big honking nose

I hate to be THAT kind of guy and start some Discourse, but I felt I had to remind everyone that as ‘funny’ and ‘happy as Clowns are always portrayed, they are a product of selective breeding from Mimes. The more ‘colorful’, the more ‘funny’, were bred and the genetic pool narrowed to give us the genetic deformities we know of today. Those big red honking noses are all laughs and cheers among clown owners, but they can lead to awful respiratory complications later in life, and the ‘funny walking’ and ‘big feet’ they’re known for will eventually wear down their hip joints and cause severe chronic pains.

I’m afraid Clowns will rise in popularity again now that IT seems to have been quite the hit, and I don’t want to seem people thinking they can take care of one and end up abandoning them in the woods when their natural pigmentation starts to fade. If your Clown doesn’t seem happy as of late, consider reaching out to your local Circus and giving them as decent and pain-free of a life as you possibly can.

Also, if you REALLY want to have a Clown around, consider going with the less popular breeds like Jugglers and Jesters, thousands of them are put down each year when they get too old, and unlike Clowns they haven’t been bred into a shambling mess of problems.