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what other webcomics do you read? i need some recs

ok I’m genuinely into EVERY comic i’m about to suggest so pls take the time to check them all out if you’re looking for some reading material

first of all, read Octopus Pie. it’s a classic. it recently ended, and there’s a huge backglog to go through. really well written w/ real professional art i’m actually rereading it RIGHT NOW.

next, Gunnerkrigg Court. this and octopie are the goodie oldies of webcomics, they’ve been running forever. the art starts off a little more simple and cartoony and evolves into some of the most gorgeous, vibrant paintings for panels. the story is EXTREMELY engaging and i’ve been reading it for years. there’s also some rlly cute queer stuff… no spoilers.

i’m almost positive you’ve already SEEN some of Hark! A Vagrant’s strips around the internet. they’re fucking iconic and I don’t really need to say more to you. all i have to do is show you.

now it’s time to talk about Bad Machinery, another BIG FAV. the arcs are cut up to be case-by-case, as a group of school kids solve a slew of supernatural mysteries. I’m really in love with the playful art style and the writing gets. REAL heavy at times. the characters actually do get older and move forward in time as the story progresses, which is something i really appreciate in school-setting comics. pls read it, it’s great.

Kill Six Billion Demons is a new one on my list. It’s…. Insane. I read through it almost all at once, it’s really hard to stop, and it hasn’t been running for too long. The art is some of the most stunning shit I’ve ever seen in my life, forreal. It genuinely makes me want to scream.

Namesake holds a VERY special place in my heart. The illustrations are gorgeous, the wizard-of-oz setting is really cozy for me, and it’s extremely well written. (ALSO QUEER STUFF) don’t pass up this one, yall.

I have a lot more, should I keep going??


Eighteen years ago, on New Year’s Eve, David Fisher visited an old farm in western Massachusetts, near the small town of Conway. No one was farming there at the time, and that’s what had drawn Fisher to the place. He was scouting for farmland.

“I remember walking out [to the fallow fields] at some point,” Fisher recalls. “And in the moonlight – it was all snowy – it was like a blank canvas.”

On that blank canvas, Fisher’s mind painted a picture of what could be there alongside the South River. He could see horses tilling the land – no tractors, no big machinery – and vegetable fields, and children running around.

This is David Fisher’s American Dream. It may not be the conventional American Dream of upward economic mobility. But dreams like his have a long tradition in this country. Think of the Puritans and the Shakers and the Amish. These American dreams are the uncompromising pursuit of a difficult ideal.

By Returning To Farming’s Roots, He Found His American Dream

Photos: Dan Charles/NPR

i don’t think i’d ever leave this place

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five big moments in aaron and robert’s relationship that happen at the grind. in other words, a very cheesy coffee shop au sequel.

for @inloveamateursatbest - happy birthday claudia!! 💜💜

i. i love you

    Robert was half in love with Aaron the first time they’d slept together, so it wasn’t exactly surprising when a month into their relationship, Robert realised that he loved Aaron.

    Like, head over heels, absolutely, madly in love.

    He realised it one quiet morning, Aaron curled around him, hours before either of them had to get up. Aaron was working 12 to close, at the coffee shop, and he wasn’t working at the pub until lunchtime, so they were having a lazy morning in bed.

    It was nice, just to get to be with Aaron. So many of their dates had been after Aaron’s shifts at the Grind, in that hour before Robert would have to go back and spend his evening serving lukewarm pints to middle-aged men, so he’d come to treasure mornings like these, quiet mornings when Aaron was snoring softly next to him, a ratty old t-shirt still on, Robert’s bright purple boxer shorts a striking contrast to his pale skin.

    Aaron had turned, in his sleep, pressing himself closer to Robert’s body, his curly hair askew, all the stress and worry gone from his face, making him look so much younger than he was.

    And that? That was the moment Robert had realised he was in love.

    They’d been together for exactly twenty six days (not even a month) and Robert was in love.

    He’d never fallen so hard, so fast for anyone in his entire life, and so he’d started to panic, as he laid next to Aaron, wondering if he was going to scare him off, if it was all going to be too much too soon.

    Twenty six days wasn’t long enough to fall in love, Robert had decided, and so he didn’t tell him.

    He hadn’t told him when Aaron woke up, pliant and soft with sleep, tilting his head and wordlessly asking for a proper kiss to start the morning, the action so domestic, so normal for the two of them, that it had set his heart racing.

    No, he hadn’t told him then.

    Robert hadn’t told him when Aaron had arrived on his doorstep the next evening, Chinese takeaway in hand, and he hadn’t told him when Aaron had willingly sat with Robert for two hours in a mostly empty pub, just to give him a bit of company, and he hadn’t told him that evening they’d gone on their first proper posh date, a three course meal in a fancy restaurant in town, Aaron donning a suit and making Robert weak at the knees.

    No, Robert hadn’t told him that he loved him any of those times.

    He’d been afraid to.

    Robert had been afraid to push Aaron away, to lose the one thing in his life that was making him happy. His career was a shambles, Robert stuck in a dead end job, pulling pints and cleaning sticky tables, and he was in the midst of divorce proceedings, and he didn’t exactly have much going for him other than Aaron.

    Aaron, his gorgeous, grumpy boyfriend, who always smelled like coffee and turned Robert’s insides to goo with a simple smile.

    No, Robert couldn’t possibly risk losing that.

    So he’d waited another month, itching to say those three little words more, and more with every passing day. Three months, he’d figured, would be an acceptable time to be with someone before you said that you loved them.

    They’d been friends, first, and that counted in the grand scheme of things.

    Three months wasn’t going to be hard, or so Robert had thought.

    He got two months, and three days into his ‘don’t say I love you just yet’ plan before he blurted it out, one quiet evening in the Grind as he watched his boyfriend clean up after a busy day.

    Aaron was chatting aimlessly as he cleaned down the counter, stacking paper cups and throwing away empty cartons of milk, his curls coming unstuck from the gel helmet he’d forced them into that morning, the sleeves of his thin grey long sleeved t-shirt rolled up as he worked, trying to get the cleanup routine done faster than normal.

    They had tickets for the cinema, after all.

    “I love you,” Robert blurted out, pausing with a chair in hand. He didn’t mind helping out, helping Aaron to stack the chairs and sweep the floor, always wanting to spend those extra few minutes with Aaron at the end of every day.

    Aaron froze, cloth in hand. “You what?” he didn’t sound panicked, not really, just confused, as though he hadn’t been expecting Robert to say that, not when they were mid-conversation about cinema snacks.

    “I love you,” Robert inched his way around the counter, wanting, needing to be close to Aaron as he said this. “I’ve known - I’ve felt it for a while now, and I can’t not tell you anymore. I know it’s too soon, and I’ve probably scared you off -“

    “Robert,” Aaron interrupted gently, setting his cloth down. “You’re babbling.”

    Robert felt his cheeks flush, knowing he had been talking at a mile a minute. “Sorry,” he mumbled. “I just lose my head around you, I guess.”

    Aaron grinned at him, that bright, familiar smile that Robert had grown to love so much. “I love you too,” he said softly, stepping into Robert’s embrace, hands on Robert’s hips.

    “You do?” Robert couldn’t help the childish excitement that was bubbling in his chest, the wonder he felt at knowing Aaron loved him too.

    “I do,” Aaron confirmed, kissing him gently, the gesture feeling like a promise of so much more to come. “I love you.”

    “I love you,” Robert echoed, holding Aaron close. It felt so right, saying it for the first time in the place he’d first seen Aaron, the first place they’d kissed.

    It felt absolutely perfect.

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    Out of the bros, who do you think is physically the fittest? Who can outrun the other? Who gets the most and least tired in battle?

    Rightio, general physical fitness the winner of this is, without a doubt;

    Gladio:  The man does hand stand press-ups like it’s a perfectly normal thing to do.  A standard daily work out involves one handed push ups with Ignis on his back.  He can and has thrown the rest of the boys.  The man is a literal tank and it is pretty damn glorious, it cannot be denied.  His dedication to his physical wellbeing is worthy of an award even if it is at this point it is just second nature to him.   However.  This doesn’t mean he excels at everything within the group.  Welcome to the gun show.  But then you need them guns for the size of his swords (eeeeeeeeeeeey badumts).  Fighting does wear him down quite a bit but granted that is because both of his weapon of choice are huge and heavy as sin, but it doesn’t take him too long to recuperate from the whole ordeal.  

    Ignis: It is very easy to forget how strong this boy is because unlike a certain someone he doesn’t wander around everywhere with his shirt open and his abs out.  When it comes to physical strength he is the closest competitor to Gladio but he harnesses it in a different way because he doesn’t have the sheer muscle mass of the older man (although have you seen time skip Iggy bae got hench 10/10 A+++).  You’ve seen the way he can work that lance aka like a stripper whose rent is due.  His core strength is actually quite ridiculous.  Clearly does yoga and the works.  Yes we all want to watch.  He will also outrun all the boys through sheer stamina.  While Gladio tends to be a goes in guns blazing and wears himself out quicker Ignis is all about the endurance.  We’ve all seen him just jog off into the distance never to return while we amble along out of breathe and out of stamina bar (of course this is helped that he has legs for days.)  He is the one who after an epic battle to the death will just stand there, take a few moments to recuperate, hardly out of breathe waiting for the others to get their shit together as he cleans his glasses.

    Prompto: Oh Prompto, precious prompto.  Out of the group he is the weakling.  But don’t be fooled, this is just in comparison to the rest of the group.  We’ve all seen him waving around that big ass machinery he has got quite a bit of strength in there but in a fight with Gladio or Ignis he would just get swatted out the way. Not with Noct because noct would never do that to him.  In the long run, quite literally, he would fair pretty damn well.  He hates doing it but running/jogging was one of the prime ways he lost all his adorable chub when he was younger and he has developed a knack for it, but boy will he complain about it if it goes on for too long.  His choice of weaponry is hardly physically demanding in comparison to the rest of the group which is probably why he is always so amped up and cheery at the end of battle; he just moves to stay out the way he’s not swinging swords and the like and jumping between enemies #rangeddpsprivilege

    Noctis: Hiding beneath that exterior is a surprising amount of strength considering his size.  Its just whether or not he can be motivated enough to use it. #depressionproblems.  Of course in battle it does come out, he was trained by one of the best so he knows how to harness his strength and to put it behind the swing of a weapon, and he has that physical ability to swing a great sword almost as well as Gladio so that cannot be misjudged.  Out of all of them, he is the one who gets the most worn out during battles though, but it is a factor of many things such as the variety of weapons he uses and switches between, if he is using any of the royal arms which literally leech off his life force, armiger, his usage of warp striking etc; really it is no surprise he needs a moment at the end of battles when you think the strain that his body goes through in every single one. He was built to endure and he does a damn good job of doing so, even better than Ignis who is in it for the long haul.  He is also the worst at running, through no fault of his own I would like to add.  The injuries he sustained from the incident when he was younger did some lasting damage and he finds it excessively uncomfortable to walk or run for extended periods of time due to the pain that it can cause.

    ⚠️ semi-emergency commissions ⚠️

    hey guys! i really hate to have to bother you with this, but i’m having a difficult time at home and i need to move out soon. there’s no set date, i’m not being kicked out or anything, but it’s at a point where i really do need to move out because im being emotionally abused by my mom.

    i need to save up money and do a bunch of other stuff in order to get out of here, which is why i’m offering both visual art and writing commissions right now. obviously, as a person with a blog dedicated to self-insert positivity, i’m offering self-insert and selfship commissions! further info can be found under the cut. feel free to ask me anything you want about all this. thank you SO much for reading, and i’m very sorry to have to bring my personal life onto the blog.

    [UPDATED 10/8/2017]

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    Okay but Pidge and Hunk friendship 

    • Pidge knowing that Hunk likes advanced math theolries and so whenever they need math help with one of their programs they ask Hunk
    • Hunk getting really curious about how Pidge retrofitted the Green Lion with the cloaking technology from the training maze and so Pidge spends an afternoon showing Hunk what they did
    • The two of them pestering Coran when they have some free time in order to learn more about how the Castle/Ship works
    • Pidge and Hunk getting into really long conversations about some fancy technical concept that none of the others really understand
    • Pidge and Hunk tapping out messages in Morse code so that none of the others can understand what they’re saying
    • (It’s usually really stupid inane things but it annoys Lance so they keep doing it)
    • Hunk helping Pidge carry big pieces of machinery when they’re trying to build something
    • Hunk being the only one who really truly understood why Pidge was so attached to a robot after Rover died
    • Hunk and Pidge just hanging geeking out over nerd stuff


    If anyone knew about Ichisada’s talent, they would know that it’s how she makes a living. And they would also know that it would require machinery…big machinery…lots of machinery….she needed a lot of shit for her talent basically.

    As such, the school accommodated her, giving her a sub-level in the basement for her distillery machines, charred barrels, and everything else she would need to do what her talent entailed.

    Not a lot of people knew about it (aside from faculty, friends, and anyone who scrubs around in the school forums), so most of the time she had the room to herself.

    Although there were times where the occasional straggler would wander into the dimly lit room and end up getting hurt, or knocking something over. Which, naturally, was a pain in the ass for Ichisada.

    And it seemed like it was the case again today, she heard a rattling that was different from the noises that her machines would make normally, meaning that something or someone was doing something stupid.

    Groaning, she goes over to the source of the rattling, turning on the flashlight to see a girl who’s arm was wedged between the machines.

    “… the fuck did you manage that..?” She asks, rubbing her eyes in annoyance.

    14 years earlier,

    //When Slater enters the room to see Frank, she hides the disappointed look on her face. The child looks scared, and pained. He seems so small hooked up to all the big machinery on a cot meant for an adult.//

    Hello Frank. I’m Dr. Slater, it’s a pleasure to meet you. //She smiles sweetly at him and fishes through her pocket for a lollipop, then holds it out for him to take//

    Redesigning my Gemsonna, mostly to draw her in my style hehe. Also took the oportunity to draw a few of the creatures she likes to transform herself into.

    Amber by Ryuu Kiba
    Gender: female
    Pronouns: she/her
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Romantic Orientation: Biromantic
    Height: 6´2 .
    Weapon: Warhammer
    Gem Type: Amber
    Likes: Earth’s prehistory, animals (the bigger or more badass the better), explosions, big machinery, mountains… anything that’s majestic, huge or awe-inspiring.
    Dislikes: Being considered a liar, loneliness, not doing anything, snobs that misinform people without actually knowing what they’re talking about.
    Hobbies: Running, swimming, model-building, pyrotechnics, and reading (mostly about Earth’s prehistory… and fantasy novels)
    Talents/Skills: Despite her frame, she’s rather sturdy and can hold her ground easily. This is well balanced with her nimble moves and climbing ability (mostly with the help of her hammer).
    Personality: Happy and a bit naïve, quick to calm down (though she gets epicly furious for the short bursts). All about sticking by friends, sometimes a little too much; not quite giving them all the alone-time they need. Can have defeatist episodes, but mostly she’s optimistic if not all that self-confident.

    Featured transformations: Deinonychus (top left), Dunkleosteus (top right), Inostrancevia, and Anomalocaris


    After closing for upgrades in February 2013, the Large Hadron Collider is coming back online later this month. 

    The LHC has laid dormant, undergoing upgrades and tweaks in preparation for coming back online in the spring of 2015 for a (hopefully uninterrupted) three-year run of gathering more data. There remain plenty of unknowns for the researchers to investigate, such as the theorized existence of dark energy and dark matter, so the Collider’s future looks to be at least as busy and productive as its past. In order to spread this message and to give the public a better understanding of what the LHC does, CERN is using the present period of downtime to tour journalists around the particle accelerator’s cavernous detector stations and underground pipe network. It’s a fascinating look at how big industrial machinery is helping to answer questions about infinitesimally small things.

    About hand-made shirts

    Born as an underwear garment, the shirt has not always been like we know it today. Allegedly, in the beginning the shirts were made like pop-overs and only in 1871 the company “Brown, Davis & Co” registered the first model with frontal buttoning. Cuffs and collar were initially removable, so that the same shirt could be worn many days in a row, just changing those parts. The misrepresentation is quite common also for the shirts, so how to distinguish an hand-made shirt from a machine-made one? And what does “fatto a mano” really mean? The distinction is not so useless, considered that, according to some, “fatto a mano” means getting the fabric with the hand and putting it into the machine! Out of joke, not lots of people know these differences and the big brands are interested in keeping the consumers unaware.  First of all, it must be pointed out that an “entirely hand-made” shirt is rather unusual. A side, a sleeve or a yoke – if made by hand - can also affect the whole structure of the shirt, leading to annoying tears. Two factors are considered integral to have a good product: the fabric and the model. Skipping on the sad race of some artisans about the hand-made steps in their products, generally a good shirt should have the “Canonical Eight”. Although the name could recall dubious religious music bands, eight is the usual number of hand-made fellings that a shirt should feature. These are: armhole, button, eyelet, gusset, collar, sleeve gauntlet andcannoncino. Out of these eight, only the first two are fundamental for their functionality: the armhole for giving more flexibility in a fragile part of the shirt and the button, sewn using the crow’s foot technique, that will ensure it will never fall out. The other steps - apart from being a stylistic mannerism - only add more value to the final product, considered that more working hours are needed.  A tip: to find out whether a shirt is hand-made, look at the side seam in the point where this meets the sleeve seam. A machine-made shirt will always have these two stitchings aligned. A tailor, on the contrary, will stitch the sleeve only after the side has been closed, just like it is done for the jackets. Artisanal shirtmakers still cut by hand every single fabric, whereas big companies use machineries able to cut also two hundred fabrics at the same time. Moreover, the collar can be glued or with canvas; in the second case, fourty more minutes are needed. Ultimately, a shirt can be done by machine in about ten minutes or by hand in more than two hours and a halfand the choice of the customer will fall on what is better for his needs and budget, but it is useful to make things clear in this industry, in order to know what we are buying and not to be swindled by the big brands’ marketing campaigns.                                           _____________________ Nata come indumento intimo, la camicia non ha sempre avuto la forma attuale. A quanto pare, infatti, veniva infilata dalla testa e per vederle assumere le sembianze odierne si dovrà attendere il 1871, anno in cui la ditta inglese Brown, Davis & Co registrò il primo modello con l’abbottonatura frontale. Polsini e colletto erano inizialmente rimovibili, permettendo così di indossarla anche per più giorni. Come in molti altri campi, anche nella camiceria la disinformazione è dilagante. Come distinguere, infatti, una camicia fatta a mano da una fatta a macchina? E cosa si intende per “fatto a mano”? Distinzione di non poco conto, se si considera che per molti “fatto a mano” significa “prendere il tessuto con la mano ed inserirlo nella macchina”! Fuor di battuta, pochi conoscono queste differenze ed i grandi brand hanno interesse a lasciare invariata questa situazione di incertezza e di dubbio tra i consumatori. Innanzitutto, è doveroso acclarare che una camicia “interamente fatta a mano” è alquanto inusuale: avere il fianco, la cucitura interna della manica o il carrè cuciti a mano – a parte il costituire comprensibile vezzo stilitico – può essere addirittura deleterio, in quanto la struttura della camicia diventa in sé più debole e può portare a fastidiosi strappi. Per avere un buon prodotto, unanimemente riconosciuta è l’importanza di due fattori: tessuto e modellistica. Inoltre, tralasciando la sterile corsa tra artigiani a chi fa più passaggi a mano nel proprio prodotto, per quanto riguarda la fase della ribattitura di solito si fa riferimento ai “Canonici Otto”. Benché il termine possa rievocare improbabili band ecclesiastiche di otto improvvisati organisti, si parla in realtà dell’usuale numero di passaggi che una camicia “interamente ribattuta a mano” dovrebbe avere. Essi riguardano giromanica, bottone, asola, mouche, collo, travetto, carrè e cannoncino. Di questi otto, i fondamentali per la loro funzionalità sono solo i primi due: il giromanica, che dà maggiore elasticità al tessuto nella parte della camicia più soggetta a frizione, ed il bottone, che se attaccato a zampa di gallina non cadrà mai. Il resto serve solo a dare maggior pregio alla camicia, per il maggior numero di ore di lavorazione necessarie a produrla. Un consiglio: per scoprire se una camicia è fatta a macchina, si guardi la cucitura del fianco nel punto in cui incontra quella della manica. Una camicia fatta a macchina avrà sempre le due cuciture allineate. In sartoria, invece, la manica si attacca, come per la giacca, solo “a fianco chiuso”, ossia dopo aver cucito il fianco. Nelle vere camicerie artigianali, inoltre, il taglio viene effettuato ancora a mano, un tessuto alla volta, mentre nella grande distribuzione, si indulge all’utilizzo di macchinari che possono arrivare a tagliare i cosiddetti “materassi”, composti anche da cento o duecento pezze di tessuto alla volta. Non è finita qui: il collo può essere termoadesivato o intelato a mano, richiedendo nel secondo caso circa quaranta minuti in più di lavoro. In definitiva, una camicia può essere fatta a macchina in circa dieci minuti o interamente a mano in più di due ore mezza ed è ovvio che la scelta del consumatore ricadrà sul capo più adeguato ai suoi bisogni ed al suo budget, ma è bene fare chiarezza in materia per sapere cosa si sta comprando e non lasciarsi raggirare dai fumi del marketing.

    Bespoke hugs,
    Nice Move Jackass // Dev & Pres

    Somewhere down the line he was convinced that there were alternate universes. There was the one he existed in now, one where he might have been or is another gender, maybe one where he was an entirely new species- the list went on and on and on. The reason why he believed in such a thing was because he had a lot of time to kill. Back when things were a bit.. Rocky he spent hours upon hours just thinking in his mind without sharing his thoughts at all. Besides, it wasn’t like it was alright for him to do so anyways. Not when he was at that place for such a long time and for so many times. 

    Regardless of if anyone believed him he went about his life with that belief safely tucked in his back pocket of his mind. Today, in this universe, he had gotten up, made coffee, read the paper, and clocked in at his usual time of 9:30am to settle in with the whirring sounds of big machinery and the smell of asphalt. Working as a construction worker wasn’t the most glorious job, actually it wasn’t glorious at all, but it gave him something to do. After he took that turn in his life he was dedicated to not slide back into those affairs. 

    Over the loud clunking and crunching of the machine off to the side he argued with one of his employees about how to fill the huge gaping hole that they were constructing around. One of the buildings next to a collage dormitory had to be renovated but the streets around it were a mess. So they had been called in to do their duty and fix it so that the traffic and car wrecks would lessen. Wasn’t that big of a deal except that his boss was doing it all wrong, and it had gotten to the point where he was absolutely fed up with it.

     So as they argued everyone else had adverted eyes down to the ground as they worked. No one saw as a person darted past the barriers they had set up to keep anyone from slipping, falling, or getting injured.  It wasn’t until Preston’s eyes had glanced over towards the side did he noticed the figure hurry off. Before another second could pass he shouted and ran after the boy, needing to stop him before the kid could plummet down and break a leg from the covered, and very unsteady, hole that still hadn’t been filled. Except it was almost too late and by the time he had reached out to snag the kid they were both tripping over the edge. His body acted on instinct and twisted their positions around so he was the one crashing down onto the thin wooden surface. It shattered under him but thanks to his ass he landed with little to no harm besides the fact that he had some kid in his arms.