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Stumbled across your art recently, and I totally admire your work! As a complete noob to the digital art scene, I'd just like to ask whether you have any tips on colour picking (like for skin tones, under varied/dramatic lighting and such!). I have a ton of other things I want to ask, but I'll limit myself to one question and then try to google the rest, haha/ Thanks for sharing your art with us! ^^

ahh thank you so much! ♥ welcome to the digial art scene friend, i hope you enjoy your stay and ctrl + z

now onto your question! (if you don’t know what layer and layer modes are and how they generally work you should probably google that before you continue reading)

we all perceive colour differently (thx science) and i trust my intuition a lot when it comes to colour picking because of that, and also because i feel like you can make pretty much every colour combination work within the right context. context is key! but still, remember that all of this is about how i perceive colour, so you might not agree with everything i say.

here’s a quick rundown of terms you’ll see around a lot in reference to colours and shading: the hue, which is the ‘colour’ itself, the saturation aka the intensity, and the brightness [or value] which describes how dark or bright we perceive a colour to be.

rule of thumb: when you shade don’t just add black (or white) to your base colours, that will make your drawings boring and lifeless. use different hues and saturation!

now first things first: which skin colour does the character have?

you’ll mostly be navigating in the red to yellow spectrum for the skin tone. so when i pick the base colours i usually start with the skin and adjust the rest of the colours accordingly. if you’re not sure where to begin it might help if you first determine the values (brightness) of the base colours in grayscale.

and here are a few colour variations—i stuck to the approximate values but played around with a lot of different hues and levels of saturation.

now compare 3 and 5: you’ll notice that 3 is very bright and leans towards orange hues, whereas 5 has a pinkish tint.

on the left i gave 5 the hair colour of 3 and in my opinion the pink hue of the skin doesn’t go well with the orange undertone of the hair. you’ll have to experiment a lot to find out which combinations work for you.  

ctrl + u is your biggest friend (or image >> adjustments >> hue/saturation in photoshop, the shortcut works in sai and clip studio paint too). play with the sliders and see what happens. i do that a lot myself, because it’s easier to coordinate the colours like that afterwards instead of trying to manually pick perfectly matching ones right away.

for further adjustments i like to use an extra semi-transparent layer on top of everything with just a single colour to add atmospheric light. this unifies the colours and makes them more harmonious, if that’s what you’re looking for. this is about as far as i’d go if i didn’t want to shade the drawing.

if i do want to shade, especially with high contrasts and dramatic light, i darken the base by just adding an additional black layer, here set to 40% opacity. of course you could add a colour layer like the ones i mentioned previously too.

to create an impression of dramatic light you need a high contrast between light and dark areas (1). if i want additional visual intrest i often add secondary light which falls onto the main shadow areas. here i picked a faint greenish blue to balance out the yellow (2). and since light is at least partially reflected when it hits a surface you should add a faint glow that goes across the shadow/light border. i uses a mid-brown with a very soft brush on a layer set to overlay here (3).

for this shading style i like to use the layer mode colour dodge with lowered opacity + fill settings. for some layer modes opacity and fill do the exact same thing (e.g. for multiply or screen). however for colour dodge there’s a big difference:

a lowered opacity merely alters the transparency of the entire layer. that looks pretty awful sometimes, because the bright orange affects the dark of the hair much more intensely than the already brighter skin. but when you lower the fill percentage you primarily lower the amount of light that falls onto darker colours. so the layer’s opacity setting treats every colour equally whereas the fill setting takes their values into consideration. it might be hard to understand if you don’t try it out yourself, so just play around to get a feel for how it works!

and to summarise, here’s a process gif:

colour is an extremely big topic and i’ve only barely scratched the surface but i hope that still helped you out a little! the fastest way to learn is always to try things yourself, so grab a sketch and experiment. 👍

the most evil thing in the world is people acting nice to you as a joke. you know what i mean?

like someone asking you out, or sitting with you, or saying they like your hair, and then revealing that it was just some big joke, that the mere concept of you being a person that has nice qualities or is worthy of friendship is absolutely fucking hilarious

way to make someone open up to you or feel good about themself before destroying their self image in one fell swoop. that’s as low as a person can go

I was anti-everything and everyone. I didn’t want people around me. This aversion was not some big crippling anxiety; merely a mature recognition of my own psychological vulnerability and my lack of suitability as a companion. Thoughts jostled for space in my crowded brain as i struggled to give them some order which might serve to motivate my listless life.
—  Irvine Welsh, The Acid House

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Can you do an imagine where your best friend Jason saves your life (In a similar way where he saves his dad) and you didn't know he was the red power ranger until you found out (or maybe he told you. Any way as long as the reader knows he's a ranger)

An: This is so cute! Sorry it took so long to respond! Requests are open for multiple fandoms- feel free to request! 

Originally posted by thebatmn

Why were you even here?

 That, it seemed, was the million dollar question. 

Why, of all days, did you decide to volunteer to help chaperone on an elementary field trip today?

You seriously wondered why you still lived in Angel Grove, all the insane attacks on this dump ass town and yet you were still here. 

Maybe it was because the Power Rangers protected this city, or maybe it was because you were too tied down to leave. 

Whatever the reasoning, you had really started to question yourself as you helped unload children from the bus as the newest battle raged on less than 2 blocks from you. 

“I think that’s all-”

You stopped, spotting a small girl cowering in the very back of the bus. 

“I’ve got her, get the others out of here!” You shouted back to the teacher and the driver as they herded the children to safety. 

Crawling through the bus, you jumped as a piece of metal scraped the top.  

“Hey sweetheart,” you murmured softly, crouching to look at her. 

Her knees were pulled to her chest as she breathed frantically. 

“Easy, it’s alright. Let’s get out of here okay?" 

She nodded, reaching towards you slowly, and you scooped her up, ignoring her screech of protest. 

Jogging out of the bus, you whirled around, seeing the newest big bad mere feet away from you, and you were right in the crossfire. 

Shielding the girl to the best of your ability, you hurriedly began to backstep.
This was not good, definitely not a good day. 

The young girl- her name was Emily if you were remembering right- was cowering into your chest. 

If you thought it was too soon for you, it was way too soon for her.
Placing her down behind you, you continued urging her backwards. 

The teacher shouted from a ways away and You sighed in relief. Maybe Emily could make it. 

"Run!” You encouraged, wincing as the massive villain swung its head towards you.  

The young girl took off, her dark brown curls bouncing behind her as you whirled around to follow. 

Just as quick as the big bad’s shadow had swept above you, you were knocked out of harms way. 

You groaned, rubbing your head as you took notice of the red ranger in front of you. 

Off to the side, you noted that the Black ranger had Emily in his arms and was taking her to safety. 

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?” The power ranger shouted in exasperation and you rolled your eyes. 

“It was a little girl- what did you expect me to do?” You retorted, a blush marring your cheeks. It was one thing to be scolded by a parent or teacher, but by the cities heroes was another thing. He sighed and extended his hand, pulling you up with ease.

“You’re brave. I’m not saying what you did was wrong, I’m saying it was reckless, and I don’t want you getting hurt…” he paused as if he hadn’t meant to say that. “Take the alleyway behind Doc’s car repair, there’s a load of medics stationed there." 

You stared in shock at the boy in front of you, not believing his words.  

"You’re the red ranger?”

Jason nodded, running a hand through his dark blonde hair nervously as his blue eyes watched for your reaction. 

"Look, I didn’t want to tell you. It’s not safe, it’s very dangerous and I don’t want you getting hur-”

You cut him off, slamming him into a hug. 

"What? (Y/N) aren’t you going to yell at me about endangering myself? Or maybe berate me for not telling you sooner?” He chuckled slightly, returning the hug and placing his chin on your head. 

“You saved me,” your voice was soft and muffled by his shirt and he smiled to himself. “I had always wondered what the ranger had meant by not wanting me to get hurt. I guess now I know.”

Jason laughed, pulling away to look at you. 

“I was so angry at you right then. Always have to be the hero, don’t ya (N/N)?”

Scoffing, you rolled your eyes and put your hand on his shoulder.  

“Says you, Jason Scott. My best friend the Red Power Ranger- who knew!" 

He looked down at you quizzically. 

"Besides yourself of course…”

He laughed again, you were the ray of light in his life. Sure, he had Billy, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini, but they were rangers; you weren’t. 

You made all his fears and anxiety vanish; he never laughed more than he did with you. 

It was nice to have his best friend by his side and finally knowing his secret too.

Not Fair: Part One (Steve x Reader)

Request: Can you do a fic where the reader is pregnant with Steve’s baby, she finds out after he leaves for a mission and doesn’t know. So he comes home and there’s a baby and it’s like tears and fluff all around?

Pairing: Steve x Reader

You and Steve had shared a tender goodbye.

Your night was filled with heat radiating off of your bodies, and the sweat sliding off the burning flesh. Your blood pounded in your veins as you melted against Steve’s body. He felt every curve of your figure, dragging his hands gently down your hips. His mouth would reach yours in a slow, passionate rhythm that poured with all the love he had ever felt for you. The touch of his hands surged another wave of heat on your bare skin, releasing a breathless moan to course through the bedroom.

Your goodbye was slow, and lasted through the darkness of the night. When the sun shone through the shared bedroom of you and the Captain, it was time for his departure.

“I’ll miss you, Stevie.” You sit in the bed, with a blanket wrapped over your chest, watching your husband as he slowly begins to dress in his uniform.

“I’ll miss you more.”

You pick up the discarded shirt from last nights activities, and pull it over your head. You crawl to the end of the bed towards Steve as he ties his boots. You slowly guide your hands around his torso, and rest your head on his padded shoulder. “This isn’t fair, I should be going with you” You sigh out.

Steve stops his tying, and turns his head to your cheek, placing a delicate kiss. “And I wish you were too, but unfortunately they only need Tony, Bruce, and I.” He gives you another kiss, “I’m kinda glad you’re not going though.”

“Yeah, yeah.” You put on your best Captain America impression. “Because Asgard is a dangerous place, [Y/N], and you will be much safer staying here on Earth.” You fall back onto the bed. “A month in Asgard is nearly a year on Earth, Steve.”

Steve moves onto the bed, and lays next to you on his stomach. He watches your face as you stare up to the ceiling with a dead stare. Tears grow in your eyes, and your bottom lip quivers slightly. “It will be okay, doll.” Steve brings up one of his hands to play with your tangled hair. “Don’t lie, you’ll love not having me around all the time.” Steve tries to tease, “I know you hate it when I leave the cap off of the toothpaste.” Steve watches as a small smile makes it’s way onto your face. “And when I leave the toilet seat up.”

“I really hate it when you do that.”

“See!” Your husband reaches down and lays a small kiss you your forehead. “Think of this as a vacation.”

You let out a giggle and give him a soft kiss. “I’ll try.”

“That’s my girl.” Steve stands from the bed. “Now, how about you walk with me to the jet? Tony needs to stop off at the base before we go.”

“Okay.” You stand, take Steve’s hand in yours, and walk to the landing pad. You see Tony and Pepper standing at the doors to the jet having a hushed discussion; probably a goodbye similar to yours and Steve’s. Well, except Pepper is most likely looking forward to a “vacation” from Tony.

Tony looks away from Pepper as he hears you and Steve enter the area. He sends Steve a small nod, indicating that it’s time to go. Steve returns the action and immediately takes you into his arms. You release a shaky breath, knowing what’s coming next.

“I’ll be back before you know it.” Steve kisses anywhere his lips can touch. “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you more.” You move Steve’s head from your neck, and give him a loving, tender kiss. “This still isn’t fair.”

“I know.”

“No you don’t,” You take a deep breath and look away from his big blue eyes. “Mere minutes on Asgard are hours down here. It’s not fair that I’ll miss you longer.”

“You may miss me longer, but I’ll still miss you more.” Steve looks behind you and watches as Bucky enters onto the landing pad. He sends his friend a small smile, and waves him over. You say a quiet greeting to Bucky as he goes to give Steve a hug.

“Buck,” Steve pulls away from the hug, “Look after her, okay?”

“Sure thing, Punk.”

Steve smiles, “Watch it, Jerk.”

Buck laughs at his friend as he walks to the open spot beside you. Bucky slings an arm over your shoulders, and you do the same to him. The two of you are practically brother and sister. Bucky looks back to Steve, and sends him one of his award winning smiles. “See Steve, we’ll be fine.”

“I sure hope-”

“Cap!” Tony’s voice interrupts, “We have to go, Goldilocks is getting impatient.”

“I’ll be right there!” Steve looks to the two of you and puts on his helmet. “Remember, I’ll be back before you’ll even know it.” With one last hug for each of you, and one last kiss for you, he takes off towards the jet.

You and Bucky stand on the the landing pad until the jet flies off, and you can no longer see it in the horizon. You wipe the sparse tears that fell down your cheeks and let out a soft sigh. “Well Buck,” You gaze up, “Looks like it’s just me and you now.”

Only, it wasn’t.



Summary: Even’s gaze is almost too intense for Isak to keep looking at him, but he never wants it to stop.

A/N: *dumps an Evak fic that I wrote in an afternoon on you and leaves*

Warning: These boys are too in love and kiss every other second.

Words: 2 014

Two figures in a way too big bedroom, illuminated merely by the setting sun forcing its way through the curtains. Their bodies were close, but they weren’t touching, only absorbing. Absorbing each other’s energy, auras, nerves. There were a lot of different feelings involved, and it became impossible to pinpoint them all.

The taller one was more confident and was therefore standing straighter, though with a lowered head. That was the only way he could hope to catch the eye of his younger companion, who was watching the ground with a fascination that had to be fake. Acted. The taller one knew better than to believe anything was more interesting than their bodies being only inches apart.

“Hey,” he tried, for the other one wasn’t budging, as much as he was moving his head and gaze. “Look at me.”

A timid smile followed by a timid glance. There was a certainty in the hesitation, and the taller one could tell no regret was hovering in the air around them. Only nerves. A sort of insecurity. But no regret and no doubt. Only the fear that these situations always brought with them.

“I’m looking,” the shorter one said finally, his eyes flying from the taller one’s eyes and mouth continuously, unsure of where to linger.

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“And that’s why you married me…”


I was anti-everything and everyone. I didn’t want people around me. This aversion was not some big crippling anxiety; merely a mature recognition of my own psychological vulnerability and my lack of suitability as a companion. Thoughts jostled for space in my crowded brain as i struggled to give them some order which might serve to motivate my listless life.
—  Irvine Welsh, The Acid House

For @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s May challenge. Theme was hunting:)

Prompt: Amazons

John x reader

Words: 1348

Warnings: language, anger, smutty smut, age difference, unprotected sex (this is a fantasy, wrap up)

Tags: @spnfanficpond @aprofoundbondwithdean @crzcorgi @spnashley @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @deansdirtywhore @sunriserose1023 @mrswhozeewhatsis @mrs-squirrel-chester @bkwrm523 @katnharper @supernaturally-potter @supernatural-jeffrey-dean-morgan @deandoesthingstome @kittenofdoomage @fandommaniacx

You had tried your hardest at holding on to the anger you’d felt as you marched over to his motel room, your ponytail swinging to the beat of your boots slamming onto the floor beneath you. You were going to give John Winchester a piece of your mind. You were going to let him know just how incredibly useless and angry it made you feel when he treated you like a fucking child. Fair enough, you were almost half his age, but you were a hunter too damn it! You were supposed to equals in this, at least that had been the intention when you first decided to partner up. But of course, the stubborn fool had pushed you away, again, when it was time to go in for the fucking kill. You’d had her! It wasn’t even that difficult of a hunt. Simple Amazon job, they died from pretty much anything and, as if that wasn’t enough, you had taken her by surprise. But no, John had shoved you aside at the last minute and shot her in the head. Typical. You had decided it was time to have it out with him, put all your anger out there and show him the lay of the land. You were a strong, confident woman, and you were very angry. “Oh, how miserably I’ve failed…” You thought to yourself in a fleeting moment as you sat in only your bra on the table in his room, desperately clutching the edge of it, as John Winchester’s expert tongue went to work on that little bundle of nerves between your legs.

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“Ballet Slippers”

“No way…” Beca gasped. She had been walking through the streets of Berlin in hopes of finding the recording studio she was supposed to be at. Across the street, a group of women walked out of a dance studio in leotards, tights, and short skirts. From the ballet shoes they were carrying, Beca easily guessed they were ballerinas. It wasn’t that they were ballerinas that had caught her attention, it was the woman who was a little ways from the group. The tall blonde woman who was all too familiar.

Kommissar lifted her head from her phone when she felt someone looking at her and saw the small brunette across the street. Her red lips curled into a smile as she recognized the former leader of the Barden Bellas. The one who had obviously been attracted to her.

This could be fun, the blonde thought as she started towards Beca. Her pointe shoes hung off of her bag and swung as she hurried across the street.

“Tiny maus,” Kommissar said as she approached the little brunette who was staring open-mouthed at her. “We meet again.”

“Your sweat still smells like cinnamon,” Beca blurted out nervously. This made the blonde grin down at her.

“What brings you here?” Kommissar asked as she leaned in closer to Beca, loving how she can so easily make the smaller girl squirm.

Beca swallowed nervously. The smell of the blonde was heady and tinged with the cinnamon of her sweat. Normal people don’t smell this good, Beca thought as she breathed in Kommissar’s smell and found herself moving closer.

“Tiny maus?” The German asked and snapped her fingers in front of the little brunette’s face to get her attention. Beca blinked and jerked back in surprise, which only makes Kommissar’s smile wider. “Why are you here? In Germany?”

“I’m…uh…looking for a recording studio. I’m supposed to be meeting an artist there.” Beca explained, but the tall blonde made her nervous and what she thought would come out confident ended up sounding shaky.

Kommissar raised an eyebrow. “You are still a singer?”

“No, I’m a music producer.”

“You are full of surprises, maus.” Kommissar said and glanced around. The other ballerinas had long since left and they were alone on the side street.

“And you aren’t? Das Sound Machine’s big bad leader is a ballerina with pink slippers and a tutu.” Beca retorted and gestured at the pointe showers that were hanging off of Kommissar’s light blue duffle bag. She also noticed that the name Luisa was written in cursive on the big.

Kommissar merely rolled her eyes. “Ballet is difficult and respected. Besides, I do not wear a tutu.”

“Okay then. But why does your bag say Luisa?” Beca demanded.

The blonde blinked and glanced at her bag. Pieter had written her name on it after she’d accidentally taken someone else’s bag at a DSM practice. She’d forgotten it was there. “Because it is my name.”

“I’d have thought someone so tough would have a tough name.” Beca thought aloud. She was nervously playing with the hem of her jacket as they talked.

“I did not choose my name, maus.” Luisa said and glanced at her watched. “You need to be at this studio soon?”

“Yes.” Beca checked her phone. “Twenty minutes.”

Luisa readjusted her bag and told Beca “I know where the studio is. I will take you there and you can tell me more about this music production that you do.”

“Sure.” Beca agreed as Luisa looped her arm through the brunette’s and began to lead her in what Beca would only assume was the direction of the studio. Although, she probably would have gone anywhere that Luisa lead her at this moment.

Luisa leaned in and Beca would feel the warmth of her breath as she whispered in her ear.

“After this, perhaps, I could be your…how you say…tour guide.”

Oh Glory- How a Hellgod Dominated the Buffyverse

Note: Massive spoilers for season five.

The seasonal villains of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (usually referred to as Big Bads) are distinct and almost always very well done (except you, Adam. You were awful). They each have their own personalities, connections to the Scoobies, and motivations, and were almost never merely big obstacles because the series needed one. 

While the debate could go on forever over which Big Bad was the best, this article will explore the astounding success of one in particular; The Hellgod Glorificus.

Season five of BtVS started off in, what seemed to be, the biggest way possible. Buffy fights Dracula. As a show about a character whose job it is slay vampires, it was perhaps inevitable that she would go toe to toe with the most famous creature of the night. This huge first episode, however, is only the tip of the iceberg as it ends revealing Buffy’s younger sister Dawn.

We, as an audience, know that Buffy doesn’t have a younger sister, but all of the characters act as if she’s always been there. It is soon revealed to us, and Buffy, that Dawn is a magical artifact known only as The Key that was transformed into a human girl in order to hide her from a creature called The Abomination. The organization that did this, The Order of Dagon, also implanted everyone around The Key with false memories, so that they would protect her no matter what.

The Abomination, better know as Glorificus or simply Glory, bursts onto the scene along with this revelation, and she certainly makes an impression. She effortlessly defeats Buffy and decimates The Order of Dagon, all while looking and acting like a spoiled twenty-something from Beverly Hills. Buffy and the Scoobies find out from the Watchers Council that Glory is a god and cannot be killed. Throughout the season we learn that Glory had ruled a Hell dimension with two other gods, though she grew so great in power that the other two warred with her, and eventually banished her to Earth. Once on Earth, she was bound inside of a human child, created specifically as a vessel for her. Glory only wants The Key to open a portal to her home dimension, which unfortunately would never close and eventually merge with Earth.

One of the truly great things about Glory as a Big Bad is the fact that her motivation is so simple, and has nothing directly to do with Buffy or Earth. She only wants to return home, it’s merely that her return would cause an apocalypse and personally affect Buffy and the Scoobies by ripping Dawn from them.

She also had a surprising amount of things going on, which contributed to her character, and also affected the Scoobies in unexpected ways. The human that she was contained in, Ben Wilkinson, was a young doctor at Sunnydale Memorial, and soon befriended Buffy, her mother, and Dawn. This, of course, ends badly as Ben and Glory inhabited the same body, and over the course of the season their personalities began to merge (or more likely, Glory’s began to override Ben’s). As a result of being bound inside of a human being, Glory had to constantly drain other human beings of their sanity in order to preserve her own, which eventually brings her into direct conflict with Willow, after the Hellgod does this to Willow’s girlfriend Tara.

Glory is also notable as being the first Big Bad of the Buffyverse to be a woman (or to present as female, as we do not know if Hellgods have a specific sex or concept of gender in their true forms). It is unfortunately rare to see a female character as a main villain on television, let alone a main villain that was as interesting as Glorificus. She is able to physically overpower every other character in the series, spit one-liners, but still enjoy what society considers to be traditionally ‘girly’ things like going shopping for shoes, taking a bubble bath or wearing nice dresses.

In the end, even though she’s defeated, Glory accomplishes more than nearly any other Big Bad in the series. She destroys both organizations that attack her, uses The Key to open the portal back to her Hell, and she causes Buffy’s (2nd and much more dramatic and heart-wrenching) death. For all of these reasons, Glory will always be one of (if not the) most effective Big Bads in the entirety of the Buffyverse.    


request: Could you do a Barry Allen imagine were the reader is a metahuman with the power of a werewolf (like teen wolf because I know there are a lot of different types of werewolves out there) and she does good with her powers and when team flash hear about her they send the flash to meet her and ask her to join the team and they think her powers are really cool and her and Barry fall in love (sorry if this is too much detail) – could she be an alpha.

A/N: I’ve started a part two so if you guys want it, request it please if this isn’t too crappy. The next part will include Barry okay guys

Y/E/C – Your eye colour

Part 2


Part 1
The Flash

It all started the night the particle accelerator exploded.

You were walking your dog that night when a force crashed into you, forming the world around you to become a myriad of black spots, until darkness consumed you entirely.

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I was anti-everything and everyone. I didn’t want people around me. This aversion was not some big crippling anxiety; merely a mature recognition of my own psychological vulnerability and my lack of suitability as a companion. Thoughts jostled for space in my crowded brain as i struggled to give them some order which might serve to motivate my listless life.
—  Irvine Welsh, The Acid House
Humans are weird/space orcs

What if aliens thought humans could be taken as pets but also saw them as dangerous and possibly murderous?

Alien: look it’s a human couple!

Alien 2: no don’t go near them!!!

Human: look aliens! They’re so fluffy and sweet looking. CUDDLE TIME!

Alien: they’re approaching, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Alien 2: I think they just wanna cuddle a little bit, I’ve heard they enjoy cuddling with furry creatures, they supposedly enjoy the soft feeling.

The Humans tackle both aliens

Alien: Help me please, it’s being so agressive!

Alien 2: c'mere big boy! You just wanna culled don’t you? Yes you just wanna cuddle me!

Feel free to use as prompt❤️❤️