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Strip Tease (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

It’s 1 a.m and I just thought, “what better time to start a story eh?” So here we go.

Warnings: Sexual references, nudity, and possible cursing  

Time Period: Modern

Summary: Y/N works as a stripper at one of the most popular clubs in Vegas when she meets Thomas. Cliche (ofc) Thomas falls in love with Y/n, but she comes from a bad past and has trouble letting him in. This results to fights, distrust, etc. I kinda wanna make a series out of this but we’ll see. (For the most part it’ll be your POV unless stated otherwise.)

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Maria blew a kiss to the crowd as she pranced backstage, smirking at me.

“Good luck topping that,” she laughed. “After my performance, they’ll only see you as an amateur.” I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

“Okay Maria, whatever you say. Its totally not like everyone is sick of your same old red lace outfit with the red lip.” I clapped. “I applaud you for being the most boring and unoriginal stripper out there.” She glared at me.

“Oh and you’re original?”

“You know it.”

“Sorry, but there are thousands of strippers out there. We’re a little too late in the game to be original,” she sneered. I chuckled, watching her get worked up was probably the funnest thing about my job.

“That’s where you’re wrong Mary Sue. A good stripper is creative, she thinks outside of the box.” I patted her back. “You just stick to the same old routine. You’re the most basic stripper there is, and honestly your routine isn’t even that good. I’m surprised that you’re still here.” Her mouth formed into an ‘o’ and her eyes narrowed. She was about to say something when Derick, the stage manager, came over and pushed me towards the stage. I waved to Maria as I was pushed along, leaving her red with anger. 

The lights shut off quickly, leaving the large room almost pitch black. I stepped out onto the runway, a blue spotlight revealing me to the crowd. Soft jazz played in the background but wolf whistles and hoots drowned it out. I made my way the pole and starting working my magic, spinning around and doing little stunts on it. Nothing big, but it did get the crowd worked up.

I started with my shoes, kicking them off of the stage onto the floor. Then the sheer coverup I had on. I was still swinging on the pole when I heard something scraping against the floor. A man had pulled his chair closer to the stage, his face unreadable. He wore a magenta dress shirt with a black tie and black work pants. His hair was wild, going in every direction but it looked good at the same time and he had neatly cut facial hair. I slid off the pole and crawled over to him, grabbing him by the tie and pulling him upwards so that we were face to face. I looked into his dark brown eyes expecting to see darkness and lust, but thats not what I saw. If anything it was..curiosity? 

Slightly confused, I rubbed my hands down his chest to his legs. I let my hand lightly brush over his crotch, biting my lip. He didn’t flinch, he didn’t tense up. He didn’t even look like he was hard. ‘He must be gay or something, every guy tenses up by just looking at me,’ I thought. I rubbed on him a little more before giving up and removing the rest of my clothing. I spun around the pole some more, making eye contact with the man every now and then. The song was coming to an end which was my cue to slowly make my way backstage. I heard loud clapping and wolf whistles from the crowd, one man even asked for an encore.  Once I was backstage I was handed a robe and some water, people congratulating me on another successful show. 

Maria on the other hand was furious. Her arms were crossed and she stood in the corner looking down and pouting like a child. Deciding to tease her some more, I walked over and lifted her chin with a finger.

“Head up Maria. Men like confidence,” I scolded. “That is definitely one of the reasons why no man is interested in your show. You’re just a warmup for the real deal.” Maria bit her tongue and pushed me away, storming off to her room. I shrugged, its not like she wasn’t getting what she deserved. She treated everyone and everything like shit, she was rude, and she made people feel inferior to her. I however, was one of the few people who didn’t tolerate her nonsense. 

I sat in the dressing room taking off the dramatic makeup that I had on when I got a knock at my door.

“Come in!” 

Derick walked in and came up to me. 

“There’s a guy who wants to see you,” he whispered. “We didn’t say no because he’s a regular and a big tipper. He has moola hunty, don’t throw away your shot.” With that he walked right back out, allowing the man who wanted to speak with me to come in. It turned out to be the guy who had pulled his chair up to the stage.

“You wanted to speak to me?” I turned from my mirror and stood looking at him. 

“Yep,” he smirked. “Darlin’, I couldn’t help but be fascinated by you.”

“Most men are fascinated by me after seeing my performance,” I rolled my eyes. “Your point?”

“Ah, you’re feisty,” he chuckled taking a step closer. Feeling brave, I did too. “I wanted to get to know you better; truthfully I wasn’t too interested in your little performance.” He took another step closer.

“Oh really?” I raised a brow, taking a step forward.


“And what’s so fascinating?” I pressed, taking two more steps towards him.

“Everything,” he growled. We were now face to face. Well, more like face to chest. I looked up at him, hands on my hips.

“Well, is that all you had to tell me?”

“No-”, he grabbed something out of his pocket and handed it to me. It was a card; a card with his number on it. “How about you call me sometime? Maybe we could grab lunch?” I was slightly surprised that he hadn’t asked for dinner, that would be the easiest way to get into my pants. 

“I told you I’m fascinated by you, I’m not interested in having type of uh..intercourse?” It was as if he was reading my mind and honestly, I was shocked. This man had money, you’d have to be a fool to not see it. His clothes, his posture, just everything about him screamed rich. He was also extremely handsome. No, handsome was an understatement. He was practically a boy-toy sent to Earth to make everyone’s hormones cry out in agony. 

I knew this was a chance for me to escape this lifestyle, this job of practically selling my body wasn’t for me. Sure, it paid extremely well, but having men basically fantasying about me right in front of me wasn’t my idea of comfortable. In fact, it was all I had. Not being able to afford college, this would probably be as good as it gets. I took Derick’s advice. I pulled out my phone and went on it, typing away. The man looked at his phone and excused himself because he was getting a call, leaving the room.

“Hello?” I recognized his voice.

“Hi, so how about lunch tomorrow at two, sound good?” I practically heard his smile through the phone. He walked back in and looked at me, still holding the phone up to his ear. 

“Sounds great.” 

Yeah so I’m probably gonna make this a series just because I have a lot of ideas for it so, yeeeeah. Also, I’m totally up for request if someone has something they’d like written! (Hamilton related of course) 

Classroom Confession

Author: mystic-biscuit


Pairing: Stiles x Lydia

Notes: So back in the day I tried to write Stydia fanficton. So here is my very first ever fanfiction of anything that i ever wrote, i’m pretty sure what I just said didn’t make any sense. Let me know if you guys want me to post the rest of my Stydia stuff. AND FRICK LOOK HOW SHORT IT IS. So not like me now XD. 

I imagined this taking place after 5b, lets assume Stiles doesn't get abducted by crazy horseman. 

Lydia is pacing outside of Scott’s Chem class. She should be in the library for her free period studying for finals. But instead she pacing, Lydia doesn’t pace. She doesn’t get nervous either, but here she is doing both. “What have I turned into, Damn Stilinski” she whispers to herself. “What about Stiles?” she hears from behind her. Her heart pounding must have drowned out her hearing because she didn’t hear Scott’s class let out.

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