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aaaah I’m so happy you liked her, and that you’re interested in her!
If you’re wondering who she is, she’s Sora, my OC from MHA -> link

So, here’s some fact about her (soon I’ll make her official reference sheet for the UA school! è_è):

• Basically, her quirk is divided in two: she can control the 2 rings that levitate around her up to 1 mt, and from those rings she can create masses of manipulable but almost unbreakable ectoplasm. 
• Her mother has a quirk that allows her to create and control a full set of 5 rings (like the ones Sora has), that she uses to fight; her father’s quirk makes him vomit a gel-ish solid ectoplasm from his mouth, and create everything he wants (like puppets, or object ready to use). Sora has a weird combination of that 2 powers (she can create everything from thei rings)!
• She’s born without her arms. It’s nothing related to her quirk, or the ones from her parents, she was just born with phocomelia, so her arms never formed during her mother’s pregnancy! So, actually she’s kind of lucky to have a quirk that allows her to compensate her handicap.
• Her quirk showed very late, when she was 8 yo, when she was about to give up of her hopes to become a hero. She passed all the following years training so hard not just to control her quirk, but also to increase her resistance: now she can basically mantain her quirk active continually.
• Even if she can move the rings anywere and she could create everything with the ectoplasm that comes out from them, she always tend to create arm-related stuff: different kind of arms (even if her favourite ones, the ones that she always “”wear”” are not human, but kind of beasty and big), limbs with weapons, or simply wings! Still, sometimes she moves her rings in positions other than her shoulders, and create other stuff (stairs, chairs, sledges, everything.)
• As I said, she trained to create wings: she’s not really able to fly for long distances, but she can make quick and short flights ( no more than 5 minutes, then she’ll be too tired to do anything else), or glide from an high place.

So, let me know if you like her, and I’ll maybe tell you more!
Thank you so much for your interest ♥

Sometimes I have to laugh at the galra designs, from a purely affectionate frame of mind, because like. They’re so goshdanged lanky.

When they’re in action or in movement it’s all fluid and streamlined and intimidating looking, like- this species was probably developed at least partially to run down prey in a savanna or comparable setting like a pack of hyenas or a lion pride hunting- they’re built like sprinters, with those long, whippy limbs and big powerful hands.

But just hanging around, they look. Kind of hilarious, honestly, like. there’s just too much limb and shoulder for their head. If Kolivan, Antok and Ulaz didn’t have their fingers curled their fingertips would be on a level with their knees. They’re practically noodle people. Even more sturdy-built ones like Antok, Morvok, and Varkon have that whippy, elongated quality to them- stark with Morvok because he’s not even particularly tall, making his proportionate gangliness even odder-looking to a degree.

And I mean, on a general level, the looking a little silly thing is pretty much par the course for most creatures in nature. A cheetah could sure mess me up but their body and legs look too long for the rest of them. If anything that similarity between cheetahs and the galra might suggest galra are generally built less for endurance and more for sprinting, which would be reinforced because a common tactic in the Blade of Marmora’s fighting style is taking opponents on at a full run. (Keith does this too, even!) Big ribcage for big lung capacity, quite possibly a larger heart, long legs with (generally) well-defined calves and thighs- probably a build for running.

…Now I’m stuck on stuff I’ve said before about prey drives, and if the galra are more adapted to run things down rather than ambush them, they’re probably pretty good at tracking movement. Especially smaller things running in front of them. 

Heart on the Line (part 1)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1516
warnings: smutty smut smut and dirty talk (future chapters)

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shout out to when i used to draw chara like……. that

Astrology And Physical Appearance

Part 1 
Rising Sign 

 Your rising sign affects 50-60% of your look 

Aries:  Aries ascending usually gives extremely masculine traits (Thick eyebrows, high cheekbones, wide forehead, pointed chin, Strong bone structure, fierce eyes,  etc.). Their height tends from medium to high. They are usually slim without curves. Their hair may be red or blonde (sandy blonde or platinum blonde). Aries Rising may be with a darker/tanner skin coloring and there may be scars or marks about the head.

Taurus:  Taurus ascending usually gives harmonious facial traits (full sensual lips, the lower lip is full and may stick out a little, the nose is round-shaped or turned up, button nose, great skin, the eyes are often dark and rounded, long lashes, delicate bone structure, etc.). Their height is usually average and their body is solid (not necessarily plump or fat) with pleasing proportions. Their hair is thick and shiny, usually wavy and tends to be in darker shades of blonde or lighter shades of brown. The calf muscles are nicely sized and well defined and the neck is  noticeable (thick or long yet elengant).

Gemini:  Gemini ascending usually gives expressive facial traits (Well shaped high forehead, the nose is often very long and straight, sparkly and small eyes, usually dark colored, puffy eyes) , thin lips, bony face, etc.). They are tall and slender. Their hair is usually curly and may be dark brown. They have long arms and legs. The skin is a pale color, but can tan. They have beautiful hands with long and lean.

Cancer:  Cancer ascending usually gives very feminine, doll-like facial features ( Dreamy big wet eyes, round face with apple cheeks, high cheekbones, moony look, arched thin proeminent eyebrows, small mouth with full lips and wide smile, upper lip is fuller, beautiful skin, etc.). They are are often medium height and nicely curved. They have a beautiful large breast with long limbs compared to the trunk. Feet and hands are delicate and small. Their hair is usually dark and thick and their skin is pale and light. They may be fat.

Leo:  Leo ascending usually gives strong, feline-like facial traits (thick and long aquiline or flat nose, thick proeminent eyebrows, almond shaped eyes warmed colored, cat like look, wide forehead, wide face, large mouth with thin lips, etc). Their height tends to be average and their body is strong with regular legs. Women may have big breast. The skin may be tanned and the hair tends to be red or blonde and thick.

Virgo:  Virgo ascending usually gives gentle, delicate facial traits ( petite delicate nose, clear and bright eyes, delicate and symmetrical lips, teeth like pearls, wide forehead, narrow V shaped chin etc.). The height is usually average and their body is remarkable and slender with regular legs and they may have big or flat stomach. The skin tends to be darker and the hair is usually dark colored and straight.

Libra:  Libra ascending usually gives great, regular facial traits (well defined long and narrow nose, long face usually heart shaped, heart shaped lips, defined cupid’s bow, soft eyes, facial dimples, etc.). They are usually tall and slim. They may have small, pretty hands and feet. Their hair is smooth, light, wavy sometimes curly and their skin is usually light. The women are usually flat, but sometimes they may be curvy.

Scorpio:  Scorpio ascending usually gives hypnotic facial traits (magnetic deep dark almond shaped eyes, fixed look, roman or concave nose, proeminent eyewbrows, long lashes, etc.) The height is usually above average. Their body is strong, muscular type and women are usually curvy. The skin and hair is usually dark. The hair is sometimes curly or wavy. They may be fat.

Sagittarius:  Sagittarius ascending usually gives androgynous, youthful facial traits (Wide forehead, sparkly bright eyes, aquiline nose, narrow V shaped chin, thin lips, high cheekbones etc.). They are tall and their body is usually lean ( sometimes women have curves ). They have long legs and their skin may be problematic. Their hair is dark and thin. They may have great, big asses.

Capricorn: Capricorn ascending usually gives mature, goat-like facial traits (big ears, nice serious eyes, really bony face, high cheekbones, thin and flat lips, usually crooked teeth, wrinkles or fine lines, etc.). They can be short to tall. They are lean and their body is flat. They may have crooked legs or scoliosis. Their skin may be dark and dry and their hair is thin and very dark, often black.

Aquarius:  Aquarius ascending usually gives distinct, lovely facial traits ( bright big eyes, really long lashes, proeminent square shaped eyebrows, great skin, upper lip is thin, wide smile etc.). They are usually tall and lean. Women have nice small breast. They may have beautiful long legs and their hair is usually thick, straight, smooth and light, often blonde.

Pisces:  Pisces ascending usually gives dreamy facial traits (really large round or bulging eyes, often light colored, nice shaped often thick eyebrows, delicate skin, arched forehead, big or flat nose, wide mouth, etc.). The height tends to be short to average. They may have short limbs, big breast. Their hair is fair, often dark and smooth. They may be pale and silky. They may be fat.


i tried making some of the babies a little less sinfully ugly..

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What are you headcanons for the body types of the Dragonets of Destiny?

this is such a cool question! let me show you-

for tsunami i imagine her being kind of round and muscular, pretty bulldog-ish in build. average height, but all around pretty…thick i guess. could easily punch anyone’s lights out, and has a cute lil tooth gap <3

for glory i imagined her really lithe and slender, with narrow triangular wings and a pretty pointed snout. a pretty eager posture and a very loosely curled tail

for starflight i imagined him as really awkward, with a rounded nose, dorky glasses, and kind of a scrawny-ish frame, but with thicker legs. rlly awkward and uncoordinated and always fidgety

for sunny i pictured her as pretty boxish, and small/short, but not really proportioned any different than a standard sandwing (a little shorter legs and a slightly nightwing-y frame). pretty petite. 

and clay i imagined as big and barrel-like, with a round chest and big strong limbs and wide, flat wings and a biiiig squishy tail

aaaand ill toss in how i stack them all up, height wise, bc i had all these sketches at once. 

thank you for asking! this was fun to think about <3

hc that nursey and dex are secretly really good at what the other person is majoring in

nursey secretly is a genius and is actually super good at pretty much all STEM subjects, but he grew up reading a lot and while he’s great at all of those typical nerd subjects he’s only really passionate about lit and poetry which is why he chose english as a major

meanwhile dex is actually a literature NERD and he did really fucking well in high school english and he really loves writing, and for the longest time he wanted to pursue that, but because of his upbringing he decided to pursue comp sci as a major. and he isn’t even particularly good at comp sci and engineering and maths??? but he chose a major that was ~practical~ and would give him the most job prospects bc after his childhood in a small town where everyone knew everyone, he wanted out, he wanted to leave, and he knew to do that he needed a steady source of income, had to earn enough money to actually sustain himself.

so on top of nursey being attractive af and kinda annoying, dex kinda resents him for basically going after the future that he really wanted. dex HATES that nursey essentially has everything he wants

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A character that could have been one of my favorite in 2012 series IF his design wasn’t a big ball with limbs and random spikes coming out of it and if he didn’t just suddenly become a good guy without any shown realization.
This is why I slightly redesigned him for my genderbend AU and made her one of the worse bad guys in it. Like c'mon, Slash could have been such a scary great villain, he prectically knew everything about the turts!
Also female turtles are bigger than male turtles and because, if I’m simple, Slash’s mutation is ¾ turtle she’s also bigger than the male Slash. No wonder Arty’s intimidated!

Ascendant and Physical Appearance

I’ve recently read into (Evangeline Adams’ book on rising signs) what your rising sign has to do with your appearance and it’s pretty interesting so I thought i’d make a post about it, it may even help people guess other people’s dominants in their chart.
Before I get started though, it is very important that people read this part; this post isn’t me telling you what YOU look like (Especially for those people who only know their sun sign, for the love of God, do not use only your sun sign); this is for you to use as a tool to understand why you look the way you do (ex. why is it that my hair grows excessively, why do I have high cheek bones, why do I have a square chin, etc.) AND to help you guess the dominant of others.
The second important thing you should know before you read the descriptions; Harmonious aspects contribute a lot to appearance. What this means is that even though your Ascendant may be Capricorn, you may have a lot of fire conjunctions and trines which will contribute greatly to your appearance or you may have a planet that sits closely to your Ascendant that will modify parts. Also, if your Ascendant happens to be a mutable sign, the affects of other planets will almost always change or contradict the description of your Ascendant’s appearance
If you don’t know the strong influences in your chart, I would suggest having someone help you look at it if you don’t know how.
Finally, you should know that these descriptions are the extremes of each sign, they are the purest form of each ascendant which is very rare for a person to have.
So if I receive any messages saying something like “the way you described Sagittarius is nothing like me!” Well, you obviously didn’t understand or read anything I wrote before reading your description because chances are, there is some other influence in your chart that is contributing greatly.
Alright, lets get started.

There are two types of Aries appearances, the masculine/active Aries and the feminine/passive Aries. Regardless of sex or gender, a person can have either type.

Masculine Aries: Their movements are spasmodic and assertive. They are usually tall, slim, and muscular. Their body is very well formed and rarely accumulates excessive fat. Their forehead tends to be a prominent feature. Hair is often reddish or light brown. Eyes are cold a possess a keen and haughty expression. They have straight standing out noses, a thin mouth, and sharp chin.

Feminine Aries: They have a rounder head compared to Masculine Aries. Their eyes are pale and wider, they carry a timid expression. Their nose is fleshier than Masculine Aries as well as they have fuller lips and a rounder chin. 

Their movements are much slower compared to a Fire or Air elemental. Their body is overall thicker, including their shoulders which tend to be very prominent. Their limbs are somewhat shorter in proportion to their body. They have a square shaped face. Their face is strong-willed with a sense of affection. Their hair is usually dark, in rare cases almost white, with a crinkly texture. Their eyes are also dark. Their nose is usually short and plump, their lips are full and voluptuous.

Their movements are swift and their eyes dart around in awareness. Overall their body is quite small and slim with long arms and fingers. Their hair is usually of a blonde shade. Their eyes come in colours from grey to brown. Their complexion is sort of pale. Their lips are usually small and thin and their nose is long and aquiline.

The Cancer appearance again is divided into passive/feminine and active/masculine, but they do share some similar traits. One common Cancer trait is that even if they are not plump in their early years, they tend to accumulate it in their early years. Also again, regardless of sex or gender, a person can possess either active or passive traits.

Feminine Cancer: Movements flow like water, obviously. Their face is round and flat with a very pale complexion, similar to the moon. Their mouth is large, nose is snub, eyes are large and pale. They have arched eyebrows that give a curious expression. Hair is usually blonde, but in cases where it’s black, it is very straight and lacks shine. Their body is short with rounded limbs. In women, they tend to have nicely shaped breasts as Cancer rules over motherly duties.

Masculine Cancer: Their face is aquiline instead of round. Their complexion holds a pinkish-rubicund colour. Their mouth is thin and firm. Eyes still pale, but piercing. Their body is sort of clumsy and plump.

The Leo type is divided into two different kinds of Leos, the Noble type and the Degenerated type.

Noble Leo: Ruled by the sun, they represent sort of a masculine beauty. Their movements are proud and quick. They have a frank expression. Their complexion ranges from dark and ruddy to clear and rosy. Hair is usually blonde, sometimes reddish. Their hair can be quite prominent when it is grown out like a mane. Their eyebrows hold an expression of bravery and challenge. Their forehead is high, but overall their head is equally proportioned. Their eyes are fearless and commanding. Their nose is neither very large nor very small and is straight. Their mouth is well shaped and small. Chin is rather square. Overall their limbs and body are well proportioned, but hips tend to be slim and shoulders to be broad. 

Degenerated Leo: Easy to spot, they have sort of a “bull dog” type face. Complexion is almost always dark and flushed. Their whole face seems pinched and squinted. Their body is a lot smaller and weaker from the noble type, but still broad.

Their appearance is often modified by other influences in their chart; it’s rare to find a pure Virgo. The Virgo appearance is divided into the Earthy type and the Mercurial type, they are very different from each other.

Earthy type: Movements are slow, as earth signs typically are. Their head is pretty large for their body. They have wide nostrils, the nose is sometimes the most prominent feature of their face. Their eyes are clear and small with a cunning expression. Their lips are small and narrowed. Their body can be very oddly proportioned and limbs ill set. Their hair can either be light or dark and it’s very striking and either crisp or wavy; it tends to stand up away from their forehead which is a strong characteristic of an Earthy type Virgo.

Mercurial type: The more common type of Virgo you’ll see. Their bodies are very small, well proportioned and active. Their face is feminine and long with small facial features. Their hair is usually like brown and their eyes are usually grey or hazel, sometimes blue. Their eyes have a intelligent expression. Their nose is small and straight, still with the wider nostrils. Earth signs tend to be thicker, but for Virgos, they tend to stay very thin and their movements are quick like an air sign.

They are divided by two types, the Venusian and Saturnian/Scorpio type. Their movements are graceful as air signs tend to be.

Venusian type
: Their body is small, delicate, and slim. Facial features are small, soft, and pleasing. They tend to be callipygian (nice butt hehe). Their complexion is usually olive-ish and their hair is very dark with a glossy warmth to it; it is usually very straight. Their nose is small and Grecian, straight with no indentation on the bridge. Their lips are dark and seductive.

Saturnian/Scorpio type: Their body is much more muscular and square compared to the Venusian Libra. Their shoulders are prominent and square. Their eyes are more intense and somewhat sinister. There is something mysterious about Saturnian/Scorpio Libras. Their complexion is courser compared to Venusian Libra.

There are two types for this one, the masculine/active type and the feminine/passive type. Any gender or sex can possess either type.

Masculine type: Their hair is usually very thick and dark, sometimes curly. Their face is square, similar to Leo, but their cheekbones are much more prominent. Their eyes are deep-set and intense. Their nose varies, but always carries an aggressive and powerful expression. Their mouth is large and compressed usually. Their jaw is square and strong. Their body is thicker-set, but strong.

Feminine type: Their face is usually a perfect oval and they have an overall alluring expression. Their lips are full and loose. They have a body that is thinner and smaller. They tend to get moles and dark freckles.

They have a finely proportioned head that is slightly long. Their eyes possess a similar dreamy look to Pisces; they are usually a grey or light brown colour. Their nose is long and straight; a Jupiter influence will tip the nose down almost like a hook, while a strong moon influence will turn it back up. Their chin is narrow and rather pointed. Their hair is usually auburn. Sagittarius can be easily recognized by their doe-like expression/face. Their complexion is a rosy pink. Their bodies are some what similar to Libra, but more athletic as fire signs typically are. Their movements are graceful, restless, and active. Their legs are long and prominent.

Their movements are slow, again just as earth signs are. Their skull is broad and their forehead is high. They have small, piercing eyes. Their nose is long and bony, mouth is thin and compressed. Bone structure is the most prominent part of their appearance; they are tall and lanky, limbs are big boned and long. Women with Capricorn influence often complain about having too much hair. Their expression is intense and kind of bitter. Wrinkles appearing early in life is common, but despite aging, they tend to keep keen eyesight.

Movements are graceful and swift. Their skull is broad compared to length, their face is long and oval. Their hair possesses a beautiful glint, it is usually curly. Their eyes are slightly wider set apart, the colour ranges from hazel to blue; they are large and luminous. Their nose is neither very long or very short, nor very thin or very broad. Their lips are of medium size, but somewhat thin. Their body is very average and well proportioned; not very robust though. Aquarian men tend to be a little effeminate while Aquarian women tend to be a bit masculine.

Their face is very soft and rounded. Their eyes are very prominent: dreamy with almost a sleepy expression. Their lips are full, their neck is short, shoulders are round. Their hair is usually brown. Their limbs tend to be short and squishy.

What the signs make me think of:


debating, red, skipping classes, tornadoes, fireworks, gymnastics, colorful/bright colored hair, Pretty Little Liars, camping, looking someone in the eyes, loudest person in the room, catfish, long drives, manic happiness, protecting friends and family. 


hoodies, earphones always in ears, flower gardens, tropical destinations, clouds, singing disney songs, high cheekbones, music festivals, keeping promises, hand holding, a set bedtime, genuine smiles, secret santa, iced tea, napping, the rock in a relationship.


full lips, a creative blog, leggings, getting distracted, talking for hours, shoe collections, crop tops, trap music, baby face, late night conversations, kites, lemonade, knee socks, sleepovers, blue skies, going braless for a day, driving recklessly, dinner parties. 


rainy afternoons, a full moon and gazing at it, cuddles, fluffy pillows, never giving up, tumblr, the lump in your throat and holding back tears, the ocean shore, giggles, cheek kisses, silver, baking, wavy hair, raindrops, birds chirping in the morning, soft piano melodies.


loud and long laughter from the gut, big hair, long limbs, entertaining stories, gold, singing in the shower, public speaking, bonfires, taking selfies, old school R&B, tight hugs, Pocahontas, comedy, squads, big sunglasses, empowerment, a hot summer day, a large ice cream birthday cake.


details, correcting what people say, clean and simple style, pony tails, a neat and sectioned study desk, cute plants, shyness, memorizing lyrics, smell of a new book, winged eyeliner, Belle, exercise mat, saving money, giving constructive criticism to people you care about.


gossip, friendly smiles, pink, perfume collections with pretty bottles, waist trainers, red wine, flirting, ballet, youtube makeup tutorials, being sassy, Instagram, flower crowns, partying, not choosing sides, getting lost in the moment, flat-ironed hair, remembering your ex.


tattoos, Lana Del Rey, dark eyebrows, motorcycle rides at midnight, blood, lip biting, leather, CSI, converse, a forest at night, chokers, paper cuts, museum dates, feeling of skin on skin, black nail polish, grins, Ouija boards, hugging, getting revenge, having a crush for a long time. 


long trips overseas, smirks, sky diving, glitter, a rainbow, piercings, taking chances, dominance, stilettos, breaking the rules, motivation, falling in love with places, archery, feeling like an excited kid on a roller coster, fruit smoothies, human rights, an unintentional insult.


serious stares, reading glasses, green tea, libraries, phobias, bohemian clothing, a windy desert, Mulan, long friendships, elevator music, firm handshakes, business suits, chocolate, hiking with your dog, fear of the dark, respecting your elders, having goals. 


world peace, unshaved armpits, yoga pants, staying up till 3 am, unicorns, astrology, telescopes, big cities, sarcasm, heavy metal, Ariel, star gazing, feeling misunderstood, Area 51, chasing mysteries, sundresses, winning, unconventionality, leaving relationships.


pastels, dreadlocks, detailed eyes of an old soul, small frame, zoning out in conversations, quiet voice, hippies, Orange is the New Black, weed, hands covered in paint, looking up at someone, sea salt, hangovers, surprises, mandalas, spirituality.

Boyfriend Kris

tao version: here!

Originally posted by lil-unicorn-yixing

  • tol bf yifan is such a great cuddler
  • his big limbs just encase you and keep you warm, chin resting on your head
  • your nose is buried in his chest, inhaling his cologne
  • “Is this the one I got for your birthday?”
  • “Of course”
  • lightly runs his nails up and down your back when you can’t sleep
  • keeps little memento’s of dates, such as cinema tickets or the jewelry item that broke on your first date so u jokingly told him to keep it
  • and he did, in a shoe box, in his closet
  • it’s not something he talks about
  • you discover it while cleaning one day but know that he would only get embarrassed if you told him. so you were super romantic & horny all that day and while he didn’t know why, he wasn’t going to complain
  • cups your jaw in those big hands while kissing you
  • then ruins the moment by remembering something stupid and laughing into your mouth
  • “babe,” he says, pulling away to explain, “the funniest thing happened on set today - “
  • won’t text you much unless he’s gone for a while, on business/filming/recording/etc …
  • couple selca’s
  • he melts when you wear his big, oversized hoodies
  • lowkey matching couples items like phone cases or shoes
  • drags you to the gym with him, not bc he thinks u need to work out but so you can admire him while he does
  • “look how much I can lift, babe, babe - are you paying attention?”
  • although he’s big and tough he’s a child really
  • he’s not jealous or insecure
  • but he does like being the centre of your attention
  • esp if there’s other guys around
  • you can cuddle up to a girl all you want (even if you’re not only into boys) but don’t u dare touch a gross male. it’s not the possibility of u cheating that bothers him. it’s that he feels like you already have a man so why even breathe in the direction of another one??? like?? I’m right here?? breathe near me??
  • holds hands but his big one engulfs yours so it’s super cute
  • randomly pokes your nose
  • has a playlist on his phone of songs you recommended
  • your family adores him
  • he’s really easy to get along with and is so respectful. he keeps touching to a bare minimum, only holding your hand or something as equally innocent. if a family member tries to cause anarchy and brings up sex he’s such an angel like :) idk what that is :) never had it w your child :) nope :) never :)
  • knocks over everything, all the time, always
  • blames u tho
  • “yifan, you just knocking over all my books, how is that my fault?!”
  • “you distracted me!”
  • “I was just brushing my hair?!”
  • “in a distracting manner! also … don’t leave books around like that!”
  • children aren’t a thing that will happen soon. but he does think about it often, maybe more than you know
  • every time he sees a child he wonders what you two would be like as parents
  • then he hears the child cry and decides that the future is a good time to have em
  • not now
  • definitely not now
  • his family likes to bring the topic up though; “ooh, when will be able to call ourselves grandparents?”
  • “Uuuuh,, idk mom,, liek not soon?”
  • flicks you when he’s bored just to piss you off
  • fights can be explosive or you both suddenly realise your mad faces are hilarious and start giggling
  • there’s no in between
  • he’s very trustworthy and stable, with the only bumps being from fights. it may take a few days but all issues are sorted out maturely. once he’s in love, he really dedicates his time to you and thinks seriously about your future together. he’s busy now with his career but every job he takes brings him one step closer to providing for his future family, to making them proud and making you proud too
: : C A L I F O R N I A K I N G : :

Writing has been awful for me lately. I haven’t been able to write anything, nothing worked, I didn’t like anything, I didn’t feel inspired or motivated enough to even try and do something for myself, and this blog has been dead for months… I know. All there was, was self pity and sadness. It’s still there but at least I wrote a little something.

I don’t know where this came from. But here’s some Dad!Harry. I apologise in advance.

                                                                 ||    CALIFORNIA      KING     ||

It’s safe to say you and Harry took the decisions regarding your relationship together. 

That’s the way it had always been and the way it has stayed after all the years. Some say it’s half the reason you two are just an amazing couple. You agreed on what to do when going out, who to invite where, the house you’d move into when you married. Everything was a joined decision. Obviously there’s a couple of things in your house and your relationship that you can tell are your husband’s idea, and some are yours as well.

The beautiful frames around the modern pieces of art hung in the living room were his choice. And the kitchen appliances, no matter how big or small, were your entire pick. But there was always input from the other person. The only thing you had no choice in and that surprised you when it arrived in the back of the mover’s truck was the huge bed. Harry had picked a California King and that was it; there was no argument because it was already there and it was staying.

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Harry in the delivery room holding his baby for the first time and being too terrified to mood out of his chair next to you

“Harry,” you yawn and gaze at the two most important people in your life, tears prickling at your eyes. He’s also crying, talking to his little bundle that’s in the crook of his arm.

“Harry you won’t hurt her,” you say quietly, reaching out your hand, “i want you both in bed with me,” you bite your lip and hold your hand out.

He finally glances up at you, eyes watered over, hesitant. You nod and he finally gets up slowly, big limbs strong and sturdy and protective, moving slowly towards you.

You hold your arms up for him to pass her to you and he cups her neck and head gently, her little bum in his other hand as he passes her, swaddled up, into your arms.

He doesn’t take your eyes off of her as he rounds the bed and snuggles in next next to you, you moving your baby girl between the two of you.

“You’re going to be the best daddy for her,” your eyes start to water again and he turns red, kissing your head.

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I think body types are also getting to me. I can't really figure out anything for teenagers. Just for babies and adults. -Karmen

Teenagers tend to be in this sort of middle ground, so I understand why it can be tricky. Too many soft lines can make them look too young (especially for older teens), and too much straight lines or curves can make them look like shorter adults. With that being said, since teenagers are going through a time in which the body is transitioning to adulthood, they kind of share characteristics with both children and adults, if that makes any sense.

After doing some looking around, something that I noticed about both teenage girls and boys is the use of subtlety. 

Equestria girls tends to be a mixed bag for me design-wise, but something that I think they do a pretty good job with is showing the difference between teenagers and adults.

As I said before, teenagers tend to carry traits of both children and adults. So even though Sunset Shimmer (right) has a slight hourglass figure, it’s not as pronounced as Principal Celestia’s (left). Depending on how far along in their teenage years girls are, things like their breasts, hips, and legs become more pronounced if they’re older, and the body shape is a little less curvy and more subtle if they’re younger.

Moving on!

For those not in the know, these characters are from Disney’s Big Hero 6. Teenage boys follow similar design traits as girls do (shorter, roundish face, big eyes, thinner limbs), though the difference is that as they get older, their jawline and shoulders grow. So as a teenage boy becomes an an adult, they typically have a more square jawline and broader shoulders. In this particular case, Hiro (far left) is about 14, so even though we can see the beginnings of his jawline starting to grow and have more definition, it’s still quite subtle, and not nearly as chiseled as Tadashi’s (middle) or Callahan’s (far right).

So in short, the traits that both teenage boys and girls share is the head shape (still slightly large in terms of body proportions), the eyes (again still quite large), thinner limbs than adults, are taller than most kids, but not taller than most adults, and defining characteristics are more subtle than adults.

I hope this was able to help clear some things up. And remember that these are more guidelines and not laws for designing teenagers. Since everyone develops differently, there can and usually are exceptions to the norm, so long as you don’t push the design too far one way or the other. 

OT3 stan mike & bill

- Cuddle sessions that last for hours where in order to get comfy they really gotta tangle up, it’s hard to tell where one boy begins and another one ends in the moonlit darkness of someone’s bedroom, they just look like a big old pile of limbs, yet somehow they all manage to find each other’s hands

- Mike sings to them both every day ; ‘I guess you’ll say what can make me feel this way… My boys’ both Stan and Bill roll their eyes & lean into him

- Stan has adopted quite the collection of hoodies & shirts that he’s borrowed (stolen) from the boys, and being the smallest of the three they usually look like dresses on him. His favourites are Bill’s baseball jacket and Mike’s burgundy long sleever, the boy’s can’t find it in themselves to ask for them back bc/ Stan is just So Cute with the sleeves going well past his hands

- Mike and Bill attend every competition Stan attends whether it’s spelling bee’s or races for his sports team, and whenever he wins they lift him up on both of their shoulders

- Every year on Georgie’s birthday the entire club go down to the quarry with homemade paper boats that they all work on, written with messages to Georgie on the inside and let them float around, and to keep it from getting too emotional Bev usually pushes one of the boys into the water from where they’re sat. They jump one by one into the water (fully clothed why not) and Bill, Mike and Stan jump in together hand in hand (bonus : see stan and mike wiping away Bill’s tears & kissing his face before they jump)

- They go to a diner every week and get a booth so they can all sit together, talking about how their week was and their futures together as they pick apart some nachos & share lil kisses thank u