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like a hero on a history book page

preston, mystic force, gen | 3k words | rated g
read on: ao3

Preston Tien has always known he could be something special.

It’s not just the dragon bracelet, or the ace of spades he keeps in his sleeve, or even the top hat where his bunny sleeps. It’s not the fact that he grew up in a big house with a nanny who smoked too many cigarettes to be around a child or the perpetually empty family room where his parents should have watched television and laughed with him.

It’s not even, although this comes much later, the fortitude of his character which called a ninja star to him.

At age five, he goes to a magic show in a little town where the locals claim monsters are alive and walking among them, and he’s never been more sure that magic is real.

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I hate negotiating pay but the family immediately accepted my counter offer and y'all… I’m so happy. It still hasn’t totally sunk in yet but… wow. I’m so honored they chose me and they’re such a great family and the kids are the cutest things everrrrrrrrrrrr.

Thank you Jesus for setting this up perfectly!

Compromise Works.
  • Daddy: Phia, are you ready to go to the park?
  • Nanny: Can I brush your hair?
  • Phia: No!
  • Daddy: Can I at least pull it back into a ponytail?
  • Phia: Okay. *Runs away and hides under Gramma's bed*
  • Daddy: I thought you said okay to a ponytail?
  • Phia: I only said okay so I could have time to escape.
  • Nanny: Mommy wouldn't let you go out like that. Do you want people to think your an orphan?
  • Phia: How's this for a compromise? People will know I'm not an orphan because I'll have my Daddy with me.
  • Phia: Daddy, go tell Nanny that I'm frustrated and upset.
  • Daddy: Why are you frustrated?
  • Phia: Because mommy isn't here yet.
  • Daddy: Well there's nothing Nanny can do about that.
  • Phia: Ugh! Just go tell her those two things. Maybe she has something to make me feel better.
  • Daddy: Okay... *goes inside and tells Nanny*
  • Nanny: Oh, she wants chocolate chips.