He had, once again, sacrificed everything he had to keep his brother safe. And when Stanley had needed Ford the most, Ford had ignored him. Shunned him. Turned him away.

And then there were the twins. They were just kids, only just teenagers as of today - they should have never had to even know about any of this. Stanley had had to lie to both them and their parents in order to keep Ford a secret. Then Ford came back and ruined everything. He’d caused the twins so much pain. He’d tried to separate them. He’d asked Dipper to become his apprentice without so much as a thought about Mabel’s feelings. The last things the twins had done before Weirdmageddon broke out was fight. They’d argued, Mabel had run off and the rift had been smashed. The kids had fought tooth and nail to get Ford back and they nearly died. Bill could have killed them, all because Ford was so damn selfish. Those kids had been traumatized, and it was all Ford’s fault.

The sound of laughter echoed through the room from outside and Ford curled up tighter, trying desperately to vanish into thin air. Part of him felt guilty for missing such a big occasion, but that little part was drowned by the rest of him, telling him to stay hidden and don’t make a sound. That he’d only ruin everything if he tried to join in. He could see the kid’s disgusted faces, the look of hatred on the faces of the townsfolk, the utter loathing on Stanley’s face. Heck, even Waddles would probably growl at him or walk away or something. He didn’t deserve to be included in the fun, anyway, after everything he’d caused. He’d only be shouted at, or shoved, or have rocks thrown at him. A thirteenth birthday was something the kids would only experience once and he didn’t want to spoil it for them. He’d already spoiled the last part of their summer, he couldn’t ruin their birthday too.

Ford’s stomach growled noisily and he couldn’t help but punch himself in the gut, trying to shut it up. It didn’t matter that he hadn’t eaten at all in the last week or so. It wasn’t important. He couldn’t leave his room, anyway. If he did, he’d only be glared at by his family. He’d ruin their day with his very presence. That was why he had to be careful whenever he left his room to get some water or to go to the bathroom. He didn’t want to bump into anyone and cause them more problems. He’d already done enough to ruin their lives. He wasn’t welcome in this house, but he was too scared to leave.

He just wanted to get out of their lives forever. Everyone would be so much better off without him. They wouldn’t have to worry about the apocalypse, or the insane researcher who lived in the woods. They wouldn’t have to wonder if each day might be their last. But, as much as he wanted to, Ford couldn’t bring himself to leave. He desperately wanted to make it up to everyone by leaving, but he just couldn’t. Not while Stanley’s mind was still being recovered. He had to stay, for the sake of his brother. He’d kick himself if Stanley had a memory lapse, or forgot everything entirely, and there was nobody around to help him. He couldn’t erase memories of himself from the townsfolk for one reason: he’d seen what it had done to Fiddleford, and he wouldn’t wish that upon anyone else. That’s what made it so difficult though. Ford knew nobody wanted his help. He knew that everyone just wanted to get rid of him. He knew that everyone saw him as a burden, a leech, a nuisance, and he knew that everyone else knew they’d be better off without him.

Ford froze, hearing someone walk past his bedroom door - if that’s even what his room could be called. It was in the semi-underground part of the Shack and was once his old study, but he’d been sleeping in here ever since he was brought back, on account of the fact that Stanley had claimed his bedroom for his own. Whoever was walking past got to the end of the hall and then walked back. Judging by the sound of the footsteps, Ford guessed it was one of the twins. He sighed quietly, still not moving from his position on the couch. The laughter and chatter from outside died down as the voices, in unison, sung an out-of-tune version of ‘Happy Birthday’. There was cheering, followed by Dipper and Mabel talking. Dipper was talking about how he already had everything he ever wanted. Lifting the blanket from off his head, Ford strained to listen to the boy’s words.

“I’ve already got the best friends I could ever ask for. You’re all like family to me, even though technically Grunkle Stan and Mabel are the only ones who are actually family.” There was some light chuckling from the crowd and Ford felt his heart sink. It was true. The kids didn’t see him as family. He didn’t deserve to be part of their family, anyway. Still, he couldn’t help but let out a quiet sob as the truth sunk in. The kids didn’t care about him. Why should they, after everything he’s done?

Then it was Mabel’s turn. “My only wish is to shrink you all down and take you home in my pocket, but since that’s probably impossible, I just want everyone here to sign my scrapbook.” Ford’s heart sunk further. Everyone here. He wasn’t out there with them. ‘Everyone here’ meant the whole town apart from him. Why should he get to sign the book? So that every time Mabel looked at it, she was reminded of the guy who nearly caused her death? The guy who ruined her summer? He didn’t deserve to be part of something like that. There was no way she’d let him sign the book, anyway. Mabel didn’t care about him. Nobody did.

There was more chatter and cheering after that as the party went on. Ford pulled the blanket back over his head again. Quiet sobs racked his body, making the blanket tremble. All his thoughts had been confirmed. There wasn’t a single person in the town who cared about him. Why should there be? He caused the apocalypse. He hurt them. People could have died and it was all his fault. Ford covered his mouth, trying to stay silent. Even though he knew nobody would be able to hear him, he didn’t want to make a sound. Making a sound would mean people would be reminded that he was still here and not lying in some dirty forest somewhere far away from anyone he could hurt.

Because, at the end of the day, lying alone in the middle of nowhere was all Ford really deserved.


Two days later…

“C’mon kids, got everything?”

“Yes, Grunkle Stan!”

Ford flinched. The kids were right outside his bedroom door. They must be leaving. That was it. Summer was over and he’d failed to apologize to them. Just like he’d failed to give them a good summer, like he’d failed to give them a good uncle. Ford buried his face in his hands, remaining hidden under the blanket. He’d failed to be anything worthy of redemption. Ford heard the kids dragging heavy luggage towards the door. He could hear the voices of their friends, waiting to say goodbye to them. Ford wasn’t going to join them. He didn’t want their last memories of summer to be the man who caused the apocalypse talking to them. He couldn’t ruin this moment for them. His stomach growled again. He still hadn’t eaten anything since two days before Weirdmageddon broke out. That made it over two weeks since he’d had anything to eat. Two days before Weirdmageddon, then the apocalypse itself had lasted just over a week, then it had been over a week since it had ended. Overall, it looked like seventeen or eighteen days since he’d eaten anything. He’d been drinking, obviously, but only water. It was the cheapest drink and the easiest to get hold of.

There was a sharp, quick knock on the bedroom door. “Stanford, the kids are leaving. You gonna say goodbye or are you gonna keep sulking?” It was Stanley. Ford’s heart leaped into his throat. Someone was actually talking to him. He was at a crossroads. Did he stay inside, make everyone happy by not being there, but let the kids down for not saying goodbye? Or should he come out of his room and wave them off, only to ruin their last day in Gravity Falls? Either way, he’d hate himself for it. Plus, he wanted to at least say goodbye to them, maybe try and apologize, even though he knew they didn’t want to hear it. He decided to bite the bullet. He could always just retreat to his room again once the kids had left.

“Coming…” Ford said quietly. He pulled the blanket off of him, tossing it to the floor, and grabbed his glasses. He flattened down his hair and got up. His hunger caused his head to spin, but he ignored it. He took slow steps towards the door, becoming more aware of the pain in his body. He still hadn’t fully healed from all the tortures Bill had put him through. He knew that the severe lack of food would only make it worse, but at this point he didn’t care. Pulling his boots on, he grabbed the handle of the door and opened it slowly. The light from the hallway blinded him momentarily and he briefly thought of what a mess he must look.

Stanley stood on the other side of the door, his arms crossed and a scowl on his face. His eyes widened and his mouth fell open as he saw the state his brother was in. Ford’s hair was sticking up all over the place. He had dark circles underneath his eyes. His eyes were bloodshot, the area around them puffy and red. His face was covered in scratches that hadn’t quite yet healed. His cheeks were sunken and he looked terribly thin. Sure, his brother had never quite had the gut Stan did, but he just looked so underweight. What was the worst part, however, was the expression on Ford’s face. His brother looked a mixture of downcast and terrified. He looked so sad, yet still had a slight bit of nervousness about him, as if Stan would lash out and hit him at any moment. He looked so guilty, too. His whole body was curled in on itself. He had his arms wrapped around his stomach, his shoulders sagging. He refused to meet Stanley’s concerned gaze, his head down and his sight fixed on his feet.

Stanley was at a loss for words. “Ford… what… what’s wrong… ?”

Ford’s voice was quiet and cracked. “… I’m so sorry…” His shoulders were shaking and he covered his mouth with one hand, feeling tears pricking his eyes.

Alarm bells went off in Stan’s mind. Ford had done this to himself. “Sorry for what…?” Stan asked softly, although he was pretty sure he knew the answer. He tried to put a hand on his brother’s shoulder, frowning when Ford flinched and pulled away, trying to retreat back into his room. “Ford, please,”

Ford shook his head quickly and turned to go back into his room. Stan put his arm out to stop him. Ford let out a startled noise and stepped away quickly, pressing his back against the wall. His eyes were wide and terrified. “Ford… please…” Stanley said softly.

“I’m so sorry…” Ford mumbled again. He buried his face in his hands again. “F-for everything… it’s all my f-fault…” He sunk slowly to the ground. “Everything… it’s all because of m-me…” He pulled his legs up close to his chest, keeping his face hidden in his knees.

“Ford…” Stan knelt beside his brother. He put a hand on his shoulder, feeling Ford flinch again. “When was the last time you ate?”

Ford shrugged. “Dunno,” he mumbled. That was a lie - he didn’t want to tell his brother that he hadn’t eaten in weeks. “Doesn’t matter,”

“Of course it matters!” Stan bit his lip. “Ford, you’re a wreck.”

“So?” Ford’s voice was quiet, barely audible. “Just go and say goodbye to the kids. Don’t worry ‘bout me,”

“Grunkle Stan! We’ve got all our stuff and the bus is nearly here!” Dipper’s voice called from outside. “You coming?” The younger twins ran back to the door, stopping in their tracks. They hadn’t seen Ford in over a week. Now he was sitting in the hallway with his face buried in his knees. Ford flinched at their voices.

Stan looked up at the kids. “I’ll be there in just a second.” He turned back to his brother. “C’mon, Ford. Talk to me. How long has it been since you last had some food?”

“Nearly three weeks,” Ford mumbled into his legs.

“Three weeks?!” Stan exclaimed. “Crap, Ford! You need to eat something!”

“N-no I don’t,” Ford murmured, stubbornly keeping his face hidden. He couldn’t let his brother see the tears in his eyes. “I c-can’t.”

“What the hell do you mean you can’t?” Stan demanded. His face softened as his brother flinched at the harsh tone in his voice.

“I c-can’t, ‘cause it costs you money and you’ve already given up so much for me and I’ve just been selfish and I hurt you and I hurt the kids and-”

“Whoa, whoa Ford, calm down,” Stan put his hand on the side of Ford’s face. “Hey, look at me Poindexter.”

Ford lifted his head slowly. The dark circles under his eyes were even more apparent now. His eyes brimmed with tears. “I’m so s-sorry, Stanley.”

Stanley shook his head and pulled Ford into a hug, tightening his arms around him when he felt Ford try to pull away. He laid his chin on the top of Ford’s head, rubbing small circles across his back. “It’s okay… it’s okay…”

And then the floodgates opened.

A second later, Ford was sobbing into Stan’s shoulder, gripping the back of Stan’s sweater for dear life. “I-I’m so sorry .. this is all m-my fault… I erased y-your m-m-mind a-an-and I hurt you… a-and I hurt the kids… I d-didn’t wanna c-come see them on their b-birthday cause I’d r-ruin ev-verything a-and you sh-shouldn’t h-have opened that portal everyone w-would have b-b-been b-better off without m-me I j-just hurt p-p-people I’m a f-freak I’m a m-m-monster I r-ruined the summer B-Bill should have j-just killled me I should never have b-been b-b-”

“Ford.” Stan cut him off before he could finish. “Don’t ever say that. We’ve all made mistakes-”

“None of yours ever caused the apocalypse, though, did they?” Ford snapped. “I summoned a demon just so I could become famous. If I w-wasn’t so damn selfish none of you would have ever been h-hurt.”

The twins, tears in their eyes, rushed forwards and embraced Ford in a tight hug. “Grunkle Ford we love you.” Mabel said, burying her face in Ford’s sweater. “You’re not selfish. You told us how to defeat Bill.”

“You played games with me,” Dipper added. “You’re not selfish. You protected me from that alien guard thing. You saved my life.”

Ford shook his head and tried to pull away, but Stan held onto him and wouldn’t let go. “No, don’t defend me. What I did was wrong and horrible and I don’t deserve to be forgiven.”

“Grunkle Ford stop it!” Mabel shouted. Ford froze. “You do deserve to be forgiven. None of this was your fault. All of us have been tricked by Bill. But you helped us get rid of him, and now he’s gone! He’s gone because you helped us!”

“She’s right Grunkle Ford,” Dipper said. “Bill’s gone because you helped us get rid of him. Grunkle Stan got his memory back. It’s okay!”

“It’s okay, Poindexter,” Stan mumbled into his brother’s hair. “It’s okay. We’re all okay, because of you. Now would you quit beating yourself up so much and come and say goodbye?”

Ford took a deep breath and nodded. The kids got up and Stanley pulled his brother to his feet, keeping an arm looped over his shoulders. Together, the family walked outside and towards the road where the bus was waiting. Ford looked at the twins, then at his brother. A small smile came to his face. They’d forgiven him. He couldn’t believe it, and part of him was still convinced he didn’t deserve it, but they’d forgiven him. He wiped his eyes on his sleeve and took a deep breath.

Stanley looked at his twin. “You alright Ford?”

Ford smiled. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine.”

This time, he wasn’t lying.


Something I wrote based off of @skaleigha  ‘s Guilty Ford AU, which can be found here. I really love this idea and I had to write something for it. Ford really needs hugs ;-;

There are probably plot holes the size of craters in this. Oh well 

I thrive off stangst

EDIT: Now on AO3

happy birthday (a hector bellerin imagine)

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Summary: he has a new girlfriend, and she’s totally, completely, entirely 100% fine with that, right? 

Seeing him was strange. Arriving at his birthday party and walking through a house that should have been theirs wasn’t just strange, but plain weird.

The kitchen is busy, with people crowded shoulder-to-shoulder around the island and countless empty beer cans and food wrappers littering the table. The atmosphere is light and jovial, with Justin Bieber blasting in the background and the golden fairy lights giving the room a warm glow. She continues to nurse her gin and tonic and every now and then, grabs a salted pretzel from the bowl to her left. She doesn’t want to be such a “debbie-downer” (in her best friend’s words, who keeps on trying, to no avail, to get her to join in with the karaoke in the living room where Crazy in Love is being butchered and the wine is flowing more freely) but she’s just seen him with his arm around her and now any attempts at a smile or a dance would be futile at best.

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dirk being a Good Big Brother™ and being super protective of his younger siblings in general. he’s the type to go out and tear their bullies to pieces okay–no one touches dirk’s brothers or his sisters

the odd on out and often exception to this rule, understandably enough, is hal. he’s always been a self-sufficient sort of guy, so dirk doesnt exactly… coddle him like he does the other’s? and of course hal takes that as an insult because he takes this as a sign of dirk disliking him or even worse, being indifferent towards him and it sits heavily with him in a way he absolutely hates

Hal is very bad at this whole ‘sharing’ thing you see. it’s hard and very confusing, sharing dirk with dave and davis. its even harder sharing dave and davis with dirk and just

Sometimes he wishes he was an all encompassing ai so he could get rid of all of these useless Mortal Emotions okay

To burn the devil out

I’m a little behind with posting, but real-life caught me :/

Day 3: Middle Age

Summary: Alec hunts for witches as the member of the Conclave. When he meets Magnus, he decides to save him from burning in the local square. 

Alexander Lightwood, was considered intellectual among his comrades. Some of them saw him as rebellious, some as disrespectful. But many of them saw him as breaker the rules of the Conclave. His father, Robert Lightwood, was from the most noble family of knights dedicated to the New York Conclave. Alec was determined to follow his lead, same as his brother Jonathan Christopher, who was secretly called Jace by his siblings.

Alec’s rebellious side often showed itself, when the Conclave chose to set some new, wrong decision. Just like the latest one, to burn all of witches in the town. Alec somehow agreed with Conclave. Women should not worship the devil and use his language when casting curses at the people. But on the other hand, no one deserved to be publicly burnt or drown, to purity their blood from the devil’s power.

That, and Alec heard the story about male’s witch, a warlock, who possibly was living in the Brooklyn, a village on the border of New York. Alec was dying to meet him. When the Conclave started to hunt for witches, he secretly hoped that they will capture the great Magnus Bane. They did, his father led the invasion on his home.

When they brought him to the dungeons of the Conclave’s Institute, Alec asked to be tasked with watching over him and other witches. Conclave’s members agreed easily, letting Alec to get familiar with the famous Magnus Bane. When he was told, that the man is over hundred years old, he expected a white-haired man with a long beard, a long hat and some white clothes like druids used to wear in Gallia. Alec went there once, when he was younger. He met some of the druids there. For their people, they were sacred beings, some of them were even worshiped. This changed Alec’s vision about magical beings a bit. Maybe they weren’t evil, sons and daughters of the devil, like the Conclave painted them to be.

Alec met Magnus Bane precisely three weeks ago and he had fallen under his enchantment ever since. The man was beautiful. His skin was sun kissed, his golden green cat eyes were a sight to behold. His skin was warm, when you touched it. His long, black silk hair was inviting to stroke them. He wore green and black clothes, long tunic and leather pants. Some golden chains were decorating his chest.

“Alexander,” he greeted him, as the knight stepped into the dungeons this night. “How wonderful that you decided to come visit me this night. As far as I know, this is my last night. The Conclave decided to burn me out in public for being a heretic. Idiots.”

“I know.” The young man admitted sadly, as he sat down on the ground before the cell. He opened his sack and took out a half of bread and the bottle made of goatskin. Today he had stolen the fine wine, the Conclave kept for the big occasions, mainly when the Pope was visiting cities. “They put red drapes all over the city’s square. I heard that the great Inquisitor will kill you.”

“Oh, I’m honored.” Magnus joked with a fake smile. Alec didn’t want to laugh at all. In the past three weeks, he and Magnus got to know each other. The older man spoke about his magical powers, showing Alec a few simple spells. Alec asked him one night, if he can’t escape, but the warlock told that the Institute was built with the material that blocks the great magic. So every night, he came to his new friend, to talk, to laugh. And last night…to kiss him.

Alec always knew that he isn’t into women. None of the fine ladies his father tried to set him up with were good for him. Alec wasn’t interested in female’s beauty, but he was very interested in male’s. With Magnus, he could test his theory about liking men. When they kissed, the sparks flew out. Literally. Magnus’s magic burst from his fingers, when they were slowly kissing through the bars of the dungeons.

Since last night, Alec couldn’t calm his hammering heart. He didn’t know what was happening to him, but it was wonderful.

“Don’t be sad, my angel. Even we, warlocks, have to die one day.” Magnus bumped his shoulder through the bars. “Will you be there? I rather die with something pleasant before my eyes.”

“I will.”

Alec did as promised. The next day, when Magnus was tied to the wooden pile, he watched him from afar. His heart was yearning for the man, but he his body seemed to be frozen in place. The Great Inquisitor Herondale lit up the torch and smiled to the audience before he spoke.

“My locals, today is the day, when the great Magnus Bane, a witch will be burn along with his comadres, Catarina Loss and Ragnor Fell. They have committed a crime against our people, by practicing the dark, evil magic.” He explained, gesturing at the three warlocks behind him. “They will be burn, so the flames of this fire could clear their blood. Let us pray to God and Angels above to burn out the devil from their soul. Let’s begin.”

Before he had a chance to put the fire by Magnus’s feet, an arrow stuck in his heart. The Great Inquisitor gasped and dropped down to his knees. A great chaos began, as people started to scream and look around for the shooter.

Alec quickly dropped his bow and ran towards the square. He pulled out his sword and cut through the first three soldiers of the Conclave. He didn’t want to kill any of them, but he needed to buy himself some time. So he slit their thighs and arms, making them cry out in pain. Once everyone was distracted, Alec quickly released Magnus and his friends.

The three warlocks were stunned by the actions of the young knight. Magnus the most.

“Magnus, run! Go now.” Alec ordered him, fighting with Jonathan Morgenstern, the son of Valentine Morgenstern, one of the best of hunters. “Go!”

Magnus’s friends dragged him away from the square. Before Alec realized, the three of them disappeared in a flash of a dark smoke. Alec dropped the sword to the ground and yelled.

“I surrender to the power of the Conclave!” Alec didn’t hope for this to work, but he hoped to buy himself some time. Maybe enough to say goodbye to his family, before the Conclave will execute him for a betrayal of the country.

“Alexander Lightwood,” Valentine Morgenstern, the great Consul of the Conclave, directed his sword at Alec. “For the kill of the Great Inquisitor and the members of the Conclave, for releasing witches, by the power given me by the Conclave, I sentence you with an immediate death. Hold him down!” He ordered to his companions. “You stupid, stupid boy. The warlock enchanted you and now you will pay for your idiocy.”

Alec felt the coldness of the blade on his neck. He closed his eyes and his mind popped up the memory of the cat eyes of Magnus. The young man smiled involuntarily at the vision, feeling warmth in his heart and stomach.

Suddenly there was heard the sound of the snap, followed by the loud cry of Valentine. Alec opened his eyes and saw that Valentine is burning alive in front of him. For the first time in his life, Alec was frightened to death, as he didn’t know what was happening. Some of the local people were helping save Valentine, but it was pointless. The moment they was able to stop the fire, it started all over again, stronger.

Dark smoke surrounded Alec’s body, before Magnus materialized himself in front of him. He had his hands up in the air with flames dancing on them.

“Leave him, or you’ll die.” He threatened the members of the Conclave, sending flames in their direction. Magnus turned his head to Alec and winked at him.


“You saved me,” he whispered, burning Jonathan down, same as his father. “Now let me be your knight in shining armor.”

People of New York were scared of Magnus’s dark powers, same as the remaining members of the Conclave. The warlock released Alec and drew him into his arms.

“Hold on, darling.” Alec closed his eyes and squeezed Magnus’s body in his. “We’re going to disappear.”

“All right.”

When Alec opened his eyes again, he was in some mysterious chamber. Intense red curtains were blocking the sunlight from coming inside. Candles were put on the chests standing around the room. A big bed stood in the middle, covered in king’s red covers.

“Hope you like the decor.” Magnus said, pulling away from Alec’s hard grip. “Welcome to my night chamber, Alexander. Feel yourself at home.”

“I have no home anymore.” He said dryly. “I don’t believe I could ever go back to New York, or the Conclave.”

“Thank you, for saving us, you didn’t have to do it.” Magnus admitted, kissing Alec softly. “I know that I cannot promise you anything worthy of a noble knight, but I can promise you a peaceful life, far away from the Conclave, that will haunt us.”

“Where are we?”

“This is Edom, the home of the warlocks and witches.” Alec nodded to this. “And if you want, it can be also a home for you. Alexander Lightwood the saviour of the warlocks and witches.”

“I would like that.”

The first ever film of John, Paul and George together in 1958 has been discovered! But before you get too excited - that’s it above. 

This film - a Liverpool police recruitment film shows a clip from the police show on the grounds of the Police Training College, headquarters of the Liverpool Mounted Police, which so happened to be at the back of 20 Forthlin Road. In 1958 John’s best friend, Pete Shotton was training to be a policeman and took park in the show. John, Paul, (probably) George and Paul’s brother, Mike watched it from the shed roof in Paul’s back yard and have been captured on film here. 

“Wow! That could definitely be us. It was a really big occasion in Liverpool and that’s what we used to do every summer – take deckchairs and climb onto the concrete shed and watch a free show. And I think there is every chance John would have been there that year – absolutely. His friend, Pete Shotton, was a police cadet. And George could easily have been there, too. It’s bloody mad – absolutely fascinating and unbelievable!”

[Mike McCartney, Liverpool Echo, 7th March 2017]

This is a story they also tell you if you take the National Trust tour of Forthlin Road. The film was posted on YouTube and labelled as 1950, but further investigation by a Liverpool Beatles historian has discovered it was 1958. Here’s the full film, but it’s a blink and you miss it scene, found at approx. 34:30, cued below.

🌺🌸 One Hundred Followers Celebration!! 🌸🌺

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Sherlock Valentine’s Day Challenge Day #3

Promt #3: “I guess this makes you my Valentine.”

“Just to make it clear. Mr Lancaster has some valuable information about financial frauds and you are the one to collect them. You have already been assigned as his escort. He will be waiting for you at the dance, wearing a tuxedo and a yellow boutonniere that match the corsage you have. After the dance, we’ll send one of our agents to drive the limo. He will provide you a chance to leave. Any questions?”

“When will you stop mumbling around? I know my work, Mr Holmes, don’t tell me how to do it.” The other line remain silence for a while.

“Stay in touch, Ms Adler.” He finally speaks.

“Send my loves to Nero, Mycroft.”

Life had changed in many ways over the course of a few years. No long after Sherlock knew the existence of his sister, Nero came, and the rest with him. A new home in Sussex, the beehives, the end of her exile and the occasional work for the MI6.

The mission, as Mycroft had said, is very simple, for her at least. Gathering information about the financial fraud, easy, mens like to talk given the correct stimulus. Is this mission a sort of escape? Yes, it is, she has to admit it. Irene Adler loves her son above everything else and she also loves Sherlock, even if she doesn’t say it often. But while she is happy with the new lifestyle she is living… a few days away from Nero’s constant seek for attention and Sherlock’s mess, is refreshing.  

With confident strides Irene enters the building wearing a stunning red dress and a elegant yellow rose as a corsage on her wrist. She wanders casually around people, looking for her target. Beautiful ladies and handsome men all around, dressed on their finest clothes. The champagne and caviar, oh she had miss all of this. Why is Valentine’s day a big occasion? She wonders as she contemplates the gathering. She had celebrated in the past, mostly when she was a teenager and a few occasions with Sherlock, more of mockery than for the holiday itself.

Few men are wearing boutonnieres and so far, none of them has a yellow one. She is starting to doubt the probability of this plan when her eyes catch glimpse of a yellow rose. She quickly follows the man, carefully not to look like a stalker. Irene laughs to herself at the resemblance her target has with a certain detective waiting for her in Sussex. He finally stops to take a glass of champagne, circling him, she first stares at the yellow flower on his front pocket, once she is certain of his identity, she glance at his face. He is smiling and holds a soft stare at her startled face.

“You didn’t expect to see me, Ms Adler?” The man asks. Once the surprise has passed, her face turns into a frown and she cross her arms.

“I had a mission, Sherlock. What did you do with Lancaster? And what about Nero?” Her voice is more of a reproach than a question.

“Turns out you don’t need to attend a fancy ball on Valentine’s day to gather information from someone. Mycroft may disagree, but this is all he needs,” Says Sherlock taking a phone from his pocket. “I met Mr Lancaster at the elevator of his apartment, a friendly talk and a distraction was all I needed to acquire the access to the bank accounts.” He shows off a smile and waves the phone in front of her. “As for Nero, he is with my parents.” Irene rolls her eyes at his childish behavior. Without making eye contact, Irene thinks about the fact, consequences and the state of the mission.

“I assume Mycroft doesn’t know you are here,” He nods. “Well then,” Says Irene adjusting the flower on his front pocket. “I guess this makes you my Valentine. Let’s enjoy the rest of the party, shall we?”