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First time for everything

AN : You are dating Colby and you two film a video about your relationship with a twist at the end ;)


‘Hello guys, I’m Colby Brock and welcome to another video. As you may have guessed by the title ( Introducing my girlfriend), today I’m going to introduce you all to someone very special and she is standing behind the camera. Y/N can you show the camera your pretty face?!’

You take a seat next to Colby and wave at the camera. ‘Hi everyone’

'Some of you may already know it but Y/N is my girlfriend. We have been dating for 5 months now. We both decided to keep our relationship quiet for the first few months because we really wanted to see if the relationship would last and we just wanted to take things slow and in that time we really got to know each other’ Colby tells the camera and you look over at him and give him a kiss on the cheek.

'Did you remember how we met?’ You ask him and Colby starts to smile. 'Yeah, we met each other in a record shop and we were both looking for the same record and at the end I bought it just to give it to you. You were blushing like crazy and you just stood there like a statue. After you thanked me, you basically asked me out by asking me to listen to it and we went to a really cute little café and we spend the whole day there just listening to the record and talking. It was an amazing first date and it will always be one to remember’. Colby says to the camera and you wrap your arms around him.

6 years later….

You are looking at the big screen as this exact video is being played at your wedding. You look over at Colby and you give him a kiss on the cheek. As the video is coming to an end you see Sam standing up from beside Colby with a microphone in his hands.

'Dear Colby, you made this video exactly 6 years ago with the love of your life and now you are married to her. I’m so proud of you for following your heart and look at what you found. Oh my god Colby, look at Y/N, you ended up with the most amazing girl in the whole world. She is your world and you are her whole world. Everyone can see it from miles away. You two are made for each other.

Dear Y/N, you are a very special girl. I’ve known you for more than 6 years and those were filled with laughter and sadness. But Y/N, you are one of the strongest person that I know and you should be very proud of yourself. I can’t believe that you are now married with a guy that looks like a freakin’ god. Damn Y/N, you are making me jealous.

Colby & Y/N, I wish you all the luck and happiness from the whole world. Congrats you two lovebirds’ Sam raises his glass and so does everyone. They all toast to the two of you.

You stand up and give Sam a really big hig. 'Thank you so much Sam, thank you’

While Colby is thanking Sam, you quickly grab the microphone and wait till everyone is quiet. You look at Colby and grab his hand.

'Colby… getting to know you was the most wonderful adventure…

It was like suddenly discovering the love of my life and my best friend all in one. There were moments when I was almost afraid that this couldn’t be real… That YOU couldn’t be real… Everything about you was just too perfect and we were so compatible it just didn’t seem possible.

But I surrendered to the feeling… let it take me where I knew I was fated to go and I’m so glad that I did because it allowed me to get to know you and in getting to know you I was getting to know myself… because YOU are the other half of me.

It was discovering new things about myself I never knew and remembering things about myself I thought I’d lost like my childlike joy and ability to laugh loudly and love deeply. Finding you brought a magic and joy into my life unlike anything I have ever known… and there is not a day that goes by I am not grateful that one a planet of over 7 billion people, I was lucky enough to find you’ you end your little speech and you are being kissed by Colby like your life depends on it. Everyone starts to clap and cheer and soon everyone is screaming the name of the two of you.

You look in each other eyes and you both realize that this is all you could ever wish for.

Daryl x Reader - All of you (30 days series)



–> DAY 1

–> DAY 2

–> DAY 3

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DAY 10: Watching the other sleep

–>DAY 11

So, I want to do this challenge with the pairing “DarylxReader”.

I’ll try to upload a story everyday, I hope you like it!

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Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Warning: FLUFF 



I’ve never been lucky in my life.

Before all of this, I was nothing but a damaged guy, beat by his father and abandoned by hig big brother.

Who did expect that Daryl Dixon would have found happiness during the end of the world?

My happiness is laying down next to me. I can’t help but run my fingers in her cheek.

Because of this action she smile in her sleep.

I remember the time before we got together.

After I lost Merle, or so I thought, I didn’t want nbody get close to me.

Despite my harsh words, and me being an asshole, (Y/n) just smiled and in the end, she took an important place into my heart.

That’s because she always smile, no matter what, I call her sunshine.

She’s so beautiful when she sleep: her (y/h/c) hair frame her face, and the expressions she makes while dreaming are adorable.

I don’t know what I’ve did to deserve you, but you change me into a better person, sunshine” I say, kissing the top of her head.

I lay down, dragging her toward me causing her to smile again, then she hide her face into my neck.

Listening to the sound of her breath, I finally fell asleep. 



He was so broken and introverted when I met him,.

At first he pushed me away, but after a close call during a run, we became inseparable.

Looking at him sleeping, I wonder how someone could hurt a person like him.

Even if he doesn’t show it, he has a big heart.

I remember the first time he show me his scars and told me about his past…it really broke my heart, so, for show him how much I care about him and love him, I started to kiss his scars.

I smile, thinking at all the memories I got with him, I lay a kiss on his forehead while I caress his scalp.

I love all of you Daryl, even your little imperfections


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How We Cope

Summary: Tadashi looked like he had everything together, but his sleepless nights and what kept him up would prove otherwise. But he wouldn’t tell anyone that, not when Hiro was struggling to adjust to their new life.

Rating: K

Words: 4,723

Notes: Something quick to get me back into my writing groove. I’ve been having a lot of Tadashi feelings lately.

Another Family of Two AU oneshot.

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Baymax Celebrates National Hugging Day 2015 - Big Hero 6


please don’t watch if you wanna avoid spoilers