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HetaTube: Lang with Dan
  • Denmark: heya guys, today we're going to learn how to pronounce and translate words into Danish asked by my lovely subscribers! And helping me today will be... Ice!
  • Iceland: what, why did you pick me-
  • Denmark: okay, let's get started! 'DarkStar23' asked "How do you pronounce wheat flour in Danish?" Ooh, that's a toughie! Ice, what do you think?
  • Iceland: what? Um... Is it... h-hvede... m-mel?
  • Denmark: correct, it's hevedemel! Now, 'inkysquid63452458605873' asked-
  • Iceland: is that username necessary??
  • Denmark: Ice, be nice! Anyways, this person asked "How do you pronounce these insanely difficult words: rødgrød med fløde???" Okay Ice, show your knowledge of my amazing language!
  • Iceland:'re kidding right?
  • Denmark: haha, why would I be?
  • Iceland: um... it's... ughh... *pronounces it horribly a couple of times*
  • Denmark: hey, at least you tried your best! Now onto the next one-
  • Iceland: hey, why didn't you try??? Hey, don't cut me-
  • Denmark: A person named 'Norisbestnordic'... um, untrue. Anyways, this person asked "I want to hear your helper pronounce the word 'storebror'".
  • Iceland: oh, that one's easier. Stor-... wait a minute... NORWAY!!

And after literally months, Hetalia Big Bang is concluded!

This is my contribution: artwork for @winter-of-silver’s soccer AU fanfiction. It will be linked below in the readmore when I get the link.

This was incredibly fun. I appreciate the massive effort all the authors put in. (I have an idea; I beta’d for my best friend and it is…so long. So good. Link below.) It was my honour to put in my own massive effort on this painting.

Gilbert looks like a literal angel. Pls don’t zoom in on Alfred’s face. Matthias is being sneaky and looking right at u.

Is it way too late for me to be awake? Most definitely. No regrets.

24-May-2017 // do not edit or repost

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Denmark/Norway - June 5th

I’m in the midst of exams, but I had to write a silly little something for Denmark’s birthday! Glædelig grundlovsdag, Danmark!


“What exactly do you want for your birthday?” It was the question Norway threw at him one late Wednesday, pressed against him on the sofa with his head against the other nation’s thigh. He was stroking the seam of Denmark’s jeans- and, nose buried in his book and reading glasses perched on the bridge of his nose, Denmark didn’t hesitate to reply.

“Contact lenses.”

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Here’s my art for the Hetalia Big Bang 2017!
The fanfiction this belongs to was written by @aph-suecia
I wished I could have drawn more but the final tests and preparation for my final exams just took too much time ;-; I’d also wish my scanner would be better but welp :/
But I am sure I’ll draw more of this amazing AU.
Hope you like it  <3

anonymous asked:

How would big brother nordics react to their sister getting a boyfriend?

Love this!!!! Big Brother Nordics are one of my faves ^^

Sweden: Sve would actually take the news like a dad really. He’d be way protective and in his little way be present whenever the new bf was around. No one gets close to Sve’s sister unless he knows about it. The best thing about this guy is there is virtually like no way the boyfriend would be unable to feel intimidated. Just Sve staring at you can be like ice.

Finland: Fin is adorable because he would be happy and seem supportive but would be the kind that would probably threaten the new beau in a passive way. Like saying how much his sister meant to him and how he cared for her a great deal and would have to destroy anything that hurt his dear sister. Mentioning in passing that he was great when it came to target practice at the shooting range. Ah, so cute yet so scary!

Iceland: Icey would act like it was none of his business and that he really was indifferent,  but secretly the guy would be running every background check known to mankind on this so called new “boyfriend” of theirs. Trying to get the low down and really caring about every little detail for his sister’s sake.

Norway: Norway would be the kind that would take a little while to absorb it. He taking time to think things through, then he would either get really possessive and start babying them or become the cool type that seems totally fine but when he would get a moment alone with said boyfriend would be the silent intimidating type. Not really having to say much, Nor can give out a pretty chilly vibe and glare that says alot without saying anything at all. A big brother will always care for his little sister, no matter what in Norge’s book.

Denmark: Den sucks at keeping his emotions in check so the second his little sis broke it to him he’d probably whine and cling onto them saying that they were “too young” and “where did the years go?” and “no one is good enough for you!!” All the while literally picking them up and hugging them. Then when it came to meeting the boyfriend he’d be super, super scary, his sister having to tell him to tone it down because he was intimidating as all get out. Which would probably just make Den happy. *sigh* Good luck sis, you’ll need it!