big hearted moose


The whining and crying brought you out of the deep sleep you felt you had just achieved. You were curled into Sam and you shifted, nudging him a little as you did so. He stirred gently and wrapped his arm around you tighter, sighing contentedly as he did so.

You smiled sleepily at him and prodded him awake with a soft kiss on his lips. “Sammy,” you whispered. 

“Hmm?” he responded, not even opening your eyes.

“The puppy needs to go out again. It’s your turn,” you said, stretching a little and adjusting your pillow beside him.

“Mmm. Okay. I’m up… I’m up…” He was in a few seconds.

You heard the back door open and shut and then the sound of Sam coming back in. There were some gently uttered words and his feet padded back into the bedroom.

Your eyes were still shut as you felt him crawl back under the covers beside you.

“Did you remember to give him the treat?”

“Mhm. And a lot of praise,” Sam whispered to you. 

Another second passed before you heard a familiar sniffing and the sound of a puppy tongue licking at something. Your eyes shot open and you rolled over to see Sam laying back with the tiny pup on his chest. 

“Sam!” you said. “He’s supposed to be getting used to his crate at night!”

Sam gave you a somewhat sheepish smile. “But… he cries when I put him in there.”

You looked at the two of them and sighed before reaching over and scratching the pup behind his ears. “Fine,” you said, giving in to the whole adorable scene. You rolled over again and smiled to yourself at the big hearted moose you got to call your own… “But if he pees the bed you’re cleaning it up.”

Library Day

It started with the prompt “annoying asshole who keeps forgetting to return the book I want to the library,“ but because I work in an elementary school library it turned out a little differently.  Read on ao3.

Missouri loved her job.  Being an elementary school librarian was a humble task, but it suited her just fine.  She got to see kids just for the fun part: reading picture books and helping them choose which books to take home.  There was nothing like the smile of a child skipping away with that perfect book in their hands.  Of course there were disappointments too.  She hated having to tell a kid that the library didn’t have that book, or that someone had it already checked out.  She hated it more when there was one child desperate for a book that was never available.

Castiel was one such child.

He was a bright student, quiet and polite but eager and excited about learning—especially reading.  He was one of her best second graders.  Usually she looked forward to seeing him and how those huge blue eyes just lit up when he saw all the books.  But the poor little dear had been asking for two weeks now to borrow Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose by Dr. Seuss, and each time she had to tell him that it was checked out; the boy who had it hadn’t returned it yet.

It was now week three and the book wasn’t back yet.

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