big mac and cheese

Witchy parenting

Charging baby sunscreen with a protection signal

A sprig of thyme, for safe journeys, tied to his big wheel.

Cauldron Mac and cheese. Kitchen witch magic won’t work if your kids don’t eat the food.

Singing spells to the baby

Using breast milk, straight from the tap, as a substitute for any liquid I don’t have on my person for spell work.

Doing ritual baths with minion bubble bath.


Bruce: Big Mac/ Diet Cola
Dick: Happy meal/ Chicken nuggets/ Strawberry Milkshake
Jason: Cheese Burger/ Vanilla Milkshake
Tim: Chicken burger/ Cola
Damian: Shaker side salad/ Pepsi
Kate: Chicken Legend/ Espresso
Stephanie: Filet-O-Fish/ Hot Chocolate
Cassandra: Beef Burger/ Latte
Duke: BBQ/ Mocha
Harper: Mayo Chicken/Fanta

Barbara: Spicy Mayo burger/ Frappe-chino
1. Your little hands cling tight to frayed ribbons with off colored green, and you can’t remember the day before when she screamed too loud because you left the dishwasher open. You finish the tie, looking down at the sloppy bow with a sloppier smile. She’ll like this one, you just know it.
2. You’re with your friend, running down the sidewalk with shrieks, and you stumble onto the concrete. There’s a sharp smack on your knees, but you just push right up with a big grin on your flushed cheeks. Your friend cocks his head and asks, “Aren’t you going to put a bandaid on it?” But you just shake your head at your skinned knees because she told you that you don’t need bandaids on your cuts. So you and your friend go back to running.
3. You come home from school, and you take off your little sneakers in the hall, listening to the silence of home. You wonder if she’ll be home tonight, but you also know not to get your hopes up, so you go into the kitchen and get out the mac n’ cheese. You sit down at the big table in the kitchen with your feet dangling, too short for the chairs, and you practice the story of the day in your head, just in case tonight will be one of those ones where she drinks at home instead.
4. You’re sitting at the table in your friend’s dining room, and his mom brings food in for both of you. His mom smiles at you and asks, “did you have a good day at school?” You smile back and tell your practiced story, and you don’t forget to tell her how good the cooking is. And that’s when you think that maybe, things aren’t how they’re supposed to be.
—  Miriam K, remembering the wrong childhood

last-to-fallaway  asked:

Mikannie head canons?

  • They are the epitome of enemies to lovers. They hated each other when they met, born out of jealousy. But, overtime, that jealousy turned to admiration, and they started to respect each other more than despise each other, and then they started to find more things to like. And eventually, they just fell together. Gradually, slowly, they grew to love each other. And everyone likes to talk about how it stared off so horribly and ended so wonderfully. 
  • They’re workout buddies. They love to go on runs together, sometimes taking a slower jog to just talk after a long day and other times in an all out race to decide who has to wash the dishes that night. They go to the gym together, lift together, swim together, etc. They encourage each other to be their best, and love to have another person at their level to workout with. 
  • Mikasa does all the cheesy romantic stuff, and it makes Annie a blushing mess. Mikasa’s all about getting flowers for big occasions, or making mac and cheese for dinner but make the apartment look all fancy with candles and everything. She uses cheesy pick up lines when they’ve been together for years. She’s the most cheesy romantic, and Annie pretends to hate it while loving it so much. 
  • Annie’s always cold, and is constantly stealing Mikasa’s jackets both at home and when they’re out. She always forgets to bring one, and Mikasa always has to pretend to be upset handing her own over (and eventually she just starts to bring two all the time.) Also, Annie’s feet and hands feel like ice 95% of the time, and Mikasa always jumps when Annie grabs her hand out of the blue or when they’re feet brush when they’re cuddling. Annie will sometimes just run her toes up Mikasa’s calves to make her squirm cause it’s too cute. 

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Knot because I love you, just because I care (Part 4 of 7)

Her visa was up. He offered to help. That’s what friends are for -right?

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“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

The ceremony had gone by quickly - their simple vows chosen as they were the most succinct - and if Killian had to hazard a guess he would have thought barely five minutes had passed since Emma had entered on David Nolan’s arm looking beautiful in a cream silk dress. Now it was over, the silver rings they had bought on their fingers, the registrar looking at them expectantly…. and a frozen expression on Emma’s face.

He’d found it almost charming when she had appeared at his door the night before, drenched and with so many questions. Since this whole idea had formed, his sole motivation had been to do a good deed for someone who sorely needed a break. Of course, when she’d mentioned a kiss, well, it wasn’t too much hardship to kiss a beautiful woman, was it? Now their friends were waiting, the registrar’s words hanging in the air and Emma looked like she was terrified.

He took her hand in his, running his thumb across the back of it, whispering, “Breathe, Emma.”

She looked quickly up at him, her expression softening as she gave him a little nod, her eyes flashing to his lips. Oh yes, he thought, you may kiss the bride.  Then, she leaned up onto her toes as he tilted his head to meet her until their lips aligned and touched for a second, just like the night before, the briefest of kisses, enough to satisfy their guests.

But as he went to pull away, she didn’t- instead, she reached up her hand to wrap around his neck, securing him in place as she increased the pressure on his mouth, teasing his lips open with a brief swipe of her tongue.

If he’d brushed off their kiss from the night before, it was impossible to do so now. She was kissing him; she led their actions, pulling him closer, her other hand resting on his chest, her lips so demanding- like-

Like it was real.

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Isobel: So, what’s on the menu big bro?
Kit: Mac&Cheese doesn’t sound bad, right?
Isobel: Revolutionary. Just like yesterday.
Kit: Give me a call when you become a chef, ok?

Kit: Ooops. I hope you like pepper sis.
Isobel: You’re the worst!

Their laughter filled the room, and the house, before so empty, so silent. They loved to play that game, in which they pretended that everything was just fine. Their parents were out for a work dinner, maybe a meeting for a new collaboration! Or again they might have gone to the opera, or to see a musical! Mom loved musicals after all. 

20 seconds.

The house oddly silent, again.

anonymous asked:

A few months ago I could barely eat drink or even shower, my eating disorder and my anxiety and depression were just taking over my life. It's 5pm here and I'm getting ready to enjoy a Big bowl of mac and cheese and some cherry soda, I'm so proud of how well I've done and how far I've came :)

this put actual tears in my eyes i’m so emotional & so proud of u!!!!!

inmyownfiction  asked:

Lauren~ if yo ever have time and you want, could you give us (me) more Jean headcanons? (modern ones, because I love the high school things lol) *hugs*

Oh my goodness, of course I can give you (and you in particular) more Jean headcanons! Modern au is my favorite too, so here we go!

  • Jean is an only child, and really dislikes it. When he was younger, his mom’s sister lived nearby, so he always had his cousins around to play with, but they moved away when Jean was five. And then he was alone. The Kirschteins lived in a neighborhood that was primarily older couples whose children were in high school or older, so Jean didn’t have many other kids to play with until he started school. 
  • Jean had a lot of imaginary friends as a kid, to compensate for his loneliness. His mom would watch him run around the house, on an imaginary adventure with his imaginary friends, and would marvel at her son’s creativity. 
  • It was also during his childhood that Jean was drawn to art. He would doodle pictures all over EVERYTHING as a child. So his father decided to channel his son’s apparent natural talent by teaching him how to sketch and draw. That was how Jean first made friends in school, with his drawing abilities. 
  • Jean is a very neat, organized person. He would always stay within the lines of coloring books, not wanting to upset the order. His room’s always decently clean, even in high school and beyond. He just likes things to look ‘nice.’ He’s not a complete neat freak, but disorganization irritates him.

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Hey friends I’m here to tell you that it’s actually 100% okay to turn to food for comfort if you’re upset and that’s what you need. I’m not gonna be that person to say to find something else.
I just got some really bad news (well bad for me) at work and since I came home I’ve been upset, in tears, messaging people for comfort, you name it. And I know that I’m not gonna feel much better for a while. I’m going to still go for my run tonight, I’m still going to drink lots of water, but honestly, right now, what’s going to make me feel better is sitting in this chair with a blanket and a big big bowl of mac and cheese and to just chill and eat and watch sex and the city and get my mind off of it. I am 100% an emotional eater and I would never tell another emotional eater not to turn to food to aid in comfort because food is so social and so cultural and people associate certain foods with certain things and I KNOW that it can really fuck you up to be shamed for eating when you’re upset.
What I will ask of my fellow emotional eaters is to still take care of yourself. Don’t let yourself binge and don’t let the guilt over what you eat keep you from your self care, from your exercise, from your water, from your healthy snack later. Do not throw your health or your recovery away because of something you ate when you were sad because you needed it.