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Prompt! Could you write a drabble from the birthday video of the day even was teaching isak how to drive? Just behind the scenes softness 💕

“I can’t do it.” Isak shakes his head quickly from side to side, still stood outside the car.

“One more try?” Even tries to coax him back in.  Isak had scrambled out so suddenly after the last attempt that Even hadn’t even had a chance to grab him, so Isak was just stood on the other side of the driver’s door shaking.

“No!  I can’t, Even, I can’t do it.  There’s too much- it’s too- I’m not-” Isak’s hands gesture wildly, as if he’s trying to pluck the words straight out of the air.

“Okay, okay.” Even concedes.  There’s no way he’s going to try to shove Isak back into the driver’s seat now that he looks like he’s about to have a heart attack from the stress of starting the car and driving forwards barely a foot.  He slides across into the driver’s seat and parks the car quickly against the curb before getting out and pulling Isak into a hug.

“Maybe next time, huh?” Even kisses Isak’s temple, trying not to laugh at the way Isak groans at the mention of a next time.

“Do I have to learn to drive?” Isak whines as he pulls away from their hug.  “We don’t even have a parking space, Even!  We can’t have a car where we live now!  Not that we could afford one even if we had a space.  What’s so wrong with public transport?” Isak rambles, a sure sign that he’s embarrassed.

“There’s nothing wrong with public transport.” Even agrees.  He runs his hand down Isak’s arm until he can thread their fingers together, pulling Isak along for a little walk.

He’ll let Isak calm down before he asks him to get back in the car so Even can return his mother’s car, he thinks.

They walk in companionable silence for a few minutes until Even remembers something, his face breaking into a grin.

“In fact, one of my favourite memories is on public transport!” He exclaims, pulling Isak closer to his side.

“Really?” Isak throws him a bewildered side eye that Even can’t help but chuckle at.

“Yes, really.  And you’re in it.” Even adds dramatically.

“Of course I’m in it.” Isak rolls his eyes, not at all fazed.  “I’m the best thing that ever happened to you!  A blessing!  A gift!” Isak jokes, puffing his chest out proudly.

“You wouldn’t have to worry about ever getting a head injury, Is, your giant ego would cushion any blow.” Even teases back.

“Eh?!  Me?!  Big headed?  As if!” Isak protests, shoving Even away playfully.  Even laughs, letting Isak’s fingers slip through his, and walks a few paces away from Isak for a few steps.  They end up in a little communal garden, and after a few minutes Isak seems more like himself.

They mess about on Even’s phone for a few minutes, taking ridiculous photos with shaky snapchat filters over their huge grins, comfortably close as they tease each other and pull stupid faces.  The residents probably think they’re out of their mind, but Even couldn’t care less.

He’d do anything for Isak’s smile.


In bed that night:

“Even,” Isak whispers into the dark.

No response.

He repeats Even’s name a bit louder, realising there’s no point whispering if he’s trying to wake Even up.

“Mmm?” Even hums, already halfway to sleep.

“You never told me.” Isak wiggles closer to him despite the heat.

“Told you what?” Even mumbles, burying his face in Isak’s hair.

“The memory.  The one of me and public transport?” Isak reminds him.  He can feel Even grin against his scalp.

“Oh.” Even smiles.  “Remember that day we ran into each other on the tram?”

“When…I asked you to buy beer?” Isak laughs, surprised by Even’s choice.

“You looked so cute.  I was so nervous.  I was so sure I was going to blow it with you.” Even sighs sleepily into Isak’s curls.  “But it went just fine.” Isak could feel him smiling again.

“It was a good day.” He agrees.

“Mhmm.” Even hums.  “You didn’t suspect a thing.” Even nuzzles closer, just a breath away from falling into the abyss of sleep.

“Suspect?” Isak repeats with a frown.  He thinks back to that day.  There was no way Even could have planned for them to see each other on that tram, there were too many variables with something like that.

“Even, suspect what?” Isak tilts his head back to look at Even and finds him already asleep.  Pouting, Isak resigns himself to not knowing until tomorrow.



Isak jerks bolt upright from his sleep, disorientated from dreams of trams and rolling cars and beer, and hits Even’s shoulder.

“You had your ID the whole time, didn’t you!” Isak exclaims indignantly.

Even gives him a sleepy wink before falling straight back asleep.


//just some of my art. I know it’s a little big headed of me to say as my art isn’t that good but please don’t repost these without permission, you know don’t take credit for it because I worked really hard on all of them. Also didn’t add my signature because I’m a dumb person. But yeah my art, enjoy^^ also look at how much I’ve improved with digital art!


healthy and self-confident is the new punk rock






  1. extreme anger.

It wasn’t often that Joker got angry and put it on her. It was a meeting gone wrong. Penguin, who was now on the top of the list of Joker’s rivals, had drank a little too much and let a few words slip. Something along the lines of, Harley being J’s weakness and that he’d gladly buy her off him. As stated previously, it wasn’t often that Joker got angry and directed all those feelings towards her. 

They knew each other inside out, therefore Joker knew how hurt Harley could get when he did it, which was why, he really tried not to. In some situations, however, one cannot control one’s words. That was exactly what happened here.  

Harley, as usual, was teasing him despite his foul mood. She knew better, she knew him inside out too, of course she knew better but it was one of those days for her too. And so when she teased him about being his weak spot; he snapped. “You,” he growled, “are not my weakness. You forget, Harleen, that I have no weak spots. Don’t get big headed on me now and assume. I taught you better than that.”

Anyone would have seen the manic look in his eyes, she did too but of course, she had always been attracted to both sides of him; the caring side and the dangerous side. He was like an abyss and she couldn’t help but stare back into those deep, dark pools of grey. “Puddin, I was only teasing,” she laughed. He wasn’t in the mood. “GET OUT!” 

Harley hated silence, she desperately wanted to say something, to fix whatever was going wrong in his mind at the moment, to apologise for only making him feel worse but she couldn’t; for once she couldn’t find the words. So she nodded, sometimes it was best to give him space. Not that she had ever been good at that…

“Don’t hurt me. I’ll be your friend!” In that moment, she could care less that she had just shot a man, she could care less that he was dying, or probably already dead. This was all that mattered right now.” Do it. Do it, do it, do it.” He was taunting her, pushing her closer to the edge of that endless abyss, and she was going; willingly. 

But she had to make sure he’d be there, to catch her. “My heart scares you, and a gun doesn’t?” She was desperate now, she was tipping over the edge, this was insane. She was probably insane too. What kind of woman would fall in love with the Joker? Certainly not a sane one, that’s for sure.

“Do it!” His shot brought her back and he had the gun ripped from her grasp before she could even blink. He was laughing. At her? At this? “If you weren’t so crazy, I’d think you were insane. Go away.

She had thought that her heart had broken when he left her behind, but nothing hurt more than his wrath, she knew that now.

“Why do we always hurt the ones we love?” She wondered aloud. “Why indeed.” That voice, husky yet soft like honey, it brought her out of the chain of thoughts and memories of events from years ago. He sat down next to her, bumping her shoulder lightly. He wouldn’t apologise now, he was still mad, she could tell. Mad about it all, including the fact that they were right; Harley was his ultimate weakness and would always be, but she was also his greatest strength. Maybe later, he’d bake her something and buy her countless gifts as a form of apology. Then, when he thought she was asleep, he’d whisper it, he’d say what he’d never say aloud if she was awake. 

She had learnt long ago, that his wrath hurt more than anything, it was still true to this day. 

((New update :P

OMG Jared’s in this one.


He looks way too tall on that last panel, seriously.

And he’s an idiot for not already figuring out that Oncie and Warden have been fucking for this long. Wth Jared? ))

Warden: *He bursts through the main doors to his office with post-holiday glee, looking bright and chirpy and as manic as ever.* Jared! Alice! Jailbot! Daddy’s home! *He trots happily in, where the Lorax is sitting in his chair going over some papers like he has no clue what they mean. Jared is scribbling on a clipboard while Alice looks very bored with even being here. He probably ordered them all to be here to welcome him back, because otherwise she wouldn’t even be here. Of course the second he hears his name Jailbot bursts through the window happily. This makes the Lorax jump- because even after a week of that he’s not used to it.*

Lorax: Oh thank God! *Immediately jumps up to leave* Thought you’d never get back, *muttered* you psycho. So where’s my boy? You didn’t eat him did you?

Once-ler: *walks in holding the bags and places them on the floor. He’s extremely happy to see the lorax and very proud of him for looking after superjail* Almost~ *trots over to him happily* How’ve you been?

Lorax: Ah! *Toddles over to Oncie and expects to be picked up so he can give him a hug, though he doesn’t show it* Everything’s fine. *Slight squint at the Warden, who is busy hugging and fussy over Jailbot. There’s lots of happy beeping and cooing noises coming from the corner* His murderbox is still goin’ fine, but I swear to God you owe me for this. But hey! *Brightens up* How was vacation? You get any sightseein’ in or did you just, you know, *looks uncomfortable but pleased regardless* ‘Stay in the hotel room’, so to speak?

Once-ler: *squats down to him and gives him a hug* Yeah, that’s so much for looking after this place *strokes his hand through the Lorax’s fur* I do owe you one. *pulls away and stands up again* Yeah it was great, a few problems, but they were sorted eventually *chuckles awkwardly at him*

Lorax: *Gives him a hug and then takes a step back* I can imagine there were a few problems. *Looks over at the Warden who is currently hugging Jailbot very tight and grinning, while Jailbot pats his back with his claws. Warden is just cooing petnames at him now.* Well! The sooner I get out of this hell-hole the better. You can tell Mister Crazypants over there that I didn’t change nothin’. I just filled in the forms that the big-headed guy told me to. I think- I’d never held a pen before Monday.

Jared: *Then suddenly dives for him. They’re almost the same height* No!! Please don’t go! *cries* You were the first boss I ever had who was actually reasonable!

Lorax: Gah! *flinches away as he’s held on to. Fortunately Jared doesn’t smell like rot and death, so he doesn’t get scrabbled at* Get off! Boundries!

Warden: *Comes over and plucks Jared up by the collar* Jared, you manwhore! You just go diving into the bed of the first little fluffy man who throws you a bone?

Lorax: *Backs off quickly* Aaah, go easy on him. He’s had a tough time.

Jared: *Looks like he might cry he’s so touched at someone actually being reasonable empathetic towards him* Yeah! Ohh… I’ll get back to work.

Warden: *Puts him down and pets his head* You do that. Run along!

Once-ler: Wait, you’re really going so soon? We’ve only just got back, I’ve hardly seen you *watches as the lorax makes his way to the door*

Lorax: *Turns back* Ha, well no offence to your boyfriend, kid, but the less time I spend here the better.

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He Realises He Messed Up (Luke/4)

Request: Can u do the he realizes he messed up for Luke? pls and thank you boo



Luke’s P.O.V

“Right, good luck boys, I’ll go get ready to go on” Ash smiles, slapping us all on the back as he makes his way over to his entrance to the stage.

Me, Michael and Calum nod to each other and line up in the correct order at our entrance; Calum, me, and then Michael.

“Good luck you’s. I know we’ll do just fine” Michael whispers to us, “I know it’s our home gig but, we always play better when we’re at home, right?”

Calum and I nod, “Yeah mate, good luck to you too”

The drum beat begins, which allows us to know that Ashton is on stage, getting the crowd ready. They’re going crazy; I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this.

“Right guys, you’re on in, 5…” Our tour manager begins,





We run onto the stage to our microphones, waving to the crowd as we do. 

“SYDNEY!” I scream to the crowd, “LET’S GET READY TO ROCK!”

The opening chords to End Up Here begin, and we’re off, the adrenaline soaring through me.


“This next song is…a very special song. It was written by our good friends, Benji and Joel Madden…” Calum begins, the crowd going wild as they realise what songs next, “And if you wanna get your phones out or your glow sticks out, please, feel free…this is amnesia”

Michael strums the opening chords, and Calum begins to sing his opening verse, as I search the crowds. I make sure to wink and smile to a few fans to make them feel special, but then I see someone I never thought I’d see at one of our shows. (Y/N).

I never thought she’d want to see me again, never mind see one of our shows. I broke up with her about ten months ago, thinking it was for the best. I knew I couldn’t giver her what she wanted whenever she wanted; I couldn’t be there whenever she needed me to be there. I thought the distance would be too difficult, but she felt different. I broke her heart. And it was the worst thing I’ve ever done to anyone. Believe me, I didn’t want to do it. I just genuinely thought it was for the best. Maybes I was wrong.

I smile. I can’t help but think that she’s hear because she wants me back just as much as I want her back. I’m hopeful. Why else would she be here? But my hopes are dashed instantly. A guy, presumably about our age, puts his arms around her shoulder and rests his head on the top of hers, kissing her forehead before he does. He must be her boyfriend.

“I remember the day you told me you were leaving / I remember the make up running down your face / Luke it’s your turn to sing…” I suddenly hear Michael laugh as he sings.

I snap out of my thoughts and continue from there. Except I can’t help but think about (Y/N) the entire time. She’s dating someone. She’s moved on. I always kind of thought that we’d find each other again, and we’d rekindle later on. Maybes I was wrong. Maybes that was big-headed of me. I’ve known this for a while now, but I know for definite now…letting go of her, was the biggest mistake of my night.

It gets to my solo in the song, and I make a point of looking directly at her as I sing it, “If today I woke up with you right beside me / like all of this was just some twisted dream / I’d hold you closer than I ever did before / And you’d never slip away / And you’d never hear me say…”

She looks directly at me, realising I was singing to her, and kinda squirms uncomfortably to get out of her boyfriend’s grasp. I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable. 


I rush off stage at the end of the night, desperate to get away from everyone and everything. That was too much.

“LUKE!” Ashton shouts after me, causing me to roll my eyes as I come to a reluctant stop,

“Yeah?” I sigh

“What happened out there? Is everything okay?” He asks as he catches up with me, the other boys stopping as they get to me too.

“(Y/N) was here tonight” I state

“Wait she was? Are you sure it was her?” Michael questions

“YES Michael” I snap, “I think I know what my ex-girlfriend looks like”

“Sorry dude” He apologises, “You gonna ask her back”

“I can’t. Not now anyway. She was here with another guy” I tell them, throwing my hands in my pocket and looking at the ground.

“That sucks Luke. I don’t know what to say” Calum replies

I shrug, “There’s nothing to say. I don’t know what I expected, but, she was always going to move on to someone else”

Ashton sighs, “Luke, there are plenty more…”

“Don’t” I shake my head, “Don’t tell me that there are plenty more fish in the sea. Or that there are plenty other girls out there who would kill to be with me. The only one I want to want to be with me, is (Y/N)” 

Ashton nods, and then we stand there awkwardly in silence, until Michael just walks up to me and throws his arms around me in a hug, “You’ll always have us, Luke”

I smile, “Thanks Michael”

While we’re hugging, someone clears their throats, causing us to let go of each other. (Y/N).

“Hi” She smiles, “I hope you don’t mind. Security let me in. Err, your mum gave me a backstage pass”

“We’ll, err…head back to the dressing room” Michael announces, leading Ashton and Calum with him.

(Y/N) smiles again, “So…that was a good show”

“Good. I’m glad you had a good time. What about your date? He enjoy it?” I reply, biting my lip.

She looks up at me and shrugs, “He seems to have enjoyed it”

I nod, “Good. That’s what I like to hear”

She laughs, “Look, Luke. I couldn’t help but notice that you were looking at me when you were singing amnesia. Do you still like me or something?”

I blush, “I’m not going to lie to you, (Y/N), yeah, I do”

She sighs, “So why did you end it?”

I shrug, “I don’t know. I think in the spur of the moment, I thought it was the right thing to do”

“And now?” She continues

“Now…I’m not so sure I made the right decision” I reply honestly, “But…I’m not going to make it awkward for you. I’m not going to beg you to leave your boyfriend and get back with me, because I want you to move on and be with someone who can cater to your every need, whenever you need that help”

“What if I don’t want to move on?” She questions

I look at her, is she trying to tell me she hasn’t yet moved on from me?

I sigh, “(Y/N)…the last thing you want is to be back with me. I broke your heart into a million different pieces because I was being stupid. I messed up. It’s about time I lived with it”

She shakes her head, “Pardon the pun but, how did we end up here?”

I laugh, “I don’t know. But, what I do know is everything happens for a reason. Maybes that reason is that, we weren’t meant to be after all”

She shrugs, “Or maybes…it’s because we are meant to be with each other, and this was all to make us realise that”

“Maybes…” I begin, “I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?”

She smiles, “Suppose we will. Only time will tell”

I nod, “Anyway, I don’t mean to be rude or insensitive but, I’ve got to be in Melbourne tomorrow morning, so I should really get going for an early night….it was nice, catching up with you though”

She nods, “Yeah. Yeah it was…have fun in Melbourne, Luke”

I smile, “I will…you have fun with…everything you’ve got to look forward to”

She laughs, “Bye Luke”

“I’ll…talk to you later, yeah?”

With a simple nod, she walks away, and I walk back to the dressing room where the guys greet me with smiles, and “you okay?”

I am. I’m okay. Talking to her came as some sort of comfort to me. She’s still not over me. And I’m still not over her. And maybes, just maybes, one day we will find a way to be together. Whether that would be in the near or distant future, I’m not too sure. But, whatever happens, I have to live with it, and not question it. Everything does happen for a reason, right?



You comfort him after your break-up (Luke/4)

Request: Can you write a Luke one for the he’s upset after your break up and the boys call you to comfort him (if you’re still talking requests)? I really liked the Calum one, xx

I’m glad you like the Calum one! I’ve just uploaded a part two so you can read that one as well if you want. But here’s Luke’s! x


“Listen (Y/N), I know he’s the last person you want to talk to right now, but you need to talk to Luke. He’s making himself sick. He really misses you and he feels awful over the way things have to end. I know he said some awful things to you, and we know that you may never be able to forgive how for the things he called you. But he’s behaving in a way that could ruin our career if it gets out to the press’ knowledge. And I know you’ll probably be laughing it up that our career could be ruined, but this isn’t just Luke’s career; it’s ours as well. If Luke crumbles, we crumble. We’re a band and that’s what happens. We’re not ready for this to end. And Luke really needs to talk to someone. We’ve really tried. He won’t listen to us when we speak to him, and we know he’ll listen to you. I’m not telling you to get back with him, I’m telling you to talk to him; listen to him; do whatever you have to do. Please, (Y/N), I’m begging you here.”

You sigh to yourself when you finish reading that voicemail from Ashton. You and Luke broke up six weeks ago after a really big argument. He accused you of cheating and not understanding his career choice and what it meant for the band. Neither of them are, or could, be true. Why would you cheat when all you’ve ever done for this boy is adored everything about him? You’ve never so much as looked at another boy the way you always looked at Luke. And as for not understanding, that’s complete bull. Who was always the one supporting them at all the earlier gigs they did? Who held them a party to congratulate them on getting the One Direction support slot? Who helped him pack his bags when he didn’t know what he would need? Who phoned him to congratulate him on getting a number one single in not only his home country, but other countries too?

That was when you accused him of changing and getting big-headed, which you’d thought for a while. He just didn’t seem to care anymore. He’d shrug it off and say he was just tired but you weren’t sure. Your phonecalls were shorter than they’d ever been before, and you could hear other girls on the other side who were on the tour bus with them, laughing and giggling. He told you they were ‘friends’ who were laughing and giggling at something Ashton had said, but you weren’t sure about that either. From there, Luke had called you pretty much every name under the sun. You could hear the others going silent on the other side; the girls had stopped laughing and you couldn’t hear the boys talking away to each other. What you did hear, though, was Michael shouting at Luke telling him that was no way to talk to a lady, no matter how angry you are at her. It made you feel relieved that someone was defending you, but it made you feel bad for Luke too; it’s never nice having your best mate defend the opposition in an argument. But then you realise something really sad; you’d become Luke’s opposition within the space of ten minutes.

You decide to just ignore the voicemail. There is no way you’re talking to Luke after everything he said. Instead, you get on with cleaning your bedroom, like your mum had asked you to yesterday.

Half way through, the phone went again. You ignored it.

The same thing happened about seven times, and on the eighth, you went and picked up the phone to have a look. It was still Ashton calling you, but you decline.

You then head to your contacts and scroll down to the “L” section. You can’t believe you’re actually about to do this.

You hit the call button and eventually he picks up.

“(Y/N)?” He asks

“Hi” You say bluntly

“Why are you calling?” He questions

You sigh, “We need to talk”

He didn’t reply.

“We ended on bad terms, Luke. And after a year and a half together, I think it would be sad if we didn’t talk to each other again”

“Yeah” is all you got.

“Luke, I’m not here to yell at you. I’m here to tell you things will be okay; they’ll get better. I’m still angry, but not as angry as I was the days after. Like, it’s been six weeks. I’d rather us be on good terms than bad terms. Right?” You suggest

You called me big-headed!” He complained

“In comparison to everything you called me, I’d say I was being rather rational” You said, irritated.

“Oh yeah. I’m so sorry (Y/N). You’d caught me at a bad time. I can explain though” He said

“Go on then? What’s your excuse?” You question, not entirely convinced he can explain

“You see, those girls on the tour bus, they were trying to hook up with me. And you know I would never have said yes because I love you too much, and you’re the only girl I need. But they were saying some horrible things about you when they don’t even know you. And when you called, I guess I got scared that you’d suspect I’d cheated. That’s why I accused you of cheating, to try and take the suspicions off me, but like you’d ever cheat. It was really stupid of me. And then you mentioned the girls and I got even more scared, like, I was shaking. So I told you they were friends and that you didn’t understand what touring meant. God, I’ve really fucked up. And everything I called you…I can’t make an excuse for that, other than the fact I’m just a dick. It was unacceptable and I’m really, really sorry for everything I said to you. I want you to know that I’m not big-headed. I’m still the Luke you met at school. I always will be. Again, I’m really sorry” He explains

You sigh, “Luke…it’s okay. And honestly, I didn’t suspect you and the girls were having an affair. I didn’t suspect it until after the argument. I’m sorry I called you big-headed. I just thought because our phonecalls got so short that you didn’t really care anymore, and that talking to me wasn’t fun anymore. Maybes I didn’t understand what touring included. So, I’m sorry too”

“It’s okay. We good now?” He asks

You nod to yourself, “Of course we are. I love you, Luke”

“I love you too, (Y/N)” Luke replied “I always will”

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