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Stumbled across your art recently, and I totally admire your work! As a complete noob to the digital art scene, I'd just like to ask whether you have any tips on colour picking (like for skin tones, under varied/dramatic lighting and such!). I have a ton of other things I want to ask, but I'll limit myself to one question and then try to google the rest, haha/ Thanks for sharing your art with us! ^^

ahh thank you so much! ♥ welcome to the digial art scene friend, i hope you enjoy your stay and ctrl + z

now onto your question! (if you don’t know what layer and layer modes are and how they generally work you should probably google that before you continue reading)

we all perceive colour differently (thx science) and i trust my intuition a lot when it comes to colour picking because of that, and also because i feel like you can make pretty much every colour combination work within the right context. context is key! but still, remember that all of this is about how i perceive colour, so you might not agree with everything i say.

here’s a quick rundown of terms you’ll see around a lot in reference to colours and shading: the hue, which is the ‘colour’ itself, the saturation aka the intensity, and the brightness [or value] which describes how dark or bright we perceive a colour to be.

rule of thumb: when you shade don’t just add black (or white) to your base colours, that will make your drawings boring and lifeless. use different hues and saturation!

now first things first: which skin colour does the character have?

you’ll mostly be navigating in the red to yellow spectrum for the skin tone. so when i pick the base colours i usually start with the skin and adjust the rest of the colours accordingly. if you’re not sure where to begin it might help if you first determine the values (brightness) of the base colours in grayscale.

and here are a few colour variations—i stuck to the approximate values but played around with a lot of different hues and levels of saturation.

now compare 3 and 5: you’ll notice that 3 is very bright and leans towards orange hues, whereas 5 has a pinkish tint.

on the left i gave 5 the hair colour of 3 and in my opinion the pink hue of the skin doesn’t go well with the orange undertone of the hair. you’ll have to experiment a lot to find out which combinations work for you.  

ctrl + u is your biggest friend (or image >> adjustments >> hue/saturation in photoshop, the shortcut works in sai and clip studio paint too). play with the sliders and see what happens. i do that a lot myself, because it’s easier to coordinate the colours like that afterwards instead of trying to manually pick perfectly matching ones right away.

for further adjustments i like to use an extra semi-transparent layer on top of everything with just a single colour to add atmospheric light. this unifies the colours and makes them more harmonious, if that’s what you’re looking for. this is about as far as i’d go if i didn’t want to shade the drawing.

if i do want to shade, especially with high contrasts and dramatic light, i darken the base by just adding an additional black layer, here set to 40% opacity. of course you could add a colour layer like the ones i mentioned previously too.

to create an impression of dramatic light you need a high contrast between light and dark areas (1). if i want additional visual intrest i often add secondary light which falls onto the main shadow areas. here i picked a faint greenish blue to balance out the yellow (2). and since light is at least partially reflected when it hits a surface you should add a faint glow that goes across the shadow/light border. i uses a mid-brown with a very soft brush on a layer set to overlay here (3).

for this shading style i like to use the layer mode colour dodge with lowered opacity + fill settings. for some layer modes opacity and fill do the exact same thing (e.g. for multiply or screen). however for colour dodge there’s a big difference:

a lowered opacity merely alters the transparency of the entire layer. that looks pretty awful sometimes, because the bright orange affects the dark of the hair much more intensely than the already brighter skin. but when you lower the fill percentage you primarily lower the amount of light that falls onto darker colours. so the layer’s opacity setting treats every colour equally whereas the fill setting takes their values into consideration. it might be hard to understand if you don’t try it out yourself, so just play around to get a feel for how it works!

and to summarise, here’s a process gif:

colour is an extremely big topic and i’ve only barely scratched the surface but i hope that still helped you out a little! the fastest way to learn is always to try things yourself, so grab a sketch and experiment. 👍

Spread the love of the Great Dane Babysitter. Search that breed and you will understand what I’m trying to say here. I can’t believe I finished Cases 1-4 within five days. What’s wrong with me.

Between Chocolates & Candy Canes (M)

Character: Yoongi x reader x Jimin

Genre/words: Smut, Crack, Oompa Loompa!au / 3,795 words

Warning: public sex, threesome, spit roasting, so much filth, pwp smut, borderline crack

a/n: Yes, this is merely a crack piece which is written with comedy purpose (although the outcome might not be speaking of it so much), so please don’t expect much of it and don’t question everything. Every bit of this fic will be pure imagination filled with filth, so I am asking for your forgiveness in advance to what it is you are about to read lol | tagging @jheartseok and @floralseokjin because you guys are responsible for this T.T

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‘ Jin, sweetheart…you’ve been wondering why I’ve been acting so weird these past couple of weeks, and I thought that now would be a better time to tell you than any other…I’m pregnant. You’re going to be a father :) ’

After reading the text you sent him, Jin nearly choked on air. He felt many emotions at once - from shock, to relief, to joy, he was just the epitome of happiness. Seeing his shocked expression, his hair dresser stared at him in confusion through the mirror, asking him if everything was alright. In the heat of the moment, and without hesitation, he shouts: I’m having a baby! Not even caring about the weird looks he was now receiving. 


‘ Don’t know if you’re awake or not but…when you get this, the reason I’ve been distant lately was because I didn’t know how to tell you this. Min Yoongi…I’m pregnant, with your child…get back to me when you can, take as long as you need to process all of this. I love you. ’

He didn’t even need to comprehend the rest, his mind was purely focused on those five words that changed his whole world for the better. ‘I’m pregnant, with your child,’ this was all that he ever wanted, to be a father - granted that it happened earlier than he had planned. But, it didn’t make him any less excited. The studio was surprisingly going to have to wait for tonight, as he grabbed his coat and keys and practically sprinted out the door to come home to you. After all, his family came first. 


‘ So, got back from the doctors and it turns out I’m not coming down with the stomach flu haha…nope. Turns out - funny thing - I’m 3 weeks pregnant. ’ 

Namjoon laughed as well for only a few seconds, until it finally hit him that you weren’t joking. He nearly fell off of his chair, luckily Taehyung and Jin were there to catch him and sit him up right, while the others merely stared at him with ‘wtf’ expressions. At first, they thought this was just Namjoon being Namjoon, but seeing that his attention hadn’t left his phone yet, they knew something was up. 

“You know how Y/n calls me daddy sometimes?…well she’s not going to be the only one pretty soon.” 


‘ I understand if you don’t want to stick around, because of ARMY and how big you guys are becoming in America and your dream is coming true. I don’t want this to make you feel like you have to do anything, I’m so sorry - I should’ve been more careful…Hoseok, I’m pregnant…we haven’t even mentioned kids, I don’t even know if you even planned on having any with me but…this is happening and I want to keep it and…I will support you in any decision you make. I love you. ’ 

The fact that you even felt the need to apologize for something so amazing is what hurt him the most. You’re about to give him something that he didn’t want from anyone else but you, of course he was going to stay. It broke his heart to think that you thought that this was your fault or that you ruined something for him, because that was far from true. ARMY understood that he loved you very much, and just because BTS was growing popular everyday didn’t mean he wouldn’t forget what was most important to him. After crying to his hyungs, they, too, were happy for him and you; even encouraging him to get on the next flight back to where you were so you two could talk in person. Because, come on - you can’t get rid of Jung Hoseok that easily. 


’ Hey, ChimChim! Hope rehearsal is going smoothly, and that you’re hydrated and well! Can’t wait to video chat tonight - im pregnant - and tell the boys i said hi !! Love you !! ’ 

He almost didn’t even catch the bomb you just dropped on him. Almost. Choking on the water he had in his mouth, everyone around him had to pat him on the back to re-open his windpipe, all exclaiming in alarm at what on earth caused him to choke. Not answering a single question being thrown at him, Jimin stared at the phone with both bewilderment and affection. A baby, a mini him and you, a child of his own…he wanted to be pinched, because he was sure that he was dreaming. It wasn’t until you sent an ultra sound a few minutes later that he finally lost his shit and started running around, screaming his head off while waving his phone in the air. The elders eventually got him to calm down as they boxed him in, allowing him to take a few deep breaths, as he stares deeply at the ultra sound. Prepare for some intense aegyo when you chat tonight~


‘ You know how you’ve always told me you loved kids, right? Well how does having one of your own sound? ’ 

Knowing Tae, you probably should have been a little more blunt with your big news; he merely stared at the text in slight confusion. 1) because it was a random thing to ask him on a Thurday afternoon, 2) why were you asking him that on a Thursday afternoon? After a long few minutes of him just sitting there, in his thoughts, a light bulb thankfully went off when he realized that today you were supposed to be visiting the doctor, due to you throwing up a lot lately. Now, if he remembered correctly from high school, sex made babies; and you two have definitely been active in that very activity. Throwing his arms up in victory, he was proud of himself for solving your ‘riddle’, soon letting you know that you just made him the happiest man in world. 


‘ Kookie, don’t freak out. I’ve taken like five tests today and they’ve all come out the same…I’m pregnant, and you’re gonna be a father. Like I said before, don’t freak out, I know this is a lot to take in, and I completely understand if you need time…’

Now, some people say that because of his age, he would freak out - and sometimes I would agree. But, other times I think that honestly, he would be pretty chill about it. He’s not stupid; he knew the girl texting him was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and now was probably scared for his reply - pacing in the bathroom, but Jungkook wasn’t scared at all. In fact, he was happy. Excited, even. Call it unrealistic all you want, but Jungkook, even though being young, felt the role of being a dad was the ultimate masculine thing to accomplish. And he couldn’t wait to rub it in his hyungs’ faces. But first, a phone call home to reassure you that everything was going to be alright, and that he planned on staying for a long time.

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Cavendish felt his body tense the closer his partner came, his heartbeat deafening as it pounded in his chest. Dakota wrapping his arms around his neck caused a shiver to shoot up his spine, it taking everything in the older man not to lose composure altogether– least his breathing betray him.

And yet those shaded covered eyes seemed to look right through him. All knowing in a way that usually frustrated him. Dakota laughed.

“C’mere, ya big lug,” his breath was warm and moist, and Cavendish couldn’t help but stare at the lips that nearly touched his own. 

“If ya wanted a kiss, all you had to do was ask.”

I had a scene in my head and went for it.

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Can you do an imagine where your best friend Jason saves your life (In a similar way where he saves his dad) and you didn't know he was the red power ranger until you found out (or maybe he told you. Any way as long as the reader knows he's a ranger)

An: This is so cute! Sorry it took so long to respond! Requests are open for multiple fandoms- feel free to request! 

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Why were you even here?

 That, it seemed, was the million dollar question. 

Why, of all days, did you decide to volunteer to help chaperone on an elementary field trip today?

You seriously wondered why you still lived in Angel Grove, all the insane attacks on this dump ass town and yet you were still here. 

Maybe it was because the Power Rangers protected this city, or maybe it was because you were too tied down to leave. 

Whatever the reasoning, you had really started to question yourself as you helped unload children from the bus as the newest battle raged on less than 2 blocks from you. 

“I think that’s all-”

You stopped, spotting a small girl cowering in the very back of the bus. 

“I’ve got her, get the others out of here!” You shouted back to the teacher and the driver as they herded the children to safety. 

Crawling through the bus, you jumped as a piece of metal scraped the top.  

“Hey sweetheart,” you murmured softly, crouching to look at her. 

Her knees were pulled to her chest as she breathed frantically. 

“Easy, it’s alright. Let’s get out of here okay?" 

She nodded, reaching towards you slowly, and you scooped her up, ignoring her screech of protest. 

Jogging out of the bus, you whirled around, seeing the newest big bad mere feet away from you, and you were right in the crossfire. 

Shielding the girl to the best of your ability, you hurriedly began to backstep.
This was not good, definitely not a good day. 

The young girl- her name was Emily if you were remembering right- was cowering into your chest. 

If you thought it was too soon for you, it was way too soon for her.
Placing her down behind you, you continued urging her backwards. 

The teacher shouted from a ways away and You sighed in relief. Maybe Emily could make it. 

"Run!” You encouraged, wincing as the massive villain swung its head towards you.  

The young girl took off, her dark brown curls bouncing behind her as you whirled around to follow. 

Just as quick as the big bad’s shadow had swept above you, you were knocked out of harms way. 

You groaned, rubbing your head as you took notice of the red ranger in front of you. 

Off to the side, you noted that the Black ranger had Emily in his arms and was taking her to safety. 

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?” The power ranger shouted in exasperation and you rolled your eyes. 

“It was a little girl- what did you expect me to do?” You retorted, a blush marring your cheeks. It was one thing to be scolded by a parent or teacher, but by the cities heroes was another thing. He sighed and extended his hand, pulling you up with ease.

“You’re brave. I’m not saying what you did was wrong, I’m saying it was reckless, and I don’t want you getting hurt…” he paused as if he hadn’t meant to say that. “Take the alleyway behind Doc’s car repair, there’s a load of medics stationed there." 

You stared in shock at the boy in front of you, not believing his words.  

"You’re the red ranger?”

Jason nodded, running a hand through his dark blonde hair nervously as his blue eyes watched for your reaction. 

"Look, I didn’t want to tell you. It’s not safe, it’s very dangerous and I don’t want you getting hur-”

You cut him off, slamming him into a hug. 

"What? (Y/N) aren’t you going to yell at me about endangering myself? Or maybe berate me for not telling you sooner?” He chuckled slightly, returning the hug and placing his chin on your head. 

“You saved me,” your voice was soft and muffled by his shirt and he smiled to himself. “I had always wondered what the ranger had meant by not wanting me to get hurt. I guess now I know.”

Jason laughed, pulling away to look at you. 

“I was so angry at you right then. Always have to be the hero, don’t ya (N/N)?”

Scoffing, you rolled your eyes and put your hand on his shoulder.  

“Says you, Jason Scott. My best friend the Red Power Ranger- who knew!" 

He looked down at you quizzically. 

"Besides yourself of course…”

He laughed again, you were the ray of light in his life. Sure, he had Billy, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini, but they were rangers; you weren’t. 

You made all his fears and anxiety vanish; he never laughed more than he did with you. 

It was nice to have his best friend by his side and finally knowing his secret too.

The gender identity of the story’s character is up to interpretation, but the story is written with an AFAB body in mind.

A powerful mage has always wanted children, but a curse prevents them from naturally conceiving. After years of searching, they find a loophole: a ritual that siphons unborn children into their own womb. Embittered and desperate from years of infertility, they decide to use it regardless of the moral scruples. The spell normally affects only one target, but they want more. They use powerful arcane artifacts to enhance their powers and place special spells on themselves in preparation for the ritual. After they shed their clothes and lay on the cold ritual slab, they begin the incantation. Across the kingdom, expectant mothers’ bellies begin to shrink; mothers close to their due date, mothers halfway through their pregnancy, even newly-impregnated women are not safe. Panic ensues. Meanwhile, the unborn children begin to fill the mage’s womb. At first, their flat belly bulges as if they had overeaten, but continues to expand. It grows in fits and jerks, as babies of different developmental growth are transferred within; a mere embryo, a huge baby boy in the third trimester, twins in the second, there is no discrimination in the mage’s hunger. Their belly quickly goes from merely big to huge to massive as more and more babies are crammed inside. Spells of elasticity keep the mage’s stretching skin from bursting, while spells of lightness prevent them from being crushed under the weight of their burgeoning belly. Even their breasts swell with milk to feed the growing brood. The mage cries in pain, but also ecstasy; they grip at the slab with trembling hands and their skin sweats at the exertion. After what seems like an eternity, the ritual finally ends. It’s minutes before the mage recovers from the overstimulation and their composure returns. Once lucid, they observe their handiwork. Their belly is now inhumanly massive, filled to the brim with dozens of babies; it is almost unbelievable, even for the mage. While the spells of elasticity held, the mage’s skin was so taut, they could see some of the babies writhing and squirming from the disorienting experience. But at long last, their dream had come to fruition! There was just one thing left to do. They cast a spell over the gestating children in their womb; now, the mage would only give birth when they chose to. With that taken care of, they attempt to rise from the slab… but even with spells of lightness and strength, they have a hard time hefting their belly. Having outgrown their previous robes, they conjure something to cover their swollen breasts, which now sloshed with milk with every step, as they prepare their tower for their new life.

I was anti-everything and everyone. I didn’t want people around me. This aversion was not some big crippling anxiety; merely a mature recognition of my own psychological vulnerability and my lack of suitability as a companion. Thoughts jostled for space in my crowded brain as i struggled to give them some order which might serve to motivate my listless life.
—  Irvine Welsh, The Acid House

i hope the girls (aqours) are alright. they have another big live in 5 days which is animelo summer live. i know it’s not even an aqours only live but they’ve been putting up with too much concerts lately.

let me take a moment to say this.

i’ve never seen a group that could work this hard in a matter of just 2 years. this is something μ’s didn’t have and aqours did, a live tour. 6 big lives in just merely 2 months. i know this is their first time doing this type of thing so they must be really tired. but these girls are trying so hard to make us excited.

now let’s get to my point.

i do like that they love to make us happy, but i want them to be just as happy as us. what i’m saying is that they aren’t happy, in fact they’re probably maybe more happier than us. i’m saying that they’re always looking at us with joy despite their conditions. but they need to understand, we don’t care if they mess up.

if i went to an aqours concert i’d want it to feel like we’re all friends and family. who cares if there’s a mistake, we’ll all support each other. if someone were to fall on stage (trying not to jinx i fuckin swear) i would tell them, “do your best!” i want my intentions to reach them so they can get fired up again.

ok the point is im so proud these girls are so excited about these lives. and i hope they get plenty of rest after animelo.

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Law tries to confess his love to Luffy with a poem. ^v^

Luffy wasn’t saying anything. His big round eyes were merely staring up at him with an almost dis-attached gaze. Law feels a horrible headache start to build behind his eyes. It’s a common reaction when dealing with the straw hat wearing boy.

Had he even heard the damn thing?

The doctor shifts around, fighting everything in his body to turn tail and run. Maybe this wasn’t the best way? He shouldn’t have listened to Penguin and  Shachi.

Those two were always getting ignored by women at bars, how could he possibly think they knew what they were doing when they suggested a poem as a confession?

It wasn’t like he could take the words back now- though he wished he could, so much- and he lets the tense silence wrap around them. Luffy tilt’s his head to the right, a cute little habit he does when thinking.

He sticks his tongue out, just barely peeking from his lips, eyes slowly closing as he thinks harder. Soon Luffy’s face starts turning red, and if it was physically possible to get hurt from having thoughts this is what it must look like.

Fucking Adorable monster. Law thinks, fondness rating through his head. Why the fuck are you so cute? Your cute should be illegal. 

Law hates how much it affects him, especially when his heart feels like it will stop at any minute by how fast it was beating. It’s never been like this, not for anyone else and Law knows that he doesn’t want anyone else.

Luffy, the insanely strong with questionable sanity is the kindest man he’s ever meet and he wants this man to be his.

“Luffy-ya… will you go out with me?” Hey, he already read out loud a sappy poem he spent months on. How bad can it possibly be now if he bluntly asked?

Strawhat’s face get’s redder and he starts making a painful groan. Law is mildly worried for him. How hard is he thinking?  After a moment or so Luffy throws his hands into the arm with a loud “Blah”  

“Torao why are you asking me out when we are already boyfriends?!” The boy whines “My head hurts!” 



Luffy puffs up his cheeks and crosses his arms over his scarred chest. “I said we were boyfriends three months ago. When Torao made our alliance.”

Law feels like someone ripped a rug from under his feet and he is left stumbling to get his footing back. “No you said we were friends, Luffy-ya.”

“Duh! Friends. Not Nakama like Zoro or Nami but Friends.” The boy claims, nodding his head as if though that made any sort of sense. Just then the smaller man tilts up his head as if daring Law to disagreed. “You’re my friend and I’m yours and we are both boys!”

“That’s not the same Luffy-ya.” He sighs. He should have known the idiot didn’t understand the poem.

“It is too! I say it does! Look!” And suddenly Luffy got onto his tippy toes to plant a sloppy kiss to the corner of Law’s lips, unable to reach them properly “Only Torao gets kisses! I love Law!

The doctor is unable to answer as his mind shuts down as a means to keep his sanity intact from the overload of cute and happy.

The Saga of Einar Sokkason

Sometime in Medieval Greenland

While off hunting with 14 friends, Sigurd Njalsson found a beached ship full of valuable cargo. In a nearby hut were the stinking corpses of the ship’s crew and its captain Arnbjorn, who had died of starvation. Sigurd brought the bones of the crew back to Gardar Cathedral for burial, and donated the ship itself to Bishop Arnald for the benefit of the corpses of the souls. As for the cargo, he asserted finders/keepers rights and divided it among his friends and himself. When Arnbjorn’s nephew Ozur heard the news, he came to Gardar, together with the relatives of others of the dead crew. They told the Bishop that they felt entitled to inherit the cargo. But the Bishop answered that Greenland law specified finders/keepers, that the cargo and ship should now belong to the church to pay for masses for the souls of the dead men who had owned the cargo, and that it was shabby of Ozur and his friends to claim the cargo now. So Ozur filed a suit in the Greenland Assembly, attended by Ozur and all his men and also by Bishop Arnald and his friend Einar Sokkason and many of their men. The court ruled against Ozur, who didn’t like the ruling at all and felt humiliated, so he ruined Sigurd’s ship (now belonging to Bishop Arnald) by cutting out planks along the full length of each side. That made the Bishop so angry that he declared Ozur’s life forfeit.

While the Bishop was saying holiday mass in church, Ozur was in the congregation and complained to the Bishop’s servant about how badly the Bishop had treated him. Einar seized an axe from the hand of another worshipper and struck Ozur a death-blow. The Bishop asked Einar, “Einar, did you cause Ozur’s death?” “Very true,” said Einar, “I have.” The Bishop’s response was: “Such acts of murder are not right. But this particular one is not without justification.” The Bishop didn’t want to give Ozur a church burial, but Einar warned that big trouble was on its way. In fact, Ozur’s relative Simon, a big strong man, said that this was not the time for merely big talk. He gathered his friends Kolbein Thorljotsson, Keitel Kalfsson, and many men from Western Settlement. An old man named Sokki Thorisson offered to mediate between Simon and Einar. As compensation for having murdered Ozur, Einar offered some articles including an ancient suit of armor, which Simon rejected as rubbish. Kolbein slipped around behind Einar and hit him between the shoulders with his axe, just at the moment when Einar was bringing down his own axe on Simon’s head. As both Simon and Einar fell dying, Einar commented, “It is only what I expected.” Einar’s foster-brother Thord rushed at Kolbein, who managed to kill him at once by jabbing an axe into his throat. Einar’s men and Kolbein’s men then started a battle against each other. A man called Steingrim told them all to please stop fighting, but both sides were so mad that they thrust a sword through Steingrim.

On Kolbein’s side, Krak, Thorir, and Vighvat ended up dead, as well asSimon. On Einar’s side, Bjorn, Thorarin, Thord, and Thorfinn endedup dead as well as Einar, plus Steingrim counted as a member ofEinar’s side. Many men were badly wounded. At a peace meeting organized by a level-headed farmer called Hall, Kolbein’s side was ordered to pay compensation because Einar’s side had lost more men. Even so, Einar’s side was bitterly disappointed in the verdict. Kolbein sailed off to Norway with a polar bear that he gave as a present to King Harald Gilli, still complaining about how cruelly he had been treated. King Harald considered Kolbein’s story a pack of lies and refused to pay a bounty for the polar bear. So Kolbein attacked and wounded the king and sailed off to Denmark but drowned en route.

Source: “Collapse” by Dr. Jared Diamond

Scandal 703- All Roads Lead to Fitz

Okay. Not a review but just interesting things I noticed upon my viewing of scandal 703.  And I felt bad for not writing something for those who faithfully read my reviews but I promise I’m writing LAY now.

Okay back to swooning over a Fitz centric episode

Originally posted by effyfashionkilla

This episode was lovely. I enjoyed everything about it though at times I was frustrated with the repetition of Fitz’s character being lazy and ignorant and Marcus’s failing to acknowledge that a black women also held him down and why everyone is quick to highlight Fitz’s privilege yet Mellie is a white female and her privilege in society isn’t mentioned or said.That bothers me.

But I enjoyed the simple things that normal people do in fact do like grocery shopping and Fitz having to set up his credit card and learning how to take care of himself. I liked the struggle, I liked the honesty that came with him living in Vermont.

Some things I noted.

  1. While Olivia is most certainly not in Vermont, Vermont is most certainly still on her mind as evidence by the art hanging in her new office. The front door of their home is glass door with a tree, and every time that Olivia looks up from her desk she sees the image that resembles that same door. I find it telling about Olivia’s devotion and still possibly her dream to finally get there.

2. The episode focused on our unsung hero Fitzgerald Grant, who’s name and reputation alone has a almost king like persona, with previous and the current episode referencing his power and hierarchy in his blood. Marcus references in this episode that Fitz does not in fact have a crown and Mellie counters Marcus claim admitting that Fitz is special beyond his own belief. The reporters ask the question we all want to know? What and who will Fitz resemble out of office Bush or Carter…at the end of epsiode we got our answer.

3. Olitz is canon

When has your fav ship been mentioned like this! And I enjoy the role reversals that happened during this episode. Fitz no longer shielded from the press and reporters. He is now front and center to the onslaught of questions and reporters…the same way Olivia was when she was outed as his mistress and when they started dating. Nicely done and well executed and also how dare Shonda talk about my house with “olitz” written in christmas lights.

4. Fitz Governor grant photo

The episode centered around Fitz and often talked about his magic and power.  When Fitz looks at his photo he rebuffs and shakes his head at the thought of being ‘America’s great hope’ and possibly the naïveté of thinking he could accomplish such feat. This has foreshadowing written all over it. Will Fitz be our great hope and help Olivia, will Fitz influence policy and change in ways he never has before, Mellie refers to Fitz as the ‘ golden ticket’ to change the world; big expectations for one mere man even one as special and great as Fitzgerald Grant. Fitz is the audience’s and America’s great hope because things are about to get ugly. But rest assure this won’t be easy and he won’t be some savior. But Fitz is the unsung hero, Rowan comes to Fitz in help, in fear about his child or the ‘woman they both love’. Rowan tells Fitz during this episode that he thought he was raising a champion or as he likes to say it “America’s Hope” but Rowan admits he was wrong and sees instead that Fitz is “America’s hope”. Rowan confesses to Fitz that Olivia has killed Luna and is running b613 but how does Rowan know about Luna? In the end Rowan is lost and pleads with Fitz to save Olivia because he does not have power and Fitz does. How much is sincere and how much is manipulation we will find out, the question though is will Fitz rise to expectations, only time will tell but please know that Fitz isn’t a savior and this will not be pretty.

It’s interesting how Similar Olivia and Fitz are, and above everything else how extremely protective they are of their relationship and who knows about them. Both Olivia and Fitz opted to ignore the void from the others abscence and pretend that life is easy on them but at the end of Day they are both still lonely. And it’s hard. Fitz has said it several times that he never wanted anything in life until he met Olivia, she inspired him to be better, challenged him to face his fears and learn from his mistakes so to see Fitz flailing and uninspired isn’t shocking.

Of course  marlie paralleling olitz, as both Marcus and Fitz love woman who are “bad ass” but are currently working and not wanting men to distract them.

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Fitz and Marcus fighting and call each other out about their hypocrisy. Olivia actually helped and raised both of these men up from the gutter. The fight was all kinds of physical as Fitz gave Marcus a  Caucasian uppercut and Marcus returned the favor by giving Fitz some culture on a black men beating. both men learned a valuable lesson about underestimating the other and their fighting skills

Mellie surprised me in the most pleasant way possible but I caught her telling Marcus to ride Fitz’s coattails to power. When Marcus calls her to complain about Fitz, Mellie knows and surprisingly she defends Fitz and his character. Interesting that Mellie defines Fitz as the eye of the hurricane and Fitz sees Olivia as a tornado…ugh who would have thought that classifying natural disasters as people would be so romantic. 

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But with Mellie no longer in the eye wall of the Fitz hurricane she has a clear picture of him and his path and unlike a hurricane it’s not heading towards disaster or destruction, we will leave that to tornado Liv, but Mellie’s understands.  Kudos Mellie!

I loved Fitz’s cooking stages symbolizing the three stages of being in a relationship with him. Only Olivia never got out of stage 2 with him.

“Heaven Help Us All” this song. The words. The symbolism. In deed Heaven Help us all. 

Lastly Fitz returns to DC and encounters Olivia making out with Pryce but watch closely as Olivia slaps Pryce‘s hand away from her body. It’s going to be interesting to see how Olivia navigates her own weakness coming back. Dear lawd am I ready for some olitz interaction of any kind because I am parched. And Olivia isn’t going to take kindly to this change but I most certainly will. 

Welcome back, Mr. President.

Saddle up kids.

Oh and if you don’t know now you know.

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Boys + Maki with SHSL Child Caregiver

HewO since yOur doing RequesTss, Do you mind if I request the NDRV3 boys (with Maki if that’s ok) with an *actual* SHSL Child caregiver??

Yes!! I had so much fun with this. I love writing stuff with a SHSL s/o

This ended up super focused on the children, so if you wanted something else please ask

Shuichi Saihara

  • He admires you a lot!
  • Children confuse him a bit
  • They can be very loud and very stubborn so the fact that you can deal with them so well is amazing to him
  • They’re attracted to you like you’re a magnet and he always finds himself wondering how you never tire of being around them
  • He’d probably ask at some point
  • You tell him you’re just used to it at this point
  • You’ve been doing it for a long time after all!

Kokichi Ouma

  • Please keep him away from the children
  • You love him but you think it’s best for him to not be around them
  • You’re not whether it’s for his sake or the children’s sake.. probably both
  • He’ll whine and ask why not and you’ll just wave your hand at him
  • Eventually he’ll wear you down and you’ll reluctantly let him meet and play with the kids
  • He’s surprisingly good with them
  • You’re a little confused but pleasantly surprised
  • The children are having a lot of fun with you two and that’s all that really matters


  • He thinks it’s amazing that you take care of children
  • When he meets some of the kids you take care of they’re super amazed by him
  • It’s a real robot! That’s so cool!
  • You would have to force him not to say anything about them calling him a robot like that
  • And he reluctantly doesn’t say anything
  • They’re disappointed that he can’t shoot lasers from his eyes or anything, so they end up crowding around you instead, the usual
  • He looks upset, so you make a mental note to make it up to him later

Kaito Momota

  • There are so many children around you most of the day
  • He can barely get to you
  • He manages to occupy himself with telling some of the kids about the wonders of space
  • Some kids will walk away while some are super interested
  • He shows some of the kids a picture of the moon and one of them tells him that it’s not the moon and he’s so shocked
  • The kids love his “I’m Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars!” thing
  • They think he’s really cool and some of them end up calling him big bro and it’s really cute
  • Overall he loves what you do

Rantaro Amami

  • He’s got all those little sisters so he’s pretty used to kids
  • He enjoys playing with them
  • Like Kaito, one of the kids will probably call him big bro at some point and he’ll get a little emotional
  • He recovers almost instantly though and continues helping you take care of the children surrounding the two of you
  • He ends up playing with the children too much and the younger ones give you a little trouble when nap time comes around
  • They want to keep hanging out with Rantaro!!
  • But obviously you manage to get them to sleep
  • You’re the SHSL Child Caregiver for a reason

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • He likes to watch as you take care of the children
  • He’s not very good with them due to his scary appearance, but some of them are brave and will go up and talk to him
  • He’s not a big fan of that
  • He’s merely here to observe, after all
  • He’ll shoo them away, and some of them will probably get upset, so you’ll have to lecture him later
  • But for now all you can manage to tell them is that he’s just shy

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He’s very excited to show some of his bug friends to the children you take care of!
  • You tell him to be careful and to try not to be offended when some of the kids are afraid of the bugs
  • He does flinch a bit when some of the children are afraid of his friends, but he manages to stay in control and not get upset about it
  • He instead finds happiness in the kids that are very interested in the bugs while you play with the kids who aren’t
  • It’s a nice time overall, and he promises the kids to come back sometime
  • You do have to console him over the kids who didn’t like bugs when you leave though

Ryoma Hoshi

  • The first time the two of you met you thought he was a kid until he spoke
  • You still treat him like a child sometimes on accident
  • “It’s snack time! Do you want a snack Hoshi?”
  • “..S/o..”
  • “Oh! I’m so sorry!”
  • He still wants a snack if you’re willing to bring him one
  • You’re happy that he doesn’t get mad at you
  • He knows you only do it from instinct

Maki Harukawa

  • Children are likely attracted to you far more than they are to her and she’s honestly grateful that they are
  • But of course, just because they’re more naturally attracted to you doesn’t mean they don’t want Maki to come play too!
  • They end up dragging Maki to the play area and you can’t help but smile seeing your girlfriend playing with the children you care so much about
  • It’s so cute you could cry
  • She gives you a look
  • And you go back to what you were doing
  • A little happier than you were before
I was anti-everything and everyone. I didn’t want people around me. This aversion was not some big crippling anxiety; merely a mature recognition of my own psychological vulnerability and my lack of suitability as a companion. Thoughts jostled for space in my crowded brain as i struggled to give them some order which might serve to motivate my listless life.
—  Irvine Welsh, The Acid House


Summary: Even’s gaze is almost too intense for Isak to keep looking at him, but he never wants it to stop.

A/N: *dumps an Evak fic that I wrote in an afternoon on you and leaves*

Warning: These boys are too in love and kiss every other second.

Words: 2 014

Two figures in a way too big bedroom, illuminated merely by the setting sun forcing its way through the curtains. Their bodies were close, but they weren’t touching, only absorbing. Absorbing each other’s energy, auras, nerves. There were a lot of different feelings involved, and it became impossible to pinpoint them all.

The taller one was more confident and was therefore standing straighter, though with a lowered head. That was the only way he could hope to catch the eye of his younger companion, who was watching the ground with a fascination that had to be fake. Acted. The taller one knew better than to believe anything was more interesting than their bodies being only inches apart.

“Hey,” he tried, for the other one wasn’t budging, as much as he was moving his head and gaze. “Look at me.”

A timid smile followed by a timid glance. There was a certainty in the hesitation, and the taller one could tell no regret was hovering in the air around them. Only nerves. A sort of insecurity. But no regret and no doubt. Only the fear that these situations always brought with them.

“I’m looking,” the shorter one said finally, his eyes flying from the taller one’s eyes and mouth continuously, unsure of where to linger.

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For @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s May challenge. Theme was hunting:)

Prompt: Amazons

John x reader

Words: 1348

Warnings: language, anger, smutty smut, age difference, unprotected sex (this is a fantasy, wrap up)

Tags: @spnfanficpond @aprofoundbondwithdean @crzcorgi @spnashley @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @deansdirtywhore @sunriserose1023 @mrswhozeewhatsis @mrs-squirrel-chester @bkwrm523 @katnharper @supernaturally-potter @supernatural-jeffrey-dean-morgan @deandoesthingstome @kittenofdoomage @fandommaniacx

You had tried your hardest at holding on to the anger you’d felt as you marched over to his motel room, your ponytail swinging to the beat of your boots slamming onto the floor beneath you. You were going to give John Winchester a piece of your mind. You were going to let him know just how incredibly useless and angry it made you feel when he treated you like a fucking child. Fair enough, you were almost half his age, but you were a hunter too damn it! You were supposed to equals in this, at least that had been the intention when you first decided to partner up. But of course, the stubborn fool had pushed you away, again, when it was time to go in for the fucking kill. You’d had her! It wasn’t even that difficult of a hunt. Simple Amazon job, they died from pretty much anything and, as if that wasn’t enough, you had taken her by surprise. But no, John had shoved you aside at the last minute and shot her in the head. Typical. You had decided it was time to have it out with him, put all your anger out there and show him the lay of the land. You were a strong, confident woman, and you were very angry. “Oh, how miserably I’ve failed…” You thought to yourself in a fleeting moment as you sat in only your bra on the table in his room, desperately clutching the edge of it, as John Winchester’s expert tongue went to work on that little bundle of nerves between your legs.

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37. “I’m kind of a big deal.” 

“C’mere, Oliver,” Kent said. He’d gotten dinner on the table, somehow, even though all of the kids were being, in Jeff’s opinion, horrible that evening. No wonder Christopher had been so eager to get out. 

Julianna sat down. “I don’t want to eat chicken,” she said.

“We’re having chicken,” said Kent. “File a complaint with your mom in the morning, it was her idea. Did you wash your hands?” He looked around the dining room. “Where’s your brother?”

“I dunno.” Julianna leaned her elbows on the table.

“Elbows off the table, princess,” Kent said, even though he wasn’t looking. Teddy flailed his little fists as Kent settled him into his high chair.

“I’ll get him,” said Jeff, “hang on.” He headed upstairs, opening Oliver’s door. He was bent over his desk, fussing with something that Jeff was… not sure was technically safe for a kid under ten. “Hey, man. C’mon. Dinner.”

“I’m not hungry,” Oliver said.

“I don’t care,” said Jeff, “you have to eat. C’mon. Wash up.”

“I’m in the middle of an experiment!” Oliver turned around, glaring.

“O—kay,” Jeff said. “Can you experiment more after dinner?”

“It’s for school,” Oliver said. “I gotta bring it for show and tell tomorrow.” He paused, and then grinned. “I’m kind of a big deal.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that,” said Jeff, “on the streets. Dinner, bud. Now.”

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