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#160: You Get Mistaken For Being A Couple


Throwing in some bestfriend!5sos at this lovely Sunday night! I keep claiming that I have stress over my exams but I still manage to throw in a preference once in a while… This was actually requested by an anon so thank you very much! I hope you like it :-)


“Honestly, this is the best night of my life.” Luke yelled over the loud music, his arms swinging in the air goofily while holding up his phone with the blitz turned on. You nodded your head in agreement, standing on your toes to get just a bit of the view of Ed Sheeran far away on the stage, you and Luke standing in the back goofing around and enjoying the music. Luke claimed that he didn’t want a birthday present from you, saying that just having you here on tour was enough for him. But the second you flashed the tickets in the air he couldn’t let the no escape his lips. “What’s with the having to stand on your toes thing?” He questioned as you were gripping onto his arm to steady your balance. “I can’t see anything. Not everyone is over six feet tall you know?” You giggled.  A large squeal left your lips when Luke reached down to place you up on his shoulders, steading you with his hands around your legs. “Oh my god this changes everything.” You cheered and held onto his head for support gently. Luke swayed lightly to the music, happy and satisfied that both you and he could see everything even from far apart. “Honey, why can’t we be like that couple?” A groggily woman asked a few meters away from you, looking up at her husband with curious eyes. “Well in case you aren’t aware my back isn’t what it used to be and that male is almost built perfectly to carry his girlfriend!” He argued and a blush appeared on your cheeks, and not just from the heat in the arena. You could feel Luke’s body vibrate with laughter and you looked down at him with wide eyes. “I am built to carry you.” He giggled; ignoring the last word the male had used and you shook your head by his almost teasing smile and looked back at the stage. “Should we say anything?” You asked and leaned your cheek against his hair. He shook his head and looked up at you with a smile, “I guess they won’t understand the term of being best friend. But come on. It’s fun. And definitely not the first time. Not that I mind.” You rolled your eyes by his words and smacked his head lightly, feeling his body vibrate again with yet another giggle.


“What about this one?” You questioned and lifted the eyeshadow up to your eyes, blinking them repeatedly to catch Calum’s attention and smiling up at him. Calum furrowed his eyebrows confused and looked down at the rack with other eyeshadows, “But what’s the difference between this and the other one you just grabbed?” His question made you roll your eyes and you reached down to grab the previous eyeshadow you had shown him. “This one is peach.” You lifted it up to the left side of your eye. “And this one is beige.” You lifted the other one to the other side. “Both very natural but that’s the look I’m going for at the moment.” Calum looked between the eyeshadows with furrowed eyebrows, not really catching up with what was going on. “Y/N, they both look the same?” You rolled your eyes by his lack of awareness to colors and giggled slightly. “No matter what the question is, always say yes to the girlfriend.” A guy whispered over Calum’s shoulder and a laugh escaped Calum’s lips. “You tell me.” He grinned over his shoulder and saw the guy being dragged around by his girlfriend, her eyes focusing on the makeup brushes on racks. “Calum.” You whined and pinched his arm, feeling his body vibrate with laughter by his teasing smile. “What? The guy says the truth?” He grinned and watched as the guy was dragged towards mascaras and eyeliners on the rack a few meters away. “Why do people always mistake us for being a couple?” You questioned while looking between the two eyeshadows, deciding to go with the beach one and placed it down in your basket. “Because I always allow you to drag me into all these cosmetic stores?” Calum responded like it was obvious and looked down at you with a smirk. “Luckily enough I’m one of those who actually don’t mind these kinds of things. You could call it a potential boyfriend.” He swung his arm around your shoulders causally and looked ahead of him with a smile, trying to ignore your burning eyes. “You’re a goof sometimes you know that right?” You questioned but didn’t remove his arm from your shoulders, heading towards the cashier with the eyeshadow and other supplements in your basket. He smiled simply and nodded his head agreeing, following you right in your heels.


”Okay so two big macs with cola, a large milkshake and a package of nine chicken nugg- ow I mean a package of twenty chicken nuggets.” Michael yelped the last part by you pinching his bicep, the poor boy almost knocking his head against the roof his car. He looked over his shoulder with a teasing smile, seeing you sit with your knees up to your chest and fits of giggles escaping your lips. “That would be all.” He added and placed his hands back on the steering wheel, driving towards the next window in the McDonalds drive and stopped the car the second you guys had to wait for your food. “You have become so greedy lately.” He commented with a smirk and leaned his head against the cushion of his chair. “It’s chicken nuggets we’re talking about. You can never not get enough of those.” You giggled and leaned the back of your head against the window to look at him. You loved spontaneous tours like this. Michael picking you up at one A.M because none of you could sleep. Especially when he was the one begging to pay. “One day I’ll let you think that we’re going to a McDonalds and instead we’re going to a vegetarian café. Imagine your face when you’re drooling over those nuggets but they’ll serve you broccoli instead.” “Like you would survive that yourself.” You stated and crossed your arms. Michael grinned lightly and nodded his head agreeing, excitement filling both your eyes when the McDonalds lady opened her window. “So here we have two big mac menus and a milkshake.” She reached her arm out for Michael to grab the brown back and he placed it in your lap. “Oh and the nuggets of course. Assuming it’s for your lady.” Your lips parted slightly by her words but Michael simply grinned and grabbed the nuggets. “Thank you.” He laughed and pressed down on the speeder, driving out of the McDrive and onto the road towards the beach. “My lady.” He commented and smirked over at you shortly. You rolled your eyes by his comment and reached down to grab a nugget, the amazing taste exploring in your mouth. This wasn’t the first time you were mistaken as a couple of definitely not the last time. “I like the sound of that.” He added and looked at you as he waited for the green light, opening his mouth and indicating that you should put a French fry in his mouth.


“#DareAsh I dare you to kiss Y/N. Are you kidding me, why do these questions keep floating in this hashtag?” Ashton asked confused while looking down at his phone, his thumb scrolling down on the screen to see through the hashtags on Twitter. The Twitcam in front of him was progressing really well, for once he was on time and the screen wasn’t blacking out like it would use to. It had been months, probably years since he made one but today was going to be different. “Because apparently people ship us.” You responded from the kitchen, looking over your shoulder to see Ashton already stare up at you with furrowed eyebrows, his bum placed on the bar chair. “And because people always mistake us for dating.” You added and took out the popcorn from the microwave when they were done, filling the bag in a bowl and took a seat next to him. “I’ve never understood why though.” He said with wide eyes and rested his arm on top of your bar chair, looking down at the questions both floating on Twitter and in the twitcam chat room. “Maybe because of that. You always have a secure hand around me.” You commented and filled your mouth with popcorn. “That’s because I always have to protect you! Have you seen those crowds of girls? If I let go of you I swear you’ll drown in between them.” “That’s not true.” You argued and threw a few popcorns at him, laughing when his eyes widened in shock. “Even our security guards think we’re dating. I don’t even think I have count of how many times I’ve had to correct them claiming that you were not my girlfriend.” Ashton took a look back at his phone to check the hashtags, scrolling through it. “I am a great girlfriend. I’m just not Ashton’s.” You said towards the camera, smiling slightly. “Yet.” Ashton mumbled sneakily making your tear your eyes away from the screen, looking at him with a ridiculous look but also with a smile. “Really?” You questioned and it made him laugh out loud, look up from his phone and blow you a sneaky kiss. “They will for sure gif that moment.” You declared and focused back on the popcorn, filling your mouth while Ashton started to read up dares for you to do.


Oh dear, I haven’t been updating my food blog! I promise I will more from now on! This post was supposed to be up on New Year’s Day… my 10 year Vegetarian anniversary! Rico & I celebrated by going to Doomie’s Home Cooking in Hollywood & sharing a Vegan “Big Mac” and some jalapeño poppers! The Vegan Big Mac isn’t on their menu, it’s on a “secret menu” you can just ask for it & they will get it for you :) It was so delicious, definitely a great way to start the new year!

Preference # 1. How do you meet


In a Vans shop. You worked in the shop while he was looking through some clothing racks.

 “Excuse me, but do you have these in size 8?” He asked. You looked up. He was a very hot boy. You blushed. “Yes, I’ll look.” You mumbled. When you came back, you handed him the shoes. He didn’t even look.

“I’m Luke.” He said. “I’m Y/N.” You replied. “Beautiful name.” Luke said grinning. “Can I take you out for a coffee?” Luke asked suddenly. You blushed. “My break is in ten minutes.” You said.

“See you then?” Luke asked. “See you then.” You confirmed.


At his football game. You were cheering for your brother. You didn’t even know why you were cheering. They didn’t need it. They were too good, they totally crushed the other team.

After the match, your brother asked you if you wanted to come to the party. You nodded, hot boys and drinks? Why not.

Once at the party, you were all alone.

“What’s a beautiful girl like you doing here all alone?” You heard someone whisper in your ear. You turned around. “Hi, I’m Calum.” He said. “I’m Y/N.” You mumbled. “Your eyes are the most beautiful color I’ve ever seen.” Calum said to you.

You blushed, you were never good with compliments. “Dance with me?” Calum asked. You nodded and followed him.

After that, he asked your number and you kept talking to each other. After a month, Calum had the courage to ask you out and the rest is history.


“That’s Ashton.” You told Y/F/N. She groaned. “I know. You told me too many times.” She said. “I’m going to meet him, you know. Meet and greet.” You said proudly. “Good for you. I am more a Sleeping With The Sirens girl.” Y/F/N mumbled.

You knew that, but still ignored it. You hated Sleeping With The Sirens. “Well. I’m going, bye.” You said and left to your Meet and Greet.

Once there, you looked at the boys. You could say something to them. Ask for a autograph. Anything.

“Hello beautiful, what’s your name?” Ashton asked. “Y/N.” You mumbled. “Beautiful name.  “I’ll follow you on Twitter.” Ashton said. You said your twitter name and Ashton immediately followed you.

After a few days, you two started to DM. He wanted to meet you and of course you said yes. That was also the night you two kissed and the night you were Ashton Irwin’s secret girlfriend.


At the McDonald’s. You ordered a big Mac menu. Not caring about the calories. “That’s a big burger for a small girl.” Someone said behind you. You turned around. A drop dead gorgeous boy was standing there.

“Ooh, you want to help me eat it?” You asked sarcastically. “Sassy, I like it.” The boy said laughing. “My name is Y/N.” you said sharply. “I’m Michael and yes, I would love to eat that burger with you.” He said.

“I’m sorry, maybe next time.” You said before you wanted to walk away. “Yes, let’s make it a next time.” Michael said. “Here’s my number.” Michael said and gave you a piece of paper. You quickly wrote down yours and walked away, grinning.

You got yourself a date.