big money project

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I just saw that you have bts stickers and they're so cute tbh, as soon as I have money I'm definitely going to buy them! Also have you ever considered making some of your designs in like notebooks and stuff because that would also be really cool

tysm !! i need to redraw those stickers too omg 

anyways yeah it’d be really cool to get a design on a notebook but thats probs too expensive for me to personally get made right now! i stick to redbubble when it comes to stuff like shirts, notebooks, etc. since they make everything themselves. my shop atm is just little things i can afford to get made myself 

Someone talk to me about how Dex and Nursey’s different upbringings will inevitably clash?

Like, Dex who comes from a family penny pinchers who clipped coupons like it was a sport. Dex, who’s worn hand-me-down clothes all his life, shops at secondhand stores, thinks a piece of clothing over $20 is expensive, never thrown out leftover food, and always buys the cheaper store brands.

Nursey, on the other hand, has always had an allowance that’s never run out, got a brand new vehicle for his sixteenth birthday, can afford to shop at higher end stores in the mall, gets a new phone/computer every year or so, and goes to Europe or Jamaica, or wherever every summer.

Someone talk to me about how they can never agree on money and gifts, but somehow, they find a way to compromise because they love each other and that’s always more important than any argument about money.