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Best Friend Taehyung Would Include:

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Anon asked: Having Taehyung as a best friend includes?


  • skinship to the extreme
  • whether it be hugging, poking, tickling, cuddling, playful hitting, and jumping on you just because he is Tae
  • like the gif above
  • you are his muse, he loves taking pictures of you and capturing all beautiful things, including you
  • You of course have to take pictures of him as well, the aesthetic king needs his photo taken as well
  • This adorable little puppy would most likely need your attention 24/7
  • Don’t you even dare let Taehyung see you gushing over how cute Jimin is, the poor baby would pout all day long
  • “I’m cuter than him! You’re my best friend, love me!! Compliment me!!”
  • And while him and Jungkook are playing overwatch, he would probably want you to be his own personal cheerleader
  • He loves when you hype him up, it makes him feel so loved
  • Shopping and fashion advice from a fashion God aka your best friend
  • Gucci. Talk.
  • Meme selca’s with Tae
  • You send meme's of Tae to him with the me caption “When it isn't Gucci.”
  • He pretends to hate it, but really he loves it with all his heart because his meme faces make you laugh
  • He loves when you laugh
  • Prepare for the cutest boxy grin and cutest laugh because you will see/hear it 25/8, because you bring the best out of him
  • You and Taehyung join forces to defeat and tease the golden maknae
  • Movie looking (hehehe) nights together
  • Honestly life with Taehyung would be like one of those really good indie, underground movies that aren’t really big
  • Coffee shop dates, music store browsing, and capturing nature through photography, walks through the park
  • Live for the aesthetic
  • You will probably loose him in the store a lot and find him making cute faces at a kid, or having a conversation with a kid.
  • god he is so good with kids
  • If you have siblings and you need to babysit, he will be on his way
  • When you’re sad he wont rest until you are happy and smiling
  • Is it cuddles you need? He will cuddle you all night
  • Food? He will drive to wherever your heart desires to get you what you want
  • Your happiness is his happiness
  • Sometimes at night the two of you get really deep into conversation and his insecurities would surface
  • “Am I really ass stupid as everyone thinks?”
  • “No, you are wonderful. You are smart and funny and so much more. Not to mention you are going to be a great dad.”
  • If he finds out someone broke your heart he would be pissed, begging to know who it was
  • “I just want to talk.”
  • I think this boy was made to love, and made to be loved
  • Somewhere during your friendship he would fall for you, loving your company, your kind words, your cuddles, your cute little mannerisms
  • He loved everything about you, and the moment he realized he was in love with you he’d go to his hyung’s and ask for advice
  • Holidays with Taehyung would be extra as fuck
  • On Halloween, the two of you HAD to have the best couples costumes and probably spend some time giving out candy and some time hosting a killer party
  • Thanksgiving, you and Jin prepared the meal and as much as Tae wanted to help Jin would not let him
  • “No, you are going to burn down the house.”
  • So he would just sit and watch you gracefully cook and be so happy that you get along with his friends
  • Christmas is when I picture he tell you his feelings, and to me I think he may tell you with a small peck on the lips
  • He’d pull away with a hopeful look and when you pull him in for another kiss his happy little heart would explode
  • “I knew you couldn’t resist me”
  • Your friendship didn’t change very much, it was the same but with a new romantic overlay to the atmosphere + hand holding and kissing and other stuff


I see you for the first time in months. We hang out all day, going to get coffee and walk around thrift shops & Halloween stores. We get caught in a storm on our way into see local music, giggling and running towards the door. We fall into each others arms and slowly kiss in the doorway. I smile like I havent in months. I feel things I forgot I could feel. Tears in my eyes. I’m happy.


                 Gibson Custom Shop 1959 Les Paul Standard VOS

This is it folks! The Holy Grail of electric guitars! The Gibson Custom Shop has really hit one out of the park with this stunning reissue, coming in at 4.109kg.

Stunning flame maple top, that is mesmerising! 

This guitar sounds great unplugged and it really steals the show when it is plugged into a valve amplifier and cranked! 

There is good reason why Gibson Les Paul Standard’s are one, if the the most, desirable electric guitars on the planet. 

With originals becoming increasingly rare and expensive, do yourself a favour and grab the next best thing! 


Featuring Gibson Custom’s 20th Anniversary Specifications, newly adopted for 2013. These include a one-piece rosewood fingerboard, Kluson™ Deluxe machine heads, hot-hide glue neck fit, a Historic Truss Rod assembly with no tubing, accurate body and fingerboard binding color, new Custom Buckers created in the image of the original PAFs, and period-correct Aniline dye. 

Gibson Custom’s new Custom Bucker accurately recreates the original PAFs of the late ’50s, using Alnico III magnets and unequal turns of 42 AWG wire in each coil for that characteristic PAF “bite.” These pickups clean up beautifully at the guitar’s volume controls, while Bumble Bee tone caps assist in that warm, singing “woman tone” when you roll back the tone controls.

To top it all off, the 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue plays superbly right out of its Custom Shop hardshell case thanks to a trip through one of Gibson’s state-of-the-art Plek machines before it leaves the Custom Shop floor. 


     Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Tele Custom with Bigsby

This has got to be one of the best looking and coolest Tele’s I’ve ever seen!! 

Super cool Surf Green, with lightly aged closet classic finish and with aged white binding really catches the eye. Everyone loves a Tele Custom! 

Flip the guitar over and you have a stunningly beautiful AA grade birds eye maple neck. 

Classic Tele tone with the addition of the ultra hip Bigsby - you don’t see to many of those on a Fender! 

Fender had one of these in every custom colour at the 2012 NAMM show, this is one of the few that made it to Australia! 

The guitar is an absolute joy to play, and like all Fender Custom Shop guitars this one has that extra mojo that players rave about.

Some lucky punter is going to love playing this and when they are not - they will have just as much fun staring at it! 


Fender Custom Shop Team Built Custom Deluxe Tele

Designed by Angus Marshall, built by the Fender Custom Shop, Blonde on 2 piece off set ash body (coming in at 3.09kg!), Twisted Tele pick ups, 51 Nocaster neck shape, rosewood fretboard with 6105 frets and 9.5" radius, contoured access heel, Sperzel locking tuners, bone nut, FCS RSD low profile 3 saddle bridge, custom serial number & matching blonde case. 

A modern twist on an all time classic, fine tuned for the more modern style player with a nod to the past.

This Tele rocks and can handle anything you throw out at it! An honest guitar with nothing to hide behind (like all Tele’s) this guitar will constantly reward and surprise you with classic Fender tone!