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You come home one night, and you catch Tom shaving his beard. Devastated, you ask him why he would do that, only for him to reply, “I feel better shaved, darling”. You silently curse him because you were looking forward to that beard burn later that night.

{ By: Anon } 

It’s time to work through the self doubt, my dreams need to be accomplished.
—  Affirmation of the day.

My outfit was cute today! 💛✨🎈💎💫🚀 (they/them)




Art for Concocting an Apology by @plechka for @philinda-big-bang-2k17

He briefly looked in the direction of Garrett trying to offer someone else the concoction and rolled his eyes while continuing his story. That’s when the idea hit her like a freight train at full speed. It was stupid, careless and potentially dangerous, but she had to do something. Taking resolute steps toward Garrett, she stood next to him until she saw Coulson look in their direction again. Before he could look away, May took the glass from Garrett’s hand–much to the cadet’s surprise–and raised it towards Coulson in a toast while locking eyes with him.

He stopped talking and flashed her an incredulous look, raising one eyebrow and pointing a finger at her. That was all the encouragement she needed as she raised the glass to her lips and downed the disgusting liquid in one long gulp, shocking everyone around her

The origin and evolution through the years of the special way in which Phil and Melinda apologize to each other and move forward together. It involves a staggering amount of alcohol, emotional vulnerability, and a night for one of them to remember and one of them to forget. (Author’s summary)


You can hear Andrew at 22:30, 36:10 and 42:00! And he sounds so wonderfully evil…😍


Young Sheldon (1x04) x The Big Bang Theory (2x02)

A kid I’ve been working with for 2.5 years gave me a compliment for the first time today. He told me my dally was really nice and that his class missed me being with them… and I was just like… who are you?? He’s been my shadow since I’ve started to work with him and everyone knows that he loves but he’s never verbally shown any type of love and omg I coulda cried 😢😢

I seriously love working with youth and I seriously hope all of my poc followers consider youth work or volunteering.. our youth needa see us and how we are there for them

Huevember 2017 Day 18
This is a picture for @dicaxasinus who commissioned me (thank you!) to draw their OC Morgan and his Pokemon partner Lucario from their Fanfiction “A Story Half Remembered.” It’s a really great story! Be sure to check out their work!


She gay. ft. Maude Amell

Just some shapeshiftin’ girlfriends. No big deal.