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Hi Ivy! Well, here I am, back to the grindstone with the Big Kahuna of Series 4 questions: why do you think Mofftiss chose to have John beat up Sherlock in TLD? They didn't have to go there, right? What was the point of going that far, and then not even showing us the emotional 'pay-off' we assume happened before TFP? Why do this if the point of the show is to portray the devotion between Sherlock and John and their journey to a legendary partnership?

Perhaps we can come at this by considering what narrative function John’s violence serves in the story.

First things first: an important part of John’s characterization is that he cannot express his most intense feelings in words. He doesn’t say the things he needs to say. 

I don’t think you can overestimate just how much John hates himself in The Lying Detective. He has failed in every way that matters to him: he cheated on his wife (as far as he’s concerned), he’s abandoned his daughter. He’s drowning his sorrows in alcohol. He’s hallucinating. John is broken. He says nothing, which means he’s not yet completely broken.

The slow breakdown of John Watson isn’t just about Mary’s death, but that does bring it to a head. It’s also about the still-steaming revelation of Mary’s past and how she lied to him from tip to tail. He placed all of his faith and trust in Sherlock, and he failed to deliver. He feels betrayed, but unable to express that. He must accept things as they are because it’s the right thing to do, but he can’t do it.  He hates himself for failing everyone he knows, and he hates everyone he loves for failing him. He is rudderless. Still: he says nothing. He hasn’t quite hit rock bottom yet.

And then he finally does.

When John breaks completely and hits and kicks Sherlock, he has been dragged into a case after forcefully pushing Sherlock out of his life, repeatedly reminded that he’s a failure even at the one thing he’s valued for (writing about Sherlock), and has to face that fact while waiting outside a loo while Sherlock get high, literally on his way to killing himself again. Then he watches Sherlock apparently falsely accuse a man of being a serial killer and then threaten him with a scalpel. Sherlock is out of control too. It’s John’s job to keep Sherlock in line, isn’t it? But what good is he at that? 

John is angry with Sherlock for letting Mary die, for betraying him, for failing to be the man John believes him to be. John hates himself for failing to live up any even a single one of his own standards. Hurting someone he loves, something he also did to Mary without her knowing it, is, I think, the ultimate expression of how broken he has become. He is there to protect Sherlock, but he does the opposite. It is his final and ultimate low. John is now utterly broken.

He does not apologize for his actions. Or at least, we don’t hear him apologize. He stands at the foot of Sherlock’s hospital bed and bears witness to the evidence of his rage, the damage he caused to someone he loves. How long does he stand there? We don’t know. How does he feel? Does he regret what he’s done? Is he ashamed of himself? He comes to say goodbye, but he can’t face a conscious Sherlock. He still can’t say any of the things that matter. 

He walks out of the room expecting to never see Sherlock again. Mary forces John to admit that he can’t stop thinking about him. And that he hates himself. Is he sorry? I think he’s beyond sorry, but he says nothing.

Until he finally does. 

I think the violence, the balled up emotions that never get expressed, are there to underscore the moment when they finally are. Finally, finally, when Sherlock asks John if he’s okay, he is truthful: no. He is not okay, and he will never be okay.

And then the floodgate is open. John says the things he never said. He asks the questions he always wanted to ask. Having reached the ultimate rock bottom, John is finally cracked entirely open. He is talking, and he is honest. And 221b blows up so that they can rebuild it and start over.

I think John hurts Sherlock in order to explode the part of him that holds him back. It is Sherlock’s guilt made flesh and blood, and it’s the action that pushes John to finally be brave to open his mouth.

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Mick/Georgie - on the Waverider or on some 2017 team up?

Fic: Patriae Pater - Plus One (Ao3 link)
Fandom: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Mick Rory/George Washington; Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: In which Mick becomes a part of history. (my director’s cut of Turncoat)

A/N: This is not the fic that answers this request. But it may serve as the prelude to that fic, if I ever get more inspiration for it. Also, this is about 90% inspired by the fact that George Washington was considered an extremely tall man because he was 6'2" in an era where people were a lot shorter - and the fact that Mick Rory, as portrayed by Dominic Purcell, is also 6'2".


“I’m gonna strangle him,” Mick says again. He does not approve of the new Rip Hunter, who had been smirking at them as they were dragged away, leaving Sara in the dirt. You don’t do that shit to your crew.

Hell, he hadn’t even liked it when Len had taken care of someone who wanted ‘out’; he knew Len did it when he was on his own, but Mick wasn’t interested in being a party to –

He’s not going to think about Len now.

“Even if they try to kill us,” he adds.

“They’re not going to kill us,” Washington says, also again. “As I’ve told you, I will talk to their commanding officer when they reach their camp and arrange a prisoner exchange. It’s the honorable thing to do.”

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this pic…. this pic reminds me of some really cliche high school romantic comedy from the early 2000s.
you know the ones where the straight white boy has a crush on his best friend who is a straight white girl but she has a crush on another straight white boy, but the Popular One, The Hunk, The Jock, The Big Kahuna.
so here we have Barry (plain straight white boy) making hearteyes at his secret crush/best friend Cisco while he is laughing and having a good time talking to Popular Straight White Boy
Barry is happy to see Cisco so happy but he wishes deep down that it was him that was making him smile like that
In the end of the movie, at a school dance probably, Cisco realizes that Hunky Boy is no good for him, and he ends up dancing the slow dance with Barry, where they kiss and admit that they have always been in love
All American Rejects plays during the credits
The End

A Little Too Late Part 3

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 3

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: violence, angst, fluff

Word Count: 999

A/N: Back from the grocery store so YAY! That was a fucking journey omg. However, I’m back home so I hope you all enjoy another installment of my Gabriel series! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3 I have a few requests left. I’ll be posting about something AMAZING today, probably after this! Anyway, to the fic! WHICH I MIGHT ADD, IS GOING TO BE GETTING EVEN BETTER AS WE GO ON!

Series Masterlsit

The four men looked around the room.  Blood covered almost every inch of the room.  This nest was in a house that was in the middle of nowhere.  Castiel counted the decapitated bodies that covered the floor.  “There are twenty-five in this room alone,” Castiel informed them.

“Gabriel must be pissed if he took twenty-five vampires by himself,” Dean remarked kicking bodies out of his way.

Someone, help me.  I’m in a dark room.

Balthazar and Castiel locked eyes.

Sam and Dean glanced at one another before glaring at the angels.  Dean tapped their arms.  “Is there something we should know,” Dean spoke, raising his voice.

“[Y/N] is alive, and Gabriel knows it too,” Castiel stated, his voice full of concern.  “She prayed for help; she’s in a dark room.

“[Y/N]’s prayer isn’t going to make Gabriel any less furious,” Balthazar added.  “We need to find him.”

“Agreed,” Castiel nodded, grabbing the Winchesters.

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Guzma redemption headcanons

Imagine all the times during their training that Hala literally picked Guzma up and hurled him across the sumo ring. Guz is a big guy, sure, but Kahuna Hala is bigger!

Imagine Guzma being overly emotional in the beginning, and letting his anger get the best of him, which leaves him open for defeat.

Imagine a certain someone sharing some friendly advice with Hala about how to “speak Guzma’s language” as it were.
“You can’t push him. He’ll only push back harder. I know he doesn’t seem like the type, but he actually responds really well to positive reinforcement. A little praise when he’s doing well goes a lot farther than reprimanding him when he screws up, believe me.” ….and then imagine Hala taking that advice to heart, and using it to help Guzma along in his training.

Imagine Guzma improving drastically, becoming more focused, and each day getting closer and closer to pushing Hala out of the ring, and although he never does manage to beat him, the recognition he gets for his improvements has such a profound positive effect on him that eventually it stops being about win or lose, and more about having fun and understanding your opponent.

Imagine Guzma learning to channel his anger through Alolan sumo, and no longer having violent outbursts when things don’t go his way. He still gets angry, sure, and that’s ok. Everyone gets mad sometimes and it’s ok! But he no longer acts on his anger, which is a massive improvement from the person he used to be.

Imagine Guzma returning to Team Skull (who is better known as Team ReSkull nowadays) and everyone being overjoyed to see him again. They’re happy to welcome him back, not just as their former boss, but as their boy Guzma!

Imagine Guzma improving himself so much, not just as a pokemon trainer, but as a person, that he earns the recognition of Tapu Bulu, and becomes the Kahuna in place of Nanu, who, quite honestly, is RELIEVED to finally be rid of the position he never wanted in the first place, and gives Guzma his sincerest (but still sarcastic) congratulations.

Finally, imagine Guzma finally being confident and feeling good about himself in the way he deserves ❤

Well babies, here it is. The Big Mama Jamma. The Mean Mother Hubbard. The Big Kahuna. The Bad Mother Fucker.  The Famous Amos.  This, my friends is a rare jiggler.  AHI made it. Anything for the Creech is rare.  Everyone loves the Creech.  What? And you don’t?  This is a fine piece.  I’m proud to have one.  Give me diploma.

“I can’t help noticing that hardly anyone ever bats an eye at my muses until they catch the attention of some popular big kahuna of the fandom, and then suddenly I’m interesting. It feels like people are just coming because ‘so-and-so said they’re good,’ rather than 'wow their muse seems so neat/I love their writing/I like their subject matter!’ Are people really that afraid to be the first to take a risk, or are my muses only worth as much as the popular canons I write with?”


Big Kahuna Omelet by Mark Co Sy

Neda was a LEGEND season 2 and this year shot got ballsy and that power went to her head. She will always be a legend. There is no debating that.

But she had to know this was coming the second her power went away. Like don’t blame Ika and act like a brat and whine and talk shit. You wanted to act like a big kahuna, then go out like one.  Even IF Ika is to blame for making Sindy put her up, it was still Sindy’s choice and the HGs’ choice to vote her out. Take your L and go.

Goditi potere e bellezza della tua gioventù. Non ci pensare. Il potere di bellezza e gioventù lo capirai solo una volta appassite. Ma credimi: tra vent'anni guarderai quelle tue vecchie foto. E in un modo che non puoi immaginare adesso. Quante possibilità avevi di fronte e che aspetto magnifico avevi! Non eri per niente grasso come ti sembrava. Non preoccuparti del futuro. Oppure preoccupati ma sapendo che questo ti aiuta quanto masticare un chewing-gum per risolvere un'equazione algebrica. I veri problemi della vita saranno sicuramente cose che non ti erano mai passate per la mente, di quelle che ti pigliano di sorpresa alle quattro di un pigro martedì pomeriggio. Fa’ una cosa ogni giorno che sei spaventato: canta! Non essere crudele col cuore degli altri. Non tollerare la gente che è crudele col tuo. Lavati i denti. Non perdere tempo con l'invidia: a volte sei in testa, a volte resti indietro. La corsa è lunga e, alla fine, è solo con te stesso. Ricorda i complimenti che ricevi, scordati gli insulti. Se ci riesci veramente, dimmi come si fa… Conserva tutte le vecchie lettere d'amore, butta i vecchi estratti-conto. Rilassati! Non sentirti in colpa se non sai cosa vuoi fare della tua vita. Le persone più interessanti che conosco a ventidue anni non sapevano che fare della loro vita. I quarantenni più interessanti che conosco ancora non lo sanno. Prendi molto calcio. Sii gentile con le tue ginocchia, quando saranno partite ti mancheranno. Forse ti sposerai o forse no. Forse avrai figli o forse no. Forse divorzierai a quarant'anni. Forse ballerai con lei al settantacinquesimo anniversario di matrimonio. Comunque vada, non congratularti troppo con te stesso, ma non rimproverarti neanche: le tue scelte sono scommesse, come quelle di chiunque altro.