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Being a “fake” couple with Peter Parker (Headcanon)

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(go check out this original gif post it made my heart cry i love but this is an example;))



- okay so it took a lot of convincing from Peter

- “Y/N please! I need you to do this one thing for me!”

- “Peter..”


- but as always, Peter’s pleading puppy eyes turned your emotions haywire REAL QUICK

- “Fine.”

- “THANK YOU SO MUCH I OWE YOU BIG TIME!” he muttered before kissing you quickly on the cheek


- but Peter did it in a friendly way:/

- anyway back to the story

- you made terms to always hold hands in the school hallways to get people talking

- Peter needs a reaction out of Liz because he has heart eyes for the senior://

- your feelings never fade for a second, your heart not fully prepared for the start of this fake relationship

- mainly because you wanted it to be real so, so badly

- but Peter’s a clueless headass so

- immediately as you two walk through those doors, his warm and familiar hand reaches over and envelopes itself in yours

- feeling so completely real and you want to cry because your admiration for this boy was over the moon<333

- after school ‘dating’ plans

- endless laughs and just sweet teen love

- seemingly unrequited

- ;))) peter’s dumb ass doesn’t know just yet

- touches that felt like fire, and the feeling of your emotions being real and close to him made you realize it didn’t feel fake at all

- tingles tingleS tinglES tingLES tinGLES tiNGLES tINGLES TINGLES

- sweet glances at one another as you made your way to class

- Y/E/C hit a dreamy brown and your heart burst

- love. nothing but sweet, caring love for this boy

- people began to notice y’all’s relationship fast

- “It’s working!”

- what did I say? headass.

- “Peter we’ve been ‘dating’ for two days.”

- “yeah but trust me it’s working.”

- after all this time peter is still such a headass

- Liz’s eyes don’t flutter over to the two of you at all

- obviously your plan faiLS

- continuous, endless hand holding

- one day Peter’s quickly leans over and pecks your forehead as everyone watches the two of you. His chapped lips feeling so warm and soft against your skin


- but the giddiness is from both of you this ;,))))

- Peter’s headass realizes Liz doesn’t pay attention at all and his dumb ass plan didn’t work

- obviously??? peter??? quit being a headass???

- “It’s okay Peter, she’s not the right one for you.”

- your poor meaningful attempts to lighten his seemingly saddened mood

- Peter sees your sweet smile turn up at the sight of him down the hallway and his heart doesn’t belong to Liz anymore

- STARES AT YOU DOWN THE HALLWAY WHILE YOU’RE NOT LOOKING, LIKE THAT^ (GIF) his heart beating a mile a minute as nothing but thoughts of you swarm his mind

- late night movie night and everything turns LOVEY LOVEY LOVEY SWEET TEENAGE LOVE

- “I’m over Liz, I found someone.”

- sad eyes meet hopeful brown and your stomach churns

- “Oh really, who?” acting happy because you want your best friend happy no matter what

- :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

- “You”




- soft chapped lips place themselves upon yours and nothing but absolute FIREWORKS ERUPT

- his calloused thumb rubs your cheeks softly as he stares into your caring eyes

- two beating hearts rapidly thumping to the same rhythm

- i’m :,)))

- peter parker will always be a headass, but he’s now your headass!


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The Arrangement (Epilogue)

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Summary: I’m not telling, you’ll have to read it

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,700

Warnings: absolutely none, just teeth-rotting fluff

A/N: It’s finally HERE you guys! That word count might explain why it took so long, but I figured nobody would complain about a lengthy epilogue. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

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Broken Ones

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x F!Reader

Warnings: Heartbreaking, angsty, easily led reader, yoga, smut (18+), NSFW..

A/N: Half of this is a true story, the other half is not. Good luck guessing which parts are real. Thank you to my darling love @were-cheetah-stiles for making this what it is, I truly enjoyed watching you edit my work. Gif by @agentmitchrapp


“This break was good,” She whispered to him, reaching across the brown oak table separating her from the man she had not seen in four months, “But it opened my eyes - a lot. I think we’ve ran our course, Stiles, I think it’s time we just say enough is enough. We can’t keep living our lives by eating at each other’s throats everyday, fighting over the littlest of things, it’s just not healthy.” Lydia hated the words that were falling from her tongue, and she felt the tears swell up in her eyes when Stiles sucked back a sharp breath, and let his hand slip from her grasp.

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Getting head from Shawn would include...
  • Shawn begging for it [ “Pleeeeease, baby. Just a taste?” ]
  • Him suckling the base of your neck to show you just what his mouth can do
  • You feeling unsure about the whole thing…
  • Just the slightest bit self conscious about the thought of having such a beautiful face between your thighs
  • Him reminding you that he thinks you’re perfect, in every way
  • And that he wants to pleasure you in every way, especially like this…
  • You eventually feeling comfortable enough to allow him
  • And him laying you down on a soft, warm bed 
  •  Watching Shawn crawl down your body slowly until his head is level with your core
  • Having your legs spread slowly and gently, and feeling the cool air of the bedroom spread across your warmth
  • Feeling that little tingle of goosebumps breaking out across the inside of your thighs
  • Shawn commenting on the moist spot spreading across the center of your thong, purely from your anticipation
  • “Love it when you wet your panties for me, baby.”
  • “Sexiest fucking thing in the whole wide world.”
  • Being teased as Shawn blows gently against the fabric
  • And bites down into his bottom lip as he watches your back arch at the sensation
  • Being licked through the fabric
  • Ever so gently, from your entrance to your hardening clit
  • Having your clit sucked through the fabric
  • And your eyes shutting hard as you gasp
  • You changing your tune so that you’re begging him now
  • “Please, please don’t tease me, Shawn.”
  • Shawn’s little smirk as he hooks his thumbs in the waistband of your thong
  • Having your panties pulled down nice and slow
  • Then thrown somewhere over his shoulder
  • Shawn settling back into you, his mouth hovering over your bare skin this time
  • That first lick against your pussy
  • And the way his tongue slides right down into your folds
  • Him taking his time at first
  • And slowly tonguing the full length of your slit
  • Shawn moaning against your sex
  • And telling you that you have the “best tasting pussy in the whole world.”
  • Him sliding first one, then two fingers inside
  • Then having the pace suddenly switched up on you
  • Shawn french kissing the pussy like his life depends on it
  • Getting wild, sloppy head
  • Feeling his long fingers pumping in and out of you smoothly
  • As he grabs your hands with his free hand and slides your fingers into his thick hair
  • Shawn asking you to let loose for him [ “Come on, use my mouth. Get what you need.” ]
  • You taking advantage of that
  • Pulling his hair hard enough to make him hiss a bit
  • And throwing caution to the wind, letting your hips roll up against his tongue
  • The little spank he gives to the inside of your thigh
  • And the hungry slurping sounds he makes as he devours you
  • His spit adding to your wetness and dripping down the inside of your thighs
  • You feeling completely uninhibited as you feel a strong orgasm bubbling up from deep inside
  • You letting him know, in babbled words, that you can’t hold it much longer [ “Fuck, Shawn. FuckfuckfuckI’mgonnacum.” ]
  • Your thighs starting to clamp around his ears involuntarily
  • And your walls starting to clamp around his fingers
  • Shawn forcing your legs back open so that you can get the full benefit of his mouth on you when you cum
  • His large hands pinning your hips to the mattress
  • And an orgasm ripping through you so hard your back snaps up from the mattress 
  • Shawn growling as you gasp
  • And him continuing to massage you through your peak with his mouth
  • You getting too sensitive to take any more
  • And then pulling him away from you by his hair
  • Shawn letting you catch your breath for a second
  • While peppering gentle kisses to the inside of your thighs
  • Him looking up at you with big, loving eyes
  • As he mutters, with awe: “Shit, love. I wanna do that for you every single day, okay?”
  • You pulling him up by his ears as you giggle
  • And the two of you cuddling until the feeling returns to your toes ;)
The Savior - Chapter 1

The Request: “I’d love if you did a story where it was a pre-apocalypse Negan AU where he is a PE teacher/coach that takes interest in a student that he finds out has been having a hard time at home (maybe an abusive parent of some kind or something like that). She’s a really good student & has been one of his favourites. Have her be 18 & they start up a smutty relationship. Make it as dirty as you’d like. The smuttier the better for me! :D Maybe have her be a virgin or very inexperienced and Negan can teach her things. Thnx!”

Summary: Negan is a PE teacher that spots a bad bruise on one of his favorite students and decides to ask her what happened. Things get a little tense when he presses the subject further between the two of them.

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC), Simon

Rating: Mature (For Eventual Smut) 

Warnings: Swearing, Inappropriate teacher/student relationships. 

Notes: I’m also stressing that the character is of legal age! Also letting it be known that “Y/N” means your name and “Y/L/N” means your last name! 

AO3 Link:

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Make it hurt. ( Then kiss it better).

Main pairing : Min Yoongi / OC 

Genre : A/B/O Au . 

Rating : 19+ ( excessive swearing and extremely explicit sexual situations) 

Please refer to this : A/B/O Dynamics. 

Chapter 1.

If I could be anything but an omega, I would be happy , I thought miserably, puking out the remnants of last night’s dinner, gripping the edge of the ceramic toilet before stumbling back up on unsteady legs. I stumbled a little, moving to the basin in the corner and staring at myself in the huge ornate mirror. 

I grimaced. 

I looked like i’d been fucked by the entire football team. 

Glaring at my own face, I turned on the faucet, cupping my palms to collect enough water and splashing it on my face. I never wore make-up ( i got enough unwanted attention without it ) , and the water slid down my smooth skin easily. I grabbed a bunch of paper towels and soaked up the rest of the moisture before dumping the rest in the trash. 

It took me another few minutes to find the pills in my bag, dry swallowing the three huge tablets till my throat hurt . I stayed propped against the wall, waiting for the unwelcome fire in my belly to calm down. I felt uncomfortable, the slick still dripping out of me in an annoyingly distracting way. 

It was the third time this year. Third time that the supplements hadn’t done their job right. I’d gone into heat despite the suppressants and I was just really  really  lucky that there had been no Alphas around.

 i hung out with betas ( hang out being a very loose definition of me just breathing the same air as them ) and i also stayed the hell away from the  Alphas in my school. 

I pressed my palms into my flushed cheeks. 

There was an explanation of course. 

The doctor had warned me about it a long time back. 

 If you need to live surrounded by Alphas then you’re going to need stronger doses and your scholarship does not cover the cost of pills. You need to make a decision soon. There are plenty of omega Schools in Busal and Ilsan. Pick one and transfer out of Seulong High. 

 i bit my lips in consternation. 

Seulong High was the best School in the country and I’d worked my ass off to get the scholarship. The best part about the school was that it didn’t have a ‘ No omegas Allowed’ clause like the rest of the schools in the country. It wasn’t because they supported omegas or something : it was just that there were just five Scholarship seats and it was fiercely competetitive. Omegas did not get into the program . they never did. 

The school was reserved especially for Alphas and betas . Alpha m,en who belonged to super rich , powerul families. Chaebols, son’s of politicians , stuff like that. The girls were mostly taken , each one with an alpha or beta of her own. it was a precaution mostly, because Alphas could be unpredictable. 

there were no omegas here. 

Omegas were so incredibly rare that parents never actually considered letting them out into society. They were usually locked up at home, home schooled and mated off to an Alpha the moment they came of age. 

And maybe i could have been that way if my parents were still alive. But they weren’t. The only family i had was my step brother and it helped that he was a top surgeon in one of the biggest Hospitals in the country. But he was an Alpha and we didn’t hang out as often as I would have liked. 

Nonetheless , once every month I did check up with him .

I wanted to be a doctor. And that meant that I had to fight the system tooth and nail. So far , I’d done well. I was the top of my year. 

Everyone knew that I was a recluse.

Boys stayed away ( after three or four broken noses, umpteen kicks to the crotch and a very memorable broken rib ) , girls hated me ( like i gave a damn) and most importantly : Everyone thought i was a beta. 

I was one of the only three omegas on the Seulong High campus. And the other two were teachers ( who were the main reason i had manged to pass of as a beta the past year ) . They were both mated. This meant that they had no scent at all. 

Now me , on the other hand…. 

The suppressants were the only thing keeping me from turning into some sort of Alpha Kryptonite. If they ever lost strength in front of an Alpha, I would likely lose everything I’d worked for. 


I felt nauseous just thinking about it. 

I could never actually leave Seulong High. I wouldn’t. And even if the suppressants were losing strength, I would just have to find a way to convince Seokjin oppa to get the stronger ones for me.

I couldn’t transfer out of this place. Just another year and i would become a medical student. I knew that. The dream was real, the endless nights of worry would soon be over. I would be free . 

All i had to do was hold on. 


“So, What’s the verdict?” I slipped my blouse back on, peering over the makshift partition and smiling brightly at my step brother. 

Seokjin gave me a glare. 

“I can’t believe you’re joking about this Min Jung . I told you to get off those pills and register in the program. You’re almost nineteen… How long are you going to go around unmated? Find an Alpha , get mated and go pursue your dreams or whatever…. Suppressants are dangerous and just look at your bloodwork! There’s an increase in every bloody toxin…!!! I want you to cut back on the dosage…”

I groaned.

“Seokjin…i can’t get mated now. I refuse to give an Alpha that kind of power over me! What if the creep decides he wants to stop me from becoming a doctor. i won’t even be able to say no!” I shuddered. 

Seokjin’s gaze softened mariginally. 

“Min, would i honestly let you marry a guy like that? i know so many Alphas myself…. You could meet a few of them.. date them for a while if you like… “ He said gently. 

I rolled my eyes. 

“And what if he imprints on me?” I glowered at Seokjin. “ Seriously you need to stop pimping me out to your friends! “ 

Seokjin glared back, affronted. 

“I’m not.. Jesus you’re the single most exasperating creature on the planet! I’m trying to stop you from dying a premature death! You’re eighteen already. Your heats are going to get stronger. your scent is already tangible. I can actually smell you ! And if I can.. so can other Alphas…“ He snapped. “ Are you telling me you’d rather get raped in some alleyway by some horny Alpha then meet a decent and legit one through me?!!” 

I sighed.

“the school nurse just thinks I need stronger suppressants.. you could just prescribe them for me…” i sulked. 

Seokjin snorted. 

“Like hell i will. I’m not an angel of death. Listen,. this is me being perfectly serious. There’s a Charity Ball for Autism on Friday. i’ll pick you up. Most of the Alphas there are young.. your age…. Quite a few of them aren’t even paired off with betas. I’ll introduce you to a few of them… They’ll love you… You can at least give it a chance.” 

“And if they all turn out to be jerks…?” I challenged, grabbing my school bag. 

“then I’ll prescribe the damn suppressants. But be warned.. i need legit reasons for you rejecting them…” He warned. 

“Fine!” I growled, “ Fuck, why do you have to be so reasonable…it makes me want to tear my hair out.” 

Seokjin grinned. 

“Be safe, bunny. I love you. You know that right?” 

“I love you too.. you big sap.” I muttered, bending down to kiss him on the lips. 

Seokjin growled low.

“i told you to stop doing that….You’re not eight anymore…” He sighed. 

I grinned and patted his crotch, making him yelp.

“Come on, we both know you only get it up for Jimin these days..” I winked. 

Seokjin’s eyes went wide as saucers..

“How did you-?”

“Have a great day,  Seokjinnie Hyung…”  i faux-moaned.. “ Check your voicemail message you idiot. Jimin’s recorded himself moaning your name! I’m traumatized for life. And so is anyone else calling you!!  ” 

Seokjin let out a whimper and dived for his phone and i laughed as i walked out. 


“I can’t believe your brother bought you this.” My roommate , Jieun whispered, fingers fluttering over the silky fabric of the gown with awed reverence.I rolled my eyes, concentrating on smoothing the lipstick across my plump lips, grimacing at the blood red tint it left behind. I hated dressing up. 

But I had promised Seokjin . And he had gone out of his way to send me a dress, make-up, stiletto heels and even a Cartier Watch and jewelry. 

 Dear Bunny, Look good tonight or i’m signing you up for the program myself, Love Seokjin xoxox.

 As far as threats went, it was pretty effective. I grabbed the curling iron on the dresser, carefully threading my sable brown locks around the heating elemnet, letting it curl my hair into bouncy curves that fell right over my chest. It was painstaking work but I manged to get it done by six. 

Slipping into the dress was easier, because Jieun helped. Still, the bare shoulders made me flinch. I wasn’t particularly pale and the suppresants helped curb the natural ‘ omega glow’ that people fawned over. But my skin still looked ivory white against the dark maroon of the dress. I slipped on the necklace, a simple ruby pendant, watching the locked rest right in the center of my cleavage. 

I stared at the finished result . Kim Seokjin had taken full advantage of having an International Designer for a boyfriend and Park Jimin had out done himself . 

Jieun let out a strangled moan next to me.

“Jesus fucking Christ , it should be illegal to look this good , Min Jung … What the hell! You look like a fucking dream…. !” She whispered. 

I groaned a little.

 I had no use for my beauty. 

So far it had done nothing good for me :  unwelcome advances, groping hands, catcalls and lewd remarks. Speculation if perhaps my good grades had less to do with my brains and more to do with my ability to deep throat the professors. 

I wanted to peel off my clothes , chop off my hair and go sink into a bath , hopefully empty a bottle of wine and never see another Alpha again in my entire life. 

And the evening hadn’t even started. 


“Stop looking like you’re sucking on a lemon. And enough with the death glares ” Seokjin gritted out as I stared down  yet another Alpha who was making his way over with a very dopey look on his face. He was tall, dressed like every other man in the room and the half empty glass of whiskey told me he wasn’t entirely sober. He wasn’t bad looking (alphas seldom were ) but there was a hint of cigarette smoke and stale air , wafting from his direction and…no. 

Just no. 

 My glare seemed to work. He hesitated a bit. 

I stuck my thumb out, drawing it scross my neck in a slitting motion.

The young man stuttered in his footsteps, looked vaguely horrified and then turned on his heel and walked away.

Twelve down… countless more to go. 

“what the fuck are you doing?!” Seokjin hissed. 

“They smell like shit.” I deadpanned. “ every one of them makes me nauseous.” 

“You’re being so unfair… “ Seokjin sighed. 

“You expect me to spend the rest of my life with a guy who makes me nauseous?” I glared. 

“i think that you should..” Seokjin stopped abruptly, head tilting as he glanced over my shoulder. His gaze went wide and he gripped my forearm. “ oh, shit.” 

“what?” i whirled around but Seokjin grabbed my chin, firmly pulling me back to face him.

“Ow…oppa what the fuck..” i hissed, rubbing my chin petulantly and Seokjin hissed.

“That’s Mr. Min! One of the main investors in my hospital! He’s here with his son and his fiancee…. We’re going to have to go greet them. Please act like a human being …” He begged. 

I rolled my eyes.

“you say that like I’m going to pick my nose in front of him or something.” I grumbled.

“i’m serious. Min Jae Hyun is a scary git and so is his son Yoongi.”

I froze.

“Min.. are you..? You mean Min Yoongi?” I stuttered.

“You know him.?”

 Holy shit.

 “Uh.. not exactly… He’s one of the seniors in my School” I managed. 

“Wait, he’s in  your  school?” Seokjin looked stunned. “ Does he know you’re a-”

“No! Oppa..he thinks I’m a beta …  he can’t know… you can’t tell..”

“Shh… it’s okay bunny… You’re on the suppressants right? He needn’t know. “ Seokjin said reassuringly and I tried not to tremble. Sweat collected along my hairline and i already felt jittery. 

“Dr. Kim!!” A Rough voice called out and Seokjin gripped my wrist. 

“Come on bunny…”

I turned slowly and of course, my eyes immediately clashed with Min Yoongi. Lean and built like a dream, he stood dressed in a Valentino suit, shoulders framed perfectly in the smooth black fabric. He had ash blond hair, eyes a dark obsidian black and thin attractive lips,subtly smiling as he look the hand that Seokjin offered.

Next to him stood Jung Yuju, Yoongi’s fiancee and long time girlfriend. She gave me the annoyed look that beta females always reserved for omegas. 

The ‘ something dirty like you doesn’t deserve to look so pretty ‘ look. 

“Hello, Yoongi. Hello Yuju..” Seokjin greeted amiably.

“Hello hyung.” Yoongi drawled easily and his gaze shifted to me in a question.

“you look familar…” He said briskly. 

“This is my sister, Lee Min Jung… Bunny , this is Mr. Min and his son Yoongi. His soon to be daughter in law Yuju.” Seokjin smiled brigthly and i felt my ears burn as Yoongi smirked. 

He gave me a vaguely curious glance and his nostrils flared briefly. I felt his eyes change color briefly, tinted red for just a second and my heart skipped a beat. 

He’d scented me. He looked confused for a second, no doubt why he was smelling omega. 

But then he looked amused again.

“Bunny huh?” He drawled.

I couldn’t even unglue my tongue enough to glare at him. 

See, here’s the thing :

 Min Yoongi was exquisitely hot. 

Not just the physically attractive , oh he’s handsome kind of hot. 

I mean he is that. He has one of those naturally aesthetic faces, meant to be on billboards across the country. 

But more than that he .. smelled  good. 

But i also  know that the betas in our school, all the girls who pined after him , even his long term girlfirned did not know the effect Yoongi’s Alpha scent had on an Omega. 

The effect it had on me. 

the only time i’d been exposed to it was nearly eight months ago, when I’d watched him beat up some kid for bullying one of the freshmen. The exertion from the fight had made him sweaty and panting and his scent had been even stronger than usual. 

Strong enough to dig into my brain and take firm root there. And now, i could smell it again. not as strong as usual, probabaly because he’d sprayed on scent maskers for the event. But it was there nonetheless : pine trees and sunshine, rainstorms and black satin sheets. i felt the heat begin to lick it’s way up my spine, warmth pooling at the pit of my stomach, and then the tell-tale wetness threatening to drip. 

“You’re a junior, aren’t you?” Yoongi said casually and his voice was yet another nail in my coffin. He sounded raspy and drunk, half asleep and scratchy. The deep bass of his tone and the masculine voice rang through my body like a vibrato. 

And i knew on a practical level that it was my biology. Alphas have a differently evolved voice box. it gives them that dominant tone and omegas have the sensitive nerve endings that react to that particular voice. 

So, honestly , It wasn’t anything personal, the way his voice made me want to drop to my knees and wrap my lips around his cock, right there in front of everyone. 

it was biology. 

I choked on my own lust ridden thoughts and Seokjin gave me a curious glance. 

“Why don’t you join us at our table, Doc… We can talk a bit more about that proposal for another laboratory.” Mr. Min said briskly and Seokjin looked like he’d just received an invitation to dine with the pope.

“Yes.. Yes sir..” He breathed happily and i flinched as he let go of me. 

“Bun-” He stopped when i glowered at him.” I mean.. Min Jung, why don’t you stay with yoongi and Yuju…We’ll just..”

He was already moving away and i stood still, aware of Yuju’s stare boring holes into my skull.

“Please.. carry on , I’ll be fine by myself.” I said automatically and Yoongi didn’t protest, merely bowing slightly.

“Pleasure meeting you, Min Jung.” 

“Are you an omega?” Yuju said suddenly , eyes narrowed dangerously and i froze. 

I held her gaze calmly. 

“That is none of your business” I said loftily. 

Yuju scoffed.

“Oh please… Coming to a formal event dressed like a fucking whore. Only your kind could be that shameless.” 

 Your kind… 

I hated the way she said it, like i wasn’t even human. 

“Yuju.. you shouldn’t talk like that to- ” Yoongi began, moving as though to touch me and i knocked his hand away. 

“You don’t have to defend me..I can do it myself.” I snapped . 

i rounded on the bitch next to him. 

 “ It’s such a pity your father’s money could buy you those boobs but not a better personality.” I glared at her before turning to move away. 

Stupid fucking alphas and Betas!! they could all go die in a fire!! 

I’d barely taken a step before I felt a torrent of wetness on my cheek , all over my shoulders and down my chest. i stood still stunned as everyone turned around to stare at us. 

it took me a second to realize that she had chucked her entire glass of wine on me. 

“Apologize now, you filthy little  omega!”  She screamed , so loud that my ears rang. 

“Fuck , Yuju… Stop.. What the hell is wrong with you?” Yoongi grabbed his fiancees wrist and yanked her away while i stood there humiliated. 

Seokjin was at my side a second later.

“it wasn’t my fault… “ i started, voice wobbling but Seokjin merely sushed me , shrugging off his coat and tossing it over my shoulders before bowing stiffly. 

“Please excuse us…” He growled at Yoongi, eyes flaring red as he stared him down before pulling me away from both of them .

 i let him lead me out of the room and into the nearest rest room.

“I’m so sorry..” He said apologetically. “ I shouldn’t have brought you here…” 

“I didn’t even provoke her…” I felt my voice wobble. “ This is why i hate alphas!” I gritted out. 

“Come on , bunny you’re being unfair… Yoongi didn’t..”

“He’s engaged to her…” i sneered. “ No doubt he agrees with everything she believes. Probably thinks omegas are dirt.” I felt tears sting. 

It was unbelievable because I was actually wet, my underwear soaked because of that fucker’s goddamn scent …and it didn’t even matter because he was a bastard and his fiancee was a class A demon. 

Min Yoongi could go to hell and he could take his bitchy girlfriend with him. 

“i know bunny… it’s alright. Come on.. you can stay with me tonight.” Seokjin cooed and i relaxed a little. Seokjin had a bomb apartment in one of the best localities in the city. i could at least drink some wine and relax in a nice warm bath and hopefully dream of a dead or dying Yuju. 


Seokjin’s guest room had the softest, plushiest mattress in the world. After a nice hour long bath and a glass of wine, i was relaxed enough to drift into a nice , warm sleep. So , when i woke up to jimin screaming, I almost screamed myself., 


“Jiminie… keep it down.. Min Jung’s sleeping…”


I froze, sitting up so fast that my spine almost snapped.

What the…

I crawled out of the bed so fast my legs got caught in the blankets, my body landing on the carpeted flooor with a thud. i kicked away the annoying fabric and scrambled to my feet, grabbing the door and throwing myself out into the living space in disbelief.

“they suspended you?!” I choked in disbelief. 

Jin looked stunned to see me . And a little guilty. 

“Bunny..’s not..” he began holding a hand up as though to calm me but i snarled in anger. 

“Why?” I felt my voice shake in misery. 

“It’s nothing. The Director thinks that just for two weeks, i should take a break because of what Mr. Min.. umm.. said..”

“Two weeks?!! They suspended you for two weeks because his bitchy daughter in law couldn’t act like a civilized human?” I said stunned. 

“Min jung… it’s not that serious.. i was thinking of taking time off anyway and…”

“I’m going to kill him.” I said, my entire body shaking in disbelief. 

“Oh, God. It isn’t  Yoongi’s fault. Min jung Please don’t make the whole thing worse..” 

“Worse?! They suspended you hyung.. You’re the most brilliant surgeon in the damn country and they suspended you over that little  spat ?! Who does he think he is?!  God?! “ I was shaking so bad that my teeth chattered. 

I turned on my heel and rushed back into the room, grabbing my clothes and stalking into the bath room. Every ounce of attraction i’d felt for the idiot had vanished, in it’s place seething anger and fury filled my heart. I could  put up with being bullied when it was me. 

But Seokjin was innocent . He breathed and lived for his job. to think that anyone would actually try to take that away from him… was unacceptable. 

Min Yoongi was going to get his ass whooped. 


I found Yoongi in the Music room. 

it took me more than an hour, hunting through every possible Alpha hangout to find the guy and now that i realized he was actually in the music room, playing the piano of all things, i felt so completely thrown that i just stood there gaping for a few seconds. 

“Min Jung?” He looked surprised to see me, pushing away from the piano to stand up and i came to my senses, trying to ignore the way his scent just  washed over me  like a bloody hurricane. 

“Who do you think you are?!” I hissed angrily. 

“What the-”

“You think you’re so great, just because you’re rich?! it’s not even your money! You were just lucky to be born his son. You’re just lucky you were born an Alpha.. Do you think you earned the respect people give you?” i spat out , fury coursing through my veins. 

“Min Jung, what are you-”

“You got my brother suspended?!! Because your evil girlfriend couldn’t act civil?!” I laughed without mirth. 

“it was a misunderstanding, i already-”

“I mean… honestly… what makes you better than omegas? huh? Are you smarter? yeah.. probably…but guess what…i’m smart too. I outranked hundreds of thousands of kids to be here…. I’m not an idiot… ! ” I was dangerously close to tears but i barelled on. 

“ Are you richer than me? Yes… but guess what.. some day i’ll be rich too. And unlike you, it will be  my  money.. money that i earned… I’ll be rich and powerful and unlike you, i’ll use that for good. I won’t bully people into stuff or fire perfectly hardworking doctors from their jobs just because my girlfriend can’t act like a decent human being!” 

Yoongi didn’t reply. . He just stood there staring at me . 

i wasn’t done. 

“ And guess what?? someday i’m going to be a doctor. And you know what i’m going to do? I’m going to find an end to this Alpha omega nonsense. I’m going to prove…once and for all that you alphas  aren’t in anyway better than..” i almost said me… catching myself at the last second..” omegas. i’m going to do it. Then you can all stop treating omegas like crap!! ” I growled. 

I panted, breathless from all the yelling and for a few seconds we just stood still staring at each other. 

And then his phone rang.

He casually pulled it out and glanced at it. 

And then he took the call, transferring it to the speakers. 

“Yoongi…?” It was Seokjin.

i startled.

“Yes, hyung…” 

“Yoongi,… your father called. He told me what happened .. Thank you so much buddy…” 

“Don’t mention it hyung..” Yoongi kept his gaze on me and i felt foreboding rise inside me. That didn’t sound good. 

“Listen.. Min Jung misunderstood what happened. She’s probabaly on the way there …”

“She’s here.” yoongi said casually and i choked. 

“Seokjin oppa?” i said nervously.

“Bunny?! Oh God.. tell me you didn’t hit him or something!! “ Seokjin sounded nauseuous. 

Yoongi laughed softly. 

“No hyung.. She didn’t do anything. Just got here infact..”

“Oh thank God.. Min jung…I’m reinstated. Yoongi told his dad that it was all a misunderstanding and Mr. Min personally called and spologized for it. Everything’s fine so please spare Yoongi your fists of fury…” 

I felt my face flame red enough to catch fire. 

 oh, God, where was a lightning bolt when you needed one? 

“Hyung, i’ll call you back.” Yoongi hung up. 

I straed at him and then took a step back. i knew i should apologize. But i couldn’;t bring myself to say it. 

“I should.. um… just leave..” I turned on my heel , ready to bolt . 

i almost reached the door when his voice came out, low rumbling and an outright growl. 

 Stop right there..” 

I froze, stunned when the syllables felt like bullets against my spine, pain hitting my nerves and making my entire body ache. 

I couldn’t move. 

 Oh, God no.

 He was using his Alpha voice. If there was even an ounce of doubt about the kind of guy Min Yoongi was, it evaporated. 

 He’s just like the rest of them. 

 I trembled a bit, willing myself to not move. To act like I was merely waiting for him to continue. Not like i couldn’t move. 

His voice rumbled over me again and it really did feel like little pricks of a needle up and down my spine. 

“Are you an omega? Tell me the truth…”  He was using the same voice, the one I couldn’t fight. 

But I was still on the suppressants and not  completely  helpless and although it took every single ounce of my energy, I took a deep breath, aware of the painful ache inside my skull.

“No, i’m not.” I whispered. It felt like Someone had taken a knife to my gut, the pain visceral and unbearable. It wasn’t in my gene to lie to an Alpha. 

Silence. My entire body felt taught, stretched like a rubber band. 

And then.

“If you’re so proud of omegas… why are you ashamed to admit it yourself.” He sneered. I shut my eyes. 

  “I’m leaving.” I said firmly. 

He chuckled softly.

“Leave. I’m not stopping you.” 

But he was. 

‘We both knew he was. 

I opened my mouth, ready to argue but the door slammed open suddenly, breaking the spell. i sagged a bit as Yuju stalked in. She took one look at me and launched herself at me. 

i was still weak from what yoongi had done and i went down like a rock, head hitting the floor with a painful crack. Stunned , I shoved her away and dragged myself up. Yoongi was reaching for me again.

“Are you okay Min Jung..?” He looked genuinely worried but i glared at him. 

“You’re a bastard. every single one of you.!! You just deserve eacth other !” I snarled, dragging myself up and getting the hell away from him. 

I didn’t stop running till i’d locked myself in my room.

And it was only then did I let the tears fall. 

 Author’s Note : Whew… tiring. Did you guys like it? i would love to have some feedback. 

The Sexy Underwear || Joe

Joe masterpost found here

Word count - 1,590

Summary - The one where your friendship took a turn.


You had been living with Joe for a little over a month, but you had been friends for ages. Once you and your long term boyfriend broke up, Joe offered to let you stay with him. You loved living with him. It was like having a constant sleepover with your best friend. So far, things were going great. You know, aside from how sexually frustrated he made you on a daily basis. You weren’t really sure if you had feelings for him, but you were sure he was absolutely, indescribably hot.

One day you were all set to go over to the Zalfie pad with Joe. You had known Zoe just as long as you had known Joe, and you were itching to go visit her and Alfie at their new house. You packed everything for your weekend stay the day before and now, you were just changing out of your pajamas and into your clothes for the day.

Just as you pulled off your pajamas and slipped on your underwear and bra, your door burst open. You jumped and turned abruptly to see Joe, looking completely unapologetic. “Oh,” Joe said, a smirk growing on his face. “Sorry. I should’ve knocked.” You picked up a t shirt you had thrown on the ground to cover yourself as much as you could. Joe was still standing there, leaning against the door frame and looking at you.

“Um, can you go?” you laughed awkwardly.

“Oh but I was so enjoying the view,” he said.

“Ha ha,” you laughed sarcastically. “Go!” Joe just grinned and left, closing the door behind him. You ignored the bubbling in your tummy. You didn’t have time to take care of it yourself.

Once you were all ready to go, you and Joe got into the car to start the drive. He didn’t bring up what happened earlier and neither did you. But you couldn’t help but feel like there was something different in the air between you two. After all, Joe had never seen you in your underwear. Not to mention it was a pair of your sexiest underwear; matching black lace bra and hipster panties. You didn’t know if this was awkward or all in your head.

“So,” Joe said suddenly, breaking the silence between the two of you, “is that what all your underwear looks like or were you just trying to turn me on?” Your heart dropped to your stomach and you could feel your cheeks heating up.

“It’s not like I knew you were going to barge in on me,” you mumbled.

“So you weren’t intentionally trying to get me hard?” he pressed, a smirk not leaving his face.

“I- I-”

“Will I get to see more of that this weekend?” he asked. “Cuz I’m not sure one viewing is enough for me.”

You couldn’t think of anything to say, so you remained silent, staring at your hands on your lap. Joe didn’t say anything either, just turned up the music on the radio and continued the drive.

Once you got to Zoe and Alfie’s, you ran inside and gave Zoe a huge hug. “Zo, this place is insane!” you said honestly.

“I know,” she smiled brightly. “It’s insane to be here.”

“I’m so happy for you guys!”

“Thanks,” she said. After a short pause, she looked around as if checking that Alfie and Joe weren’t anywhere nearby. When they weren’t, she added, “So, have you and Joe gotten together yet?”

“What?” you whispered in shock. “What are you talking about?”

“Oh come off it,” Zoe laughed. “I’ve seen the sexual tension radiating off of both of you for years.”

“Well you must be seeing things,” you said, “because there’s nothing going on between me and Joe.”

“Good,” Zoe said casually, “then you won’t have any problem with sharing a bed with him tonight. You know, what with the fact that there’s no sexual tension between you two.”


“We haven’t had time to set up any more than just one guest bedroom,” she interrupted. “So you’re going to have to share with him. I already told him and he said that was fine, so I’m glad to hear it won’t be a problem.” Before you could protest, Zoe sent you a teasing grin and then walked back over to the boys who were carrying your’s and Joe’s bags into the house.

Throughout the whole day, you could feel Joe staring at you. His innocent touches on your arm would linger longer than normal and his glances were anything but quick. Maybe you were imagining it all, but things surely felt different than they had that morning before he walked in on you.

As it started to get dark outside, you bid Alfie and Zoe a goodnight and headed into the bedroom. You took off your clothes and your bra and slipped on the pair of pajamas you had brought with you. Just as you got under the covers, Joe came in. “Not going to bed yet are you?” Joe said. His tone of voice mirrored that of when he was talking to you in the car.

“I was planning to,” you said, trying to keep your voice casual.

“Better change your plans then,” Joe said, walking over to you. “Because I had very different, very exciting plans for the two of us tonight.”

Before you could even utter a response, Joe hovered above you on the bed and pressed his lips to yours. You let out a gasp and put your hands in his hair, tangling your fingers in his locks. You felt his hand trail down your body to the hem of your pajama shorts and you let out a soft moan. “You’re going to have to be quiet, (Y/N),” Joe said against your lips. “Can’t let Zoe and Alfie hear us.”

“This house is so big,” you muttered, “I’m sure they won’t hear a thing.”

“I didn’t even know you were a screamer,” he said, kissing along your neck and nipping at your skin.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me,” you said.

“I know you looked hot as fuck in that underwear you had on this morning,” he said. “And you’ll look even hotter with it off.”

Joe tugged your shirt over your head and let out a low moan when he saw you weren’t wearing a bra. “I was right,” he said. “So fucking hot.” His lips immediately went down to your skin, kissing along your chest and stopping at your nipples. With one hand squeezing your left breast, his lips paid special attention to the other.

“Fuck,” you groaned out. Joe quickly brought a hand to your mouth to prevent you from making anymore noises.

“We’re going to have to do something about this mouth of yours aren’t we?” he said. He quickly pulled your shorts and underwear off and stuffed your underwear in your mouth. “That should keep you quiet,” he said with a smirk. Joe trailed his lips down your body until they stopped at your heat. He immediately licked a strip along your pussy. You arched your back and desperately wanted to let out a moan, but it was obviously impossible. Joe’s mouth was working wonders and you could already feel your toes curling. You knotted your fingers in his hair again, holding his head as close to you as you could. He hummed against you, sending a shock through your whole body. “I wish I could hear how good I make you feel,” he said, blowing some air on your now so sensitive clit. “I guess we’ll just have to wait for another time.”

Just when you were about to come, Joe pulled his face away from you. You let out a muffled moan and Joe just laughed. “I can’t wait any longer,” he said. “And I so badly want you to come for my dick.” Joe pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and got a condom out. He quickly stripped of his own clothes and rolled the condom onto himself. Not even waiting to ask if you were ready, he pushed into you. The fullness caused you to let out yet another muffled moan, your back arching off the bed again.

Joe brought his lips down to your neck. His thrusts were strong and he nipped at your skin every time. Without warning, he took your panties out of your mouth and placed a long kiss to your lips. “Just say my name one time,” he said. “Just let me know how good I make you feel.”

“Fuck, Joe,” you said, trying to keep your voice down. “No one’s ever made me feel this good.”

“That’s what I thought,” he said. You could feel his smirk against your skin.

“I’m gonna come,” you said, your head rolling back onto the pillow.

“Me too,” he said. “Come on, baby. Let go.”

With only a few more thrusts, you came and Joe quickly followed. Once you both caught your breath, Joe pulled out of you and put the condom in the trash. Neither of you spoke for a moment, both catching your breath and not wanting to speak too soon. Instead of saying anything, Joe put his arms around you and pulled you close to him. He placed a gentle kiss to your forehead. You didn’t say anything either, just nuzzled your face into his chest. Without a single word spoken between the two of you, you fell asleep, wondering if things between you were ever going to be the same.

Playful Banter (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: holy hell you guys literally I got almost 200 notes on my first fic in literally the first day so thank you guys so much for supporting that and actually enjoying my writing style?? It encourages me to keep writing so here’s another fic for you all because I love you!! Also feel free to request things cuz it’ll help me with ideas. (And also just talk to me if you want because I’m lonely)

Warnings: swearing (lots of it pretty much exclusively from the reader), dumb fluff

Request: No

Summary: Lots of sarcasm (and sass I suppose) especially from the reader (because that how I am and how I write I apologize if that doesn’t represent you). Basically the reader and Peter are always playfully insulting each other but they both do it as a sort of cover denial for their feelings towards each other

  • You and Peter are like lowkey insulting each other 24/7
  • But in a playful way
  • “Why do you look so sad, Y/N?”
  • “Because I saw your face and it reminded me of death”
  • But it’s mutual
  • It took some time, but eventually Peter got better at it (with practice though because he’s too much of a sweetheart)
  • “What happened to your hand, Parker?”
  • “I decided it would be less painful to slam my hand in a car door than talk to you but unfortunately I’m dealing with both”
  • “Fuck off”
  • He always comes up to you later to make sure that he didn’t actually hurt your feelings
  • “I was joking I promise”
  • “Peter, I know
  • “OKAY, butIwannabereallysure”
  • “PETER”
  • “Sorry”

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Sophrosyne |1|

Pairing: Reader / Taehyung ft. other members

Genre: Greek Mythology!au, high school!au,  Fluff / Slight Angst

Length: 2.2k words

Warnings: mild language

Summary: You had a pretty normal life. Well, normal for someone who’s half human-half god. Yeah, like the one’s you’ve heard of from the books. All you’ve wanted was to be considered as normal. The world outside your mythical school might’ve seen you as normal since it had no idea who or what you were, but you still felt that sense of alienation from society. And the help you were given? A group of mischievous boys that caused you mayhem and chaos until you learned to accept yourself. 

[Character List]  | 1 |

Originally posted by charrytommoto

“Yeah, she, like, nearly sent me to Demeter’s house as a way of punishment,” A nasally voice sounded as you entered the school building. 

“Your mom can be so scary sometimes,” Another voice spoke in a monotone, as if she hardly cared. That was high school for you; half of the time, no one cared.

“I know! What did she expect me to do? Farm?”

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anonymous asked:

If you're still doing the drabble thing could you do “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore." for tree bros. If it's not to much to ask, that is.

This is probably ooc, but I hope you enjoy it!

Contrary to popular belief, Connor Murphy is not, in fact, the worst kid in school.

Sure, there was the whole Mrs. G/printer fiasco in second grade, but, aside from that isolated incident, Connor hasn’t done much that would label him as a bad kid. He turns in his homework on time, he does well on tests, and he doesn’t talk to people in class. Well, that last part is less because he’s a good kid and more because he doesn’t have any friends to speak of and so doesn’t have anyone to speak to in class, but still. He doesn’t get into fights. Not really. Connor’s shoved a kid or two in his grade, but that’s always just been in response to someone being an asshole to him, and he shouldn’t get in trouble for standing up for himself. But he does.

Not that he even has to stand up for himself much; there aren’t even that many kids who dare to bother him since he shoved that one kid in the parking lot and the kid ended up with a broken ankle. Which wasn’t Connor’s fault—how was he supposed to know the kid was going to lose his balance and take a dive off the edge of the pavement? And isn’t it the school’s fault that they built the parking lot right beside a ditch so if someone trips or is gently pushed they’ll fall straight into the ditch? But, Connor digresses. The only kids who really bother him are the few brave souls desperate enough to be considered cool that they’re willing to bother the school’s resident psychopath, and even they have started laying off of him recently. Connor guesses everyone’s started in on the kids even lower on the middle school food chain than him.

Which brings us to now, when Connor’s standing outside the boys’ restroom in the science wing, listening to Evan Hansen’s stuttering explanation of why he doesn’t have any lunch money to give whatever dipshit cornered him in the bathroom peppered with an obscene amount of apologies. Seriously, this kid is apologizing a lot for someone who’s being harassed.

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a little birthday something for @microbino who asked for zimbits and moving in! happy (late) birthday, darlin’!


“Bitty, I didn’t say I was judging. I just said I didn’t quite get why one person needs so many shirts.”

Bitty rolled his eyes as his hands deftly moved his shirts from boxes to the stack of hangers lying on the blue bedspread. “Jack. Sweetheart. Darling. I love you, but you have twelve shirts. I should know. I’ve counted. Three Samwell. Two Falconers. And seven plain v-necks in different colors.”

Jack looked up from where he was crouched by the dresser, putting away Bitty’s socks. “Well, yeah. That way I have enough for the week, and then I do laundry.”

Bitty smiled to himself as he finished with the stack of shirts. This boy.

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I’m going to go with injury for this one! And a hint of Klance because I have no chill. 

When Keith stumbled during training, his ankle twisted awkwardly, and he fell to the ground with a sharp hiss.

He desperately called out for an end to the simulation he was fighting just before the robot swung a blade down on him.

The slightest jostle of his ankle left him wincing, but soon enough, he was positioned with his legs stretched out in front of him. He carefully tugged his pant leg up, and he could see the swelling and feel the heat without even removing his shoe. 

“Fuck,” he spit out, hands hovering above the obvious sprain, but when he heard footsteps echoing from the hall, he swallowed down the nausea stemmed from the pain and struggled to his feet just as Lance and Shiro walked in.

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Did you book?

Request: “Hii mmhmh, I just want to say that I like your blog so much, I think you’re cute and I would ask for a fic where Bucky and reader have to share a bed so he has a hard time trying to hide how turned on by reader he is. Smut, if possible. THANK YOU.” 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, implied nasty thoughs and activities. The second part will be full of SIN and SMUT.

A/N; I’ll try to write the second part as soon as possible. Thank you for requesting and, by the way, YOU ARE THE CUTE ONE HERE *heart eyes*

PART 1 (of 2)

- Oh, FUCK, yes - you groan pushing the door of the crappy motel.

Bucky let out a ligh chuckle while opening the door wider so he can push in the big bag he’s carrying inside.

- I though we would never make it. Why is this place so far away from… everything? - You complain

It has been nearly four hours of car travelling since you have ended your last mission and arrived to the first motel you have spotted in all the journey. You and Bucky are in the middle of Taiwan, wounded and tired from a rough mission and, of course, you have lost all your communication devices, so you decided to grab a car, hit the road, and stop in the first place you see to call the team and get some rest while they come for you.

- We did it, doll - a soft smile playing on his lips looking at how you nearly drag your feet over the dirty floor.

- Yep - you smile at him too before heading to the man behind the counter - Good evening, we need two rooms, please - you ask politely

The small man doesn’t even blink, just stares at you.

- Excuse me? - you try again - Sleep? - you mimic the universal sign clasping your hands together at a side of your head and something seems to click in the man

- Ah, Thậng khū̀ t̂xngkār thī̀ ca phạkp̄h̀xn pheụ̄̀x h̄ı̂ c̄hạn dū - your eyes couldn’t be wider. You look back at Bucky, searching for help and he looks down at you clueless too

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enjoy right now, today - peter parker x reader

fandom: the avengers/spider-man

word count: 1945

character pairing: tom holland’s spider-man x chubby!reader

warnings: chubby!reader expresses their dislike for their body, and look down upon themselves for it 

prompt: I was just gonna ask for a Peter Parker x chubby reader because there’s not really any out there that I know of but it is not of importance if you don’t wanna write with that in mind

notes: AHHHHHHH i wholeass snatchedt my brothers laptop from him so that i could write this lmao. i’ve struggled wit hating my body for so long, and i’m glad i got to express myself through this piece. this one meant a whole lot to me, so thank u to the honey that requested this. never forget, kids, that your body is a temple, built to be worshiped. love ur bodies! u only got 1 of em! (please take care of urselves ur all so lovely & beautiful) 

There was no way Peter Parker would ever be into you.

That was what you ingrained into your mind every time the thought of kissing him crossed your mind. There was no way you would ever feel his hands in your hair, holding your jaw as he guided your lips against his. You would never tighten your fingers in his shirt and laugh against his lips, because in your eyes, Peter Parker and yourself were two very different entities. It was best to not entertain even the thought of the impossible.

You’d been ridiculously in love with Peter Parker since you could remember. There was just something about him that drew your heart closer and closer to him, leaving an ache when he could never be reached. Like you said; you were two different entities.

Currently, MJ had her head on your shoulder, holding a highlighter between her teeth as her eyes scanned over the word-search book the two of you had laid out on the table. You spun your own pen in hand, not really paying attention to the scramble of words in front of you. Your mind was clouded with the thought of Peter, the thought of lacing your fingers through his and holding his hand, contentment filling your lungs.

And then Flash took a seat in front of you, and your mood instantly soured.

It wasn’t that Flash was a bad person- except that he totally was. Not only was he the prime source of your insecurity, but you also saw the way he treated Peter. You squeezed your fist around your pen, halting its movement. MJ raised her head off your shoulder, narrowing her eyes at the boy in front of you.

“What do you want, Flash?” MJ drawled, taking the highlighter from between her teeth. “Don’t you have literally anybody else to bother right now?” Your fingers twitched at your side, and MJ discreetly linked her pinkie with yours under the table, trying to bring you a sense of comfort.

A table away, Ned and Peter quieted down, watching the interaction go down.

He shrugged, elbows resting on the lunch table as he appraised the two girls, cocking his head to the side and letting out a small chuckle as his eyes landed on you. You rose an eyebrow as you met his stare, anxiety rattling your ribs.

“Y/N, you do know it’s lunchtime, right?” Beside you, MJ huffed, and squeezed her pinkie tighter around yours. You nodded stiffly in response. “Well, then, I’m surprised you’re not eating.” MJ sat up straight, opening her mouth to let a flood of insults out. You caught her eye then, shaking your head, eyes begging her to keep quiet. Your weight was something you were always self-conscious of, and you constantly found yourself poking and tugging the extra fat on your stomach, your hips, your thighs. Anywhere that was bigger than you cared for. Because you were chubby, most of Flash’s cruel jabs were at your weight’s expense.  

You cleared your throat, a ghost of a smile on your lips as MJ huffed beside you, now gripping your hand and squeezing your knuckles to keep herself from exploding. “Big breakfast,” you muttered, glaring down at the word search. You could feel Peter’s gaze burning into the side of your head, and your cheeks reddened at the sudden attention. “not the hungriest, at the moment.” And it was true, too. You had a spare period right in the morning, which meant you ate breakfast a little later than usual.

Flash laughed, quite loudly, and stood to his feet, leaning closer to you. You fought the urge to flick him in the eye. “You know, maybe if you-”

There was a slam, and Flash’s words stopped abruptly, eyes focusing on none other than Peter Parker.

He had slammed his hand down on the table, the cafeteria quieting down for a fraction of a second before resuming its continuous chatter. Peter’s hard gaze on Flash didn’t falter, his jaw tense. This was a side of Peter Parker you’d never seen before; you weren’t sure how to feel.

“Leave her alone, dude,” Peter said, his tone as calm as ever with a bite of ice behind it. He was standing up, one hand on the table, the other clenched at his side. Beside him, Ned’s hands twitched with anxiety. “no one deserves that kind of shit. Especially not her.” MJ was squeezing your hand ridiculously tight, and you wouldn’t be surprised if your knuckles broke right then and there.

Flash scowled then, kicking the table they sat at so it rattled, obviously at a loss for words. He wasn’t expecting anyone to stand up to him, especially not Peter Parker.

Once he left, Peter turned to look at you, opening his mouth to speak. But you were on your feet in an instant, staring at Peter with burning red cheeks. Before he could get a word out, you tore your hand from MJ’s and sped down the hall just as the bell rang.

Peter Parker could never ever like you.


It was ridiculous how very much into you Peter Parker was.

He watched as you disappeared down the hall, wondering what on earth he did to scare you off like that. He turned to Michelle, who was staring up at Peter with her lips parted some, blinking once before collecting her stuff and standing to her feet, disappearing before Peter could say anything.

He turned to Ned, who shrugged at him. “She was probably embarrassed,” Ned tried, picking up his own belongings. “I mean, Flash deserved that, but I kind of understand why she’d feel embarrassed, or whatever.” Ned shrugged again, avoiding Peter’s gaze. Ned wasn’t noticed around school very often, but when he was, he was usually the target of rude bullies who hadn’t learned yet that the appearance of others was none of their damn business. “But hey, if you’re looking for a way to talk to her,” he walked over to the side of the table you and MJ had occupied, and held up a battered copy of Me Before You, a colourful collection of sticky notes protruding from the pages. “looks like she left something behind.”

Peter had been trying to find you for the rest of the day, after the encounter at lunch. He wasn’t expecting it to end with you running away from him like he’d grown a third eye. But he also wasn’t expecting to confront Flash either; life came at him fast.

He’d been vying for your attention for as long as he could remember, shyness knotting his stomach every time an opportunity to talk to you presented itself. You were just so- just so beautiful, Peter thought, butterflies bursting in his belly at the thought of the smile that you only seemed to wear around MJ. You were beautiful, and ridiculously kind- it was true, he’d never seen you be rude to anyone, consider all the shit you got. For what? For looking different than some people? Peter didn’t get it. Everything about you was just so perfect in his eyes. He couldn’t understand how people hated all the things he loved about you.

Peter’s head was in the clouds as he wandered down the hall in the direction of your locker, clutching your book in his hands. His motive the rest of the day was to see you again, and apologize for stepping in places he probably had no business stepping into. Guilt clawed at his insides as he thought of all the possibilities you could be mad at him. He should’ve paid attention to where he was walking instead.

He groaned as he walked face-first into an open locker, a hand coming up to clutch his forehead. The owner of the locker slammed it shut, turning in horror to see who she had just unintentionally hit.

When Peter’s eyes met yours, the butterflies returned, this time climbing up his throat and preventing him from speaking. He just stared at you, watching you pause whatever you were doing originally to stare back at him.


“H-Hi,” Peter stammered, blinking at you and swallowing hard before realizing he still had your book in his hands, and you were now staring down at it expectantly. “um, this is yours.” He thrust the book into your hands, crossing his arms over his chest immediately.

You took the book back from him, sighing in relief as you placed it back in your bookbag. You shifted nervously on your feet, not sure how to say what you knew you needed to say. “Thank you, by the way,” you began, and Peter could feel the colour seeping into his cheeks. “for what you did at lunch. It really- it really meant a lot to me, and I’m sorry I ran off the way I did, I was just-” you cut yourself off as Peter began to smile, realizing you were rambling. “I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t apologize,” Peter grinned. “you have a really pleasant voice.” His smile dropped as he’d realized what he’d just said aloud, and you bit your lip to fight off a laugh. “I-I on-only meant- meant that, uh- would you like to, uh, go out sometime? With me?” It was your turn to stop and stare at Peter, and he couldn’t fathom the nervous and somewhat confused expression you wore.

“W-What?” you stammered, clutching the strap of your bag tightly. “Is this- is this a prank? Did MJ put you up to this?” Peter shook his head, confusion muddling his mind as his eyes scanned your face.

“No, nobody put me up to this,” he said softly, “I wouldn’t be asking you out if I didn’t really wanna go out with you, Y/N.” You swallowed thickly, nodding slowly as you felt excitement and anxiety and disbelief race through your bloodstream all at once.

You fumbled with your open locker for a moment before producing a pen, uncapping it and shyly reaching for Peter’s arm. He let you take it without hesitation, smiling as he watched you lightly write down 10 digits on his bare arm, pulling back and releasing his arm with a content smile as you capped your pen.

“Um, there,” you said nervously, shutting your locker and taking a step back. “I’ll um, I’ll talk to you later, I guess?” Peter nodded wordlessly with a smile, feeling his heart thump sporadically as your face lit up just a fraction. As he watched you go, the smile on his face only seemed to grow, and he maybe, he thought to himself, the city could go a night without Spider-Man.

That night, you were laying on your bed, flipping through the book Peter had returned to you earlier, visiting each and every sticky note and thinking of the reason you placed it there. As you flipped, read, and continued, your phone lit up with a text from the same reason.

UNKNOWN NUMBER: hiiiiii !!!! it’s peter btw

You grinned, and typed back a quick greeting.

Y/N: peter parker ??? ohh that kid who runs into lockers n stuff

A few blocks away, Peter grinned at his phone screen, the butterflies nesting in his body aching to get out, wings battering against his ribcage.

PETER PARKER: yeah, that’d be me :’-)

You stared at his text, grinning so ridiculously wide that you had to bury your face into your pillow to muffle your loud laugh. As soon as you were about to type up a response to Peter, a text from MJ appeared.

MJ: jus thought that i’d let u know that peter parker is totally fucking into u lol


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Could you do bastion revealing that he could talk this whole time, he just prefered not to?

Bastion my smol son~

It was another painfully early morning in the Overwatch base. Tired heroes were littered all through out the food hall. Some drawling into their coffee, some sleepily talking over food.

That was, unless you were an Omnic. Zenyatta was going around cracking jokes to try and lighten the mood, Orisa was caring for a very sleepy Efi and Bastion was sat in the corner playing with Ganymede.

Eventually, Bastion decided to go and see his friends and lighten the mood just like Zen. So he sat down next to Lucio, who rested his head on Bastion.
  “Mornin big guy.” Lucio muttered.

“Good morning everyone.” Bastion chirped.

Silence filled the hall. Fareeha’s fork fell to her plate with a clatter as Jack had to stop himself from choking on his coffee. Most of the heroes were staring at Bastion wide-eyed and mouths gaping. All except for Orisa - who hadn’t noticed a difference - and Zenyatta who was laughing to himself.

“Now I know that bein’ sleep deprived ‘n all makes ya hallucinate a lil,” Jesse began, “but everyone else heard ‘em just talk?!”

“Yes, well I’ve just sort of preferred not to.” Bastion looked down guiltily. Hana rubbed his arm reassuringly,
  “It’s okay! I guess none of us really expected it.” she told him, nodding at everyone else.

“I’ve known all along, to be honest.” Zenyatta stated.

Lightweight Killua AU

An AU for Lightweight Killua Headcanon

“You’re lying.” Gon stared at Killua dumbfounded, “There’s no way you’re telling the truth.” 

“I told you a million times. I’m immune to poisons- that includes alcohol, dummy.” Killua said, still looking through the aisle of different shaped bottles of various alcohols. “Logically, that means I can drink as much as I want and won’t feel a thing.”

“Still, though. I don’t buy it.” Gon pouted and Killua rolled his eyes at him.

“Too bad. It’s the truth. I can drink whatever I want and not have to worry about getting drunk.” Killua smirked, “You, on the other hand, would probably fall over after one drink.”

“I would not! I could handle drinking. Mito-san just never let me…” Gon stated, huffing. “And if you’re such a heavyweight, prove it. I wanna see.”

“Of course she wouldn’t let you drink! We’re underage!” Killua said, his eyebrows raised, “And fine! I will! I’ll drink all night and watch you get drunk.”

You’re the one getting drunk. It’s impossible to be immune to alcohol. You have to feel at least something.” Gon said, looking at all of the bottles before picking a couple- more out of looks than out of actual contents since he wasn’t exactly experienced with anything like this. Killua rolled his eyes before grabbing a few random bottles himself.

“Uh huh. Sure. I wonder what kind of drunk you’ll be. Hopefully not a loud one.” Killua winced, imagining an overly drunk Gon speaking ten decibels higher than normal.

“I bet you’ll be a funny drunk.” Gon said after some thought once they got to the checkout. The cashier eyed them suspiciously.

“Aren’t you kids a little young for drinking? Can I see some IDs?” He said sternly, looking from Killua to Gon.

“We’re sixteen!” Gon grinned, getting wacked on the back of the head by Killua.

“And we have these.” Killua handed the cashier his Hunter’s License as Gon pulled out his. The cashier sighed before bagging the drinks, waving them off.

“Go ahead.” He rubbed his temples, “Just… Don’t get into any trouble. I don’t need the Hunters Association giving me crap for giving kids alcohol.”

“Thanks!” Gon beamed, grabbing the bags.

“We’ll be fine, don’t worry!” Killua smirked and followed Gon out the door.

When they got back to their hotel room, the boys put out their spread of alcohol on the table. They’d ended up with tequila, vodka, wine, gin and whiskey. Gon stared as Killua got some paper cups from the counter before opening the bottles. 

“Ew that smells disgusting.” Gon scrunched up his nose as the smell hit him. Killua rolled his eyes before picking up the bottle of gin and pouring a little in a cup.

“It’s supposed to. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. Don’t be such a baby, Gon.” Killua teased, handing his friend the cup and pouring himself one. Gon stared at the contents unsure and Killua struggled not to laugh. “Just drink it.” 

“You haven’t had yours either!” Gon said, whining. 

“Okay fine. On three?” Killua suggested and Gon nodded. “One… Two… Three!” 

Both boys downed the cups of straight gin before their eyes widened. Gon spit hit out back into the cup, coughing. Killua clamped one hand over his mouth, the other clutching the counter as he struggled to swallow the liquid. When he succeeded, he gasped and coughed, his face red from the burning. He looked at Gon who’s eyes were watering.

“Th-That was horrible!” Gon said, before laughing, “Y-You should see your face, Killua! It’s so red!”

“Speak for yourself! You look like you’re crying your eyes are so watery!” Killua laughed. “Ugh, that tasted awful. Like antiseptic or something.” 

“Yeah, my throat- Wait a minute. You’re having more?” Gon said, staring in shock as Killua eyed the bottle of vodka suspiciously before pouring some.

“I said I was gonna drink all night, didn’t I? I have a point to prove. You want some, lightweight?” Killua said, waving the bottle in front of Gon tauntingly. Gon narrowed his eyes and snatched it, pouring some into his cup- already partially filled with gin. 

“Cheers?” Killua grinned, hitting Gon’s cup with his before they both forced it down.

“Heh, my face feels hot.” Killua blinked a few times, trying to make the room stop. Gon eyed him warily, looking suspiciously sober to Killua. “Hey, you haven’t drinked… drunk… drank… what’s the past tense?”

“Killua, maybe you should stop. You look pretty drunk.” Gon said, getting up from his bed to throw away his cup. Killua frowned stubbornly.

“No, you aren’t even drunk. And I am not drunk. And we have all this stuff to drink.” Killua slurred, stumbling a bit to the counter. Gon sighed, walking over to him, taking a bottle from his hands.

“It’s almost all gone anyway. And you are too drunk.” Gon said, crossing his arms. His cheeks were pink but for the most part, Gon had proven to be the one who could handle his liquor. “Come on, let’s go to bed. It’s getting late.” But Killua was already shaking his head, a dazed look in his blue eyes.

“‘m still thirsty.” He reached for the tequila before Gon swatted his hand away, a glare in his eyes.

“No, Killua. If you’re thirsty, I’ll get you water.” Gon said, his arms crossed, “I mean, sheesh, this stuff doesn’t even taste good. A stupid bet isn’t worth it. And you’re already drunk anyway- so you lost.” 

“Say, Gon, you’re really hot.” Killua said seriously, staring intently at the teen in front of him. Gon flushed brightly in surprise.

“H-Huh?” Gon squeaked.

“You are. You were cute before. But now you’re really hot.” Killua tilted his head a bit, his eyes glossing over Gon’s body. “Really, really, hot.” 

“Y-You’re drunk. You don’t mean that.” Gon laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of his head. 

“I do, though. You’re really hot and really amazing.” Killua hugged Gon’s body before he could stop it.

“K-Killua, l-let go.” Gon blushed, trying to wiggle his way out of Killua’s hold but succeeded only in having Killua draped along his back, his arms around Gon’s neck.

“Why is something so bright friends with me?” Killua mumbled, nuzzling Gon’s neck, eliciting a squeak from him.

“Where’s all this coming from?” His voice rising an octave when Killua tightened his hold on him.

“I never said ‘nything ‘cause I love you.” Killua slurred, before hiccuping. Gon’s breath hitched, as Killua continued. “You’re just so happy, you know? And you’re friends with me. I followed you on your date with Palm that one time because I wanted you to ask me out. But you’re a stupid head and-”

“W-Wait, you love me?” Gon whispered, a permanent blush staining his cheeks. Killua glared, rubbing his cheek on the back of Gon’s neck.

Yeah. You gotta pay ‘tention, dummy. I’ve loved you for forever. You’re really cute and-” 

“It’s not nice to lie, Killua. Even if you are drunk.” Gon’s voice shook a bit, trying to process it. Killua growled in frustrated and stumbled off of Gon before grabbing his face in his hands.

“’m not drunk. And I’m not lying!” Gon barely had time for his eyes to widen in surprise before Killua yanked their lips together.

Ugh, dammit…” Killua grumbled, feeling the contents of his stomach sloshing dangerously. He planted his face further into his pillow in an effort to block out any daylight. His head pounded, his stomach hurt more than it had in years, and he couldn’t remember a thing.

“Um, Killua?” Gon asked quietly, holding a glass of water some pain medications. “A-Are you feeling alright?” Killua stayed silent so he pressed further, “Killua?”

“I lost, okay? I got drunk. Big whoop.” Killua muttered, looking up to glare at Gon- only to find the boy looking away, a red blush across his cheeks. “Gon? What’s wrong?”

“N-Nothing. Um, here’s some medicine and some water.” Gon practically thrust the items at Killua without looking at him. 

“Thanks…” Killua eyed Gon suspiciously as he took the medicine, cringing as his stomach lurched a bit. He set the glass down on the bedside table. “What…What happened last night? I don’t really remember much after we got into the vodka…” Killua’s cheeks turned pink, imagining what he could have said or done.

“You don’t remember anything?” Gon said, looking back at Killua surprised. Killua shook his head, gingerly sitting up.

“Nope. Nothing. I remember feeling kinda funny and I remember you asking me if I was okay. But I wanted to win and figured I could shake it off. Guess not.” Killua said sheepishly, still wondering why Gon was acting so weird. “So, what’d I do?”

“You, um…” Gon chewed his lip, “ran outside in your underwear. Sorry, I tried to stop you but you were kinda fast…” Killua sat there before his face turned from shy to mortified.

“Wh-What?! No way. There’s no way I did that.” Killua said, panicking. He looked up, catching a glimpse of guilt in Gon’s eyes. His own eyes narrowed, “You liar.”

“I didn’t lie!” Gon glared at the accusation- no matter how true it was, he was not a liar.

“Yes, you did! You have guilt written all over your face!” Killua ignored the urge to throw up and the way his head was screaming at him to lie back down.

“Ugh, fine! I lied! There, you happy?” Gon groaned, crossing his arms across his chest.

“I’d be happier if you would just tell me what happened!” Killua said, really panicking at this point. Why wouldn’t Gon look at him without getting all flustered.

“Okay, okay… You kinda, sorta, called me hot.” Gon flushed. Killua blinked before glaring at him.

“You’re lying again!”

“I am not! You said you loved me too!” Gon yelled his blush bright. He watched Killua’s cheeks turn pink. “If you don’t believe me, you said you followed me on my date with Palm because you were jealous and-”

“I was not! She was crazy and I didn’t trust you with her!” Killua’s eyes widened before he turned an even darker shade of red. Gon was in the same boat, torn between teasing his best friend, and pressing him for more of a confession- a sober one. 

“S-So… do you?” Gon started, his voice quiet and hesitant.

“Do I what? Do I think you’re hot? Because the answer is no. You are not hot right now.” Killua huffed, getting up and walking towards the bathroom. Something in Gon’s eyes sparked, a grin reaching across his face.

Right now? You mean I normally look hot? Or just sometimes?” Gon teased, following him. He could see Killua’s ears turn red as he stormed into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

“I am never drinking with you again!” Killua yelled from inside the bathroom and Gon couldn’t stop the laughter bubbling in from his chest.

Inspired by talks with @mowedith 💜
Changes pt 7 - Scott McCall x Reader

Pairing:Scott x Reader

Prompt:None just came to me brahh pt 6 (since the last part didn’t just come to me)


Annnnnd thank you to my darling Beta @lets-imagine-fanfics who edited while I went to my brothers high school to yell at some teachers!



“I’m sorry I tried to control myself, Y/N. Didn’t wanna make you cry…but right now, nothing sounds more tempting, than to hear you cry out my name.”  His words ran through you like fire, his head lowering so he could kiss your ankle.  

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Auston Matthews - Part 24

Explicit content, beginning marked with “~~” as well as when it ends. 

I exhaust myself but finish my kitchen by the time the game starts, thanks to time zones. I hunt down my box of blankets and snuggle down on the couch with my pups. I get the feeling this is going to become a nightly routine when Auston has a game. Not that I didn’t used to watch the Leafs play, I just usually had something in front of me as well, but now I feel guilty if I don’t watch the game in its entirety. They have a few days before another game, getting a little bit of a break after a tough road trip and Auston will be home in the morning, but I doubt I’ll be able to see him until later tomorrow.

               My eyes are getting heavier and heavier as the game goes on, Toronto taking the early lead. By the time first intermission comes on I have to stumble to my coffee maker and down an expresso. It doesn’t help. So instead I set an alarm on my phone to take a little cat nap before the second period. This does work.

               I’m able to make myself stay awake for the entire game and see him score yet another goal. I purse my lips, deep in thought as I eye the blue jerseys on my screen. I remember telling Auston that I would never wear his jersey when I had first met him, I debate a moment if that still stands true. I decide it does. For now.

               Once the game ends, a close three to two win, I barely manage to text Auston about his game and a goodnight before passing out right there on the couch. My first night in my first house and I don’t even make it to my bedroom.

               The morning sun is unforgiving as it come in through the uncovered windows, the only things that I didn’t have were curtains and blinds. Those were the first things on my list to get after I settle in. I have zero food in my fridge so I settle for a poptart for breakfast and dig my phone out from under the couch cushions and there’s a message from Auston waiting and several snapchats.

               Thanks babe, cant wait to c u tomorrow.

               It was sent at nearly two in the morning. I tap through the snapchats from his teammates, one of them he’s smiling at his phone and Will captioned it “wonder who he could possibly be reading.” I compare the time Will sent me the snap to when Auston texted me and it matches perfectly and I can’t help but grin at myself.

               Call me when you wake up.

               I quickly send to Auston and rub my hands together, wondering which room to move into next. I wander upstairs and into the open sitting room that I’ll probably make into an office, which leads to the bedrooms and bathroom. I nudge open the door to my room and I eye the boxes lined up against every wall and cringe. When did I get so much shit?

               I spend the next hour setting up my bed and getting that made, moving onto the boxes of clothes that are the primary thing taking up all the boxes. My phone goes off around eleven and I answer it quickly.

               “Hello,” I say shyly.

               “First time you’ve answered and it doesn’t sound like a question,” Auston’s groggy voice comes through the phone and I know he must have just woken up.

               “Well this time I knew for sure it would be you,” I laugh into the phone and begin pacing the room, just as I always do on the phone.

               “Valid. How’s the unpacking?”

               “Slow. I have a lot more stuff than I thought,” I again eye the boxes I can still see in the hallway.

               “Well you want some help?” He asks through a yawn.

               “Are you going to help or nap?” I quirk an eyebrow.

               “Probably both,” he answers honestly and I laugh.

               “Fine, though I have no food beside fruit snacks and poptarts, so if you’re hungry you better eat at home,” I add, my own stomach grumbles and I wonder if I’m close to any delivery places.

               “I’ll bring lunch, what do you want?” Auston asks and I wonder if he heard my stomach through the phone.

               “I don’t care, I’m not in a sub mood so anything but that,” I say and I wait for him to complain that I’m one of those people who don’t like making decisions.

               “Okay, pizza good?” He asks and I blink in surprise.

               “Pizza’s perfect,” I smile. “I’ll text you my address.”

               “Alright, I’ll be there in about an hour,” I can hear him rustling his sheets and I know he’s getting up.

               “Can’t wait,” I say shyly again, a blush creeping into my cheeks.

               “Make that thirty minutes,” he says and I giggle.

               I say goodbye and hang up, I should go shower but I grab one more box and get set on unpacking the clothes in that one as well. I finish my sixth box when I hear a knock on the door downstairs. I startle and glance at the clock I just finish hanging on the wall and panic. It’s been exactly a half hour and I’m still in the clothes I wore yesterday. I contemplate for a moment before hurrying down the stairs.

               “Coming!” I call and my two dogs come barreling down the stairs with me. I frown wondering how they will react to Auston. I calm them down, taking a collar in either hand before opening the door with my elbow. There standing impeccably dressed and holding two pizza boxes in his hands is the boy I’ve been thinking about since I left Toronto.

               He blinks down at me and eyes my dogs a bit warily and I slowly let them go.

               “Hi,” I murmur, suddenly very aware that my hair is knotted in a lopsided bun on my head, my shirt has holes in it and my jeans are barely jeans, too many rips and holes to count. Then I notice that stupid hat on his head and I know I look better than he does.

               Auston doesn’t say anything but grabs me with his free hand and pulls me to him. I meet his lips all too willingly and his mouth coaxes mine open, at least I brushed my teeth. His grabs a handful of my shirt, causing the back to creep up and expose my skin, I shiver from both the touch and the cold air that hits my bare skin. I place my hands on his stomach and marvel at the solidness of him. By the time we pull away from each other there is not a single breathe left in my body.

               “Hi,” he says against my lips and my face turns crimson.

               “You can take a lot more road trips if that’s how you’ll greet me every time,” I manage to get out, my breathing still out of control.

               Auston gives me a grin and steps into the house once I step back, my two dogs dancing in circles around him.

               “At least they like me,” Auston says, keeping the pizza above his shoulder.

               “I think it’s the pizza, bud,” I laugh and show him into the kitchen. He follows behind, his eyes roaming around my house. “I’ll show you the house later. I’m starving.”

               I grab two plates and slide them onto the counter, balancing myself on a bar stool, Auston sits next me and we dive into the boxes. I let out a groan of satisfaction and close my eyes.

               “Warm food!”

               Auston laughs beside me, “You’ve been here less than 24 hours…”

               “Seems like 24 years,” I groan again, taking another embarrassingly large bite.

               We sit in comfortable silence for a few minutes, I devour two pieces by the time he finishes his first and I’m already reaching into the box again.

               “How was your trip, besides the hockey part,” I ask, wiping at my face with a napkin.

               “Better now that I’m home,” Auston shrugs and I frown.

               “What do you mean?”

               “I enjoy going to different cities, but I’m always happier to come home, this time especially,” he glances at me and my face heats up again.

               “So you did miss me,” I nudge him with my foot and he rolls his eyes.

               “Don’t get a big head,” he mutters and I giggle.

               “Nah, yours is big enough for the both of us,” I reply, taking another bite and Auston raises his eyebrows at me, a smirk playing on his face. “What?” I ask through a mouthful and then the double meaning hits me like a rock and I punch at his arm. “Stop that!”

               Auston laughs and finishes his second piece. He eyes the almost empty box now. “Glad I got two.”

               I wonder if I should be embarrassed but I could not care less. “I told you I was hungry!”

               Auston laughs and down his third piece, matching me.

               “Alright, tour time,” I say, going to the sink and rinsing my hands off, drying them on a towel. “Come on,” I touch his arm and step around him.

               He follows behind me as I take him into the dining room that has a table and chairs with about twenty boxes on and around it.

               “I don’t know how I’ll ever get everything put away,” I scowl at the boxes, wishing they would unpack themselves.

               “Was there anything in the house before you came or did you bring everything?” Auston asks, his eyes darting around still.

               “Not a single thing but the barstools and big kitchen stuff, like the fridge and stove,” I run my hand along the table and lead him into the adjourning back porch room, enclosed with windows on three sides, I’m surprised it’s not very drafty. There’s another bathroom and what could be used as a bedroom aside from the living room which Auston already saw.

               I bring him upstairs and through the two spare bedrooms and a bathroom before walking into my bedroom and I automatically go to the box that I had been working on when Auston got here.

               “My room,” I say obviously and suddenly feel unbearably shy and busy myself with organizing my socks into their rightful drawer.

               Auston remains silent as he wanders around the room, half unpacked. I peek at him in the reflection of my vanity mirror, his expression unreadable and I squirm a little. He steps in front of my T.V stand, which was what I started with earlier because it was the easiest. Picking up one of the photos that I placed there just an hour earlier. I know it’s the one with my parents and Auston’s parents at my high school graduation.

               Like always, he seems to feel my stare and his eyes raise to meet mine the mirror. I give him a sad smile and look back down at my hands, trying to make myself put the socks that I’m currently holding into the drawer. They don’t listen. I’m too busy trying to keep back my tears.

               Within seconds one of Auston’s hands is on the small of my back, his face just below mine as he kneels on the floor beside my stool.

               “Hey, don’t cry. I didn’t mean to make you sad,” he says gently and he grabs my chin, making me look at him. His eyes are soft, just like the small smile tugging the corner of his mouth.

               “I know you didn’t,” I whisper, willing the tear that’s threatening to fall free to stay right there.

               “Then why are you so sad?” He runs his thumb across my bottom lip and my lips part under his touch.

               “I just forgot that on top of being far away from my parents, I’m now an additional five hours away from Alex,” I whine and the tear finally falls. Auston is quick to wipe it away and I can tell he’s trying not to laugh.

               “Oh Y/N,” he says gently and gets to his feet, pulling me with him and against his chest. I don’t sob, but I do cry.

               “I’m an emotional person, okay,” I say, my voice muffled by his chest and I inhale deeply, remembering how much I missed his smell.

               “I gathered that,” Auston muses and with very little effort, he gently lifts me and he carries me to my bed. Lying me down and then sprawling out beside me. I wiggle myself back over to him, nestling into the crook of his shoulder, he rubs my back gently and I let my tears dry themselves. My eyes wander to his face and he continues staring up at my ceiling, I can see wheels turning in his brain. I take the distraction as a moment to appreciate his beauty, I look at his neck and notice a few freckles I hadn’t before, along with a small cut just under his jaw.

               My eyes travel to his mouth and the surprising fullness of his lips fascinates me. I realize I’m staring much harder than I initially thought when the corners of his mouth quirk up and my eyes flash to his, an amused look in his brown eyes. I blush and he laughs out loud this time.

               “You blush a lot,” he says and I roll my eyes, embarrassed.  

               “It’s in my genes, my mom blushes constantly too, don’t flatter yourself,” I snap at him which makes his laugh harder and the whole bed vibrates. Though for some reason he doesn’t stop laughing, most likely finding my embarrassment hilarious. I scowl at him and wait for him to quite laughing, but he doesn’t.

               “Auston…” I say after a good ten seconds.

               “Auston!” I snap again, lifting my head off his shoulder and glaring at him.

               I don’t bother saying his name a third time. Instead, I reach other and grab his chin, angling his face to mine and I cover his mouth with mine. Finally, he shuts up.

               Auston’s lips respond to mine and soon enough I’m getting a better taste of his intoxicating mouth, he tastes just like I remember; fruity with something sweet. I tell myself to pull away before this gets out of hand, but my body doesn’t respond. Instead I let him push my back into my pillows, he rolls to his side, hovering slightly over me and trailing his hand down to my hip.

               Again, I tell myself to stop it but I don’t listen. I grab a handful of his shirt and shimmy my way farther under his body. Slowly running my hand down to the waistband of his pants, I find the end of his shirt and raise my hand up underneath it, my fingers grazing his stomach. He makes a noise above me and my resolve completely breaks, I’m aching for his touch.

               “Auston,” I breathe, my lips leaving his and brushing against his jaw. “Touch me, please,” I whisper. His body goes still above me and a grin breaks out across his face.

               “What was that?” He asks and I know full well he knows exactly what I said.

               “Touch me,” I whisper again, tugging at his shirt impatiently.

               “Only took two weeks for you to ask,” he mutters, his lips finding mine again, this time much more roughly.


               I tug once again at his shirt, this time be obliges and breaks away from me for just a moment to pull the shirt over his head and toss it to the side. Auston’s mouth then goes to my neck as I take my time exploring his skin with my hands. A moan escapes my mouth when he nips at my neck and I can’t even focus long enough to blush. Auston seems to take that as encouragement because his hand too sneaks under my shirt and up my stomach to my chest, undoing my front clasping bra faster than I would have thought possible. Oh!

               My breathing is erratic as I try to focus on anything else besides his hand moving against my bare skin. I finally get my body to respond to my wishes and I grab a handful of his hair, forcing his lips back to mine. He wastes no time and nudges my legs father apart with his knee, settling himself between them and holding his upper body up with his free arm. I raise one of my knees and rest it against his side. My hand seems to get a mind of its own and wanders back down to a place that I’ve become quite familiar with.

               “Nuh uh,” Auston scolds, taking his hand from out of under my shirt and taking my wrist instead, bringing it to his hand that’s holding most of his body weight off of me.

After making sure I couldn’t wiggle my wrist free, he turns his attention back to my mouth and his now free hand snakes its way down my side to my hip again, shifting his weight slightly so he’s against my side. I can feel him against my hip and I resist the urge to try and wiggle my hand free.

“Remember what I told you,” Auston whispers against my lips. “Payback is a bitch.”

My breath gets caught in my throat as his hand brushes against the waistband of my old, ratty jeans. I can feel his smile against my neck as I shiver with anticipation. He makes good of his word and takes his time brushing his fingers against my bare skin right above the button of my jeans and I instinctively react which makes him smile every time.

“Auston,” I whine and he finally gives in.

He quickly makes work of my button and zipper, dipping his hand down the front of my jeans and I moan, though he hasn’t even touched me yet, still intent on teasing me into oblivion.

“You suck,” I manage to get out, closing my eyes and turning my head away from him. He only laughs against my throat and inches my panties to the side. Auston seems to think that it’s now safe to let go of my hand he was holding prisoner and uses it to bend my knee up against his side again. Using this new leverage his finger brushes against me and my hips move on their own accord. After a few more teasing strokes he slowly slips a finger in.

I let out a moan at the same time he lets out a low hiss in my ear. I claw at the bed spread on either side of me as his starts a slow, rhythmic movement. I turn my head to the side, hiding my face against his chest and pulls my hair to make me look back up at him.

“Not as fun being taken advantage of in an emotional state is it?’ Auston asks me, his breath tickling my face and I refuse to answer him, only giving him the satisfaction of another small moan as he adds a second finger. My pulse hammers in my chest and I don’t understand how it doesn’t lift me out of my bed.

“Auston,” I whimper, all pride gone. I just need relief.

“What?” He asks and I don’t have to look to know there’s a smirk on his face.

“Please,” I whimper again and he roughly kisses my mouth again, pressing his thumb down as well as quicken his movements and I rocket into space. My moan is muffled by his mouth and he continues his movement until I float back down from the clouds, kissing my cheeks and jaw gently until I’m able to open my eyes again to give him a lazy smile.


“Now you really can go on road trips as much as you want as want,” I murmur up to him and he laughs.

“I don’t think I’ll be spending any more time out of Toronto than I can manage from now on,” Auston says and I grin at him. I glance at his still bare chest and grin.

“I still got more clothes off of you than you did me,” I tease.

“Yeah? Do me a favor and sit up,” Auston quirks an eyebrow down at me and I go to sit up and remember my bra.

“That doesn’t count,” I mumble, and quickly clasp it back.

“I think it does,” Auston laughs and leans down, placing a gently kiss on my lips.

I let him and then push him onto is back, climbing on top of him.

“Now that you’ve had your fun,” I breathe down at him and his eyes narrow. “It’s time…” I lean down farther, my lips at his ear. “To get to work,” I finish and bound off of him, grabbing the closest box and setting it on his lap, making him grunt.

               “I think I have my work cut out with you,” Auston says under his breath and I’m not entirely sure I was meant to hear.