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Stydia AU: You make love look easy by @hollandroden​ [FIC LINK]

College/Boston AU. Stiles and Lydia grew up together in Beacon Hills, but there was no supernatural element and therefore they never became friends in high school. They connect years later in Boston, of all places, where Lydia is a student at Harvard and Stiles is studying criminology. Oh yeah: he’s also a nanny.

Job Ideas for Littles!

Sometimes Big Life is really hard, but it has to be done. Especially if you are a single little. I have had a hard time keeping certain jobs because of the pressure, stress, and anxiety that come along with Big jobs. Here are some ways I make money without having a “Big Job”:

🌻 Nannying
Of course you will be an actual caregiver so don’t lose responsibility, but I like being able to do things like coloring and going to the park for stress relief! You also have to be off your phone and computer for a while which is good for you both physically and mentally.

🌻 Start an art blog and online tip jar
I do this with music and it really helps! I don’t make enough for a salary, but it pays for my groceries or one bill a month.

🌻 Retail at a store that has “little clothes”
Being “childish” and having a child-like state of mind is actually becoming more and more accepted even down to the style! Stores like H&M have lots of nice things (for all genders) and you will get an employee discount.

🌻 Work at a pet store, animal rescue, or adoption center
Even though a lot of responsibility and regulations and paperwork go into this one, animals are therapeutic and getting to play with some pups or give a snake some hold time can really de-stress you at work!



 Being Tony Stark’s daughter and Hulk adores you, so they take you along for missions to help calm him down.

••• Requested by Anon ••• 

“You know, when I said I wanted to come along on missions, I meant I wanted in on the action, not stuck in the Helicarrier until there’s a code green. I’m actually useful in other ways than being the big guy’s nanny." 

Thor’s hearty chuckle could be heard over the coms, along with your father’s disapproving sigh. 

"Lady Stark has the soul of a warrior!” Thor laughed. “She would serve well in Asgard." 

"No chance, Goldilocks.”


Tom and Sybbie play Poohsticks.

Top 12 Sitcoms To Watch

#1 Friends 

#2 How I Met Your Mother

#3 The Nanny

#4 That 70’s Show

#5 Cougar Town

#6 Baby Daddy

#7 Melissa & Joey

#8 8 Simple Rules

#9 Friends With Better Lives

#10 2 Broke Girls

#11 Big Bang Theory

#12 Modern Family

Are these your favorites too? Comment below!

here’s the final installment of my single daddy!peeta series (parts 1 and 2). thank you for reading!

The gift is wrapped in pink and white striped paper. The sides are painstakingly folded over and taped down, a large white bow on top to polish off the look.

Katniss spent an obscene amount of time wrapping this present. She even watched YouTube tutorials on the best way to wrap a present because normally she just shoves things in gift bags with leftover, crumpled up tissue paper.

But this gift is important, and only the pleasure of shredding and tearing the paper to get inside can do it justice.

As she approaches the front door, Katniss clutches the gift-wrapped box in her hands and cradles it to her stomach as if it were some precious, fragile thing and not the box of building blocks it actually is.

She hopes Levin likes the gift. It’s been a long time since Katniss had to buy a present for a toddler, and she doesn’t really know what this particular toddler likes. She used to know, at some point.

Not that it really matters. Kids like something for three seconds before moving on to the next toy, anyway.

But if she doesn’t preoccupy herself by fretting over this, she’ll start to think too much about how she’s going to be face to face with Peeta for the first time in a year and a half. She tries to convince herself that the nerves threatening to choke her are borne of the need to appease a 3-year-old–and not said 3-year-old’s father.

It’s the first time she’s seeing him since the night they slept together, but he’s kept in touch like he promised, emailing her every few weeks or so with new photos of Levin. He doesn’t include himself in any of the photos thankfully, though part of her wishes she could look at his face again; she doesn’t have Facebook, and at this point it would have just been weird to look him up. He’s always polite in his emails, dutifully captioning the photos, asking her cordial questions, such as how she’s doing.

She can never bring herself to reply with anything more than surface-level, just “Doing well, thanks! Levin is getting so big!” She never asks how he is or what he’s up to, not sure she really wants to know. She’s tried getting over him, dating other men, hell, even just fucking someone else to relieve the itch. But the last guy her friend Johanna set her up with, Cato, while bearing a vague resemblance to Peeta with his blond hair, sturdy build and good looks, was lacking in every other way. Katniss actually shoved his face out of hers when he was on top of her trying to stick his dick in her after a fairly bland movie-and-dinner date, shoved him all the way out the door, actually, because she couldn’t stand that he wasn’t Peeta.

There’s just no getting over him.

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