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Okay, but in all your roadtrip fics y’all got to remember something:

Isabel Lovelace

not Doug Eiffel

is the one who asks “Are we there yet?”.

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no offence but i’m not going to apologize abt being gay OR about being angry about tumblr’s censor feature since the problem is directly linked to gay and lesbian being filtered as NSFW. this is not a coding problem. this is a homophobia problem because more and more websites including youtube are treating lgbt content as “not safe for work” because for some reason these companies believe that it’s “unsafe” for children to be exposed to same gender attraction. my sexuality is NOT sensitive content for minors because I AM the minor you are worried about

just a little practice video i’ve been working on to get myself better acquainted with my new editor! it’s pretty random, so, i’m not sure if i’ll ever finish it properly, though

basically i served a really beautiful man in work who was holding a lil bab in a sheep onesie and i couldn’t help myself

The onesie was the first thing Aaron ever bought her off his own back. They’d done the shopping for the nursery together, sure, a quiet event filled with white furniture and hastily picked out wall stencils, but the onesie was the first thing Aaron had bought for her because he wanted to buy it for her.

Ellen is four months old, when it finally fits (Aaron’s not the best judge of size, really) and Robert dresses her in the snow white material, smiling to himself as she kicks out her little legs, tuffs of blonde hair obscured by the hood as he tugs it up around her ears, the ridiculously cute image of his daughter dressed in a little sheep costume making it feel as though his heart was going to burst.

Robert tucks her little face under his chin, one hand under her wriggling bottom as he goes downstairs, cursing his choice of a spiral staircase for what felt like the millionth time since Ellen had come into their lives - it was tricky to navigate, and he didn’t like to imagine what level of absolute horror he was going to feel every time he looked at the stairs when Ellen started walking.

Ellen snuffled quietly against his t-shirt as he walked into the kitchen, Aaron standing at the sink, making them both some breakfast. They were planning a family day out, into Hotten for a few hours - a browse of the shops and maybe some lunch, the most adventurous they’d attempted to be since they’d all decided on a custody arrangement that gave Robert and Aaron a few days a week with the little one.

“Morning,” Robert greeted, pressing a kiss to Aaron’s hoodie clad shoulder. It was still hard, somedays, still hard to get past all Robert had done, how he’d hurt Aaron, but Ellen’s innocent little face and wide blue eyes were impossible not to love.

It had just taken time, and it would probably take some more time yet, but Aaron was starting to light up around Ellen, the same way he always had done with Liv, and it made Robert love him all the more.

“She looks so cosy,” Aaron grinned, playing with one of the floppy ears of the onesie, a soft smile on his face. He looked almost proud, proud that he’d bought Ellen a present, proud Robert had put it on her at all.

“I bet you wish you had one,” Robert grinned, cradling Ellen against his chest, the material of her sheep onesie soft underneath his fingertips. He was still getting used to how soft babies were, all fuzzy clothes and that soft lavender smell that lingered after every bath.

He could really like being a dad.

“I do, a bit,” Aaron grinned, easing Ellen out of Robert’s arms. He was doing that more lately, actively wanting to hold her. It was strange, to have to approach someone so tiny so carefully, but she didn’t come into the world in the happiest of ways, Robert supposed.

(She’d brought a lot of happiness along with her in four months though, Ellen  already having had brokered an awkward peace between the Sugdens and the Whites in her short little life.)

Robert watched as Aaron messed with the floppy ears on the onesie, pulling faces at a giggling Ellen, and he smiled.

Really, genuinely smiled.

It could be a good life, in the end.

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Can we pretty please with sugar on top see more baby/little Newt with big brother Theseus!? That one you posted in response to mamin's lovely post was too precious for this world!



I was talking to @limoncello-bella about how the Scamander brothers probably sleep- although it was a Newt and Theseus that shared a much closer age gap than the picture I drew :’D Since you wanted baby Newt (whom I love to pieces)

Newt probably sleeps curled into a tight ball. His body naturally taking the position of a wounded animal that was trying to avoid getting hit. The smaller he is, a more difficult target he makes. Theseus does his best to calm Newt through his restless nights and brackets his small form, limbs draped all over his baby brother. But one night, it’s Theseus that’s thrashing and crying out in his sleep. Newt wakes in alarm and holds his brother close. Hushes him softly and sings in a low voice until the other settles. He thinks it’s the least he can offer Theseus. When it’s his older brother curled into a ball, Newt offers what meager protection he can and drapes his limbs over the shaking figure. Newt only goes back to sleep once Theseus’ breath stops hitching and his muscles aren’t so rigid with fright. Though Newt always wakes up assuming his usual position, with Theseus uncurled enfolding him within an embrace because Theseus feels calmest knowing Newt is safe in his arms.


@mamin-the-troll I recall you also wanted to see big bro Theseus and baby Newt??


Something I found while cleaning out my computer files! I wanted to color it, but now I think it’s okay like this lol

I really love this part in Breath of the Wild~

I love Rhett and his beard but I hate that he’s insecure about his face. Maybe he’s mostly joking but when he reveals his face in the Buddy System S1 behind the scenes he just seemed…I dunno, embarrassed or vulnerable. And that sucks bc he is literally so handsome with or without his beard and even if he wasn’t, no one wants our rhett feeling down about his face.

Honestly the Big Bad Bazz Brigade is cuter and cuter the more I learn about it.

We have Bazz, who it’s obviously named after.

Then Gaddison and Rivan were also members.

Bazz was the leader of the club, Gaddison was called ‘The Heroine’ and they all spent time playing with Link as children. Honestly, did Nintendo need to make backstory like this? Probably not but I love them for it. It’s nice to see references to Link’s past ;w;