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Cool reminders about early UK punk

- No Mohawks! Absolutely no Mohawks in punk before the 80s, because no working class kid could afford that much hairspray, and DEFINITELY no leather jackets (…with the exception of Sid, of course.) The leather jacket/Mohawk/political patches formula didn’t get big until the middle class kids got into it (and no safety pin facial piercings, either).

- In the early shows, there were usually under a dozen kids who looked anything like “punk-” and when they did, it was a lot of bright colors, BDSM gear, smudged make up, and glitter. But most just wore jeans and tees.

- Most punks were really small, being British and in the 15-20 age range. Basically a bunch of baby beanpoles.

- Punks weren’t cool until ‘79 or ‘80; up til that point, they were basically targets for Teddy Boy (50s rockabilly fans) aggression. The beanpoles took a lot of beatings.

- Punk wasn’t some huge movement. Like I said before, there were only a handful of kids at every show who dressed up. They never looked alike. They never traveled in big packs, with the exception of the Bromley Contingent. They were just teenagers who loved the music and got creative with their looks.

- Most punks were white, since it was Britain and black kids had their own scenes with reggae and dub (though there was still a lot of overlap there), but most, not all- if you whitewash punk, Poly Styrene’ll kick your ass, and Don Letts will film it.

- UK punk started in gay and drag bars (one of which, The Ranch, in Manchester, is still open!), and there were tons of female punks. Poly, The Slits, Souxie and the Banshees, Soo Catwoman, Debbie Juvenile, and beyond- there was no room for homophobia or hypermasculinity.

- Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I’m tired of seeing UK punk represented as a bunch of big white men in Mohawks and leather jackets throwing punches at each other. Punk belonged to the poor kids who spent their whole lives being told they were nothing but factory fodder, and punk made them realize that if they were trash, then being trash was awesome. It was about equality and empowerment, about realizing that they deserved more than society threw at them. Don’t take that away from them.

(Sources include both of Johnny Rotten’s autobiographies, The Filth and the Fury, Passion is a Fashion/a biography on the Clash, Bernard Sumner’s autobiography, an article on Manchester punk by a journalist who came of age there, and several other photos and articles I’ve stumbled across.)

Greaser Hair!

Alright guys, I’m going to show you how I take my luscious locks and make them into rumble-worthy greaser hair.

Maybe I can …. shed some light on the situation.

That was a horrible pun, I know.

Step 1: Throw on your Greaser Jams. I recommend this song.

Step 2: Push all you hair into the center of your head and pin it with bobby pins

You’re aiming for a “fo-hawk” kinda look. You’re basically going to get a big floppy mohawk down the center of your head. Don’t forget to secure the hair near the base of your skull with bobby pins in an “X” formation so that the baby hairs don’t slip out and ruin your do!

Step 3: Tease it a bit.

Separate your hair into sections that you can curl and back comb it until your hair is a bit floofy, but not too much or the next step will be more difficult. 

You want it to be able to hold the form of a curl without too much hairspray, but you don’t want too much, or you’ve totally switched decades. 

(repeat above with your whole head)

Step 4: Time to curl that shit

The reason you curl it after you pin it is so your curls fall forward. You want to start father back and move your way forward so your little ducktail (your bangs) is the last thing that you curl.

Time for the little ducktail!!

Now this is the basic shape your do is going to have …. now onto the fun part.


Step 6: Pin it so your do wont flop.


I have to put a tiny bobby pin in the very center of my little swooshy curl in the front so it stays short enough. We don’t wanna look like an emo alpaca. 

Step 7: Now add your sideburns.

Every great greaser has killer sideburns. I use mascara to darken the ones I have and make them longer.

Step 8: Turn on the Stray Cats and go crusin’

coldwarsaint  asked:

Could you draw the supreme kai? With his mowhawk and adorable tinyness? He's like... my favorite character.

teeny tiny uvu ♥

request: imagine when Juice and his old lady introduce their newborn son to the club and Juice is all proud and happy to be a dad

“It’s okay, honey, I’ll go”, he said, kissing your forehead gently and walked quickly to the cradle, where your son woke up and started to cry for the third time this night. Juice said that every time since you gave a birth to his son and your house filled with child’s laughter, never letting you to get up first. In comparison with other nights, this was almost the quiet one. A few days before Juice basically wasn’t able to walk away from cradle even for a few minutes, so he decided to move in another room to let you sleep. This wasn’t some OCD shit or excessive care, you knew, that Juice simply needed this. He needed to prove to himself or mostly to the ghosts of his past, that he is nothing like his father. That he will be better, stronger and that he will never ever give you or his son a reason to worry about his leaving. You knew that and every time when he left the bed and took y/s/n from the cradle you could hear him saying: “It’s okay, buddy, it’s okay, I’m here now. Your old man is never gonna leave you and everything will be just fine, right?”.
And before falling into the sleep again, you knew for sure: everything really will be just fine.


A few weeks later you decided that the time to introduce your son to the club has come. And Juice, of course, was literally crazy about this. He wanted to share his happiness with his another family and so the Sons also wanted to make sure that their Juicy-boy finally became a grown man, which, of course, will never happen if we’re talking about Juice. There was nothing to do with this big kid with mohawk, but you won’t lie, saying that this was exactly the reason why you fell for this guy.

Anyway, when everything you might need were ready, you carefully sat in the car, holding y/s/n close, and rode to Teller-Morrow, where Gemma decided to make a little close family-party.

“C'mon, daddy, it’s your time”, you smiled and kissed Juice, who took the kid from your hands. When two, oh, sorry, when three of you entered the clubhouse, Chibs was the first to rejoice and greet you with all his heart. He hugged you tight and then put an arm around Juices shoulder, leaning closer to the baby in his hands.

“Let me see my godson,” he said, smiling, while kiddo tried to touch his scars with wide interest in big chocolate-brown eyes. “Aye, he likes me,” laughed Chibs, tickling your son, making him laugh too.

“Hey, we wanna see kid too, you scottish selfish bastard”, demanded Gemma. Abel and Jax, who were by her side, leaned a little closer to meet your son. You put your head on Juice’s shoulder and he hugged you, placing soft kisses above your head. You could feel how happy he was at this very moment and so were you.

“Is it just me or he looks like Kozik?” said Jax with confused tone.

“This was suppose to be my line, Pres!” shouted Tig and everyone laughed again.

“Be careful with such statement, ‘cause Juicy will shave mohawk on his kid’s head so there were no doubts that this is his child,” pointed Bobby, making seep from his beer. You kissed your blushing Old Man on the cheek and said:

“Only over my cold body.”

The rest of evening was full of joy and happiness. No gunshots, no police sirens or other shit that everyone used to. Just you, surrounded by family and friends, feeling yourself the luckiest girl in the whole damn world.

elbukibarnes  asked:

If the long ass mohawk AU doesn't have that scene from I'm in the band where they're going on tour and the y drummer with a big ass mohawk has like 3 big bags and is like "careful,thats where I keep my hair gel,and my other hair gel,and my other hair gel" and has a tiny bag with like a shirt and deodorant then I'm calling bullshit

sombra translocates to the nearest bathroom in the middle of a firefight to apply more hair gel