big muscle guys


Meet my sexy straight Egyptian dad gym buddy, running mate and occasional fuck buddy.

Those muscles when he flex 💪🏻 it is always a treat. And his bulging front is damn hard to ride, yet fulfilling <pun intended>. I always wonder even straight Arab guys are keen on some m2m action. 🤔

💯% Arab Prime Beef 💪🏻👏🏻☑️
💯% Muscle God 🏋🏼🙌🏻☑️
💯% Muscle Hunk 😋😍☑️

Happy 10K followers..

To show my gratitude here’s a photo of Emirati muscle gods Fahad and Nasser.

Perfect men — amazing rock hard abs, hot male physique and Arab power charisma. 😍

💯% Arab Prime Beef 👅🤔☑️
💯% Muscle Gods 🏋🏼💪🏻☑️
💯% Muscle Hunks 😘😍☑️


The first photos are from 2011-2013. He got a little chubby and decided it was time to lean up. The 2nd pic (2016) is when he ballooned up even more! Just look at how doughy he became. The 3rd pic is the summer of 2016, he leaned up a little bit but is definitely still a big boy! Here’s to hoping he stops going to the gym again and starts ordering pizza and going to the bar!