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Jin Mutant AU

-More cautious than Namjoon when handling being mutants in public
-Mostly due to past family separation and loss trauma caused by being exposed
-Been trying to find Taehyung ever since they were violently separated as kids; main reason he went into covert operations under Big Hit (a mutant-based agency guised as a conglomerate)
-One of the best undercover agents they have, not only because of his powers but also because of his natural abilities to adapt and fit in
-expert in hand to hand combat


I never thought it would last, truth be told. The Wolverine school for gifted youngsters. Sounded to me like a disaster in the making. But look at this place now. Look at you.  [Wolverine and the X-men #42]

Imagine Erik Finding Out That You, His Young Daughter, Have Inherited His Powers

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“Slow down, Erik, what are you on about?” Charles frowned through the phone.

“Y/N has- she’s- she’s like me, Charles!” Erik sputtered. He had you in one arm, and you were squirming in an attempt to ‘do the magic’ again. You had always been very enchanted by your father when he did little magic tricks with his metallokinesis to entertain you, and you were only concerned with your joy of possessing ‘the magic’ as well.

“NO, Y/N, no, no no, we do not do that with those!” Erik said quickly, moving the silverware you had begun to float out of your sight. He pulled the phone back over to his ear to hear what Charles had to say about it. It didn’t quite matter if he had moved the dangerous utensils; you had found something else to play with.

“Just bring her to the mansion, I’ll run a few simple tests I do with the students, she’ll be fine, Erik.”

“Alright, alright, I’ll bring her up in the morning,” Erik sighed. He hung up the phone with a breath of relief, only to look down at you.

“Papa, look!” you giggled; his old, worn Magneto helmet rested loosely over your head. Memories around that helmet flooded his mind, both good and bad. He had tried to hurt in that headpiece. He had tried to kill, and he had wanted to keep that part of his past far away from you.

However, looking down at the innocence in your eyes, he felt a spark of hope. Maybe, where he had become a symbol of hate, you could be one of hope.

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Sherlock - The German voices

Soo… When I really like a show or movie, I always research the German voice actors. Thought I’d share what I found out about the German Sherlock cast. (I’ll only post a few, otherwise this post would contain too many pics :D)

Soo… This is Sherlock Holmes and his actor is Benadryl Cucumberpatch:

His German voice actor is Tommy Morgenstern, who is also:

Oh, okay… Moving onto John “Three Continents” Watson, portrayed by Martin Freeman:

Voiced by Sebastian Schulz, aka:

And here’s Molly Hooper/Louise Brealey:

Julia Kaufmann lent her her voice:

Rupert Graves is the actor of DI Lestrade:

Ahem. Yes, that was necessary. Frank Röth is voicing him:

Mycroft Holmes, portrayed by Godtiss:

Thomas Nero Wolff does the German voice:

And the lovely Lara Pulver aka Irene Adler, professionally known as “The Woman”

Her voice is done by Vera Teltz; she’s also:

And finally, here’s the Napoleon of crime, Jim Moriarty. His actor is Andrew Scott:

Oh, this is my absolute favourite!! :D His German voice actor is Marius Clarén:

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6) Do you sleep with or without clothes on?

That depends entirely on the weather.

11) Do you have any strange phobias?

Flying cockroaches. “But Rogue,” you say, “cockroaches don’t fly! At worse they may jump!” And you say that because you haven’t seen a huge cockroach preposterously buzzing in midair around your living room’s ceiling lamp like a moth drawn to the light. But I, who have watched in abject horror this big, red, mutant monstrosity from hell doing exactly that, and have promptly grabbed my keys and my wallet and FLED MY OWN HOUSE in a panic, in the middle of the night, in flip-flops, and barely decent, must insist: some of these fuckers DO, for all intents and purposes, fly. And I find them terrifying. O.o.

13) What’s your religion?

I’m an atheist.

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As both a lesbian and a mutant, does Illyana attend both PRIDE and pro-mutant celebrations? If so, what does she do and wear at these events? Who does she go with?

pro-mutant celebrations are something that yana would have participated in as a teenager as well as now. she’s never been ashamed or willing to hide that she’s a mutant unless it was an absolute necessity (like going to the mall or something public with a lot of humans), so she’s never shied away from a celebration filled with other mutants. it helps her feel like she belongs when she might otherwise have doubts, which does tend to crop up on her on occasion – but she’s getting better at keeping them buried.

she likes to encourage young students, especially those in her special new mutants group, to attend pro-mutant rallies and other celebrations with some of the older mutants as a way to encourage them to be more confident in who they are and show them that no matter what anyone else tells them, they are good and there is nothing wrong with them.

sometimes at these celebrations, if there’s a lot of kids or young teenagers, she’ll do a little magick show for them. she almost always wears some kind of shirt that says something along the lines of “keep calm, the x-men are here” or “trust me, i’m a new mutant”, or something with an awful mutant pun on it courtesy of one ki.tty pr.yde. 

concerning pride, yes. now that she’s an adult and is open and unashamed of her sexuality, she does attend pride celebrations. she never goes alone, though, simply because she’s extremely awkward and uncomfortable when she goes by herself — especially because women tend to flirt with her and she’s easily flustered by it and doesn’t really know how to react or what to do. having someone there with her gives her an out and easy way to deal with it, so she usually goes with kitty, dani, tabby, a combo of any of those three and sometimes others, as well as any of the students who want to go and experience it.

she doesn’t do anything really special as far as like, what she does at the pride events but on occasion she and kitty’ll sign up to do a float for lgbt mutants in the parades or little booths if it’s just some other event, things like that. whatever they do is almost always to primarily benefit mutants.

 what does she wear, though  ?  you know damn well kitty doesn’t let her leave the mansion without being covered entirely in rainbow shit from head to toe. so, needless to say, that’s how she dresses up. usually a t-shirt with some kind of obviously lesbian-oriented text or imagery, a hat with the same of identifying text/image, rainbow bracelets and rings and necklaces (like a half-heart that connects to kitty’s matching one), probably a rainbow belt in a pair of jeans that have been kitty-customized with all sorts of tacky multi-colored shit. Rainbow shoelaces…. like, completely embarrassing but she has fun so it’s worth it.

I Think He’s My Soulmate

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Peter Parker x Reader

I Think He’s My Soulmate

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Okay, so we had a few Peter Parker soulmate au’s requested and Hannah’s writing one, but I was having FEEEEEEELS so have this one too.

Note: Soulmate au. Because I am a ho for them. A ho, I tell you. Also, let’s pretend that everyone is happy and unaffected by the Civil War. Yay!

Warnings: None?

“Ummmm, Uncle Clint?” it wasn’t often you called your uncle, but this was a special occasion. It was your sixteenth birthday, and because of that, your soulmate tattoo had finally appeared. It scared the crap out of you at first sight, given the fact that it looked like a large spider was crawling up your wrist.

Of course, it being your birthday didn’t mean you could stay home from school, so you were standing in the courtyard just after school had ended, calling your only connection to the Avengers at the first opportunity you had.

“Yes, sweet child of my sister?”

“Do you think you could arrange for me to meet Spiderman?”

“Um, sure. Why?”

“I’m 90% sure he’s my soulmate. And also, it’s my birthday, so…”

“Wait, go back to the first reason.”

“My soulmate tattoo showed up today and it’s a spider. It’s exactly the one that’s on his uniform. And if all soulmate tattoos work this way…” you lowered your voice, looking around. “Then he knows about my powers too.”

“Okay, okay, calm down. Can you come to the Facility today? I could introduce you. But he’s gotta be on his way here. He’s staying for the weekend. I’ll check his wrist and text you, okay?”

“Okay,” you nodded. “Okay.”

“I’ll see you later then.”

“Thanks Uncle Clint. I owe you.”

“No prob, kiddo.”


“Parker, lemme see your wrist.” Clint walked over to the teen as soon as he walked into the Facility, his overnight duffle bag hanging from his shoulder.

“What? Why?” Peter tugged his sleeve down over the tattoo that had appeared a few months before on his birthday.

“Peter.” Clint tilted his head. “I know you’ve got your soulmate tattoo. Let me see.”

“Um…” Peter paused, taking a breath before pulling the sleeve of his hoodie back up his arm. There were four symbols arranged in a diamond etched into his wrist. It was a flame, a leaf, a gust of wind, and water waves. “I…I think my soulmate is the Avatar, Mr. Barton.”

“That’s what I thought.” Clint nodded. He sent you a text as quickly as his thumbs would move. ‘grab your overnight bag, (Y/N). You’re spending the weekend with the Avengers’


Your parents were okay with you spending the weekend with your uncle. You didn’t tell them the other reason you were going to the Facility, but they sort of had an idea. Clint himself borrowed one of the quinjets and flew to the tower to meet you and take you back to the Facility.

“What did he say? Did he say anything?”

“Not much before I left. He just said, and I quote, ‘I think my soulmate is the Avatar, Mr. Barton’. And then I left.”

“What’s he like? Is he tall? Short? Nice? What does he look like?” you bombarded him with questions, but Clint only smirked.

“What’s the fun in telling you, kiddo? You’ve gotta find out for yourself.”

“Uncle Cliiiint.”

“(Y/NNNNNN),” he chuckled, ruffling your hair. “You’re worse than your cousins.”

“Shut up.”

The quinjet touched down under an hour later. Clint walked into the Facility with you by his side. Your guest pass dangled around your neck by a lanyard as you were escorted to your room. You had stayed here a few times over the years, but not since Spiderman had emerged.

Your room was waiting just as you had left it, right next door to Wanda’s room. There was a knock on the doorframe. Wanda brushed a lock of her hair over her shoulder, going in for a hug.

“Hi Wanda!” God, you loved Wanda. She was like a daughter to Clint, making her like a cousin to you. Not long after, a streak of silver rushed in and trapped you in a Maximoff sandwich. You loved the twins.

“What are you doing here, (Y/N)?” Pietro asked. “I thought you weren’t coming up until winter break.”

“My soulmate tattoo showed up.”

“Let me see.” Wanda insisted, pushing her brother away so she could see your wrist. She gasped softly at the sight of the black spider. “Do you want me to introduce you?”

“Yeah, that’d be great.” your heart was racing. It was real. It was really happening. Your soulmate was here and he was a superhero. Pietro raced ahead of all of you, leaving you, Clint, and Wanda in the dust. You got to the living room, where Peter was sitting at the table finishing his Algebra homework. He pushed his reading glasses up his nose.

As soon as you walked through the door, he twitched, looking up. Spidey-sense, you figured. He had mad reflexes, that much Clint had told you, but you had never seen his face. God, he was a cutie. Warm brown eyes, tousled brown hair, a kind nervous smile and soft pink lips to go with it. He was super cute. You smiled, waving shyly and when you did, he caught a glance of the tattoo on your wrist.

Peter’s jaw dropped. You had never seen anyone get up so fast. He practically ran to you, looking at the tattoo in disbelief. Somehow, he had known the moment you walked in, but this mark was confirmation.

“H-hi,” he introduced himself nervously. He gulped, trembling just a little bit. “I, um…I’m Peter. Peter Parker. S-Spiderman. I wondered when you would show up, um…”

“(Y/N).” you stated. He offered his hand, immediately regretting it. You were his soulmate and the best he could do was a handshake? Stupid, stupid, stupid. “(Y/N) (L/N). I’m Clint’s sister’s kid.” You shook his hand, smiling. God, he was super cute. Your nervousness had worn off, but Peter felt like he was going to explode. He didn’t want to mess this up.

“I…I’m sorry, is it okay if I hug you? I’m sorry, you’re just super pretty, and I’m really bad in romantic situations, so-”

You rushed into his arms, holding him close. He was so warm, and you could feel his body shaking. He laughed nervously, wrapping his arms around you.

“So um…my tattoo is the four elements. Does that mean you’re the Avatar?”

“I can control the four elements, yeah.” you laughed. “Who knows? I could be.”

“Ah, young love.” Tony walked into the living room. “Finally found your soulmate, Parker?”

“Yeah,” Peter nodded, still clinging to you. “I did.” He sighed, whispering into your ear. “Can I just hold you forever? I don’t want to let go.”

“Sure,” you chuckled, snuggling deeper into him. You buried your face in the crook of his neck. “Sounds like a plan to me.” You were stuck together like magnets, unable to tear yourselves from each other. It was a bizarre feeling, like time had finally started after all of these years, like two halves of a whole were finally reunited. Something clicked, and suddenly everything was right in the universe.


Later that night, you were sitting in the lounge with the Avengers, some movie about mutant superheroes fighting a big blue ancient mutant or something was playing on the screen. You and Peter were seated beside eachother, his arm around your shoulders, and your head resting against his chest.

Peter’s free hand absentmindedly traced the tattoo on your wrist, still not quite convince that today was real. It felt too good to be true. But here you were, snuggled up to him. The other Avengers only glanced over and smiled from time to time, happy that their little spider had finally found his soulmate.

“Am I an okay soulmate?” Peter whispered, looking to you for reassurance.

“Are you kidding me? You’re the best.” you laughed, pressing a long kiss to his cheek. Peter’s face flushed red. He smiled.

“I can’t be the best.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because you are.” he stated. You chuckled.

“Dork,” you nudged him gently. “But a cute dork.”

“So um…are you…are we dating now? Am I your boyfriend?”

“If that’s all right with you, yeah.”

“Okay. Good.” Peter smiled, pulling you closer. “I like the sound of that.”

“So do I.”


The weekend passed in a flash. It went by so fast you felt like you had whiplash. But before you knew it, you were back in school on Monday, waiting for the day you would get to see Peter again. You had arranged to meet a few weekends later at his apartment, but you had exchanged numbers and had been texting all day between classes.

You were standing at your locker after school, grabbing the things you needed to do your homework when your phone vibrated. You checked it. A text from Peter.

Turn around.

You read it, heart racing. You’ve never turned around so fast in your life, but there he is at the end of the hall, looking at you in disbelief. He ran as fast as he feet would carry him, engulfing you in his arms.

“You go to Midtown?” you asked. He nodded.

“I saw you like four times today, but I was never sure it was you, but it is, and-” you cut him off with your lips. They were even softer and smoother than you imagined. He melted into the kiss, letting out a blissful moan while his hands grabbed at your hips.

When you pulled apart, Peter took your hand. You slung your backpack over your shoulders.

“Well, since you’re here, do you wanna come back to my apartment now? Meet my Aunt May? We could work on homework or watch a movie or cuddle or-” You pressed a kiss to his cheek, causing them to flush red.

“Yes. I’d love that.”

Arm Wrestling

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Arm Wrestling

Erik Lehnsherr X Reader

Written by: Hannah

Prompt(s): Hi! Can I request one with Erik where the reader is human. Her and Erik arm wrestle and he lets her win, and she’s so excited that she jumps to conclusion that she has the mutant power of super strength and she tries picking up cars and stuff and Erik uses his power to actually lift it and keep her happy. Make i fluffy haha :) Love your writing, thank you

Notes: Idk how this could NOT be fluffy omfggg

Warning(s): Lots of fluff!!

“I win! Ha!” (y/n) whooped, jumping up and grinning brightly at Erik. They were arm wrestling and he had just left (y/n) win. He raised an eyebrow, watching his close friend. Strange enough for lots of his ramblings, (y/n) was a human. But they were at least manageable and probably the most open minded person Erik had ever known. They were also known to be naive and jump to conclusions, so it wasn’t that surprising when (y/n) said something odd.

“Erik I think I might be a mutant. I’m pretty sure I must have super strength because you’re pretty strong.” Erik couldn’t help but laugh, an eyebrow raised.

“A mutant? (y/n), I don’t mean to be rude, but most mutants become mutants at a certain age or sometimes after stressful situations which causes an activation in the dormant genes. There’s a small possibility that your ‘mutation’ randomly activated, but it’s a little far fetched.”

There was a moment of silence. Erik waited for (y/n)’s response, who was standing and thinking. Finally they shrugged and pulled at Erik’s arm, their grin once more magnificently white.

“Whatever, let’s go see if I can lift cars and stuff!” Erik laughed and let himself be dragged, waving to anyone that passed them by. In the parking lot he stood behind (y/n), who unhesitantly walked up to one of Charles’s cars. Hank had just returned from shopping and was closing the door when (y/n) walked up.

“What are you doing?”

“Testing my new mutation.”

“M-mutation?! (y/n), I thought that you were a human!”

“I beat Erik in arm wrestling, and he’s crazy strong. I’m pretty sure I have super strength.”

“I don’t think that’s-” Erik interrupted Hank with a wave of his hand, “Let them be, Hank. If anything goes wrong, I have it under control.” Hank nodded, still nervous and hugging the groceries to his chest. Erik smirked and watched him leave before nodding to (y/n), who eagerly grabbed the front bumper.

They counted down to three and lifted the car. Of course this was just Erik, smiling from his place on the sidelines as he felt the heavy weight of the car metaphorically in his hands. He could just feel the weight, tipped as the back bumper floated in the air. (y/n) was squealing, thinking that the light feeling and the bare use of their muscles was just because they were so strong. They set it down and ran over to Erik for a big hug.

“I’m a mutant Erik I’m a mutant! Oh my god this is so cool!” Erik laughed and swung them around in the hug.

“So you’re a mutant, (y/n). Congrats, I guess. Not everybody is happy to find out that they’re a mutant, I guess we’re just lucky that you’re so easy going.” (y/n) nodded their head in agreement, glad to be back on the ground. They thought about something for a second, grabbing Erik’s attention. Finally he felt the familiar tug on his arm and laughed as (y/n) exclaimed they wanted to go pick up a lot more heavy items.


Erik managed to keep up the act for the rest of the afternoon. Lucky for him, almost everything had at least something metal. (y/n) was having the time of their lives, finding the limits of their powers. The two of them had attracted the attentions of many students and staff. At some point Charles had even come to watch, chuckling in his seat as he read the surface thoughts of Erik and his straining powers.

“Hey Erik, I’m going to go pick up the old tree up in the woods, you know the one that Charles has been meaning to get rid of the entire summer. He won’t have to pay for anybody to come and move it now!”

“Uh- I don’t know, (y/n). It’s…It’s pretty big.” Erik said. There wasn’t any metal in trees, at least nothing he could get a grip on and lift. Perhaps this idea wasn’t the greatest because now he didn’t really have a way out. He could be honest, but how would (y/n) respond?

I think they’ll understand. Remember, (y/n) is a rather open minded and forgiving person. Charles telepathically hummed. Erik sighed and nodded, watching (y/n) talk to Hank about a good place to set the log. Erik walked over and turned (y/n) around, his face firm.

“Whats with the stern face?”

“I haven’t been entirely honest with you. I…let you win the arm wrestling contest. I’ve also been lifting all the objects- it was a joke at first but you were so serious that I just couldn’t tell you. I’m sorry for not being honest with you. Can you forgive me?”

(y/n) blinked for a few minutes before laughing, “Of course Erik! I’m glad being me, human, mutant, or whatever I am. Thanks for being nice about it though, and for telling me. You’re great.” They punched him in the arm and he grunted.

“Others could argue. I dropped a stadium on Charles, don’t forget that.” (y/n) just snorted and walked back with Erik. Everybody was filing back to their classes upon Charles’s demand, who stayed back to smile at his best friend.

“I told you they would take it well.”

“Yeah yeah, shut up.”

“Hey Erik?” (y/n) asked.


“Would you like me any more or any less if I were a mutant, instead of a human?” Erik frowned, almost thinking. Without hesitance he shook his head no, “I wouldn’t mind. You’re you no matter what, and I’ll always like you for that.” (y/n) smiled and took his hand, pulling Erik back into the mansion. Charles looked on, proud of the progress his friend had made.