big nasty teeth

Top Tier monster smooching material from Heroes of The Storm

A guide to “kissable monster skins”

Sweet snout. Most excellent face and A++ teeth. Lower jaw kinda moves separately from the top when he talks so that’s great.
His “lovebug” skin speaks for itself tbh. His pincers say “giant insect”, but his carapace says “gentle lover”. Also one of his voice lines is “kinky”…so you know you’re gonna have a good time.

Have a monstrously good time with the lord of destruction in their lovable Kaiju skin! Bonus: also comes in “deep sea” variety for extra cuddlyness.
For those not afraid of the rough stuff! Piercing eyes and strong arms. Plus a kill-to-death ratio that is off the charts.

NOW WE’RE TALKING.A skull face that’s his actual face? Glowing eyes? Mile long tongue? Claws? This is A+
Another A++ choice. Tassador’s “Anubis” skins are most excellent. Big ol’ teeth and nasty ol’ face. The Good Shit.

Now here’s something for the gay ladies out there. This zerg queen has many arms and pincers to hold you with, plus she’s a queen so you KNOW she’ll treat you right.
(Infested) Tychus
Tychus of the infested variety. The only variety that matters. End of story.