big love for this

one little genius thing that i picked up on when moriarty was dancing was that he pretty much YANKED the earphones out just before freddie finished the line “i’ve fallen in love”, almost mocking love and sentiment, then went on to say he likes to bask in the afterglow through cuddles and if that contradiction itself is not bang on characterisation i don’t know what it is

my favorite part of mchanzo is them helping eachother, both men are on the run from something with a past that lingers on them like a bad aftertaste and just the thought that they would be able to understand eachothers pain even though they came from very different lives with similar concequenses.


i love it platonic or romantic i just love the fics/art/comics where they help eachother out

They’re here!! @alpha-eos wake up!!! We have eggs!!! @tinyomega-s did so good, you should be proud of him!! He’s gonna need lots of TLC tho. @leafy-omega @alphanarc we have!! Eggs!!

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what's the elite gc?? are u in it?? I'm so confused

an ironically named gc between me and some friends that. really isn’t a big deal but apparently is to a lot of other people