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There’s a post going around about pretty much how the marauders would be homophobic back in their hogwarts years and I want to put my opinion out there real quick 

okay. So… We’re talking about the 70s, there was indeed a lot of prejudice back then and it wasn’t easy to come out. 

With that said, we’re talking about four boys in which:

Boy #1 is a half-blood wizard and werewolf. Also not heterosexual. As any young person growing in a poorly informed environment regarding sexuality (let’s be real, I don’t think the school library would have a lot of books explaining puberty at all, maybe Troll’s Puberty For Dummies, but that isn’t really helpful) he would be scared and it would take time for him to come terms with who he is and who he loves, this taking in account older Remus as we know him. I have made a previous post about this matter, in which, in my HEADcanon I say that I think Lily would be the first person Remus would turn to only because in my HEADcanon they are really close friends and well, Remus needed a female touch in the matter But, ultimately, he would come out to his friends and everything would have worked alright because they all love each other and Remus, slowly but steady, also learns to love himself. Werewolf and all. 

Boy #2 is also a half-blood who gets to see what prejudice does in the muggle world and how it grows into hatred and violence all these nasty problems. As a eleven, twelve, thirteen, etc  year old, he doesn’t get why people would have these kinds of reactions towards people who don’t share the same romantic interests as themselves. He doesn’t get either why the colour of the skin is something of a big deal to muggles or why the purity of one’s blood is a big deal to wizards. Peter is a boy who watched the muggle and the wizard world grow in hate over matters that shouldn’t be problems and he would not question nor hate his friends over any of it because he doesn’t want to be like that. He’s very naive as child and that helps him in a path to acceptance rather than hate.

Boy #3 is a pure blood born and raised to be part of the wizard high society but with loving and understanding parents who didn’t blink twice over accepting his son’s best friend into their home to step in as the parents the boy didn’t have. The Potters raised James to be a good, understanding person. He was cocky, yes. But he was not a bad person, he was not a bigot. He helped the 1st years that were being bullied by the group of blood purists that were in Hogwarts at the same time as he was, and he didn’t even blink when one of his best friends told him he was a werewolf. James Potter believed in loyalty above all, he would have opened his arms towards his pan/bi/demi/ace/homo-sexual friends and even throw some playful jokes in about how he always knew Sirius liked to stare at his awesome arse. He would not turn his back to his friends for something as shallow as one’s sexuality.

Boy #4 is also a pure blood but from a very traditional family in every aspect of the word. Sirius Black grew in a toxic environment but he knew those weren’t the right ideals to have. He knew it and he fought against it to the point he had to run away from home. Sirius was a rebel and he knew what he was and was perfectly fine with it and he knew his friends would too because in them he found family, in his friends he found home.

Besides all this, don’t forget that the boys accepted Remus lycanthropy to the point they turned themselves into illegal animagi to be able to help his friend who every month would turn into a raging, murder-y, furry creature. If you think for one second that they accepted all that but had problems if any of them stuck their d*cks in arseh*les instead of v*gina, I don’t even know what else I can tell you

Baby Steps: Part 2

(( OOC: Molly and Script by: @gentlect )) 

Well hello there, Molly Prewett! My, you look tense.

You should go talk to Arthur Weasley. It’s easy. You know what he’s interested in… go over there and bond over what you have in common.

Alright, good… and then you say…?

For goodness sake, Molly, say something!

… WHAT!?

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but in Astronomy class the professor asks the students how the solar system, universe etc. was created and some muggleborn raises his hand and says, “Our whole universe was in a hot dense state, then nearly fourteen million years ago expansion started wait…”

*all the other muggleborns join in*

“The earth began to cool the autotrophs began to drool, neaderthals developed tools, we built a wall, we built a pyramid! Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries, and it all started with a big bang!”

And then when they are done the whole class is just staring at them as if they are some sort of cult.

little things: next gen edition

teddy lupin. hufflepuff. loyal and outgoing. wears his hair blue 90% of the time. splits the remaining 10% between the weasley red and his cousin draco’s platinum blonde. likes snogging victoire all over bill and fleur’s house because bill’s face turns redder than his hair and it makes fleur laugh. kind hearted. sometimes at christmas dinners he changes his nose into all sorts of things to make the younger kids laugh. doesn’t understand why uncle harry looks so sad during this. he misses his mum and dad more than he could ever put into words. expert at potions. 

victoire weasely. ravenclaw. is fluent in both french and english. is extremely glad to be a ravenclaw because blue looks fantastic on her. head over heels for teddy lupin. loves her dad more than anything else except maybe her pet lizard. manages to keep up straight o’s all throughout her schooling. head girl. doesn’t care for quidditch one bit, but loves muggle football. is sick of people always being sad on her birthday. takes her coffee black. 

james sirius potter. gryffindor. loves quidditch as much as breathing. always jokes about being the protective older brother but he’s very much aware that lily luna could kick his ass. his coffee is more sugar than anything else. quidditch captain in his sixth year. sometimes feels like his chest will collapse at the pressure to live up to his namesakes. lives off pop-tarts. shamelessly enjoys muggle soap opera shows. wants to play for puddlemore united when he leaves school.

rose granger-wesley. ravenclaw. has never lost a game of quidditch to james sirius. has a big crush on padma patil’s daughter. can kick her dad’s arse at chess. always gets books for her birthday. loves visiting her mum at the ministry. allergic to cats. sometimes wishes she didn’t feel as pressured to do well in school. thinks her uncle harry’s cousin dudley is absolutely hilarious. can and will beat anyone in an eating competition of any sorts. witnessed a car accident on a street one day and has been able to see thestrals ever since. loves the colour pink even though it looks ridiculous with her hair. 

albus severus potter. slytherin. is sick of people telling him that he has his fathers eyes. can’t decide if he thinks his namesakes were brave or immensely idiotic. despises quidditch with a burning passion. enjoys being his fathers not-so-secret favourite. falls asleep in front of the fire reading 5/7 nights. sneaks into the ravenclaw tour every wednesday night to spend the night with scorpius. thinks mr. malfoy is hilarious. is made up of ninety percent sarcasm. understands his grandpa’s fascination with muggles more than his cousins. loves going on late night drives.

scorpius hyperion malfoy. ravenclaw. his favourite christmas tradition is staying up all night watching movies with his mum. comes home for the holidays in first year to find his father has decorated his room in blue and bronze. ravenclaw win the quidditch cup the first year he’s on the team. sometimes when he looks at albus severus he thinks he’s in love. doesn’t like his grandpa much. loves unicorns. shares hair-care tips with victoire weasley. doesn’t want to have children. still sleeps with the stuffed dragon teddy lupin gave him when he was born.

molly weasley ii. slytherin. has never got higher than an acceptable in any of her classes. best friends with fred ii. proud to be named after her grandma. wishes her dad would let up about her behaviour. her uncle george is secretly her favourite. she was thirteen when she realised that if her cousins stood in a certain way for family christmas photos, they could spell dirty words with their sweaters. loves the pet chickens her grandpa gave her. hates cooking more than anything. wishes lily luna wasn’t so good at quidditch because she’s sick of being the reserve seeker. loves when her mum uses her eggs and bacon to make faces on her plate.

lily luna potter. slytherin. spends months begging her biggest brother teddy to teach her to change her hair because she’s sick of looking like christmas with her red hair and her green robes. is a big fan of muggle romance movies. james once told her that she threw like a girl and she threw the quaffle at him so hard that his nose was broken in three different places. her heart aches when she looks at the stars at night. cuts her hair shorter than albus’ in fourth year. grandma is furious but her mum loves it. opens the chamber of secrets in her third year, much to her dad’s confusion. likes boys and girls but mostly quidditch.

lorcan scamander. gryffindor. in love with lily luna. sometimes resents his twin for choosing gryffindor even after he went to hufflepuff. wants to work with dragons like charlie weasley when he grows up. his dad paints constellations on his bedroom ceiling and then spells them to move like the stars do. if it wasn’t for rose weasley in ravenclaw, he and james sirius would guarantee gryffindor a win every time. when he was very little he set fire to all his dresses and proclaimed he wanted to be a boy like his brother. manages to break something in every divination lesson he attends. 

dominique weasley. slytherin. has a pet snake that likes lily luna better than her. is very glad she didn’t inherit the family freckles. loves visiting her mum’s family in france. loves french food. loves french boys. refuses to learn french. wants to be a professor when she graduates. has her dad wrapped around her little finger. her patronus is a baby elephant and she can’t figure out why. always manages to wing her eye-liner perfectly. 

fred johnson-weasley ii. gryffindor. enjoys studying more than quidditch. spends every thursday night having dinner with molly at hagrid’s hut. wishes his dad didn’t see his dead twin every time he looked at him. has successfully introduced spelling to grawp. would eat cereal for every meal if roxy didn’t force feed him vegetables. hates being away from his mum during school term. spends his summer’s working in his dad’s joke shop. wishes the time turners weren’t all destroyed because he wants to take every class hogwarts offers.

hugo granger-weasley. hufflepuff. loves that school always feels like a big family outing. likes watching quidditch but refuses to get on a broom. has tea with professor trelawney on sunday mornings. wants to be an auror when he’s older. hates history of magic because he’s sick of hearing about the war his parents lived through. his dad gave him a white ferret to take to school in first year and mr. malfoy was red in the face at the train station when he noticed. gets away with every single prank he pulls at school. 

lucy weasley. hufflepuff. wishes that there were more out gay girls at hogwarts than just her cousins. loves her mum but she just doesn’t get her the way dad does. prides herself on excelling at school. is always up for a late night trip to the kitchens. doesn’t understand why her dad won’t let her have a pet rat. spends the weeks leading up to christmas helping her grandma knit everyones jumpers. befriends the finnigan-thomas triplets immediately even though none of them share a house. sleeps in her dad’s old gryffindor shirt.

lysander scamander. hufflepuff. thinks his mum is barmy. loves her anyway. glad his parents made a mistake when they bought home him and his ‘sister’ because he loves lorcan a lot more as a boy. is in love with louis weasley. a big fan of cheerleader movies. wishes his dad would stop bringing home weird things from work. spends summer between fifth and sixth year teaching himself french. flogs the marauders map from james sirius in term two of third year, and manages to keep it hidden for a solid week. loves to fly.

louis weasley. ravenclaw. loves being at school with all his cousins but sometimes wishes he’d taken mums offer to go to beauxbatons. was in love with teddy lupin between ages seven-ten. thinks his dad’s scars make him more handsome. secretly loves lily luna the most out of all his cousins. doesn’t understand why everyone obsesses over quidditch when there’s muggle sports like gymnastics. falls in love with lysander scamander in his sixth year. is a confused and impressed by luna lovegood. wishes victoire wouldn’t let her pet lizard roam around the house.

roxanne johnson-weasley. gryffindor. sometimes forgets the names of all her cousins. is responsible for starting the lgbtq safe space club at hogwarts. thinks uncle charlie had the right idea about not having children. sometimes when she’s flying she wonders how high she could go, wonders if she could just leave earth behind. punches a fifth year hufflepuff in the face when she’s twelve because he made a racist comment. wishes it was acceptable to put gravy on her pancakes. her detention record finally overtook her fathers in sixth year, and she’s making it her goal to overtake james potter and sirius black by the time she graduates. watches the beauty and the beast movie at least once a week when she’s home.

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hey jess! it's my 18th birthday today and coming on tumblr to see that remadora thread was better than all the cheap ass champagne in the world <3 thank you (and tt) for always making my day with your wonderful acting and brilliant cosplays

Tonks: Bloody hell, eighteen? That’s a pretty big deal for muggles, right? Hang on, I could have sworn I had a -

Tonks: Shit. No present to give you. Better stick to the cheap champers.

(( OOC: Hope you have a wonderful day! ))

Real conversation I just had:

Mom: You have to go to school.

Me (hiding in my closet, wearing my Hogwarts robes): Silly mom, I can’t go to school until I get my Hogwarts letter.

Mom: *sigh* Honey, Hogwarts isn’t real.


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Notes from HPCC Part 1 (2016.02.09)

I’m sorry this is completely jumbled and without a keep reading cut, I am on mobile and am a busy tourist :’D Just some stuff I found worth noting from Thursday!! Will do another one for today (Friday)’s show if I can manage to take notes without collapsing in a heap of feels :’) (I may compare with last week’s show, sorry I couldn’t prepare a big post on the Saturday show but @torestoreamends did a great job of that so do go check out her recap post if you want to know more!)

- JAMIE AS SCORPIUS IS A+++++ he does the cloak flapping and flourishing spot on (as well as the getting it tangled on his head) and the way he keeps tucking his hair behind his ears omg. It was cute seeing Anto’s Scorpius do it but even more so when Jamie did that!!! *melts*
- oh and Sam keeps failing to do the big muggle clothes -> robes change at the beginning when they all twirl and let their robes fall. It’s a minor thing but it happened last Saturday too. :’)
- just a small thing I noticed: when they infiltrate the ministry, there are workers carrying stacks of documents around and this one female worker had her documents perfectly balanced on one finger as she walked past. It was a cool detail!
- the ppl sitting beside me on both sides both hadn’t read any spoilers so that was so much fun! I loved their gasps and whispers of ‘HOW DID THEY DO THAT?!’ whenever the Ministry telephone box sucked up the cloaks. I think it’s a fine piece of theatre magic too.♡
-THE BREAD SCENE WAS RIDICULOUS Scorpius sounded a little trumpet fanfare thing as he mimed breaking a baguette. Something like ‘du-du-duuuuuun!!’ and Rose and Albus were just staring. Bless.
- I just realized Delphi’s hair isn’t just a bouncy ponytail, it’s got these little half-buns on top (like when you don’t pull out your hair completely and keep it as a loop when you tie it). It adds to the bounce and I liked it!
- Baby or a holiday got massive peals of laughter, the audience was amazing. They all laughed when Delphi denied Scorpius a kiss as well.
- Let me elaborate on that scene bc it was ridiculous: Albus just goes all…. all flirty like OFF THE SCALE FLIRTY and the crowd just HOWLED and when Scorpius leaned in for a kiss Delphi said her signature ‘no.’ and that got a big laugh too. Then Scorpius says in his super ridiculous voice ‘SHE DIDN’T KIIIISSSSSS MEEEEEEEEEE.’ but Albus was being pale and red at the same time so then he reverts to his regular voice like ‘did you notice?’ it was really cute and fjdhsjsgakshal.
- But Scorpius was NOT enthusiastic about any of this at all. Nope. He was just… going along half heartedly I think.
-Scorpius didn’t feel like doing anything Albus was planning. Even in the library scene he wasn’t as animated as James’s Scorpius last week. James’s Scorpius was highly optimistic, he’s bouncy and smiley and trying to make the best of the situation, but Anto’s was overall very anxious and withdrawn and unsure of himself and the situation. I think Anto might be a bit tired from his LA trip, he was kinda droopy all evening. Also his voice was really gravelly rather than posh so it wasn’t what I expected?? (I’m worried that he might be ill or something;; ) The anxious look made a great staircase ballet scene though. His expression was so droopy and sad that it looked even more heartbreaking during the pining. MY HEART.
- The first ‘slightly weird 24 hours’ hug was a bit rushed, but the library hug was magnificent. Truly. Magnificent. I will get back to this later.
- Speaking of the library scene: this was the only part so far where Scorpius stopped curling up/fidgeting/looking down at his feet/biting his fingernails and just straightened up. He got up from his chair, staightened up, (I can’t remember if he had his hands on his hips/thumb casually tucked in his pocket or not) and SMIRKED. ‘Oh poor Albus Potter.’ He literally spat that. Ooooooooo so much Draco Malfoy in that. Oooooo.
- But then he started crying not when he talked about his mom, but when Albus apologized. He hid his face in one hand, pinching the bridge of his nose and was ABOUT to get weepy when Albus started talking more about himself. :p Haha.
- THE HUG. Scorpius was totally huddled up on himself with his arms wrapped around his body, all throughout Albus’s apology, and when Albus offered his hand with his 'Friends?’ line, it took him a moment before accepting the handshake. Which he did with only one hand so his arm was still curled around his body. THEN ALBUS PULLED HIM INTO A BIG HUG AND SCORPIUS’ ARMS WERE TRAPPED BETWEEN THEIR CHESTS and he was also awkwardly teetering on his feet because Albus had pulled him too far from where he was originally standing and he had to rely on Albus entirely for support BECAUSE HE COULDN’T FREE HIS ARMS TO SUPPORT HIMSELF. IT WAS GLORIOUS. SCORPIUS JUST STARTED FLAILING HIS FEET TO GET A BETTER GROUND BUT NOPE DIDN’T WORK. Best hug ever. All the feeeeels.
- When Hermione at the TWT asks them why Scorpius’s accent is weird, Albus reassured her with his fake Bulgarian accent then gestured towards Scorpius who started shaking his hands and shoulders all jerkily making weird roar-y animal noises. I have no idea what that was supposed to be, but it was HILARIOUS.
- Myrtle was so-so. I’m happy I got to see Annabel play her last week, her Myrtle is brilliant.
- The dementors at rhe end of the play came down and BRUSHED SCORPIUS’S FOREHEAD LOVINGLY(???) WITH THEIR FINGERS THAT WAS SO SCARY

I’ll be back with more feels after part 2!!! fjdhsks feel free to poke me in my askbox if you’d like any elaboration on specific details. I’ll do my best to reply but I can’t guarantee you a satisfactory answer bc I am horrible at writing :’)

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So i feel really wierd about this but do you think some wizards believe in god? Maybe not like... Full on religion but they believe theres a god and stuff?

Well, I believe there’s some sort of religion in the wizarding world, Rowling probably didn’t add that in so she didn’t offend some one. It’s just religion is such a big thing, I doubt muggles were the only ones that have religion.

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Paneville + Pubcrawl~ (Hihi lovely :3)

Pansy held onto the wall with both hands and looked down at the ground. She tried to concentrate on the empty butterbeer bottle and not on the fact that everything was spinning wildly. 

“Please don’t be sick, please don’t be sick,” she murmured to herself, hoping the words would have some magical effect and she could avoid the seemingly unavoidable. She had had so many fruity colorful drinks that she’d hate to see the result of all of them mixing together in the corner of that filthy Muggle alley.

Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and was able to straighten up and turn around, leaning her weight against the wall. It had been approximately two hours since she’d lost Daphne and the rest of the girls of the hen night. Pansy thought it would be easy to find them. They had, after all, a very detailed pub crawl that would take them to the best and most exclusive places, both Magical and Muggle. Pansy had been jumping from pub to pub searching for them, but they always seemed to be one step ahead of her. Or, one step back. She couldn’t really tell at this point.

The thing was, that every time she stepped a foot inside one of these places, someone would shove a drink in her hand. Drunk, sleazy boys with too much money and too little brains, getting her the most expensive cocktails without even having to ask. And even though she’d disappear right after, having the pretty, sweet drink right in her hand was too much of a temptation, so she’d leave every pub even more wasted than before.  

Pansy opened her eyes, looking at the blurry back door of the last pub she had visited, not really remembering coming out of it. She’d given up by then, and just needed to gather enough strength and self-control to disapparate to her place.

Suddenly, the door opened, letting the noisy music fill the alley momentarily until it closed again. Pansy tried to see who had walked out, but she would have had to raise her head more and she didn’t think she could manage that without vomiting all over her feet.

“Parkinson?” A masculine voice asked. It wasn’t familiar, but if that person knew her name, at least it meant that they weren’t another disgusting boy who wold try to take advantage of her. Probably.

She didn’t answer, too focused on breathing steadily and keeping the alcohol in. The man moved closer, and even lowered his head to see if her eyes were open. Pansy could recognize the general features of him; blonde, rather big, Muggle clothes, and not much else. She tried to come up with a name, but that distracted her from her concentration and she almost felt her stomach give up on her. She placed one hand over had mouth and another on her chest as she breathed in, once again.

“Oh,” the man exclaimed in realization. “Here, this will help.” 

He waved his wand in her direction and muttered some words she couldn’t understand. Pansy started to panic almost instantly; she had let some man cast a spell on her and she had no idea what it was. He could have drugged her, he could have Imperiused her, or worse. Suddenly the thought of vomiting didn’t seem so bad anymore, as she would have to do it in order to prepare herself to fight this man. If she was lucky, maybe he’d be so grossed out by it that he would leave her alone just with that. Pansy stuffed her hand in her purse and pulled out her wand, pointing it in front of her.

“You’d have to kill me first,” she managed to say, right before feeling herself heaving.

Abruptly, it was gone. She was doubled over, ready to puke her life out, but the feeling had vanished. Her vision started to become clear and focused, and the buzzing in her head diminished significantly. Pansy still had her wand pointed, and she didn’t plan on letting her guard down, even less now that she was magically sobering up. 

She straightened up slowly, carefully inspecting the man in front of her; his boring brown shoes, the hideous pair of trousers with grass stains, the tucked-in button up that covered a large, burly (and rather nice, she thought reluctantly. Maybe she was still a bit drunk.) torso. Finally, when she reached his face, she had to triple check as if her vision was still blurred, because that couldn’t really be Neville Longbottom, could he?

He had both hands next to his face, surrendering to whatever Pansy was threatening him with. Pansy lowered her wand, but then thought better of it and took a step forward, stumbling and almost crashing against him. He steadied her with one hand and she immediately slapped him away.

“What the hell was that spell? What did you do to me?” She jabbed her wand into his chest and Neville’s eyes went twice as big. He seemed genuinely scared of her.

“Nothing!” he answered, shaking his head. “It was a sobering spell. I learnt it from Hermione. It doesn’t completely remove the effects of alcohol but it should help reduce he worst of it.”

Pansy relaxed her shoulders but she still narrowed her eyes suspiciously. His words made sense, but you couldn’t be too careful.

“Do you feel better?” he asked and she considered him. He looked very different from what she remembered, but he still had the same air of innocence and sincerity, and that made her feel secure. She lowered her wand and nodded. Longbottom was a war hero after all; he wouldn’t hurt her.

He smiled. “I saw you with your friends in another pub a while ago. Where are they?”

Pansy shrugged. “I lost them.” She was now fit enough again to look for them, but it had been a very long night already. “I have to go. Thank you for…that.”

With her wand in hand, she got ready to disapparate, but a hand on her shoulder stopped her. 

She looked up at Neville with a frown and he smiled nervously. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You’re still not sober enough and it might make you dizzy again.” 

His hand felt warm and firm on her, and she leaned into it a bit, enjoying the stabilization it provided. “Alright. I’ll walk then.” 

It was a big effort, stepping away from under his touch, but she managed it anyway. Neville took his hand back and looked as if he was about to say something, looking at Pansy up and down. But then he closed his mouth and Pansy thought she saw him blush, but maybe she was still too buzzed to tell.

She took a few steps, completely aware that she wasn’t walking straight by any definition, but knowing she was perfectly able to make it home like that. Still, she stopped just before reaching the end of the alley and turned around.

Neville Longbottom stood there, hands in his pockets and pretending he wasn’t watching her walk away. Pansy smirked to herself and wondered if she would have done this had she been entirely sober.

“Would you like to walk me home?” 

Neville smiled and nodded, already making his way over to her. “Yes. That’d be alright.”

They started walking silently along the sidewalk, Neville stealing glances in Pansy’s direction every few steps. 

“How do you feel?” he asked after a while. His voice was soft and deep and Pansy didn’t know how she didn’t recognize it at first, because it seemed perfectly right to her ears now.

“Okay…” she said before turning to look at him. “Although, I feel a bit unsteady with these heels.”

Neville looked down at her feet. “Why don’t you take them off? I’ve seen girls do it after parties.” 

“I would rather slice my own throat than be caught walking barefoot with my heels in my hand after leaving a pub,” Pansy declared and was surprised to hear Neville laughing.

She moved just a bit closer to him. “Maybe you could help me,” she said, barely above a whisper, as she brushed her shoulder against his arm suggestively, in what she hoped, was a subtle manner.

Neville stiffened next to her, but then, slowly, he raised his arm and draped it over her shoulders delicately. The weight was enough to make her feel more stable and she couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying being so close to him. She almost wanted to close her eyes and lean into his chest, but she decided she had been shameless enough for now.

They walked like that for a while, submerged in a comfortable silence as the scenery around them kept their eyes busy. The sun was coming out, tinting the sky with warm colors and waking up the birds that started chirping.

“Where do you live?” Neville asked after what felt like hours of silence and Pansy stopped in her tracks, making him stumble. She looked around with a frown, trying to recognize something, anything. She gasped slightly.

“What?” Neville looked worried, but then Pansy huffed a laugh and his face relaxed.

“We passed by my house a while ago. I didn’t notice.” She should have been embarrassed, or frustrated even, but all she felt was amusement at the situation.

Neville’s face brightened up and his smile felt conspiratorial, secret, and only for her. 

He turned around, facing the direction they’d been walking from, and raising his other arm in a silent invitation as he looked at her from over his shoulder. Pansy positioned herself under his arm again. 

Neville’s fingertips brushed her arm. “Now we get to walk back.”

Humor me for a second here and think about this:

Sirius Black, in all his punkness with his slicked back hair and leather jacket and big black boots and muggle band tshirts and his ripped jeans falling for Remus Lupin, in his too big floppy sweaters and his floppy uncombed hair and plaid pants. Just imagine the two of them together and getting so many looks, but just being so happy together, balancing each other out with their interests and different personalities. The ultimate geek and the ultimate punk. Perfect!

Really, truly, the best Jily fanfiction out there.

Well, according to me. Many of the below contain adult scenes, so proceed with caution. I give the rating listed by each separate site’s rating scheme, so as usual, AO3′s “M” may not be equivalent to’s “M,” and anything posted to Tumblr is listed as unrated unless given an official rating by the author. 

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Charlie had been aware that the muggle world was going through a rapid series of advances in their technology, but it was only a peripheral awareness born from comments of friends whom spent time in the muggle world. Of course there was also the word of his father that both praised muggle ingenuity and lamented how difficult all the different things could make his job, not that Arthur Weasley loved his job any less due to the difficulty.

He didn’t follow the technological advances of the muggle world, though.

As a child he didn’t care and as a teen he was far too preoccupied with Hogwarts and NEWTs or OWLs or Quidditch to pay any more attention then casual interest. After Hogwarts he did actually catch up on a few advances- such as video games, DVDs and cell phones – given he spent time traveling as he was job hunting until he was hired at the Romanian Dragon Reserve. Then, of course, Charlie was on the preserve living his dream as he worked with dragons and anything besides family was sidelined.

Even during his breaks from the preserve – that steadily grew worse as Death Eater activity picked up followed by Voldemort’s return and the near disownment of a brother and then there was Fred’s funeral – Charlie didn’t learn much about muggle technology or it’s capabilities, they could have been colonizing the moon for all he knew.

That, however, didn’t take away from the shock he felt when Rhoma came bursting into the mess, waving a flyer as she shrieked about “muggle dragons” of all things.

“Muggle what? ” he blurted, making his way towards the table she’d slammed the flyer down on. He wasn’t the only one to converge on the Bulgarian Smallclaw handler, he was the only one to take his food with him though.

Rhoma blinked at him, “You- but- San Diego? ” The last bit came out sounding like a confused whine that reminded him of a young Ron when the twins hid his toys when his back was turned.

“No, Charlie was still in school when it happened,” Marcel, the man who’d been in charge of the Hungarian Horntail Harry had faced during the Triwizard Tournament, said. “And when he started working here the was the plague…”

He winced at the memory, it might have been the reason he’d been hired at such a renowned reserve with little experience but no one liked to think about the plague that had decimated the Hatchery. He was just grateful that Norberta managed to miss the entire ordeal, he’d have hated having to tell Hagrid that the dragon he’d smuggled for its wellbeing died within weeks of it arriving.

“And then we forgot he didn’t already know.” Rhoma finished, tone grim at the mention of the plague, before shaking her head and answering him. “Right, well. It’s not exactly a secret , but it was really only the body snatchers who knew since they it was part of their job.”

Charlie coughed at the name calling – technically the group was the Relocation of Magical Remains and the workers were ‘relocators’ but, given that they’d had to steal the corpses or other remains of magicals from muggles, many just called them variations of body snatchers – and got a unrepentant grin.

“But apparently there was a frantic scramble a while back when muggles started finding the bones of these great reptilian creatures,” she went on, “The snatchers initially thought that muggles were finding a bunch of dragon bones but it turned out they weren’t, they weren’t even some kind of extinct magical creature. No, these were entirely non-magical beings that were the size of dragons – hence the decision the snatchers made to call the ‘muggle dragons’.”

Jackson, one of his friends whom helped him smuggle Norberta out of Hogwarts, huffed, “And wasn’t that a fun revelation when we were all scrambling to find out what idiot let loose a dragon in a the middle of a muggle city. My niece says that muggles call them ‘dinosaur’ or ‘dino’.”

“Should we be calling dragons ‘drag’?!” Someone, Charlie wasn’t sure who as he was preoccupied with the ‘let loose a dragon in the middle of a muggle city’ part of the comment, hollered and earned themselves a rude gesture.

Anyways,” Rhoma said, glaring first at the other- presumably the one who made the ‘drag’ comment- and then Jackson before focusing back on Charlie. “It’s true that a muggle dragon – dinosaur, whatever - - wound up in a muggle city – San Diego to be precise – which was a big thing in both worlds. I’ve already told you why it was in the magical – people thought it was initially a magical creature loose only for the snatchers to reveal it wasn’t – but the reason for it being such a big deal with the muggles – beside the destruction and panic it caused – was that these ‘dinosaurs’ are extinct animals.”

He let loose a low whistle, that had to have be a great shock.

Rhoma nodded as if she knew what he was thinking, “Exactly . Turns out this muggle company found out how to re-make them somehow with their technology and science – the muggle dragon was sent back to an island that had other remade species and the island is now a preserve – but what I was shrieking about was this.” She rapped he knuckles on the flyer on the table and he paused in his absent snacking to look at it. “The muggles made a park of muggle dragons, for kids - - there’s a petting zoo!”

Join us, the flyer heading proclaimed grandly with a reptilian footprint in the background of the sentence, at Jurassic World!

Standard Pack: Get a value for the ages with the most thrills for the lowest cost. A favorite among college students, singles and dreamers alike!

Family Pa- his eyes darted from the tickets down towards the list of attractions.

  • Gentle Giants Petting Zoo - feed a baby dinosaur!
  • Cretaceous Cruise - take a kayak trip and discover over 100 different species!
  • Aviary - visit our flyers!
  • Innovation Center - come see where we create our dinosaurs!

“Huh,” Charlie stepped away to let someone else see the flyer. “I think I’d want to visit, actually.”

“With what vacation days?” Jackson asked and he winced, because he had used up a lot of his vacation time the last couple years - most recently for his niece’s first birthday.

He shrugged, “Well, I’d have to save up for it anyways and with my siblings all settling down and having kids…”

“Yeah, niblings can really use up a lot of money,” his friend hummed while he mouthed ‘niblings’ to Rhoma who shrugged. “It’s all the birthdays and holidays – Christmas is a killer.”

And that, was that.


Half of his days off were spent visiting a muggle library in the nearest city, muttering translation spells under his breath to read more about dinosaurs . The creatures were so diverse with plant-eaters and meat-eaters along with air-bound, water-bound and land-bound types – some even had feathers!

It was all very fascinating to learn about, to read about the lives muggles believed they lived. That muggles could learn so much from the remains of long extinct animals without the help of magic was astonishing.


Charlie couldn’t quite stop himself from setting some money aside; at first just a Knut here and there but once he started reading about dinosaurs, Knuts turned into Sickles. Quite suddenly, he was faced with a jar filled with Knuts and Sickles, proclaiming Join us at Jurassic World! with the flyer heading he’d stuck to it.

lily luna potter.

slytherin. spends months begging her biggest brother teddy to teach her to change her hair colour because she wants to look more like her mum. big fan of muggle romance movies. james once told her that she threw like a girl and she threw the quaffle at him so hard that his nose was broken in three different places. likes boys and girls but exclusively slytherins. spends hours talking to her dad in parseltongue which annoys the rest of her family to no end. spends at least eighty percent of her spare time in the hogwarts kitchens. inherited her bad eyesight from her dad. stubborn beyond belief.

@quidditchleaguenet august event : house players

Nymphadora Tonks quidditch headcanons 

  • Tonks had always adored sports as a kid
  • of course, for her sports involved football, rugby, or hockey
  • never quidditch
  • her father was a big fan of muggle sports, even if he enjoyed watching them more than playing them
  • but he still taught her the basics and played with her sometimes
  • besides him, Tonks never had anyone else to play with growing up, and she couldn’t wait to go to Hogwarts and finally have friends
  • only, no one at Hogwarts actually played sports
  • they just had quidditch
  • which was fine, she supposed, but she never considered it an actual sport
  • perhaps because neither did her father
  • she tried a couple of times to teach her fellow hufflepuffs how to play football
  • but it always failed miserably and she resigned herself to a sport-less life
  • she more or less forgot about the whole thing until fifth year
  • the quidditch cup was about to begin and the hufflepuff team was one player short when one of the beaters had to quit due to bad grades
  • when days passed and they still couldn’t find a player, Tonks offered
  • she had never played, but she’d be damned if she was going to let her housemates alone in a moment of need
  • besides, how hard could it be?
  • she knew how to fly and she knew how to hit stuff with a bat
  • turns out doing both at the same time was not easy
  • but she practiced day and night the little time she had left
  • and to her surprise quidditch turned out to be ridiculously fun
  • she couldn’t believe she had missed years of this just because it wasn’t the most atlethic thing in the planet
  • she wasn’t half bad either, and being a beater made her arms look incredibly fit
  • unfortunately they didn’t win the cup that year
  • but Tonks made the team again the next year
  • and the next
  • it was her last year and Hufflepuff finally won the cup that year
  • for a brief time she considered trying to make it to a professional team after Hogwarts
  • but in the end being an Auror was her true dream
  • and she had finally experienced what it was like playing with others and being part of a team
April potter prompt

I think luna would show her pride by wearing clothes in the colours of the flags. As in quoiromantic ace luna wearing blue green black clothing and combining it with purple glasses. Also I think she would wear homemade bracelets and rings with different flag colours (also the black ring)

Sorry I thw one who made the luna clothing prompt. I’m a hufflepuff!

Luna’s family has never dressed in what other (mostly pureblood) wix deem appropriate. Xenophilius wears robes, but they’re often pretty pastels, and his robes are never tied up properly, displaying the various shirts and shorts he owns underneath. Pandora (Merlin bless her soul) wore muggle sundresses and big muggle sun hats, and if she wore a robe, she tended to wear it like a cape. Her parents encouraged eccentric clothing through which Luna could express herself. 

Although Luna actually does have a penchant for robes (they feel very nice, in her opinion), she most enjoys accessorizing with handmade jewelry and scarves (some of which she got when some very kind but very nervous house elves asked her to pick up one day when she was around where they were cleaning).

So when Luna ran across a quaint little muggle shop selling all sorts of accessories, she couldn’t help but be drawn to some of them, particularly the more colorful ones, in which she realized she could mix and match them to create her own pride look. Purple glasses, a necklace on green string that ends simply in a question mark, and some plain bracelets and necklace chains that she could customize with her craft supplies at home were some of the first items she just had to buy. 

Luna felt so proud wearing her small pride items, she couldn’t help but upgrade to some full-on pride outfits. Madam Malkin’s is happy to customize robes for a little extra charge. Between that and some lucky finds in Secondhand Robes, Luna finds her closet fuller with some gorgeous black robes and deep purple robes with options for a green, purple, white, or even gray tie-around, plus matching hats with similar tie-arounds. She also found a lovely hat that, with a little cleaning and just a little magic, is pure-white with a black tie-around which luna enchanted to look purple depending on the viewer’s perspective.

To round out her outfits, Luna couldn’t help herself from getting some wonderful shoes from a muggle ship. Some knee-high, soft boots in purple and some comfortable sneakers in green.

The black ring, which she never takes off except when she washes, was actually a gift from Ginny. Luna never really felt the need to come out, nor did she feel the need to hide. So although her being a quoiromantic asexual never really came up, Ginny figured it out through her attire, and gifted Luna the black ring one birthday.

Some snobby wix may stick up their noses at Luna’s attire, but others get a thrill of wonder when Luna walks by and can’t help but think they must not be alone in how they feel.

~Hufflepuff Mod