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Big day for LGBT

From this day. Jan 1st 2017, transgenderism will no longer be considered a mental illness in Denmark.

We are the first country in the worls to remove transgenderism from the list of mental illnesses. We were also the first country in the world to legalise same sex marriages back in 1989. And for this I am very proud.

We may be a small country, but we do take some important steps in the right direction.

Stupid Dane
  • Denmark: Hey Norge!
  • Norway: What is it?
  • Denmark: We should cosplay as Joker and Harley Quinn!
  • Norway: ...Read the comics or we're getting divorced

biased hetalia rant (dont kill me)

why is there still argument over usuk being incest like are we gonna ignore a whole hetalia arc where america disowned him as a brother or the fact that england literally found him in a field and him, france or finland could’ve all been in the same relationship if it was one of the others who took him in instead

maybe they were “””brothers””” (term used very lightly in hetalia, france says he’s everyone’s “big brother” denmark and norway call eachother brothers when they aren’t related (unlike iceland and norway who ARE directly related) + canada and america being “brothers” who may or may not be related but we don’t say anything about that 

anyways my say is: siblings/”brothers” is a term used very loosely in hetalia by many characters who aren’t siblings at all, america was found IN A FIELD by 3 different nations, and america and england’s revolutionary war split their sibling-like relationship up and in recent times they’re basically just friends

also, i don’t support incest. incest in hetalia is mostly italy/romano, russia/his sisters or iceland/norway (who are all directly related) and more that i cant think of at the moment

hetalia has changed so much over the years (i’ve been into it since 2010) and the way himaruya writes, draws, etc is so much different then it used to be

The nordics with weapons

Denmark: Denmark is always seen with his signature axe. Though it looks big and clunky, Denmark handles it with ease; he can spin it round with his hands so fast it becomes a blur while still, miraculously, keeping his head in tact

Sweden: Sweden is best with a sword. It’s a direct, dangerous but also noble weapon.

Norway: Norway is absolutely terrifying with daggers. He whips them out before you realize he’s moved, the blade dancing round his fingers with astounding speed and thrown with deadly precision.

Iceland: Iceland doesn’t like close combat, so you most likely wont see him in battle. What you will see, however, are the flaming arrows that seemingly come from nowhere, always hitting their target dead center.

Finland: Who needs weapons? He can crush you with his bare hands. But if he’s gotta pick a weapon, it’s going to be a machine gun. He loves machine guns. He’s also pretty great with a sniper rifle.

no but imagine aph norway getting his little brother a bouncy house castle for his birthday every year and iceland getting really upset for being treated like a kid


and norway just shrugs his shoulders and runs into the bouncy house castle with denmark (which they end up breaking)

anonymous asked:

4️⃣ uuuuh, maybe the Scandinavian trio + Iceland are indeed brothers but they're not sure? How can Iceland be Norway's brother and not Denmark's (and Sweden's)?

Norway calls Denmark big bro, but this may be to piss him off. Everyone also calls each other Big Brother in this show…I honestly think everyone in the Nordics but Finland is related to each other