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“Making employees work on Thanksgiving is evil!”

Friend, I 100% agree. But if you want to work towards stopping it, you need to not shop on Thanksgiving. Maybe you by yourself may not mean much, but enough people together refusing to do business with companies on Thanksgiving will greatly discourage corporations from continuing the practice.

This is how you “vote with your wallet.” 

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Net Neutrality Information/Update

Guys, there are only 5 days until the FCC votes. The FCC vote on December 14th IS NOT THE DEATH DAY FOR NET NEUTRALITY!

The FCC votes then whether they will send their proposition/bill to Repeal Net Neutrality to Congress/The Senate for them to vote on.

The FCC CANNOT PASS/MAKE LAWS. The reason we email the FCC members was for making them vote to save Net Neutrality and vote against the repeal of it.

If enough members of the FCC vote against the proposition to repeal Net Neutrality, then it will not go up to The Senate/Congress to be officially voted on.

Important Information on USA Government:

•In America, The Legislative Branch is made up of Congress.

•The two main law making/passing parts of Congress are The Senate and The House Of Representatives.

•The FCC is not apart of Congress, therefore they cannot make/pass laws.

•There are 435 members in The House Of Representatives.

•There are 100 members in The Senate.

The Senate is considered to be higher up than The House Of Representatives.

•According to some articles and informative post I’ve found, 250/435 members in The House Of Representatives have been said to have been “bought out”. This means big business companies that want the repeal of Net Neutrality paid them money to vote for the repeal. ((Information like this for The Senate is unknown, but if I find out I’ll update this post/make another post))

((More information follows in smaller text, do not skip please!))

This is why the importance of calling and emailing both sections of Congress ((The House Of Representatives and The Senate)) is CRUCIAL TO SAVE NET NEUTRALITY!!!

We have to try and persuade our Representatives in The Senate and The House Of Representatives to be on our side if we want to save Net Neutrality!!!

Sad and Unnerving Realizations:

•America’s government mainly ignores it’s people and our opinions.

•Big Business and Money is clearly more important to most people in power in our government.

•Net Neutrality gives people freedom online, it lets users express themselves freely online, whether they are looking for help, finding friends, looking for a relationship, raising money, or creating a small business.

•Freedom is a natural right, not a privilage given at expense.

•Most users online, which is mainly social media, are to young are to poor to pay fees just so the website/video/specific web page on a website will load.

•Suicide rates will rise for those who loose contact with friends and lovers who they communicate with online. They will loose contact with people who can save them if they don’t have anyone in real life to turn to. That includes people in other countries around the world who loose contact to those in America.

•Fandoms (not all) can/will die out and loose their voices.

•It will be harder to share opinions, art work, OC’s, Ships, and OTP’s with others in your fandoms.

How you can help in America:

•Peaceful Protesting.

•Emailing your Representatives and Senators.

•Calling your Representatives and Senators.

•Sign Petitions.

•Spread the word online and in real life with friends, family, and followers.

•Translate this post and other information for those who don’t speak english.

How you can help outside America:

•Most online petitions allow people online from various parts of the world to sign them.

•Spreading the word online and in real life to friends, family, and followers.

•Translate this post and other information for those who can’t speak english.

What NOT to do:

•Send Threats

•Be Rude


•Use improper grammer/spelling/text talk/abbreviations

•Contact Representatives/Senate without knowing facts, having supportive details, or doing research

•Do nothing to help

Some Relieving Information:

•December 14th is NOT the death day of Net Neutrality!

•We still have time to save it! The FCC just votes on officially presenting the proposition to repeal Net Neutrality to Congress on that date.

•We will still have Net Neutrality for Christmas.

•If we have a majority votes against the repeal in the FCC/House Of Representatives/Senate we will save it.

•We have the ability to boycott companies/ISP’s who cause problems if the repeal passes.

•There’s always a chance/hope for reviving it in the future, we are the generation that wants it safe. We can bring it back if we loose it even if it takes a long time.

•We can still be able to text message through phone numbers/emails and communicate through online games and servers ((not websites, downloadables like overwatch, minecraft, etc.)).

•Apps will probably be left alone since they aren’t websites and therefore have different rules

•It lets ISP’s/Companies/websites CHOOSE to cause certain places to go to the slow lane, some may not change if they like how things are now.

•Less people online means they make less money instead of more like they want too.


If there are any questions, got incorrect/old information, or if I missed anything PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

My inbox is always open, anonymous questions are on, and tagging me/others in any post you think are useful I will see and reblog.

I hope this helped, the importance of spreading the word and speaking out is crucial. Your voice matters! All our voices matter!

Please reblog this information despite what your blog is or where you live. TRANSLATING IT AND SPREADING THIS TO NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING FOLLOWERS HELPS TOO!!!

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Samples vs Original Playlist
  1. Kehlani - 1st Position
    Jodeci - Pump It Back
  2. Monica - All Eyez On Me
    Michael Jackson - Pretty Young Thing
  3. Jennifer Lopez/LL Cool J - All I Have
    Debra Laws - Very Special
  4.  Ciara - Body Party
    Ghost Town DJ - My Boo
  5. Game & Friends - Celebration
    Bone Thugs N Harmony - First Of The Month
  6. Lloyd - Girls Around The World
    Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full
  7. Twista/Trey Songz - Girl Tonite
    Ready For The World - Tonight
  8. Ashanti - Foolish
    DeBarge - Stay With Me
  9. Young Rome/Marques Houston - For Your Love
    Force MDs - Tender Love
  10. Tyga/Game - It Neva Rains
    Tony! Toni! Tone! - It Never Rains In Southern California
  11. Mario - Just A Friend 2002
    Biz Markie - Just A Friend
  12. Tinashe - Just A Taste
    Tony! Toni! Tone! - Anniversary
  13. Eric Bellinger - Kiss Goodnight
    Blackstreet - Before I Let Go
  14. Pretty Ricky - Love Like Honey
    Joe - The Love Scene
  15. Tink - Million
    Aaliyah - One In A Million
  16. Big Sean - Play No Games
    Guy - Piece Of My Love
  17. Kendrick Lamar - Poetic Justice
    Janet Jackson - Anytime, Anyplace
  18. Amerie/Trey Songz - Pretty Brown Eyes
    Mint Condition - Breakin’ My Heart
  19. Drake - Practice
    Cash Money - Back That Ass Up
  20. Ariana Grande - Right Here
    Lil Kim - Crush On You

A playlist of my top 20 songs that features samples along with the original songs. Songs are clickable Enjoy.