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How do you get ideas for character designs? Is there like a website you use?

It’s called

LOL jokes aside, when it comes to character design there are some “rules” to express personality through looks. Like the first rule it’s stereotyping, even if in real life it’s a big no-no in art it helps to make perfectly clear the personality of a character at first glance.

Some examples of characters I did:
the Squip has to be a trusting figure, someone who knows what’s best for you, right? So what’s better than a suit and tie and a posture that kinda resembles a butler. The beard also gives a look of a man who has lived, so he knows more things than you. Also nowadays the beard it’s trending so why not.

Brooke is  energetic, innocent looking and sweet to Jeremy. So I gave her the fluffy hair and the puppy eyes.

Christine is always excited and sometimes she has those madness moments where she screams and jumps around that make her childish. So I gave her bangs and the little nose, but to balance her childish side I gave her a bit of makeup, like the black lip and long eyelashes.

Jake an Chloe are total stereotypes of popular american highschool boy and a doll (no mean intentions there, Chloe is one of those cute Barbies with long long hair. I love drawing Chloe’s hair and physique)

But sometimes I just think “oh I made too many people with this type of nose/hair/eyebrows, so now I’ll do this”. That’s how I made Rich and Jenna lol

Then there’s the special case of Jeremy who is literally everything I like to draw put together. Hair style, pointy nose, big eyes and babyface look…