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A photo of the night sky taken through the entrance to a glacier in Engadin, Switzerland. To get a photo that lit the man and the night sky correctly, the photographer combined two panoramas taken with different exposures. 

Image Credit: Nicholas Roemmelt (Denmark)

HetaTube: Lang with Dan
  • Denmark: heya guys, today we're going to learn how to pronounce and translate words into Danish asked by my lovely subscribers! And helping me today will be... Ice!
  • Iceland: what, why did you pick me-
  • Denmark: okay, let's get started! 'DarkStar23' asked "How do you pronounce wheat flour in Danish?" Ooh, that's a toughie! Ice, what do you think?
  • Iceland: what? Um... Is it... h-hvede... m-mel?
  • Denmark: correct, it's hevedemel! Now, 'inkysquid63452458605873' asked-
  • Iceland: is that username necessary??
  • Denmark: Ice, be nice! Anyways, this person asked "How do you pronounce these insanely difficult words: rødgrød med fløde???" Okay Ice, show your knowledge of my amazing language!
  • Iceland:'re kidding right?
  • Denmark: haha, why would I be?
  • Iceland: um... it's... ughh... *pronounces it horribly a couple of times*
  • Denmark: hey, at least you tried your best! Now onto the next one-
  • Iceland: hey, why didn't you try??? Hey, don't cut me-
  • Denmark: A person named 'Norisbestnordic'... um, untrue. Anyways, this person asked "I want to hear your helper pronounce the word 'storebror'".
  • Iceland: oh, that one's easier. Stor-... wait a minute... NORWAY!!

Don’t know if anybody translated this, but I got an ask asking me to do it so here you go :) It was a little hard to do in a good way since they jump between people all the time haha. (and lol I’m dying at her comment about Henrik’s jacket)

Interviewer: Can we hear your Noora catchphrase?
Josefine: My Noora catchphrase?
Interviewer: Maybe the one with “fiskekakene” (the fish cakes)?
Josefine: Oh god!

Interviewer: Hi my name is Petra
Josefine: Hi, Josefine
Interviewer: Hi Josefine, nice to meet you! Skam is a big success in Denmark, and we’ve asked the danish fans to send some questions. Are you in on it?
Josefine: Yes

Interviewer: (to carl martin) Why do you think Skam is a big success, no matter if people are 15 or 40 years old?

Ulrikke: Skam; feelings, the experience of growing up and find yourself, is universal. 

Carl Martin: Because it’s a series that takes the target group seriously and that dares to bring up important subjects 

Iman: I think it is because alot of people can relate to at least something. Maybe not everything, but something, in Skam. 

Interviewer: Is there any chance that you would fall for a danish person? 
Marlon: Yeah, I think so.

Interviewer: (to henrik) Why do you have your jacket hanging down there?

Interviewer: In Denmark, there are 40 year old women who’s drooling over all of you. 
Carl Martin: Yeah I’ve gotten some messages.. 
Interviewer: Is somebody writing you? 
Carl Martin: Yeah but it’s very nice though, most often it’s very nice. 

Interviewer: How was it to kiss another man? 
Henrik: To kiss another man is not much different than to kiss a woman. Except that there’s a little.. 
Interviewer: beard?
Henrik: Beard and stuff, 
Interviewer: It scratches? 
Henrik: It scratches. Now I’m lucky that Tarjei hasn’t gone that far in puberty that he’s got a full beard. 

Interviewer: Do I have the right lipstick on today? 
Josefine: It looks very good. You’re more Noora than me. 

Interviewer: (to ulrikke) Can we hear your catchphrase? 

Interviewer: (to carl martin) “kødder du?” (are you kidding?)
Carl Martin: oh yeah, “kødder du?”

Ulrikke: “William is the most good looking and funny guy!”

Rakel: “I think i’m gonna go to bed again”
Interviewer: You’re good! 

Noora: What is it that i’m saying now again… 

Carl Martin: “Eskild, you’ve taken my fish cakes!” I think it’s something along that line? But that’s not my catchphrase! 
Interviewer: Haha no, you can’t take somebody elses catchphrase. 

Josefine: “I was gonna eat two fish cakes at five o clock, and now i’m not getting any fish cakes!”

Iman: “sshhh…stop talking”
Interviewer: That’s good!!

Interviewer: Josefine can you give all the danish fans a greeting in danish into the camera? And you decide yourself what you wanna say.
Josefine: Oh i’m so bad at danish!
Josefine: (trying to sound danish).. Hi.. Denmark

Marlon: (trying to sound danish) Hi hi, Watcha doin man? For fucks sake. 

Ina: (trying to sound danish) It’s alot of fun… 

Cengiz: *mumbles something that isn’t even words*

Ulrikke: *mumbles something that isn’t even words*

Ina: .. to watch skam. 

Ina: Thank you so much for watching Skam, you’re so amazing and there hadn’t been any Skam without you.  

Interviewer: there!

Aph Nordics as things my friends have said #20

🇮🇸: I’m gonna hokey pokey my way to hell

🇩🇰: In fourth period I’m gonna airdrop my teacher the entire bee movie script

🇳🇴: We’re team 2? That’s great because I don’t want /two/ be here.

🇫🇮: (dogs name) is more relevant to me that you will ever be

🇸🇪: I need to make a mental note to myself to stop speaking to myself out loud

And after literally months, Hetalia Big Bang is concluded!

This is my contribution: artwork for @winter-of-silver’s soccer AU fanfiction. It will be linked below in the readmore when I get the link.

This was incredibly fun. I appreciate the massive effort all the authors put in. (I have an idea; I beta’d for my best friend and it is…so long. So good. Link below.) It was my honour to put in my own massive effort on this painting.

Gilbert looks like a literal angel. Pls don’t zoom in on Alfred’s face. Matthias is being sneaky and looking right at u.

Is it way too late for me to be awake? Most definitely. No regrets.

24-May-2017 // do not edit or repost

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