big kickflip

i just saw another positivity post about progress, and not giving up, and how when you start a thing you’re always bad, but you should keep going and try again.

and i don’t disagree–it takes a long time to get good at a thing, and if it’s a thing you really want, you should fall over and fuck up as many times as it takes you to get there.

but also, like. you don’t have to. it’s ok to decide that this thing, whatever it is, isn’t what you want to spend the next five years learning. it’s ok to decide that you need a broader underlying skillset or more background knowledge before you can really commit to learning the thing. it’s ok to realise that your personal limitations are such that you’re never going to be able to do the thing. not everything you do has to be a permanent part of your identity.

we’re all fed this idea that we can ~be anything~ if we just try hard enough, and you know what? it’s not always true. it’s not always a just try harder, try again scenario. it’s ok to decide that the thing isn’t making you happy, or that you find it more upsetting than enjoyable. it’s ok to decide that this thing is causing you physical or emotional pain, or that you don’t find it fulfilling, and then just…not do it anymore.

there’s not some inherent moral superiority in never giving up, or in trying again and again and again. you don’t have to keep doing things that make you miserable. maybe in six months you find yourself going, wow, i really miss that thing i used to do. if so, cool, that probably is a just try again situation, and now you can try again! 

but otherwise, there are a million other ways that you could spend your time, and probably one of them would make you happy, so maybe you should go try to find that, instead. 

This weekend gone we went to a local waste ground spot. Here is a big kickflip from Alex on a brick bank built by some of the locals. 

Photo: Jack


Going big @venturetrucks rider @dane_vaughn with a big kickflip to get this long weekend started.

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