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i fucking hate how much tumblr has affected me, i drove past a pig in a trailer on the freeway and muttered “Big Boy” quietly to myself

Birthday (Tony Stark x Reader)

Word count: 700

( Hii! So sorry to bother you but could I request an imagine please? 😆😆 Tomorrow (23rd) is my birthday and I would love a birthday-themed imagine with Peter Parker or Tony Stark, your choice. Thank youuuu! )

           “My birthday is no big deal, Tony.” You muttered, brushing your hair behind your ear and giving him a glare. He shrugged, smirking at you which caused you to feel any angrier. “I don’t like parties and I don’t like your friends.”

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Isaac Lahey Imagine


Heyyy, I like reading and writing imagines and this is my first one. I also love Isaac Lahey and so here it is…I hope you guys like it.

And I take request.


“Are we going to talk about this?” No answer “Y/N stop ignoring me.” Still no answer.

Y/N had been pretending Isaac didn’t exist for almost a month now. Normally (when they were arguing) he’d look at her with his big blue eyes, mutter some half assed apology, and all would be forgiven, but this time was different. This time she wanted him to suffer for what he had done. Isaac-though you could never tell by his tough exterior- was a giant puppy who loved attention from his girlfriend. The past month felt like a year, and Isaac was getting frustrated, both mentally and sexually.

Y/N didn’t even think Isaac was home, and nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard his voice cut through the pitch blackness of the kitchen. She almost turned to him, to say something snarky then she remembered she was still upset with him, and kept it to herself. Y/N was about walk away from him, go upstairs, and lock herself in their shared bedroom while Isaac slept on the couch to think about his actions when she heard him speak.

Just above a whisper “If you won’t talk, I’ll make you scream.”

Before she could register what was happening, Isaac had her cornered, kissing, biting, and sucking on her skin.

“Isaac stop!” She pressed her hands to his chest trying in vain to push him away, but the rough kisses along her chest, throat, and jaw line continued “I’m mad at you. Stop it!”

“Oh, now you want to talk?” He squeezed her ass almost painfully hard before lifting her onto the kitchen counter. “Too late now, sweetheart.” He kissed her lips. Gently, at first. He missed them, the feel, the taste, everything about them. Then he became aggressive, so aggressive Y/N snatched away from him.

“Stop it.” She spoke weak, and out of breath.

“Make me.” He grabbed her flimsy white t-shirt in his large hands, and  tore it straight down the middle. He took a moment to appreciate her large breast, and the lacy black bra that just barely contained them, before deciding that it had to come off as well.

His trance like state allowed Y/N to slip out his grip. Making sure her favorite bra didn’t meet the same fate as her t-shirt. But Isaac had recovered quickly, and was right behind her as she made a beeline to their bedroom. She, by some miracle, had made it inside their room, and locked the door before Isaac reached her. Sighing in relief she leaned her back to against the it.

He let her run. There wasn’t a room in his house that he couldn’t get into. She had nowhere to hide, and he knew it. Deep down inside she knew it too.

“If I have to come in their and get you, Y/N, I’m not gonna be gentle.” growled just outside the door “Open. The. Door. Now!”

“Isaac, baby, I’m not opening this door until you calm down.” She felt the thud against the door when Isaac had thrown his shoulder against it.

“You’re putting on this act, but I can tell how much you want this. You want me to rip this door off its hinges, come in, lift you on top of the sink, and fuck you ‘till you’re begging me to stop. Don’t you?”


“By now I’d hope you know better than to lie to me. I can hear your heartbeat.” He grabbed the doorknob “We can play rough if you want to, Y/N. But I want you to realize this: the longer you try to deny me, the harder it’ll be to control myself when I get to you.”

Y/N did want this. She wanted him. It had been nearly a month of not even touching Isaac, but she’d be damned if she was going to give in to him the minute he asked. She planned on fighting him to the very end. She had to punish Isaac for what he did (even if it meant punishing herself). He needed to understand that what happened that day, need not ever happen again.

Isaac kicked open the door half expecting Y/N to pounce him, but he saw her. Standing determined not to give him what he wanted. He watched her with a predatory look in his eyes, and in his stance. She would’ve looked almost intimidating if she wasn’t clad in only her bra and pajama shorts. And if he didn’t completely tower over her.

“I’m not doing this with you.” She spoke firmly. He ignored her, taking a step closer “Take one step closer and I swear I’m gonna kick your werewolf ass into next week.”

Suddenly he charged her. Y/N let out a squeak before trying to crawl across the bed and out the door, but Isaac wrapped her hand around her ankle, pulling her back, and underneath him. She glared up at him, as he stradled her hips.

“Because you wanted to do this the hardway, Y/N, I’m not gonna make love to you, like I originally planned to do.” he nipped at her neck “I was gonna have the flowers you like so much, the candles, the candy, but you wanted to play rough so…now, Im gonna fuck you. Hard and slow, and I dont plan on stopping anytime soon.”

“Isaac w-”

“Quiet Y/N. I’m not finished yet.”

Part 2?

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Literally all I can think about when it comes to the big date is Pete muttering something just loud enough that Trent has to physically stop what he's doing, look at Pete, and just ever so calmly go, "Peter, that's very dangerous and probably illegal."

Hahaha!!! ❤ It’s actually gonna be kinda sweet but that would be awesome too!

Working for Tony Stark was often an excitement and he gave you an excellent wage. With Tony’s parties, they often had a mess that you had to clean up. You did not complain when Tony told you to clean-up because you were never in the mood for a sarcastic comment in return.

“Oh my god, why is his house so big? “You muttered to yourself as you started collecting empty glasses that the guests carelessly left on tables and counters.

You put them back at the bar to wash later and then you headed over to your boss and his friends. Tony, Steve and Rhodey had a sour look on their faces, but you choose not to ask because that would make things awkward.

You picked up the few empty glasses and put them with the rest on the bar. The only thing left on the table that made it not look clean is Thor’s hammer. You shuffled past them, wanting to put his hammer somewhere else because you wanted to make the house as clean as possible.

You picked up the hammer with ease and asked,”Mr. Odinson, where would you like me to put your hammer?”

The far dropped jaws is not the reaction you expected to get, all you expected was a simple answer. You could feel the panic build up in you as you quickly put it back, hoping you would not get in trouble for your actions.

“You picked up Thor’s hammer….”Steve whispered, eyes bulging at the sight, being the only one from the team who could say a word.

“I am so sorry if I offended you, like I was just cleaning, “You tried to explain to everyone, mainly directed to Thor.

“Do they get to rule Asgard now,”Your boss asked. You knew you weren’t going to get let off the hook easily.

Zutara Month Day 4: Lost

Zuko: I was the Fire Lord! I don’t get lost!

Katara: The mighty once Fire Lord seems to have forgotten that at last year’s Winter Solstice Festival he got lost for two hours.

Zuko: …I didn’t get lost… you disappeared… besides the crowd is way too big… *mutter* *mutter*

Katara: <3

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jon moxley 3, 15, 17

Send me a character and a number for a headcanon. 

3. Sleeping headcanon 

Mox can sleep anywhere. He doesn’t sleep much, or very deeply - half his brain always has an eye on the nearest exit, an ear out for any unexpected sound. But when he decides he feels safe enough, he goes out like a light and it takes the force of a bulldozer (or an irate and grumbling Sami Callihan) to rouse him. 

He sleeps like an octopus, long limbs sprawling to fill every available inch of space, wrapping neatly around the nearest warm body (Sami says he hates it, calls him a weirdo, but it saves on heating in the winter so there’s that), or pulling in tight to fit in the most unlikely places (he nearly got locked in a venue overnight once when he dozed off behind a stack of plastic chairs. Drake was the one who found him, hauling him to his feet while muttering about big lanky motherfuckers having no right to be so goddamn bendy).

15. Singing headcanon 

You could be forgiven for believing Jon Moxley couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. He happily yowls along with whatever’s playing in the bar or the locker room, face breaking into a shit-eating grin of delight when his caterwauling provokes a complaint from whoever has the shortest temper that day. But really, he just likes messing with people. 

Catch him singing in the shower when he thinks there’s no-one else around, with the water turned up scalding hot and billowing clouds of steam loosening the tension in his chest, and you’ll find he has a pretty serviceable set of pipes. Just don’t let him find out you heard.

17. Soft spot headcanon 

Dogs. Dogs and little kids with bloody noses and fire in their eyes. It’s no coincidence that he calls himself a street dog - fighting every step against the odds, against the bigger dogs, the ones with money and power and authority, the disinterested schoolteachers, the pushers and pimps and debt collectors who were never quite further than arms-length away, all through his childhood and beyond. 

He pulled together the scraps of a go-nowhere life and turned it into something no-one else would have thought to make, and made a success out of it. In spite of all of them. In spite of everything he ever lost, everything he had taken from him, everything he never had a chance to gain. So he’ll be fucked if he sees the same shit happen to another little nobody (nobody, just that damn kid again) and does nothing about it.

Another fan art for Chapter 3 of It Will Come Back by sangha, inspired by this bit in particular:

Steve reaches out his arm like he wants to hug Bucky, then thinks better of it. Bucky huffs, mutters, “you big sap,” and pulls Steve into a hug. Steve grips him tighter than Bucky ever remembers and Bucky realizes this is the first time they’ve properly hugged in this century. He forgot how nice it feels to be held by Steve, with all the warmth and love he exudes.


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You x Steve x Bucky 

“ I am not a child, stop treating me like one”

Since Bucky had joined the team, Steve had kept an eye on you because he saw right away that you took interest in his best friend. 

“ You can’t be with him, your not mature enough to handle yourself with him” Steve would say. “ Thanks so much, big brother” You muttered rolling your eyes. 

“ I don’t want you to get hurt Y/N” “ I am capable of making my own choices and mistakes” 

“ You need assistance during missions, you can’t complete them on your own” Steve continued to list the things that made you act immature. You weren’t a child. You liked Bucky, you wanted to be there for him. Steve was stubborn and didn’t understand. 

“ I am not a child, stop treating me like one” You said cutting him off as he was going to start again. 

“ I am just trying to look out for you” 

“ I know, I am glad to have you by my side. But give me a chance, Bucky and I are making progress. I don’t wan to lose him. I like him” 

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Are comforts okay? Can I request Takao comforting a girl who was bullied?

Crouching down on the floor, a girl hastily tries to pick up the remains of her lunch scattered across the linoleum tile. There’s bread, lettuce, and sandwich meat scattered everywhere and, not wanting to touch it with her bare hands, she’s forced to use her only napkin to clean up the mess. After piling the soiled food onto her lunch tray, she uses the napkin to wipe up the spilled carton of milk that had leaked all around. As she does so, she can hear the other girls who had tripped her up laughing. Their voices travel down the hall as they walk away from the scene in one big posse.

“Stupid,” she mutters to herself, barely audible enough for her own ears. As she finishes up the chore of cleaning up the spilled lunch, she finds herself gritting her teeth, trying her best to keep her angry tears at bay. It would be the second day in a row she would have to go without eating lunch all because of those bullies from her class. “Stupid, stupid, stupid…”

The sudden hand in front of her face catches her off guard and the girl quickly flinches back before looking properly at who it was in front of her. She immediately recognizes the black hair and silver eyes of one of her classmates, Takao Kazunari. He’s reaching a hand down toward her, offering to help her off the floor with the usual idle smile that often accompanies his features. She’s hesitant at first, not only because she’s never really talked with him before, but also because her hands are now quite sticky after having to clean up the spilled milk.

“Come on, I won’t be disgusted or anything,” he says after noticing her reluctance. His lethargic smile transforms into a full blown grin when she finally wraps her hand around his and he easily helps her off the floor with one fluid tug. Glancing down at the tray of spoiled food she has left on the floor, Takao lets a low whistle pass between his lips. “It’s a shame they didn’t offer to help after tripping you like that.” Of course, the both of them know he saw what really happened—he wasn’t that naïve—but not wanting to embarrass her further, Takao chose to let the act of mistreatment slide until she was ready to admit to herself that it had happened.

After dusting her uniform skirt off, making sure no food remnants had stuck to the clothing, the girl offers him a sheepish smile before saying, “Well, at least they’re helping me stick to my diet.” Despite not knowing him that well, she still doesn’t want Takao to worry too much about her.

Snorting in response, Takao rolls his eyes. “If you need to go on a diet, then I may as well start starving myself,” he scoffs, though there’s a teasing tone behind his voice.

The lighthearted conversation he had started was making the girl feel a lot better, even if she had only lost her lunch in a battle against floor germs a mere few moments ago. She’s ready to thank him, offering a smile as she opens her mouth to do so, but her words are cut short by the rebellious grumble of her stomach that nearly echoes between the two of them. They share a look of surprise for a few seconds before, suddenly, Takao is laughing hysterically, his hand moving to wipe away at some tears that have accumulated at the corners of his eyes.

“See? Your stomach agrees with me,” he guffaws, taking deep breaths to calm himself before saying, “How about you come with me and I go buy you some melon bread?”

“You really don’t have to,” she starts, but is cut off by his open palm halting her words.

“And if this little accident happens again tomorrow, I’ll just have to buy you some tomorrow too,” he states matter-of-factly, offering her his usual smile again. “And the next day and the next day after that.”

Awed by his generosity, it takes the girl a moment to respond. Once again she can feel tears building up in her eyes, but this time she knows they’re for a better reason.

“I would like that,” she whispers, following after him as he starts walking. “Thank you.”

Jay jumped away from Black Manta’s henchmen, going towards the one with the a bigger helmet, that looked like Manta’s. 
‘That has to be Manta.. Or is it his second in command?’ 
She was almost to the guy when somebody tackled her. She looked up to see another one of Manta’s men.
“Big mistake..” She muttered, kicking him off of her.
She heard him grunt and she quickly ascended and scanned around her, before quickly flying towards the guy she’d been going after. Her braid was starting to become loose, but she wasn’t putting it down. It’d become too much of a hassle.
She landed in front of him and got in a fighting stance, “Stand down, unless you want to become a Popsicle.”
He took off the helmet, causing her to gasp, “K-Kaldurr…”

In Ten Years

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Castiel stared at the question at the top of his latest school assignment. He was only eighteen, this year he would be graduating high school and moving on to college and a career and the rest of his life. When he was going about his daily routine he barely thought of tomorrow, the only thoughts to plague his mind was surviving this moment.

“What are you going to say?” His best friend, Dean Winchester, nudged his side and snickered down at the question. “I’m gonna say ‘with a hot wife and my dad’s car’.”

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Hell Ain't a Bad Place To Be - closed rp with harukashipshimselfwithwater

“Bullshit,” a blond boy with intense, big eyes muttered with a sarcastic scoff as he threw a giant book into a big vortex of nothing, while he sat on an extremely hot rock. 
“What is?” Another soul asked while floating around, poking a little ball of flaming fur which answered by producing a sound similar to a fart. For fun.
“This book. Apparently these mortals think that Hell has ice in the deepest levels. Bullshit,” he repeated, cackling. 
Hell is all he knew, and he’d never seen ice anywhere. Actually, he could do with a glass of water, but nobody’s ever seen any since literally forever. It’s kind of the point. He didn’t even remember a time when he hadn’t existed in anguish and anger and hatred and the worst thing of all: following queues and having to submit to bureaucracy. There’s no Satan, either, there’s only a giant office called The Office where any elementary request takes between ten days and a month to be processed and finally satisfied. While standing in queue.
The other demon cackled with a sharp sound. “Fucking bullshit,” he spat out while other demons flew shrieking between them. Must be newly arrived.
“Chill, yelling won’t get you outta here,” the eternal child called Nagisa groaned. 
“So what are you doing, today?” The other soul asked. “We could go possess someone." 
"Eh,” Nagisa replied, scratching his nape. “Apparently the Office really wants some teenager’s soul, but his count of sins is exactly balanced by his count of good deeds,” he said grimacing. “So I should go and convince him that this place is nice. I’d love to go and hang around, but…" 
The other demon looked at him sympathetically. "So you have to pretend you actually like being here.”

“Yeah, dude,” the blond, damned boy sighed. “I hate this place.” He had said so at least a dozen billion times in the last ten years, basically since he was there. And he had a whole eternity to keep saying it more.

But orders are orders, not respecting them meant being destroyed, as in stopping to exist altogether. Nagisa still loved himself too much to let that happen. And so he snapped his fingers and checked his best equipment which appeared in front of him - snacks, diversions, a giant bag with anything Man can wish for - and waved annoyed at his friend while snapping his fingers again, making it disappear. Not that in Hell one could count on friendship, but he’d talked to this guy some times and they considered each other acquainted enough to use the word; besides, Facebook had been a great idea by the Office to make mortals de-value the word. They’d just adopted that mechanism.
He gestured in front of him, and a portal appeared. After stepping in it, he materialized in mid-air, unprepared to gravity, and very unceremoniously dropped on the floor of a teenage boy’s bathroom while said boy was in the tub. 

“Well, shit,” he grumbled, sitting up. He looked at himself: he was wearing a pink t-shirt and ripped jeans, with a pair of tennis shoes at his feet. He touched his head: sheep horns. He sighed relieved as he realized they were still there. If there was something he really loved, it was his horns.
He looked at the human bathing, and his lips curled in a crooked smile. 
“Hey, sorry to interrupt, but do you have a minute to talk about Hell?”

It really just hadn’t crossed your mind, in the slightest.  One day, Luke had just stated that he managed to form a proper band, smiling wide in that goofy way he does when he’s wrapped up in pure excitement.  Now you were backstage at one of his concert, thousands of miles from home and it just never really occurred to you how much had really changed.  “Luke, no!” You’re laughing wildly as he continues tickling you, no mercy apparent in his mess of chuckles and smiling from above you.  Shifting and squirming in an attempt to get away caused him to slip up and fall beside you on the floor, “Hah!” Using this opening you now got over him, restraining his wrists to either side of his head.  For a second you did nothing, and just looked towards the grip one of your hands at on only a part of his wrist. “What the hell, your wrists are big.” You muttered in confusion, shifting your eyes back to him as he started chuckling. “Your hands are just small.” He’d say, breaking his wrists out of your grip to grab your hand, comparing the sizes.  It took him no effort to do so, you acknowledged.  “See?” He asked, his head sideways to look himself.  You could feel his hand was engulfing yours, but you were too focused on the scruff growing on the base of his chin, and a jawline you couldn’t remember being this pronounced.  “You good?” His voice didn’t have the same pitch as a couple of years ago either, his eyes still light, but something about them had changed.  His whole being had changed, really.  “You’ve grown up, huh…” You trailed off staring down in the familiar eyes that were still his, but an older his.  “Yeah,” You didn’t notice it until now. “You, too.  I can see.”  More than physical change, you definitely knew that something inside yourself had become different too.  “You’re blushing.  Did what I say make you blush?” He questioned with a single drawled out chuckle, one side of his lip curving up. Luke rubbed his thumb over your cheek gently, not saying anything.  And all you could do was finally take notice of everything about him– take notice of the feelings.  You averted your gaze, murmuring softly, “As if…”



“O-Oh…” The young Hollow trailed off at the news that he wasn’t going to be seeing Katsuko any time soon. It was too bad. He wanted to apologise for trying to bite her before.

His hand coming up to hold his awful arm, Yuga was reluctant to speak up again. “I don’t think Jikanmu is in any big trouble.” He muttered as he approached Dez to huddle up by the older male’s leg. “But, I’m worried that he might be lost.”

Hello, it's me || sidekick-stiles

“Alright, Demi, you can do this, it’s not a big deal, it’s only starting at a new school”, Demi muttered under her breath to herself as she adjusted the strap of her backpack and walked to her next class, she walked in and took a seat at the very back.

She took a deep breath and looked around, “It is a big deal”, she muttered again and sighed.

First Impressions || Janet and Sam

She hears the whispered gossip in the halls of the SGC, hears tales of a sassy spitfire who waltzed on to the base, who commandeered the infirmary with no fuss and while she’s got a million and one things to do to prepare for SG-1’s next trip through the Stargate, Sam can’t help but acknowledge the curiosity burning in her gut. The colonel, when asked about the new chief medical officer, clammed up and Daniel barely managed to keep from laughing outright at the mutterings about big honkin’ needles - if the new doctor has the colonel spooked then Sam shudders to think what the new CMO is like.

The cosmos work things out in her favor when she realizes she’s got to stop by the infirmary to have her pre-mission physical done so she can step through the gate with her team. When she enters the infirmary, her eyes skip from one end of the room to the other but find no evidence of the tyrannical monster the colonel indicated was waiting. Shrugging slightly, she tucks her hands in the pockets of her BDUs and chews on her lip until she sees a flash of white through a gap in a curtain- a labcoat, she realizes.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for Doctor Fraiser.”