big mtn

Kinda fitting with Fashion Gems?

I couldn’t resist putting Jasper in some of my fav douche shirts (one being suggested by kazeknight) cause yanno…. She kinda is :P Also different hair cause why the hell not?

I did have another one but it got ditched (it said “Are Ya Nasty?”)

Sugilite WILL be up tomorrow I promise!

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So i went to tree day today with the bae and his mom. She explained alot to me how this particular dance was brought to the navajo nation shes been dancing here since it began in the 80s . She also talked about her mom and all the things she did. they’re originally from big mountain before the relocation. It was Such a Beautiful experience, so much emotions running through me some much energy . Had some bomb ass food too. Thought healing thoughts. Blessings to all my relations.