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tfw u come out to ur girlfriend and then she’s actually super chill

The Soulmate Series: T.O.P.

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I’m finally done with  this. It’s really long, almost 2500 words, and I should’ve been studying, but I really needed to write this, so here it goes. It’s a little different from the others, but I hope you guys like it =D

“So, as many of you already know, during the next couple lessons we’ll be talking about soulmates. This is a really important subject we need to touch now, because you’re reaching the age when 90% of the people start having their dream. It’s extremely rare for people to have their dreams before or after the ages 20 to 25, though there are cases, but they’re not widely common.”

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if you squint i got multiple card faces in here. The diamond (obviously), a misshapen heart and if you really squint there’s a club thrown in the mix. Lemme explain! i’m a huge romantic at heart and there are a lot of hot people i wanna just literally cuddle with and use as my personal heater cause y’know they’re hot.