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Once a big moth got into the mansion and scared Jeff so bad he fell on his ass and screamed like a little girl.

What do you mean he always screams like a girl


hi i love him (it’s a one sided affair)

Hey cool! Hello and thanks

I was inspired to do this blog partly by the one post going around that was like the isolated vocal track of Once in a Lifetime and someone had added the caption “imagine if you just found david byrne in a cave making these noises” or whatever… also the fact that I often get the way a musician makes a sound or says a word stuck in my head and kinda repeat it to myself over and over because it captures a certain mood. David Byrne does this to me a lot but another really good example is the way lil b interjects “knife” randomly at several points in I Cook

I also just really love David Byrne and have a framed picture of him eating cornflakes on my desk

I guess I don’t know of any other blogs that are this hyper specific but audio blogs that inspire me are @bestofmidi and @bassboost-r-us (rip???)


#MLFandomWeek: Miraculous Holders | Secrets.

Centuries before now were created magical jewels granting fabulous powers: The Miraculous. Throughout history, heroes used these jewels for the good of humanity.