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  • ah ro: shit, it's that telemarketer again.
  • sun woo: i know how to get rid of him. hand me the phone.
  • sun woo: *gives phone to han sung* okay, han sung, tell the person on the phone how grown up you are.
  • han sung: okay! *presses talk*
  • telemarketer: hello there, sir. may i interest you in a solution to lowering your electrical bill and also contribute to making your lifestyle more eco-friendly?
  • han sung: oh! me me big boy.
  • telemarketer: ... well what we're doing is calling people in your area who are interested in using solar panels as a way to save money and we would like to talk about that with you if that's okay.
  • han sung: ah... me me big boy.
  • telemarketer: ... um, i know you're busy. but if you can spare a few minutes to hear about this, i guarantee it will be worth your time.
  • han sung: *shrugs* me me big boy.
  • telemarketer: ... *hangs up*
  • han sung:
  • han sung: ... me me big boy?
  • sun woo: works every time.

Struggles every K-pop fan encounters…..

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Hello everyone! This is my introduction I suppose? I’ve been sitting in the background of the studyblr community for awhile now and I’m glad I finally made a blog! Although I don’t have a hard time in school, I’m aiming to be valedictorian and I think this blog can help keep me on track. Some stuff about me is:

Basics: You can call me Elizabeth or Lizzy! I’m a part time college student, and a full time freshman in high school. I live in southern California, but my absolute favorite place is in Mexico with my family. I’m learning Spanish and French but I can hold conversations best in English.

Likes: pastels, big sweaters, k-dramas, the powerpuff girls, sailor moon, hugs, poodles, dogs, avocados, love, and the beach! among other things :^)

Dislikes: stress, weekend homework, disorganization, yelling, dreary days

My fave Studyblrs:

@emmastudies  @izzystudies @inkstudies @studywithinspo @studyolk @milkteastudies @stedious @elkstudies @studyblr @bookmrk @ravenxlaw @focusign @librarystudies @eintsein @galiteo @artstdy @equaticns @wannabeproductive @safrr @birdkostudies @peachystudy 

Thank you all so much! You’re blogs are all so inspiring and I hope you all have a truly wonderful day ♡