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vs Kazunari Murakami - “Illusion” 2005.9.11

vs Satoshi Kojima - “Illusion 2” 2005.12.29

vs Alan Karaev - “Reallusion” 2006.2.26

vs Hidetaka Monma - “Illusion 3” 2006.3.22

vs Katsuhiko Nakajima - “Illusion 4” 2006.4.19

& Kota Ibushi vs Naomichi Marufuji & Takeshi Morishima - “Illusion 5” 2006.6.18

vs Kensuke Sasaki - “Illusion 6” 2006.7.2

vs TARU - “Illusion 7” 2006.6.18

The Return of the King || Ivar Ragnarsson

GIF/Photo is not mine, credit goes to the creator(s)

Note: Possible spoilers from S4, E10.

It was mid-day when he came, when he returned, the one that no one excpected - the King who left his people behind, his family.

People couldn’t believe their eyes, and what they were seeing - as their King strolled back down to Kattegat. He had left for Paris ages ago, so long ago that his arctic blue eyes were the one thing that made sure it was truly him. He looked much older now, but not certainly in a bad way; his eyes were more wise and dangerous than before. So unpredictable. The youngest couldn’t even remember how he was, but they knew; they knew from the stories that were told by the bonfire, in the dark of the night. They knew their King, if you liked to still call him that - because for sure all didn’t.

Unpredictable indeed, she chuckled to herself as she listened to their Kings speech from further away; him almost lecturing about one of his sons having to become the new King of Kattegat now or later - the man almost begging from most of his sons and even from villagers to just do it, to end his days. “You don’t ask Ivar? Is it because you know that he’s the only one who might actually do it?”, she chuckled with a smirk dancing on her young features. She couldn’t keep quiet, could she? “What on Odin’s name, is that really you?”, the King of the Northmen spoke as his eyes drew upon her. “What do you see in this cripple anyways?”, he continued amused while stroking Ivar’s hair - eyeing his youngest son and the daughter he never had, with Aslaug, sensing a strong connection between them. “All the potential that you couldn’t.”, she answered simply; making even the now annoyed Ivar let amusement show on his strong structured face.

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you weren’t meant to meet me. I was absorbed into a world of costumes and stage lights and sopranos and I wanted every bit to become apart of me. the theater was an unfamiliar home that I wanted to join. your quiet eyes watched from the sidelines and I begged to know your name


I was lost and dazed to the sounds of music. I fell behind and needed a teacher. your stoic posture and unsmiling demeanor challenged me and my big mouth. I talked your ear off out of passion, out of nervousness, out of wanting to befriend a boy so different from me. I got lost in your quiet dance and fell over my own feet. I thought you’d be angry. Instead you laughed and picked me up and I wanted to keep your smile there forever


we became inseparable. we flowed together like a river and danced like we had done it for years. you knew why I had scars on my body and I knew your fear of dying too young. I craved your presence when I was alone, when I was with him, always. there was no me without you and your image clouded up my better thinking. we drove far away and parked near the duck pond. the backseat was small but so were we and in that time I knew there was a god because I saw paradise by the dashboard lights


you wrote me a poem about waiting and for some reason I thought it was sweet. you weren’t mine but you kissed me like you were supposed to be. I saw you hold her hand and you couldn’t meet my eyes. Anger took over my body and I wanted to bleach every part of you from my brain. I refused to meet you in the quiet corners of the night again. I made you watch as I embraced the poison that was him once more. you stood there and stared and I swear I almost ran after you 


It is many years later. I am not a dancer anymore. I try to remember the steps but fall down at the same part every time. you are not there to pick me up. I have forgotten what it felt like to be a little bird with you, singing show tunes in my car. I see your face and this time you’re a man with quiet eyes and a smile meant for someone new. I no longer have a big mouth, but I have loud thoughts. I hear them echo as you walk away.

“I love you, I know it’s too late, I love you, I know it’s too late….” 

originally-a-girl  asked:

“When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Specially then!” Can I request this one for Oikawa and Tsukishima please?

Get ready for some angst, y'all!

Oikawa Tooru //

It had been a few weeks now. Weeks spent without his warmth and his comfort. Without the constant assurance that yes, someone had your back no matter what. No matter if the sun was shining or if the world was getting blown away by something so intense and huge to overcome that breathing became difficult.

But it had to be.

There were a few reasons why you had ended things with Oikawa. One of them was both of you failing to make enough time to keep a genuine relationship up. Training, family, school, friends. There was always something keeping you apart. And you just weren’t the person to give up everything for a single person. You shouldn’t have to when he wasn’t willing to make an effort either.

Another reason why you weren’t together anymore were his fangirls. It was sad and cliché but it was the truth. You should have expected it and honestly, you did! But no one had told you that it was gonna be so god damn hard to overlook the hate and ignore the comments when they knew exactly where they had to hit to hurt you.

You had ignored his calls and his texts, had avoided his constant tries to talk to you at school. There was a day where you had hid in a tree, accidentally dropping your lunch onto a poor first year because you were just so scared to face him. Because you knew that if you saw him again, saw the concern and determination, the anxiety that boy kept inside him, not to mention the crazy amount of love for you, you would break and take him back. And that would bring you back to the same hurtful place you were before.

It was about two and a half weeks after you had broken up when you came across a conversation you knew wasn’t meant for you ears. You had forgotten your jacket in the classroom and had returned to retrieve it when voices drifted out of the half closed door.

Immediately recognizing the voices to be Oikawa and his best friend Iwaizumi – who had grown to be a great friend of yours too when you started dating Seijou’s captain – you intended to backtrack and get the hell out of there before they noticed you. But you heard your name and you halted. You knew curiosity killed the cat.

But satisfaction apparently brought her back, so…

Creeping closer you hid behind the door, turning your head so your ear was aligned to the door. And then you heard it.

“When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Specially then!”

You had never heard Oikawa speak like that before. So broken but still filled with determination. Pressing a hand to your mouth you felt something heavy lift off your chest. You knew both of you had been bruised by the break up but you hadn’t expected him to still keep such a tight grip on you.

Feeling tears sting in your eyes, you turned around and pushed the door open. Suddenly being the center of attention wasn’t exactly up your alley but if push came to shove you could still say you had come to get your jacket.

Your eyes immediately found Oikawa’s and he stood up, taking a few steps in your direction without breaking the contact. You had been right. Seeing him was stirring up every single emotion you had locked away. It hurt. But in a good way. Like ripping of a band aid that had been left on for too long, keeping your feelings at bay.

Choking back a sob you jumped forward, wrapping your arms around his waist and burying your face in his chest. There was not a second of hesitation before he returned the hug and nuzzled into the crown of your head.

“I’m sorry”, you whispered, not having the strength to raise your voice.

You felt him shake his head. “I’m sorry.”, he retorted and pressed a kiss to your temple. “I should’ve taken everything more seriously. I didn’t realize what I had until you were gone. I promise I’ll try harder. You’re worth it.”

Tsukishima Kei //

Some girls in your class had been at it again. Going on and on and on about how much of a douche Tsukishima Kei in class 1-4 was, fully aware they were talking about your boyfriend.

There was a lot you could take. You had gotten used to their jabs about yourself, your skills and reputation. Honestly you weren’t someone who gave a shit about what others talked about you as long as you knew who your real friends were.

But talking shit about someone you loved, oh boy, they really had guts.

Standing up and moving to the two tables the gossip girls occupied, you crossed your arms across your chest. “Excuse me?”

You immediately had their attention. A sneer appeared on all their faces at once and you were impressed how synchronized it happened. Surely this wasn’t the first time. You had to give them at least a six for that.

“What do you want?”, one of them asked. Even though you were standing in front of her seated position, she still managed to look down on you.

“I want you to stop trash talking my boyfriend since you don’t know him.” You didn’t let them intimidate you. You had a whole volleyball team to back you up if things went wrong. And some of them could be really scary if they wanted.

Another girl scoffed and stood up, imitating your stance and raising an eyebrow. “He’s a dick and a douchebag. We don’t need to know him to know that. Everyone thinks so. Go on. Ask anyone.” She smirked with satisfaction. “They’ll tell you the exact same thing.”

The girl that first spoke piped up. “We honestly don’t understand how you’re with him. I mean, do you seriously love that?” She sounded disgusted and right now there was nothing else you’d like to do more than to help her get rid of that expression. But you weren’t a violent person. At least not when you could avoid it.

“Now listen and listen closely.”, you growled, trying to stop your teeth from grinding long enough to speak what was on your mind. Rage was bubbling dangerously close to your vocal cords and while you might not regret what you’d say, you definitely didn’t want to start an even bigger fight.

When you were sure that you had their attention you took a deep breath and uncrossed your arms. “Yes, I do seriously love him. And I don’t give a single shit if you think badly about it. Cause honestly? When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Specially then!”

You waved a hand in their direction, turning around to go to the door. “But you wouldn’t understand. Seeing as no one would even want to try to love you with that attitude.”

Looking over your shoulder you grinned, seeing their pissed off but silent forms. “It’s kind of sad actually.”

You closed the door behind you and took a deep breath, trying to calm the burning hate you felt for their simple minds and their big and loud mouths and their fucking nerves because fuck, didn’t they have better hobbies than-

“So that’s what you do when I’m not around.”

Yelping you whirled around and smacked Tsukishima in the same move. “I told you to not scare me like that.”

“I just came to say hello to my girlfriend.”

You could practically taste the sarcasm on your tongue and you didn’t appreciate it after having to deal with dumb, dumber and dumbest.

“You know, I spend too much time with you. I think your salt is contagious.”

He smirked. “Glad we’re finally starting to be on the same intellectual level then.”

Rolling your eyes you brought a hand up to his uniform and tugged him down to your level. “If this is what I get for defending you I might just let them trash talk you next time.”

“You can have more of this if you want.”

Babysitting with NCT

This was just the members who have debuted plus Johnny bc I think the idea of babysitting with him would be so funny.

Taeil: he’d be pretty good at this I feel. He’d be mature enough to know how to look after kids and keep them safe but I also feel like he might be kind of boring to some older kids (let’s say 4-10). He’d be so good with younger kids though (3 and below) and would often sing them to sleep.

Johnny: chaos. Absolute bedlam. You think Johnny’s come along to help you out and that babysitting is gonna be fun and easy with him around. No you were wrong. Johnny is like a overly tall child. You’re not babysitting WITH him you’re simply babysitting him as well. Why did you do this? I hope you get paid extra with this one.

Taeyong: I don’t know how much he’d like helping you but he would regardless. He’d be super good at cleaning and tidying up after the kids and the families would probably come home to find the house cleaner than it was when they left. They’d definitely want you to bring Taeyong over again tbh.

Jaehyun: he’d be pretty lazy I feel. Like he’s not here to babysit or help but more to watch you struggle and laugh at your suffering. Possibly sending a couple of photos of you to the other boys after the five year old girl you were looking after decided to do your makeup for you. But no, in short, he’s no help at all.

Doyoung: another one that the kids love. He’d be like some weird playful uncle who would enjoy coming up with new games and stories for the kids. He’d also be super helpful with tidying and feeding the kids or whatever else needed doing making sure to not leave you with all the work.

Ten: he’d be so cute and playful. His cute side would definitely show and the kids would love him. Originally he just came along because you wanted him but damn this kid might just start his own babysitting business because the kids and parents think he’s honestly amazing (mr good at everything)

Yuta: he’d probably be quite quiet around the kids at first maybe not sure about how he should act but once he got settled he’d become super cute and playful. He’d be really patient and kind to the kids playing along with whatever silly games they wanted to play without a single complaint.

Winwin: okay so this kid would love it. He’d be quiet at first but he’d be so good at playing imaginary games with the kids. At first he’d enjoy just admiring you as you played with them thinking about how beautiful a mother you’d be one day but after some encouragement from you he’d eventually get involved and would enjoy feeling like you lot were a real family for the evening.

Mark: he wouldn’t know a lot about kids so he’d be a little unsure of what to do at first. But once he saw you playing with the kids so naturally and saw how much they loved you he’d do his best to get involved as well. He’d be so impressed by how good you were with kids and seeing you in this light would make him love you so much more.

Haechan: similar to Johnny, inviting him along is basically setting yourself up to babysit another kid. A loud, big mouthed kid (kidding). You’d love watching how playful and fun he was with the kids and would be amazed with how long he could keep them entertained with his singing and dancing and the cute way he tried to teach them the fire truck routine.

Monday is a monster and he treats you like a ghost. “What do you think you’re doing, girl?” he says. “I could love you but it would be a waste of time.”
Monday comes when you have nowhere to run, he says, “Get your hands dirty in me. Call my name, I’ll send you home nothing but a pile of bones.”
Monday is hungry, only kisses with teeth.

Tuesday tries to be gentle but has hands like your father’s.
Tuesday is getting too big for its britches, wants you to stop seeing those other boys. You tell Tuesday that you wish they wouldn’t scream, but all at once you’re out the door and the windows shatter.
Tuesday is saying that you can’t come back, but you know they’ll be there again, always, bringing you roses that still have their thorns.

Wednesday is a tough guy, something out of Hollywood sweatshops. You ride on the back of his motorcycle and tell him to tattoo your name on his thigh; he agrees, says he’ll show you next week. It’s what he said the week before — Wednesday can never keep his promises, but you love that worn-out Harley and the way your mother won’t speak to you anymore.
Useless Wednesday, all big-talk, loud-mouth, love-hard leather.
All aching-jaw, split-lip accident.

Thursday is your neighbor, bakes a pie for your parents the day before prom. Little boy with bow-tie dreams — you kiss him outside when he doesn’t ask to come in, let him pretend not to want you.
Thursday won’t touch you without permission, tucks you into bed at night. Thursday breaks down when he tries to drive you home, tells horror stories about his time in San Francisco.
Thursday doesn’t call you again, Christ,
you can’t even remember his name.

Friday gets you drunk, finds you reeling. You and Friday cut off your hair in a stranger’s bathroom, play battleships with your hearts. You sink her submarine, but she’s already got a hand on your thigh driving you crazy.
Friday only lies to you, leaves during the night to let you wake up alone, but she puts water and an Advil on the bedside table, and that’s all you can ask for after puking red on her best blouse last night.
Friday disappears so kindly from your life.
Friday wears a new face every time.

Saturday is lazy, wears your underwear and won’t wash the dishes. Your friends say that you could do so much better, but you don’t want to. You hide under dirty sheets, fall asleep and wake up ravenous. Nobody knows you as well as Saturday, knows how you nurse the wounds that Tuesday left.
Saturday never shaves, never worries about you leaving because you cling like moss to that monochrome evening of Jack Daniels and ripped Band Aids.
Saturday is a touchstone, even though she isn’t safe.

Sunday was a virgin when you started seeing them. They still wear white and their chastity ring, fold your name up between hymnal sheets and then kiss you in the confessional booth — Sunday likes to think there are times God isn’t looking.
Sunday hefts a casket on one broad shoulder and slips you the freshest lily, meets you in the pews at noon to make fake love, to finger the bruises and say they’ll always be with you.
Sunday leaves an aching hole when they walk out the door.
Sunday hurts the worst of all.

—  For the Seven Lovers Who Left Me | d.a.s

Imagine your OTP as love rivals: Person A is person C’s childhood friend and has been secretly in love with them for ten years. Person B is C’s classmate and wants to ask them out on a date. When A and B meet, they hate each other and they fight and bicker a lot, though secretly they enjoy this. One day person C asks person A if they have feelings for them and want to try out dating. A agrees confused, but soon they find out that it just doesn’t fit and breaks up. B who has watched them the whole time, ignores A when they tell them that C would be a better match for B. Instead they wink at A and say that there’s someone else they’ve taken a liking to. Someone with a big, loud mouth and a tiny brain.

Some 17 year old called me gay today while I was walking home

So I replied “Yeah and what’s your point?”

Shocked at the response he said “Uhhhh yeah, well at least you can admit it” His friends just looked at him and awkwardly laughed

Then I said “Are you looking for a date???”

He just yelled “I’m not gay man!”

Then casually I replied “You could have fooled me, you remind me of all of my favorite power bottoms…. You’re a loud, big mouthed twink who’s eager to get laid out.”

All of his friends starting to laugh at him like crazy and said “Holy shit that guy got you! You look soo stupid bro”

anonymous asked:

I really want to use a quote from something of yours for a project at school, but I have no idea which one to use. Do you have any personal favorites that you've written?

I’m gonna give you a pretty big selection, ok?

“I carry the battle in me.” (x)

“This town – bleeding jaw, split belly. Town like childhood, town like funeral bells. Town like angels dying.” (5 Reasons I Lock the Doors)

“I don’t smoke, 
except after sex or
getting my heart broken, or all the time, 
for that matter.” (Conversations by a Hospital Bed)

"You keep galaxies in your veins, do not shed them for anyone” (x)

“I love you so much, it makes a birds’ nest of my heart.” (Ode to Your Mouth)

“You touch my skin 
and it’s like a warning sign
bruised into the middle of an empty highway: 

“You were not good for me. You were California burning, and my lungs couldn’t take it. You were not good for me. You were a broken spine I couldn’t set; I was a scab you always picked. You were not good for me.” (Burn Victim)

“Yesterday, I was a shipwreck. 
Today, I smoke a cigarette, 
and I do not feel a thing.” (Traveller’s Shanty)

"I am volatile for you, all fingernails and bent knees. Nothing about it would be tender, I’d be a gut wound and you wouldn’t even mind.” (This is a Dirty Poem)

“I’m so tired of your late-night, high-volume escapades, so sick of all this one-sided fighting that you aren’t a part of anymore. The least you could do is show up at my door again so I could slam it in your face. The least you could do is pretend you miss me too.” (Last Night’s Poem)

“Here I stand, 
in some foreign battlefield, 
and I am so far from home” (Calles Con Caras)

"Like the poets, we are dust & bones buried under the words we have but cannot say.” (Pas de Trois)

“It’s hard to live in a body that insists on pulling itself apart, a body that doesn’t know any better. It’s hard to live with this body when it is a universe collapsing.” (This Is My Body)

“I love you so much that the sky burns with it. We woke together in New York today and the dawn was on fire. When you made me breakfast, all the cirrus clouds were scattering and stumbling over themselves, borne blue from smoke. I kissed your shoulder blade, and the sun made love to the horizon. You taste like burning to the ground.” (Ode to Your Mouth)

“You took my lungs, and every morning I am here again, 
screaming to the ash urn, 
relearning how to wake up without you.” (Deathsong)

"There is no casual way to mention you are a blazing forest on the inside.” (Poet)

“I keep breaking bones just to get back up. The band aids on my knuckles are from punching walls and slashing tires. They never have the chance to heal. I do not know what I look like without violence on my palms.” (5 Reasons I Lock the Doors)

“Useless Wednesday, all big-talk, loud-mouth, love-hard leather. 
All aching-jaw, split-lip accident” (For the Seven Lovers Who Left Me)

“This poem is rotten, apocalyptic dirty.
This poem is stolen.
This poem is sin.” (God’s Gift)

"I was not Saturn-eyed and moon-mouthed before you.” (A Letter to my Depression

“Look — I’m bad at being loved because the feel of it is like a heart that doesn’t fit right in my chest. Some days I think I will be a cemetery for your touch. Some days I think I will start a war, all for you.” (You Could Be My Way Of Life)

“Heart kneeling, heart praying,
heart like take me back home." (Heart Like)

And I have a tag for things other people have used my quotes for here!!

Let me know how your project goes! I’d love to see it when you’re finished!



frostbite883  asked:

In three words, describe your brother, Tadashi Hamada.

Describe Tadashi?”

Hiro’s nose wrinkled a bit, and his eyes narrowed. A sort sharp pain show through his chest as he thought about his deceased brother, the man who had raised him up until he was fourteen years old. The man who had taught him everything he had known. The man who had wiped his tears and patched his scraped knees. The man who was absolutely everything to him.

 He could have given the wrong answer — something goofy like ”big-eared, loud-mouthed, Dorito-shaped.” He could have said exactly what he would have said to Tadashi’s face if he had asked him this same question. 

But… if someone had asked Tadashi this, about Hiro… he would give answers that showed how amazing of an older brother he really was. He would dote over Hiro for hours, even though he was only supposed to give three words. He would have convinced this person that Hiro was the only person on the planet who deserved anything good in life. 

So… Hiro leaned back in his computer chair, his chest expanding in a large breath. For a few minutes, he said nothing. Tears started to glass over his vision, threatening to spill over his thick eyelashes. His thin bottom lip quivered. Then, his brown eyes softened and he leaned forward. 

Sanguine… altruistic… and….” Hiro took another breath, thinking carefully about his next word, ”… perspicacious.”