big hoop earring inspiration

C: This is something that has been bothering me for the longest time. I honestly cannot stand non black women copying black girl aesthetics (ex: cornrows, lip and butt injections, big hoop earrings that were once considered “ghetto”, wearing black/African inspired clothing, the whole “insta baddie” aesthetic in general). Its so frustrating to me because its just like if you turn in your homework and you get a C- while the person who copied off of you somehow gets an A+ ?? Non black women are LITERALLY profiting off of our looks, from the Kardashians + Kylie Jenner, to instafamous girls (aka Instagram “hoes” ) and black guys go CRAZY over these girls because they’re like black girls without being actually black. I don’t mean to come off as jealous but I am just tired of feeling like we are constantly being ripped off then thrown in the garbage.