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Custom Hero confirmed for Sonic Forces.

Transcending into a greater being through astrology

Both Sun and Jupiter has been in Scorpio this past month. The mood has been heavy and depressive. The world has died and gone to sleep.

Soon Sagittarius season will begin, and things will start to ease up. People will feel more energized, and the main focus will be on having fun, finding joy, and getting your lust for life back again. 

In Capricorn season the dust will settle. The confused energies will calm down, and turn into something stable. You will stand your ground again. 

In Aquarius season you will attain some creative ideas, open your mind, and prepare for the next parts of your life. It’s when the energies starts to spark, and your brain will come to life. 

In Pisces season hope for the future will begin again. And this time for real! Now all that self-awareness and wisdom from Scorpio season, stability and motivation from Capricorn season, and all the ideas, connections with other people, and originality from Aquarius season will blend into one, into you, this Pisces season. You will reach your 12th house easier with all the Neptunian energy, and all the Pisces sensitivity. Once you have opened that blockage, and start to transcend into a dreamy, hopeful, happy, prepared, and new state of mind, you’re ready for Aries and Taurus season. 

Aries season will make the sparks fly and ignote through the universe. All that energy from Pisces season will enter you. Everything ethereal will be inside you. Like the big bang, flames, magnetism, energy, and pure power will light you up.

Taurus season will turn all that new found hope, happiness, power, energy, and projects, into realization. The Venusian energy will give you beauty and art, while the Taurus energy will provide you with flowing motivation. Taurus loves to start new projects, so now that the dream and prepare phase is over, it will all be put into material and reality. 

Gemini season will later help to connect your ideas with others. It will help you to create a social network with other people who are eager to help you succeed. The Mercury energy will give intellect and a quicker pase to your project. 

Later, when Cancer season comes, you will luckily be provided a break from all that self discovering, and discovering in general. Here, you can breathe out, relax, and be at home. Mother Moon will nurture and heal you. You will be ready to continue your journey. 

Leo season will add fire, passion, and glamour to your life force and soul. It’s a good way to continue your parh after the repairing process of Cancer season. It will give you a kick of inspiration and willingness. The Sun energy will provide light, support, and admiration from others, for you.  

Virgo season will help you put your goals and ambitions into categories, and organize them. It will provide you with order and strategies. Like a warrior going over a practice routine before war. 

Libra season will bless you with justice and objective thinking. A clear mind with the ability to see the conflict from afar. Venus energy will give you great deals of compassion, and your lust for sharing and helping will grow. 

Then, we have Scorpio season again. Now one year has passed. You have learnt, grown, and gotten stronger. That Scorpio season will be successful and empowering. The Scorpio season of 2017 has been overpowering, dark, stressful, and depressive. The Pluto energy has forced everyone to die and start their transformation progress. Even if they weren’t ready yet. However, the Scorpio season of 2018 will be fun, provide you with strength, and help both you and all your projects transform into something even greater than before.

  • Richie: Trying to find a needle in a haystack isn't hard at all, like all you have to do is burn the fucking hay.
  • Ben: You are the future.
  • Mike: Find the hay in the needlestack though.
  • Bill: B-big magnet
  • Eddie: If we survive Pennywise, we are gonna do great things.
How to make a kickass Mei hairpin

Mei cosplayers, if you’re like me, you’ve found the available selection of Mei hairpins… uninspiring. Or made of foam.

Anyways, I thought I’d share my experience making a pretty nifty hairpin on a budget. 

Items needed:

A big magnet (Home Depot)

Also tiny magnets

I used spacers of ¼ and ¾ inches, since the lower spacer needs extra length to stick out from the center of the big magnet. Plus, it acts as a better stabilizer for the hairpin’s stem.

Take a standard chopstick…

… And shave the detailing off of it. (I used an exacto knife but there’s probably better methods lol) I originally started with an 8 mm knitting needle I degreased the anodized color off of, but it had a more matte and less shiny look to it.

Finally, order a red ball - a Redditor recommended the type of red knob used on the ends of machinery pulleys that you can order off of Amazon, but I imagine any red rubber ball would work too. I hot glued the ball to the ¼ inch spacer, then added the small magnet so it would stick to the top of the large magnet. It’s strong enough that it didn’t need additional gluing. The ¾ inch spacer slotted into the large magnet, then I added a bit of hot glue to stabilize the chopstick down the center of that. Finally, add an official Overwatch keychain for Mei’s signature snowflake, and you’re all set!

Metal, not foam 📍💠❤️

anonymous asked:

Could you do a hc of the different characters going in a road trip with MC? Things like where they'll go and how they get along during it and stuff. Thanks ^-^

Oh sure! I guess I’m kinda basing this a bit on a US road trip since that’s what I know. Thanks for the request~


  • He’s planned everything down to the last detail 
  • Will not let you drive, he wants you to just relax and enjoy the trip 
  • The kind of person that stops off at EVERY tourist spot to take pictures together 
  • ‘World’s Largest Ball of Yarn’ type of guy 
  • He has all the spots mapped out so he can be sure you guys see everything together 
  • Religiously checking weather reports to make sure there is no rain to ruin his plans 
  • When you fall asleep in the car he is quiet when he pulls over for gas
  • Gets your favorite foods from the convenience store so when you wake up you have something yummy waiting for you 
  • Pretty slow driver 
    • “I’m not slow I’m cautious!”
  • You both are living off of energy drinks 


  • Well…Jumin can’t drive
  • It would be a disaster 
  • So you’re the one behind the wheel
  • He’s not the greatest at reading maps but…he does alright 
  • A few times you guys got turned around 
    • “Jumin…there’s nothing but farms and we ended up on a dirt road where are we….”
    • “Ah, so it was supposed to be a left back there,” he nods to himself while looking at the map
    • “……..”
  • Curious when you pull over to a tourist attraction 
    • “What’s this? How odd. People actually enjoy this?” 
    • “It’s part of the experience of a road trip, Jumin!” 
  • He actually ends up really enjoying the random weird things you find at the exits and takes a lot of blurry photos of you both 
  • Disgusted by convenience store food 
    • “As soon as we arrive, I’m taking you out for a nice meal.”
  • Makes you pull over all of the time so Elly can get a break and stretch her legs 
  • Elly is in the back like 


  • He’s so excited!
  • You guys pack pretty light 
  • Since you’ll be going on his bike 
  • You have a few essentials in a backpack and you pack a few things in the saddlebags 
  • He’s super good at navigating 
  • Constantly stopping because he is worried you’re tired and need a break
  • You’ll grab a few things from the convenience store and pull over onto the side of the road when he finds a nice spot
  • Sitting and eating together in the grass while the radio on his bike plays some music 
  • You both laugh at your helmet hair every time you stop 
  • If you come across somewhere beautiful he is stopping instantly 
  • Takes your hand and you guys walk in the field or through the trees while the sun sets 
  • Loves to take selfies and post them so his fans can see your journey 
  • BIG on souvenirs 
  • Keychains, magnets, shot glasses–anything to commemorate where you guys have gone together! 
  • He’s very sentimental in that way 


  • She actually gets a little car sick if she is not the one driving 
  • It surprised you both, the first time you took over to drive 
  • She doesn’t tire easily though so she was fine with being the driver 
  • LOVES to sing along to the radio 
  • You both just sing in the car together the whole trip 
  • Coffee life
  • Every time you stop you are grabbing some coffee from the convenience store 
  • Also Jaehee is an expert on the best gas station foods, since thats what she lived off of when working for Jumin 
  • Doesn’t like to make too many pit stops because she has a schedule she wants to stick to 
  • Definitely an over-packer
  • The car is weighed down by the numerous suit cases and bags in the back because she packs for every emergency 


  • You’re not allowed to drive his baby car
  • He ends up scaring you sometimes with how fast he takes some turns 
  • Stopping every 15 minutes to pee 
    • “Saeyoung, you JUST went.”
    • “I can’t help it!”
    • *opens up another PHD Pepper*
  • Like Yoosung, he’s got to stop and see all of the weird attractions you come across 
  • Taking video and pictures of everything 
  • You try to navigate but sometimes he doesn’t listen 
    • “No, this is a shortcut! You’ll see” 
    • “Through a corn field….?” 
    • “Hey, do you think they’d be mad if we took some?”
  • He doesn’t get ‘lost,’ he’s just ‘exploring the area’
  • Chip bags and snack wrappers all over the car
    • “I’m sorry baby, as soon as we stop I’ll clean you up!” 
  • Waits for you to fall asleep and then puts All Star on full blast to wake you up  

there are words that you both refuse to say
words that scream within your hearts
that are the drumbeats to your bloodbaths

and you know this story, this devotion 
it goes beyond fairytales that ushered you to sleep

because you’ve carved out your heart and placed it in his chest
and he has made his soul into echoes of your own

and the stars that look down upon you, are jealous
constellations want to tear you apart, they know you’ll replace them

but they shouldn’t have tried,
because it just made you more his and him more yours,
the world was not big enough for the magnetic pull between your hears

it’s in the way his belief in you ends fate
it’s in the way your trust in him buries empires 

war ruins through his veins
but you know that love does too
because being loved by him is something mythic
and being loved by you is something breathtaking

—  Hurry by Abby S
Imagine Erik Finding Out That You, His Young Daughter, Have Inherited His Powers

Originally posted by timestolaugh

“Slow down, Erik, what are you on about?” Charles frowned through the phone.

“Y/N has- she’s- she’s like me, Charles!” Erik sputtered. He had you in one arm, and you were squirming in an attempt to ‘do the magic’ again. You had always been very enchanted by your father when he did little magic tricks with his metallokinesis to entertain you, and you were only concerned with your joy of possessing ‘the magic’ as well.

“NO, Y/N, no, no no, we do not do that with those!” Erik said quickly, moving the silverware you had begun to float out of your sight. He pulled the phone back over to his ear to hear what Charles had to say about it. It didn’t quite matter if he had moved the dangerous utensils; you had found something else to play with.

“Just bring her to the mansion, I’ll run a few simple tests I do with the students, she’ll be fine, Erik.”

“Alright, alright, I’ll bring her up in the morning,” Erik sighed. He hung up the phone with a breath of relief, only to look down at you.

“Papa, look!” you giggled; his old, worn Magneto helmet rested loosely over your head. Memories around that helmet flooded his mind, both good and bad. He had tried to hurt in that headpiece. He had tried to kill, and he had wanted to keep that part of his past far away from you.

However, looking down at the innocence in your eyes, he felt a spark of hope. Maybe, where he had become a symbol of hate, you could be one of hope.

(For @silverwingedfox)