big nose

I’m a bit tired of hearing “that girl looks like a guy” just because of some facial feature that is not cute and smooth like a fat baby’s bum.

Men and women are born in the same moment, you know (sorry, bible) so what makes some facial features “man’s prerogative”? you can get all the combinations is both cases sooo.

The nose is probably the biggest source of insecurity and so probably the most modified facial feature in girls, so many handsome men on tv are showing off all those beautiful varieties of noses while we se about 2 models of noses in girls defined pretty.

I have so many cute friends who worry about their nose shape, it’s been also one of my biggest insecurities too in the past, not anymore. 

Some of them don’t realize that changing that, in a number of cases, will just make them end up looking like every other cute girl, big whoop.

By the way I’m getting side tracked now, I am not here to complain about “who does what and why”, everyone can make their own choices and I don’t judge cosmetic surgery at all, if it makes you feel good you better do it for sure-

 I just think that handsome women are a bit underrated these days. 

The end.

Bye. Ciao. Adios.

Wear your face with pride gurls <3

Big nose problems

Do you ever think how dumb it is that we <society> idealize baby faces in adults instead of cherishing well developed characteristics?

Like a nose, for example: a big, curvy, crooked, bumpy, wide (etc.) nose, full of character and a long history of your family tree, your roots,is still treated as a shameful and ugly feature, meanwhile a tiny baby-like nose is an iconic “beauty” symbol?

Wtf people???

My nose didn’t start to bother me until around my sophomore year in high school. Girls used to call me a freak with a beak, or say I would be pretty if it weren’t for my nose. I’ve thought about getting nose job multiple times but I hate the thought of changing myself for other people. I’ve been raised to always love what God gave me so that’s what I’ve been trying to do these past few years…even though I’m not happy with the way that my nose looks 50% of the time I’ve accepted that it’s what makes me, me. 

A Few Reasons to Love your Big Nose

1. Unusual noses add an element of drama to your face, and make it more theatrical. It’s like, woah, what’s going on? Everything was so status quo and now who knows what will happen next! Shakespeare literally lodged himself inside of one of your nostrils, and Quentin Tarantino lodged himself inside the other, and now your face has a super exciting storyline. Do little button noses have room for all that talent and creative genius? Didn’t think so.

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